The moment the word 'cant' left Alice's lips, the turtles exchanged a look then picked up the dishes closest to them and started to pile the food that she hadn't been able to eat onto their plates. Leaving Alice to sit there in her seat and politely wait for them to finish their meal so that she could leave. She sipped her drink and watched them curiously when it occurred to her that despite the soft tinkling of the silver wear, they each had impeccable table manners.

Must be Splinter's doing, she thought as she set her drink aside and folded her hands neatly in her lap when Mikey looked up from his dinner and picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth before saying, "Talk to us," Alice glanced over at him, her expression curious. As if to say, 'Why?'

When Mikey said, "Conversation helps one to get to know the people around them. So talk to us. Tell us something about yourself. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, the name of your first pet..." Hint, hint, hint...

Alice was silent for a moment as she regarded the four humanoid turtles and thought, Damn this is a date, isn't it?

It would certainly explain why Splinter had seemed so eager to learn of her opinion of his sons. He had all but hinted at their interest in her. But why? She wondered as they each set their forks, spoons and knives aside and turned their heads to look at her as a single unit.

Almost like a pack of wolves scenting prey- Whoa, wait that isn't a pleasant thought.

And it wasn't for many reasons, but she could only name a few at the moment. One was their stealth ability, plus the fact that they each carried and probably knew how to use the customized weapons she had seen them with, with lethal results.

"Alice?" Leo's voice startled her out of her wayward (and slightly disturbing) thoughts as she looked at him and flushed a bit as she gave a low, somewhat nervous sounding laugh.

"Sorry. I zoned out for a sec. What did you want to know?" She asked, feigning innocence.

"Likes, dislikes, hobbies, the possible name of your first pet." Don said as he picked up his drink and took a small sip as he watched her from over the rim of his glass. She made a humming sound and leaned back in her seat and crossed her arms over her breasts and muttered,

"Likes and dislikes... Hn, I like reading, music, science and history. I'm particularly interested in ancient history and war history. In my spare time I write about the stuff. I also like to read and write poems... I've even had several books of poems published."

"Really?" Mikey, Leo and Don all said at once, their tone surprised. She laughed again and started to fidget with one of her shirt sleeve's as she blushed and nodded her head.

"That's so neat!" Mikey said before quickly adding, "I like art. I have sketches everywhere and sometimes I even draw comics."

"Really? That's so neat! I've been wanting to branch out as an artist. Think you could give me any pointers?"

Mikey chuckled and sat back in his seat as far as his shell would allow and said, "I was about to ask you if you could give me some pointers."

"The main pointer I can give you, is to never give up-" Alice said causing the orange banded turtle to blink. "Yeah there are people who are going to look at your work and make you feel like crap for even putting it out there. They'll rip it apart, spit on it, and you as well... But you can never give up. Not if it's something that you really, really want. There is always out there who will pick it up and brush it off and say, 'This is cool'."

Mikey and the others stared at her with stunned expressions on their faces for a moment before Leo said, "I thin I'm going to check my collection of poem books after dinner." And smiled as Alice coughed and then quickly dropped her head so that her face was hid in her hands and peeked at them from between her fingers.

"What else do you like?" Raph asked after a moment or so. Expecting her answer to be something other than what she gave him.


"Ribbons." He said as he tilted his head slightly, a small frown marring his features. What did she mean by she likes ribbons? He wondered curiously as he and his brothers waited for her to elaborate.

"It's weird, but ever since I was a kid I've been kind of obsessive compulsive when it comes to ribbons, buttons, thimbles, nail polish and a few other things. I can't exactly explain it but... Have you ever heard the Pokémon saying? Gotta catch em all." The four nodded sagely. Of course they had heard the nightmarish saying before. When Mikey was younger he had been the bane of their existence by making the whole family watch the show with him on Saturday mornings. Alice gave an awkward smile and said, "Well with me it's more along the lines of, Gotta collect it all. I have zero self control."

"Wow. That is bad." Don said in an amused tone.

"Very," Leo said as he covered his mouth with one hand and lowered his head, his shoulders shaking with barely suppressed mirth before taking a moment to sober up, "So what are you're dislikes?"

"The foster care system. Having my dad walk out on me and leave me to live or die in our old home. I kind of have this deeply rooted ambition to knock him on his ass if I ever see him again."

"He walked out on you as a child, so the feeling is understandable." Leo said as he exchanged glances with his brothers. They each nodded subtly, each one understanding that Alice may have some serious relationship issues thanks to her father abandoning her as a child. Which only drove home the fact that she needed to be wooed and won over by them before they could proceed any further with her.