Four casually dressed Titans are chilling at the mall's food court at a table; Beast Boy, Speedy, Robin, and Herald. The Titans East were on vacation and decided to fly west to Jump City. Herald's on his own vacation, but wanted to spend it with his new friend Raven before going to stay with his best friend Jericho. But sadly, Raven was in a bad mood today. Just like Cyborg was too busy to hang out with Beast Boy. Robin and Speedy just like the mall.

Thus, leading to this group affair. Well, kinda... Beast Boy and Speedy are arguing, Herald's reading, and Robin is busy looking at girls who are staring at him.

Speedy cuts in on what Beast Boy's saying with a smirk on his face.

"I don't care 'bout the girls in Japan. I can get numbers from any girl around the world."

Beast Boy raises an eyebrow. "I don't know. Even Jump City girls? They're pretty mean."

"Hell yeah I can!"

Robin grins. "I smell a bet coming on..."

The changeling nods. "I bet you can't get more numbers than me."

"Oooo-ooo-oooh!" Robin chortles.

Speedy nods. "I can get the number of every single girl in this mall!"

Herald shook his head, still reading his book.

Beast Boy jeers. "Ha! I can get more digits than all of you!"

The competitive streak in the leader bubbled.

"No one can get more numbers than me."

Speedy fold his arms. "Then it's on. All four of us will compete for the most numbers. The man with the most numbers by 6pm wins."

That's when Herald put his book down. "Excuse me? I'm reading. And plus, this is toying with girls emotions. I'm not 'bout to do that."

"Ew... You're acting like Raven." Beast Boy mumbled.

"We aren't toying with them. Its just numbers not dating or kissing." Robin argued.

Speedy nodded. "I bet you can't get any numbers anyway, Mr. Killjoy."

"You can't trick me." Herald muttered, picking up his voice.

Beast Boy shrugged. "Leave him alone. He isn't COOL enough."

The trumpeter slammed his book down. "I'm one cool cat... No one can deny that!"

Speedy smirks. "Then prove it."

Herald frowns. "I'm gonna get more numbers than you guys without even trying! Dig that!"

"Consider yourself in." Robin chuckled.

Herald took a deep breath. "What did you guys make me do?"

The others laughed.

"TRICKED!" Beast Boy yelled, pointing in his face.

Speedy grinned. "I know for sure that Beast Boy and Herald will get the least digits. Herald isn't gonna try and Beast Boy's lines are dated."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes. "Please... I'm a playboy!"

"My butt!" Robin chuckled.

Robin raised an eyebrow behind his shades. "I'm not gonna try. Girls flock to me."

"What happened to Staaar?" Beast Boy mocked, leaning out his seat.

He blushed. "We agreed to stay friends."

Even Herald had to laugh at that.

"Let's just get this over with before Star catches him getting his mack on." Herald laughs.

Speedy had an idea. "The man with the least numbers has to ask a titan girl out."

All the others gasped.

"Titans girls? They're crazy!" Beast Boy shouted.

Herald shook his head. "I got myself into something dangerous now."

"You better get some numbers." Robin said.

Speedy stuck out his hand. "Who's in?"

Beast Boy topped his hand on his. Then Robin added to the pile. Herald reluctantly added his hand.

"Let's begin, boys." Speedy said. "Be back here at 6pm."

Already have the second and third chapter written up! I'm thinking of starting a Boy Will Be Boys collection. Which is funny cuz I'm female, but most of my friends are guys and I know a lot of boys don't like being tied down to one chick. So... Boys Will Be Boys!