The Advent91: So what if Naruto was never the son of Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage? What if he was never the son of Kashina Uzumaki? What if he was the Son of Sparda? What if he was a Nephalem? My new story inspired from the video game DmC: Devil May Cry! The game was just awesome although the difficulties could have been more cranked up and the boss battles more difficult but none the less they were cool. Don't really care much about FPS nor was worried about it and the look of the New Dante is modern and to my liking as well as Vergil but what was really awesome, and important, was the combat which I give a SSS! I have played all the Devil May Cry games and given them my own personal ratings…

Devil May Cry-8/10

Devil May Cry 2-N/A (I didn't even bother rating since the game was HORRIBLE! Story didn't make sense…)

Devil May Cry 3-10/10 (This is still THE BEST Devil May Cry game ever!)

Devil May Cry 4-8/10 (Nero was a good character and playing as Dante was great but backtracking through the levels was just annoying, but it was great to play as Dante again even though it was only for seven missions. Or was it eight? I forget…)

DmC: Devil May Cry- 9/10 (Although New Dante has some cheesy one liners I found myself chuckling afterwards, I guess I found it funny to be honest. I like how he told the Succubus "You don't look a day over 12,000!" I didn't laugh out loud but I chuckled and let's not forget how he says to Mundus "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!" That almost made me laugh out loud due to the current situation New Dante and New Vergil were in, now although many say the story was lame I found it entertaining. I will even go as far as to say that I would look forward to a DmC 2: Devil May Cry but I still agree for a Devil May Cry 5!)

The Advent91: Now I will point out what you will read what will and will not be in this story…

No Long White Hair-I know this is going to tick most of you off but Naruto will not have long white hair like Classic Dante. I liked how the New Dante had black hair that when he uses Devil Trigger his hair turns white but not long. So in here Naruto will retain his normal hair color being blonde and whenever he uses his DT his hair will turn white, the style of his hair will be like that of Cloud Strife's from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and no I am not turning him into a Cloud Strife. Just imagine that on Naruto with white hair when he goes Devil Trigger.

He will be Nephalem-Like New Dante and Vergil in DmC: Devil May Cry he will be half demon and half angel, now remember that in here he is not really the son of Minato and Kashina but instead Sparda and Eva.

NO HAREM!-I am going to be honest; I do not do harem stories or lemons. In most Devil May Cry Naruto Crossover fictions he always has a harem and I am not badmouthing those stories I am only taking an own approach. But for now Naruto being paired with anyone is not important in my opinion and NO THIS WILL NOT BE A YAOI! On a further note no I will not do a female Nine Tails.

Characters become Genin at 15-Instead of graduating at the age of 12 in the series and manga the graduating age is 15.

The Advent91: Now those are the only things I will point out for now so please enjoy the story!

NEW UPDATE: The first prologue has been updated with name corrections, spacing, and hopefully some written improvement that is to your liking as well as the correction of Nephilim to Nephalem. More corrections to the following prologue parts after this one to come!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Naruto or DmC: Devil May Cry. The credit for DmC goes to Ninja Theory as they made a bad ass reboot that was needed for the Devil May Cry Franchise (In my opinion).

Some things have always been; there have always been Angels and there have always been Demons and they have always been at constant war as the forces of good and evil colliding. One day a demon named Sparda fell in love with an angel called Eva, the two had two twin boys, two twin boys being half demon and half angel. These two boys were Nephalem, hybrids. One was a newborn and the other was a five year old with the newborn having been born on the same night the Leaf was attacked by the demon fox also known as the Nine Tailed Demon Fox. On that night the family of angels and demons were found by the demons themselves with Eva sacrificing herself in order for Sparda to escape with their sons.

Sparda separated the two twins.

One was Vergil who was sent off to an orphanage with his memory wiped clean; the other was Dante who was given to a family within the Leaf being the same village being attacked by the Nine Tails on the night of October tenth. That family that Sparda gave the newborn Dante to was Minato and Kushina who had just had their newborn daughter, Kitana Namikaze, and the family on that same night took Dante in giving him a new name, Naruto Namikaze, who would be the older brother of their family. Sparda then vanished never heard from again that night. The ending result of the Nine Tails attack was the sealing of the fox but not into Naruto but into Kitana and the sealer was not the Fourth but the Third. Minato was alive and would continue his rule as the Fourth Hokage and Kushina to take care of the two newborns. However the Fourth and Kushina realized that if the public knew their daughter was the carrier of the fox then the public would call for her death and harm would come upon her so both the Fourth and his wife concocted a lie.

The Fourth told the public that the Soul of the Nine Tails was sealed within Naruto Namikaze while only its Chakra was within their daughter Kitana Namikaze. As a result the hate was turned on Naruto having been indirectly and unintentionally made the scapegoat.

Parents would do anything to protect their child, right?

Of course their daughter was the container of the Nine Tails and not Naruto because there was no Soul of the fox sealed within Naruto.

Fast forward twelve years later as a result as the years gone by Kitana were treated as a hero loved by everyone while Naruto was hated despised by the entire village populace except for a few.

Naruto Namikaze was a young boy of the Namikaze family and the older brother of Kitana Namikaze son of Minato and Kushina Namikaze. He had blond hair that he inherited from his real mother unbeknownst to him and not Minato with his hair not being like the style of Minato's when the man was young. He had blue eyes that right now looked empty as he looked upon watching his sister being trained by Minato and Kushina in the training yard in the back of their household; he had been neglected by his so called parents…he might as well have had no parents.

Naruto wanted to become a ninja as well as enter into the academy but so far his so called parents were focused only on his younger sister, Kitana Namikaze, and said that he was not ready to become a ninja or even begin training. Kitana did not have blonde hair but long red hair like her mother Kushina; in fact she looked a lot like her mother with almost no trace of her father present on her.

Tomorrow was the day that Kitana would go to attend the academy to within three years of attending said academy she would receive her final exam becoming a Genin at 15 years of age. Naruto would never be able to attend the academy in the first place by the way.


The villagers knowing that Naruto wanted to become a ninja went on to make a petition of denying Naruto entry into the ninja program gathering enough signatures were signed at a fast rate needing at least 100,000 and it went to council being the Elders who were advisors to the Kage. The council upon vote approved it and Minato being the Hokage of the village had no choice but to sign due to the supreme number of votes against him forcing the petition to go through. Minato didn't want to do it but he had no choice but to sign as he imagined Kitana in Naruto's place if everyone knew the truth of who the carrier of the Nine Tails was. Something told Minato that if Sparda were here then the demon would have killed him and Minato did care for Naruto and he saw Naruto being Kitana's protector due to the hatred that was put on the son of Sparda.

Twelve year old Naruto turned away watching Minato and Kushina train their daughter walking over to the mirror that was set up in the corner of his upstairs room, and looked at his own reflection noticing the reflection of the necklace around his neck. He grabs the red amulet that was left to him by from what Minato told him was given to him by Kushina as he gazed into the red stone so much it was as if he were looking into another dimension standing there like a zombie. He sighed letting go of the amulet and looked to the clock in his room seeing that ten minutes pass by.

That always happens when he gazes upon his amulet.

He then unbuttoned his shirt pulling it up and over his head dropping it aside turning around looking over his shoulder gazing upon the symbol that was upon his back between his shoulder blades. At first he thought it was a tattoo but it looked to be a symbol that was a part of his skin or maybe it was put amongst his back by some unknown means? It was what looked to be a sword and there were parting wings besides the guard of the blade? He had a strong feeling that this amulet he had was not given to him by Kushina? This symbol on his back he knew was not of Minato or Kushina's doing so who could've put this upon him and for what reason? There was also the case of him seeing things that was what he described as…disturbing. Sometimes he would see people in the village, some that is, have their eyes vanish looking to have gouged out eyes and blood seeping down their cheeks? He wondered if there was something wrong with him or whether he was just seeing things or maybe it was just his imagination. Now he didn't see this all the time but just a few…

Fast forward two years later "Naruto" is now fourteen years of age this day because today was October 10th, the day that the Nine Tails attacked the village, and today was a day of celebration. It was the day that the Fourth along with the many heroes that gave their lives for the village as well as the hero Kitana. That and today was the day that Naruto would surely be attacked by the villagers…

Naruto officially hated his so called parents; they still didn't train him so he focused on training himself in basic combat such as in the field of taijutsu. He didn't know any jutsu yet because Minato and Kushina forbid it saying that he wasn't ready as well as saying that he still wasn't ready to become a ninja and he of course knew they were lying. He now wore his short sleeved high collared shirt like an Uchiha of the Uchiha clan would wear and on the back of the shirt were what looked to be the wings of one right demon wind and one left angel wing with the parting V revealing some of his chest. He also wore black pants and black ninja sandals and black gloves that were not fingerless. Naruto was sitting atop one of the water towers that were atop one of the many buildings within the village watching the approaching night. He reached inside his shirt brining out his red amulet and looked upon the red stone like he always did for most of his life. Naruto deciding wanting to no longer stay here leaps over the edge of the top of the water tower landing upon the roof of the building the small water tower was upon to jumping over the edge of the building landing on the ground on his feet. He then began using the alleys of fences walking through them so as to avoid a confrontation from the villagers and it's not like he was afraid or anything because if he was attacked he would defend himself fighting back giving his attackers some broken bones and bruises to remember letting out his anger, and his hatred. He just right now wasn't in the mood to fight any moody villager crying over their lost ones from the attack of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox…

Naruto, minutes later, continued to use the alleys he came to a stop as he saw two people up ahead of him and he knew who they were from a mile away. They were Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba both fourteen years pf age like him with Kiba looking at him with a smile and Sasuke wearing a bored expression. In fact it looked like Sasuke didn't even want to be here. Sasuke wore a short sleeved high collard blue shirt having the crest of his clan on his back and black pants as well as wearing blue ninja sandals and fingerless black gloves; behind his waist he had a sheathed grass cutter sword. Kiba was dressed the same way he was in Shippuden and with his large canine companion Akamaru by his side.

"What do you two want?" Naruto asked not pleased seeing the two especially Kiba.

"We're bored so we came to have fun and fun is kicking your ass!" Kiba said with a smirk pounding his left fist into his right hands palm.

"What's your story?" Naruto asked Sasuke.

"I'm not interested." The Uchiha said.

"Let me guess is the Emo King thinking about his traitorous brother?"

Sasuke in anger then threw six shuriken toward Naruto as the six shuriken flying toward his face but the six shuriken cuts the sides of his cheeks with three on each side flying past his face making Naruto now having three whiskers like cuts upon his cheeks. Sasuke really had no intention of attacking Naruto in the first place but Naruto just made him remember his brother Itachi slaughtering off his entire clan. This is when both Sasuke and Kiba witness seeing those cuts upon his cheeks heal themselves as the symbol on his back brightening for a moment and represses after Naruto's cuts are healed. Naruto then motioned his eyes to each side of his cheeks with a smile looking back to Sasuke.

"I think you missed."

"What the hell was that? Never seen anyone heal in such a way? Is this a bloodline capability of the Uzumaki clan?" Sasuke wondered.

"Don't let him get you, Sasuke. He can't fight back against us; after all we are the future heads of our clans and attacking us will earn him a night behind bars. Lose, lose situation for him but a win, and win for us." Kiba said with a smirk.

"You think I'm not going to fight back? You sound so confident of yourself, Puppy."

"What did you call me?" Kiba yelled.

"I said…" Naruto then clapped his hands together "Come on puppy-," motioned with his hands forward toward himself "-let's go!"

"That's it! YOU'RE DEAD!" Kiba yelled.

Kiba dashes past Sasuke who just remains standing where he is decided to watch with a critical eye activating his Sharingan eyes. Kiba leaped into the air drawing a kunai and descending down toward the grinning Naruto while Naruto in the meantime took the opportunity and leaped up atop the fence, and leaps up toward Kiba front flipping brining his left foot down upon the back of Kiba's head.

"Down boy!" Naruto yelled aloud at the same time of his strike.

Kiba then collides with the ground going into a tumble along the dirt with Naruto landing on his feet as Kiba flips back up to his feet with his kunai still in hand gritting his teeth glaring at Naruto to wiping blood that leaked from the side of his mouth.

"Had enough?" Naruto taunted holding his arms apart.

"You're going to regret doing that!"

"Oh and what are you going do about it? Are you going to go cry to your mommy? Lick your wounds mutt!"

Kiba attacks again dashing toward Naruto with increased speed and when reaching striking distance he swiped his sharpened left hands nails with Naruto leaping back evading, but Kiba managed to tear Naruto's shirt leaving behind the four opened claw marks. Naruto looked down at his now torn shirt and back to Kiba with a glare of his own.

"This is my favorite shirt you mutt."

Kiba attacks again but this time with his sharped right hands nails but Naruto caught Kiba's wrist with his left hand stopping his opponents attack to delivering a single right hand punch across the left side of Kiba's cheek sending the academy student flying, crashing through the fence into someone's back yard unconscious!

"Sleep tight…" Naruto said.

Naruto then heard what sounded like the growls of a dog and turning his head into said direction their Akamaru was giving him an angry growl so Naruto gave him his own glare, and with the point of his finger he demands.


Guess what happened? Akamaru sat while giving a whimper feeling the intensity from Naruto.

"Good boy," He said and motioned his head toward Kiba to which Akamaru ran to.

Now both Naruto and Sasuke stare at one another.

"How did Naruto do all that just now? He's never been to the academy and he hasn't had any training? Kitana even said that her parents never trained him." Sasuke thought.

"What are you looking at, Duckass?"


"How what…?" Naruto asked.

"How did you take down Kiba? Kitana said that you had no training?"

"Is that right? Are you going to fight now? Or are you going to keep looking at me like that like an idiot?"

"How did your wounds heal like that?" Sasuke asked.

"Hell if I know?" Naruto replied.

"Maybe it's the fox?" Naruto wondered.

He doesn't know that the soul of the fox is not within him and that he carrying it within him was a lie with Kitana carrying the fox herself and not just its Chakra.

"You seem to be a worthy opponent at least worthy enough to entertain me." Sasuke slowly drew his grass cutter blade now within hand.

"Now that's just not fair." Naruto said as he didn't have any weapon at all but a single kunai.

He let himself drop back as Sasuke was already before him performing he had greater speed than Kiba with the blade of his grass cutter going past Naruto's nose merely an inch away and Naruto kicking himself away with his feet, and landing on the ground sliding back atop it until coming to a stop.

"Fast!" Naruto complimented.

"He dodged my blade! He's faster than Kitana!" Sasuke said in his thoughts as he readies his sword.

Naruto spun out his kunai and looking upon it his only kunai had seen better days because it was all rusty and old, and soon its use would come to an end.

"Damn…" Naruto cursed.

Standing back up to his feet glaring upon his kunai he threw it aside to the ground.

"Looks like I'm fighting bare handed." Naruto said.

"Bare handed is he crazy?"

Popping his neck first something happened as he felt the symbol on his back burn a little as well as it glows as he looked over his shoulder and bare witnessed to something that he never thought in his life he would see. The handle of a blade looking to have a demonic style to it appeared with the hilt behind his left shoulder and then the rest of the blade itself extended (DmC Rebellion).

"What the hell?"

"What the hell is that?" Sasuke thought.

Sasuke can tell seeing a blade now upon Naruto's back and had never before seen a blade summoned to the world like that before, and he didn't know Naruto knew how to wield a sword?

"Where did this come from?" Naruto asked himself.

He reached his left hand over his shoulder grabbing the hilt of the blade brining the weapon over his shoulder to holding it in front of him. He knows it's a sword from obviously looking at it but what was the name of it? The weapon itself just had a look that said power and as for its name he for some reason he said and knew was called…


Sasuke looked upon the weapon Naruto was holding and thought that he recognized it from somewhere but he couldn't put his finger on what it was called? It looked so familiar but from where?

Naruto looked back to Sasuke narrowing his eyes and Sasuke doing the same. Naruto held his blade aside pointing toward the ground.

"So you want to fight? Let's go, Uchiha…"

"As if you had any experience in the use of a sword." Sasuke said.

"Don't worry; I think I can manage." Naruto replied.

Sasuke and Naruto dashed toward one another colliding their weapons locking them together with one another with Sasuke's grass cutter caught within the guard of Naruto's Rebellion, and the two at the same time turning within the air. When both are on opposite directions of one another they break away to sliding along the ground on their feet having put distance between them. The two of them didn't take a moments rest as Sasuke vanished reappearing above Naruto delivering a kick but Naruto brought up Rebellion blocking Sasuke's foot to throwing the Uchiha over his shoulder. Sasuke landed on the ground to dashing toward Naruto attacking with his grass cutter as Naruto backing away blocking Sasuke's strikes with Rebellion effectively which was surprising to Sasuke knowing Naruto had no training what so ever.

Naruto blocked another strike from Sasuke's grass cutter and quickly ducked evading his opponents steel! With Rebellion in his right hands grasp now he swipes for Sasuke's legs as his sword grinds through the ground with Sasuke flipping up and over Naruto just in time before the blade cut through his legs. Naruto made an upper left smirk as he looked over his right shoulder seeing Sasuke flipping over him and then swings Rebellion up toward Sasuke who was about to land behind him but Sasuke seeing this maneuvered himself in the air, and managed to block Naruto's blade but there was power behind the weapons impact causing Sasuke to fly through the air. Sasuke managed to land on his feet sliding along the ground while making sure not to lose his balance until coming to a stop.

Sasuke looked at Naruto with a surprised look…

"How did he do all of that just now?" Sasuke asked himself seeing as Naruto blocked all his strikes and how Naruto performed with the weapon as well as batting him away like that.

"Don't know where you came from-," Naruto said as he was looking at Rebellion in hand with a smirk "-but I'm not complaining."

Naruto looked back toward Sasuke with a smile.

"Is that all you got?" He taunted.

Naruto saw Sasuke's eyes turn red having a single comma around each pupil of his eyes.

"I don't know if you know this, Sasuke. But it looks as if you got a bad case of pink eye!"

Sasuke growled at Naruto's taunt.

"This isn't pink eye you idiot it's my clans bloodline, Sharingan!"

"Shari what?" Naruto asked narrowing his eyes.

Sasuke growls in anger using his speed once again vanishing to reappearing midair behind Naruto performing a complete 360 degree kick intended for the back of Naruto's head but Naruto ducked while turning around blocking Sasuke's grass cutter blade with his Rebellion. Naruto took advantage of the opening and with his free left hand he punched Sasuke in the gut making Sasuke spite with his eyes wide. Sasuke was sent flying through the air once again to taking a tumble until finally coming to a stop along the ground. Sasuke slowly picked himself up having a hand upon his stomach with his blade in his other hand as he was taking in slow and steady breaths, and looked back toward Naruto who points his blade Rebellion toward Sasuke.

Sasuke pointed his grass cutter blade toward Naruto ready to continue on into battle…

"Why are you picking a fight with me anyway, Sasuke? What are you like Kiba to? Do you just want to harm me for satisfaction?" Naruto asked.

"I told you I wanted to fight a worthy opponent and you are Kitana's brother, and not to mention you are the son of the Fourth Hokage." Sasuke said.

Naruto then lowered his newly acquired weapon putting it upon his back and the Rebellion to his confusion vanishes in a red flash into the brightening symbol on his back. Naruto looked back at Sasuke and said…

"He's not my father…"

Sasuke raises an eyebrow at Naruto's response as well as confused.

"Not his father?"

Then next thing Sasuke saw was an ANBU appear behind Naruto and hit the back of his head knocking him unconscious.

Naruto stirred until his eyes finally opened. His vision was blurry but then it started to clear up and what he was looking at was a concrete ceiling and he knew where he was. He had a strong feeling because he had been here on more than one occasion. He sat himself up looking around seeing the stone bed with mattress atop it and dirty pillow and then he saw the jail bars to realizing that his hands were bound behind his back. Looking over his shoulder he saw the special cuffs that were upon him. They were the kind that suppressed ones Chakra and not to mention that they were on a bit too tight then they should be.

"In here again huh? I defend myself and this is what I always get. Damn that Kiba. He must have made up some sort of story to get me thrown in here? Probably said that I attacked him and Sasuke, and it wouldn't be surprising if he did."

He stood up upon his feet as his thoughts upon the sword Rebellion coming to and where it went? He then walked over to the bars of his jail cell and kicked on it.

"Hey! Let me out!"

"Shut up down there, Demon!"

"Very original of you! Can't you think of any other names to call me other than demon? You've called me that more than a dozen times every time you guys throw me in here!"

"That's enough, Naruto!"

Walking before and stopping before his cell was Minato, the Fourth Hokage.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked with that tone in his voice not pleased seeing this man before him.

"What does it look like? I am getting you out…again."

"I don't need your help…" Naruto said turning around walking to the back of his cell that was reserved for good old him.

"You're my son and as a father I am going to remove you from this prison…again. You're lucky I don't just leave you in here…"

Naruto turns to the man.

"Then why don't you! You call yourself my father yet you or Kushina don't spare me an ounce of attention and instead focus on Kitana! As far as I know you are not my father and your wife is not my mother! You two don't treat me as a son so why should I treat you as my parents? Don't ever call me your son because as of this moment…I renounce the surname Namikaze."

Minato would be lying if he said everything that Naruto just said didn't hurt…and right in the heart. It was like Naruto took a knife and stabbed him in the heart. Yes, Minato will admit that he was not the greatest of a father to Naruto as he should have been; he promised Sparda that he would take care of the boy and he did with the best of his ability. Sure he could have trained him and he wanted to but if the villagers saw this they would be outraged as well as the council seeing as everyone agreed that Naruto would receive no such training and never be a ninja, and they would surely call for his death which was something Minato did not want.

So in a way Minato was protecting Naruto from death.

The matter on the lie he told of Naruto holding the soul of the fox when his own daughter truly held the fox inside was to protect his child but he would admit that it was selfish of him, and it was wrong on so many levels. Having the fury of the villagers upon a Son of Sparda for something he did not carry, a burden that was not even upon him.

"If only you knew, Naruto." Minato thought sadly.

Minato stood aside as an ANBU walked over opening Naruto's cell door to letting Naruto step out with the ninja then removing the cuffs off Naruto who was rubbing them too shooting the ninja a glare.

"There is something that we need to discuss, Naruto."

"I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to talk to ANY of you!" Naruto then walked off and away.

Minato was pretty sure Naruto was heading back to the house to go up to his room locking his door not wanting to be bothered by anyone. He failed being a father for Naruto, Kushina failing as a mother as well. His thoughts then went to the report that Kiba told being Naruto assaulted him and Sasuke but he decided to skip that part and went on to Sasuke's part of the story.

"Sasuke told a completely different version. He said Kiba went looking for the fight. Then there is the sword that Sasuke described as he and Naruto fought and Sasuke does not deny proceeding with the fight. However the sword that Sasuke described…?"

It was an hour later Naruto arrives "home" pushing open the front door open in anger and slamming it behind him to marching up stairs without a word to arriving at his room door upstairs. He opens it to walking inside slamming it shut like he did the front door. He walked for his bed and when passing by the mirror he stopped in front of it looking himself in the mirror. He had enough of how he was treated by his so called family.

Downstairs in the living room Minato appears out of a yellow flash with his wife walking in just in time to see him.

"Kushina, have you seen Naruto?"

"I don't know I was out back helping Kitana hone her skills. Why? Has something happened to him?"

"I removed him from jail again tonight."

"Again?" She said with a sigh following afterwards.

"I swear that boy is becoming nothing but trouble with all those pranks he pulls around the village like how he painted the Hokage Faces and blamed Kitana for it."

Who by the way was the real one behind said event and blamed her older brother.

"Not to mention all of the fights he starts with some of the boys from the academy. You should have just left him in that cell, Minato. Teach him a lesson."

"He wanted me to leave him…"


"He wanted to stay? He may have not said it but he didn't have to. The way he looked at me with those cold eyes full of nothing but hatred when I came to release him. He said…"

"He said…?" Kashina asked.

"That I wasn't his father…and you not his mother…that he wasn't our son." Minato said closing his eyes shut Kushina gasps.

"There's more…he said that he renounces the name Namikaze. I failed Sparda…" The Fourth sat on the couch nearby.

"If Sparda was here right now, I would surely be dead. We failed as parents…"

Kashina knew that Minato was right as most of their attention was on their very own daughter and barely any was on Naruto who they were supposed to be careing for as their very own.

"What do we do?" Kushina asked.

Little did she know was that their very own daughter was in the kitchen listening in on their conversation.

"We start acting as the parents we should have been from the very beginning." Minato said with fire in his eyes.

"I'll start teaching him in Chakra control!" Kushina said with a smile on her face.

"I'll teach him the Rasengan!" Minato said.

"Are you sure about that?"

"I am sure and maybe throw in the Shadow Clone jutsu."

Their attention was grabbed as both Minato and Kashina heard the slam of a door from upstairs and it was clearly Naruto. They then they saw him coming down the stairs with a duffle bag that was packed.

"Where are you going this late?" Kushina asked.

"I'm leaving!" Naruto said anger in his voice.

"You can't leave the village!"

Minato stood up from the couch.

"You know I won't allow that!"

"You think I'm stupid enough to do that? I already know you would have your ANBU lapdogs waiting for me!"

Naruto walks to the door.

"I rather live on the street then live in the same house with the three of you!"

"Naruto!" Minato didn't want him to leave as he reached for Naruto's shoulder who shrugged his shoulder pushing his hand away, Naruto turning to the man and pointing a finger and said…

"You don't touch me…You don't look for me…You stay away from me! All of you…Far as I know none of you are my family."


Naruto turned back around grabbing the door knob…


Naruto looked over his shoulder to Kitana Uzumaki and there was a silence between the two of them as Kitana looked like she was on the verge of crying.

"Kitana, I'm not your brother…"

Naruto then opens the front door but before he leaves he then asks.

"Did it ever occur to any of you that today was not just Kitana's birthday…but mine as well?"

He didn't hear a response as it seems that they just realized.

"I thought so…enjoy your party."

He then leaves while slamming the door shut behind him leaving the household and Namikaze family.

The Advent91: Now with the whole born five years apart and they are still twins. Not it is not possible in reality for twins to be born five years apart and still be twins but this is the world of fiction and in here Naruto/Dante and Vergil's case is a first. Please read on if you'd like to discover more.