Shion's Palace…

The guards amongst Shion's castle grounds were scurrying about to make sure that every crevice and angle was guarded in case the infamous Gang of Four to the Land of Demons moved in to attack, and believe it or not but they were all willing to give up their lives for the priestess without a second thought. It was early in the morning with the palace guards running around about the grounds to take positions preparing for the worst. There was one guard that stood before the doors of the priestess named Susuki having not slept for three days' time apparently. He was going in and out of sleep and if he hadn't been doing so he would have noticed the shadow that past him by slipping past the door, and Susuki looking back only to see the door to the bedchambers was closed. It was not long before Taruho came along to take over his position…

Shion suddenly awakened from her sleep having yet another vision, and it seemed to be the same one before only she saw the man under the black hood slashing his swords through what looked like demonic dragon heads, and it ended with one again the man being pierced through the chest. When the vision came to an end she turned around facing the mysterious voice that sounded male who seemed to chuckle seeing him on the other side of the piece of cloth that hung before and around her bed, but he looked to be covered in shadow looking to adorn a black hood over his head shadowing the top portion of his face. Her eyes suddenly widen as she recalls where she could have seen this mysterious man…


"You may want to make a quick exit priestess. Quite the welcoming party is about to start if you know what I mean…" He said with a grin adorned upon his face.


Shion recognized the voice being from Koharu himself as he stood in the back of the room taking aim with his bow at the intruder that stood on the other side of the garment that separated him from her, and he had his hands in his pockets at the moment not at all worried. Koharu was not the only one present but also Susuki and other palace guards that came rushing in to protect her all drawing their swords.

"You should call off your guard's priestess I am not here to harm you, but merely to stand in the way of those who seek your life. Or should I say of the monster that seeks to take your life from this world."

"Moryo…" Shion said in a low tone.

"Step away from the priestess!"

"Are you of…?"

"No I am not in any way no affiliation with the Hidden Leaf Village and unfortunately they are running a bit late."

"You are not here to kill me?"

"If I was here to kill you then I would have killed you in your sleep long ago."

"You're the one I saw…The one that I saw in my vision."

"The lot of you better take the priestess somewhere safe while you still can it won't be long before the party begins." The Black Hooded Man said.

"What party?"

He only looked over his shoulder showing them a grin.

"ENGAGE! ENGAGE!" Was heard aloud from outside in the palace grounds answering their question.

"It's the Gang of Four," Susuki said.

"Take the priestess…You have some sort of secret exit from this room I am sure."

They were still not trusting of this black hooded man but…

"Do as he says." Shion suddenly said confusing her guards.

"But he could be-,"

"Quickly!" Shino said strongly.

The Black Hooded Man only continued to retain his smile as he turned to face the direction of the entry doors as the palace guards ran past him, and with him not giving them a single glance but his eyes only focused ahead.

Outside in the palace grounds the four figures came leaping over the walls of the palace heading in the direction for the bedchambers of the priestess as the palace guards below did everything they could, but the Gang of Four above were literally destroying them killing them off with their long ranged projectiles. Kusuna, Gitai, Setsuna, and Shizuku soon came crashing through a storm of arrows and soon into the palace walls. Kusuna, Gitai, Setsuna, and Shizuku suddenly came crashing from the ceiling above landing within the bedchambers with one of them about to throw his sharp projectiles as Kusuna yelled aloud…

"Now kill her!"

He was going to throw for the kill but instead of them getting the priestess what they get instead is some guy wearing a black coat with hood overhead sitting in a chair with his right leg over the other rested upon the left knee causing them to stop in their actions pausing, and he had a black L shaped weapon aimed at them with a smirk adorning his face. The man wearing the black hood was none other than Dante himself having been waiting for them.

"Congratulations, you made it."

Dante pulled back the trigger of Ebony firing off powerful Chakra bullets toward them causing the four of them to leap back and away in evasion while also maneuvering as best as they can evading the powerful blasts of Chakra. The Chakra bullets blasting holes in the walls, floor, and even ceiling as they retreated out of the priestess's room crashing through the doors and leaping down to the bottom of the stairs in which individuals would have to climb to gain an audience with Shion. When the Gang of Four landed at the bottom they all looked up to the top of the stairs seeing the black hooded Dante now holding both Ebony & Ivory with attachments by his side wearing a smirk upon his face. He came to a stop at the top of the stairs looking down upon the Gang of Four as the wind blow making the tail of his coat flap in the wind.

"Who the hell is that?" Gitai asked.

"I have no idea?" Kusuna said.

"Was he waiting for us, a ninja perhaps?" Shizuku asked.

"That's impossible he said Leaf Ninja would not have arrived this early in time." Setsuna reminded.

"You assume me to be of Leaf affiliation?" Dante chuckled. "Oh no I am far more of a threat to you than any ordinary Leaf ninja let me assure you. So you are the infamous Gang of Four huh? I can see the four of you look to have taken a boost of power from your leader because there is no way any of the four of you could have been the ones that released Moryo from his tomb. So that begs the question of me asking where your boss is."

"Who are you?" Kusuna demanded.

"Oh how rude of me allow me to introduce myself." Dante made a bow with his left arm behind his back and his right gently upon his stomach. "My name is Dante and I am a The Blackened Angel that has been sent here to kill the four of you, your boss, and put a stop to the rise of Moryo indefinitely."

"Where is the priestess?"

"Yeah you four were too little too late just like those Leaf ninja. She was long gone before you Gang of Failures even got here while I just calmly sat in there relaxing waiting for my prey to come to me. You just made my job that much easier."

"A mercenary then?"

"Call me whatever you want. I am just doing this because it brings me that much closer to my own personal revenge, and I would be lying to myself if I said that this was also not out of my own personal amusement." Dante suddenly spun his guns in hand aiming Ebony balanced upon his left forearm aimed down at them as he said. "Let's rock!"

Dante let loose the Chakra bullets of Ebony making the Gang of Four below evade away from the line of fire just in time to witness the small explosions from the power of the bullets blowing away pieces of concrete, and when the four landed upon ground level within the grounds they looked back up to see Dante descending down upon them. The Demon Killer having his knees bent with the cape of his coat flapping in the wind behind him having his individual guns held apart, and all the while looking down upon them with anticipation and excitement in his eyes. Dante quickly spun his guns away summoning forth Rebellion grabbing the weapon spinning it from off his back around his form to above his head, and all at the same time while Rebellion transformed into his demonic axe Ekon performing Drop. Appearing and erupting from the ground was a large cloud of smoke caused from Dante's attack as well as a small tremble while emerging out of the smoke having leaped away in time was the Gang of Four having just escaped by a thread.

Gitai, Kusuna, Shizuku, and Setsuna were now all separated from one another all looking into the cloud of smoke.

"He can fire forth some sort of Chakra projectiles and even summoned forth a sword and transformed it into some kind of axe somehow? I never knew such weapons even existed." Kusuna thought.

The Gang of Four were about to launch their own combination of team coordinated jutsu but then twirling out of the cloud of smoke above it coming from within the smoke looked to be some sort of strange evil looking whip? The Ophion Demon Whip whips toward Setsuna catching her off guard grappling him and quickly pulling him forward through the air with the whip being retracted toward its source, and here Setsuna was about to throw some long range projectiles to flush Dante out, but it looks like Dante was faster in reacting. The rest of his ally's called out his name as he was pulled into the smoke gone from their vision and Setsuna himself trying to pry the hand that was grappled upon him as he was pulled through the blinding cloud of dirt, and when he finally looked forward his eyes widen seeing Dante.

Dante wore a smile upon his face as he held the hilt of his Ophion Demon Whip with the whip retracting within brining Setsuna vastly closer while at the same time Dante had his right first reared back, and it was not too hard to figure out what was about to happen. There was no time for Setsuna to counter as his face met Dante's right fist launching the ninja back in the direction he was pulled from twirling parting away the smoke, and when he reemerged out of the smoke was when Kusuna quickly leaped out of the way evading Setsuna who crashed into a part of the surrounding walls of the castle grounds. Gitai, Kusuna, and Shizuku looked toward Dante who just stood there tall with hood over head as the cloud of dirt parted away from opposite directions of him. That is when they bear witness once again seeing Dante's whip transform back into that sword that they noticed a second before becoming that big axe he had within his hands moments ago.

"Incredible. A weapon that can freely transform from a sword to an axe to a whip and back! It sounds like any weapons users dream. We need to stay on our toes against this guy. Who knows what other surprises he could have in store for us?" Kusuna thought.

"What just happened there?" The voice of Setsuna asked as he picked himself up and out of the rubble.

Dante whistled with a small smile upon his face.

"Welcome back buddy I was beginning to think that it was already over for you. I mean surely you guys must be stronger than this within the current states you are right?" Dante taunted as he aimed Rebellion toward the Gang of Four.

"I am going to kill you!" Setsuna proclaimed as he joined the others by their side.

"Then instead of barking how about you four get over here and show me your bite?"

"Alright let's get this guy I am already sick of that mouth of his!" Gitai said aloud.

Gitai with the use of his earth chakra and began altering the terrain for his team to have the advantage over Dante who just stood there leaning Rebellion upon his shoulder. He didn't seem to flinch from the earth below him altering but he did spread his feet apart while hunching his form down a little readying himself for an attack. What surprised him though was seeing the pieces of earth rise out of the ground around him looking to be forming a sort of corridor around him, and it was not long before Dante found himself looking up to the only exit that was above.

"Oh no I wonder what I will do." Dante said with that sarcastic tone in his voice not seeming to take this seriously but don't let that fool you.

Dante then saw the opening from above begin to close.

"Oh no you don't!"

Dante transformed his sword into his Ophion Angel Lift whipping the grapple above to lifting himself out of the whole front flipping forward to sliding down the altered slope of earth, and as he did was when fire erupted out of different parts of the altered earth he was sliding down along. One of the gang must have launched a fire technique inside to blow him into nothing but a steaming corpse. The half demon and angel front flipped through the area away while also managing to turn himself around along with performing flips, but it was so quick that for that split second if you were not paying attention you would have seen him quickly reattach the attachments to his girls. As soon as Dante landed on his feet sliding back along the ground he aimed his two girls forward shooting off one powerfully enhanced shot after the other with a loud bang, and kick behind them. Dante managed to fire off three shots before he dropped to his knees while leaning his form back as Setsuna came appeared shooting past him while swinging what looked to be a demon wind shuriken, but it was enhanced in strength with the wind element as it went over Dante's nose completely missing, and all with Dante wearing a grin.

"He's fast!" Setsuna thought as he looked over his right shoulder looking upon Dante.

However the eyes of Setsuna suddenly widen in surprise seeing Dante aiming both his guns at his turned back as the Nephilim was leaned back, and with the pulling of both the triggers of his girls two powerful shoots fired off giving out their loud bangs with the kick behind them sending Dante sliding upon his knees forward and away. Setsuna was lucky that he was fast enough to closing his demon wind shuriken and using it as a shield to protect himself from the Chakra bullets that upon impact blow his weapon into pieces. Whether or not if the wind element he has coursing through it was a factor to stopping the bullets was a questionable one. However just because he managed to block the bullets does not mean he went unharmed as Setsuna was sent shooting through the air over the ground eventually going into a tumble. As soon as Dante came to a stop upon his knees and leaning back forward again he looked up seeing the big one of the group Gitai suddenly before him roaring as he throws down a right fist upon him, but Dante knew how to counter this situation as he continued to wear the smile upon his face. Before the fist of Gitai can even touch Dante he feels the cold hard steel fist of one of Dante's gauntlets Fury & Wrath impacting the underside of his chin having just been Uppercut. Gitai's form was launched up into the air along with spinning and turning to dropping back toward ground levels within the grounds impacting somewhere behind Shizuku kicking up smoke from the ground.

Both Shizuku and Kusuna look to Dante seeing him hopping up and down upon his feet like that of a boxer moving about in the ring.

"Please tell me that I am not fighting kids here. I'm not fighting kid's right?" Dante taunted.

Dante was wondering if he taunt would work and it seems that it did as it seemed to have gotten to Shizuku who dashed forward to which Dante then kissed the knuckles of his right fist, and waited for the moment to strike as he came to a halt upon his feet. Kusuna seeming to be the smarter one was the one to call out to Shizuku to stop but his warning seems to have gone upon deaf ears. When Shizuku entered striking distance of Dante striking with a kunai for his neck Dante suddenly along his feet rockets back to suddenly shooting back forward introducing his fist to the left side of her face, and it sent her sliding back and along the ground toward Kusuna coming to a stop before his feet as Shizuku below him was rubbing the left side of her face.

"He's good."

"Flattery won't do you four much here," Dante said as he dusted his hands off as if they were dirty. "So when are the four of you going to start getting serious on me because this is getting rather boring? Fighting Itachi Uchiha is far more entertaining." He stated as he placed the tops of his hands upon his hips.

"This guy tangled with someone like Itachi Uchiha!" Kusuna said rather both impressed and somewhat a little intimidated.

"Look either the four of you starts making this entertaining or I am just going to have to put an end to this right now. It makes it in either two ways with one being boring or the second choice I prefer to be rather fun and entertaining, but either way my job gets done." Dante said as the rest of the gang appeared by both Kusuna's and Shizuku's side standing off against Dante.

Meanwhile upon different area of the palace grounds themselves guards that were scurried about too notice of Dante's performance, and were wondering just who this man was to be able to take on the whole Gang of Four all by himself. Was he from the Hidden Leaf? Dante was about to assault the Gang of Four with his demonic Devil Arms but suddenly comes to a stop when he senses a sudden demonic presence within the palace itself?

"What the hell?" Dante asked no in particular as he looked over his shoulder up the stairs. "I can feel a powerful demonic presence coming from within the palace everywhere within. Just what is going on?"

Within different parts of the palace walls in hallways guards were on the floor banging their heads against them upon their knees, and even screaming aloud with their own saliva leaking from their mouths digging their nails into their scalps, pulling their hair as they riled about, or scrapping their nails down upon the skins of their faces. Their eyes appeared to be going bloodshot that soon began to glow a dark purple. This was actually demonic possession and even though a lesser demon of the demon world can accomplish this it was usually to possess one single being, but if it was a powerful demon then it could possess multiple beings to do its bidding even if it was far away, and this case the demon Moryo. It was too bad that not any normal human can sense demonic possession or a presence but to someone like Dante it was possible, and not even the Gang of Four can sense it even if using dark Chakra. This was not good as soon those possessed guards of Moryo would soon converge toward the priestesses escape route, and Dante was pretty sure a number of guards had knowledge of this escape route that was in her bedchambers.

"Well that's not good." Dante said as he looked back to the Gang of Four.

The Gang of Four suddenly witness as Dante's gauntlets vanish in a red flash with his sword reappearing upon his back from a blue flash upon his back now looking to have a sort of folded up scythe on his back that looked to be angelic in look.

"Looks like you four got lucky," Dante said as his coat flapped in the wind for a moment. "Next time when we meet you better fight me with all your strength but until then-," He turns to suddenly leaping up through the air landing near the top of the stairs now upon them with Ebony & Ivory within his hands "-duty calls."

"You think you can just run off to the priestess like that?" Kusuna asked aloud.

"Let's get him I am going to rip his head off!" Gitai yelled aloud.

"Well perhaps you will get the opportunity if you can get past THEM that is…" Dante said as he looked off to his upper right along with the Gang of Four looking toward his direction seeing the team of Leaf ninja descending from the air. "Late but it works to my favor." Dante said as he turned his back upon the Gang of Four walking back up the stairs with his coat flapping in the wind just as the Leaf ninja landed ahead of the Gang of Four.

All but one member of the team of Leaf ninja was standing defiantly against the Gang of Four, and that was none other than Kitana who upon landing at the bottom of the stairs ran up them up to Dante.


Dante suddenly turned aiming Ebony down upon her as he said aloud "I don't have time for you!"

He fired off a single shot hitting the pair of stairs before Kitana who managed to flips back and away landing at the bottom of the stairs looking back up to Dante who vanished from the top of the stairs running within the palace.


"Kitana!" Neji's voice said aloud. "We are just as surprised seeing him here of all places to but right now we have to focus on the situation at hand. Let Naruto go for now we will deal with him later but right now we need your focus against these criminals."


"Whatever his purpose for being here is, Kitana, I am sure that he is not going to be leaving anytime soon." Sasuke assured as he had the gaze of his Sharingan upon the Gang of Four.

Dante ran through the bedchambers as he entered through the broken down double doors and as soon as he did the possessed guards flooded into the room with intense glowing purple eyes chasing after Dante.

"Miss!" Dante said aloud as he leaped up and over one of the possessed guards that jumped out toward to grab him.

Dante dashed his way toward a suspicious looking pattern upon the wall in the very back of the bedchambers of Shion and leaped forward for it, and he jumps through the under part of the circular pattern which flips up and over closing behind him finding himself in a sort of hall as he rolled to a knee. As soon as he did he dashed back toward the secret escape passage he leaped through seeing a sort of lever that would lock it and he was just in time because as soon as he did banging was heard on the other side of it from the possessed guards riling about.

"At that rate that isn't going to hold for long."

Susuki and Taruho carrying Shion upon his back with the other group of guards that accompanied her were making their way for a waterfall that would lead them safely away from the palace, but they all come a to a stop hearing a set of footsteps come to a stop behind them causing them all to turn around with weapons drawn. However what or rather who they aimed their weapons upon was none other than the black hooded Dante himself who held his hands up along with his guns.

"I surrender!" Dante said with a smirk.

"You again…" Taruho whispered.

"You're welcome by the way." Dante said as he lazily brought down his arms.

"If you are here then what of the Gang of Four?" Susuki asked.

"They have fled," The voice of Neji said.

The group of guards now turns back around toward their intended escape route seeing the group of Leaf ninja walking upon the water toward them having come through the waterfall, and coming to a stop before the guards and priestess.

"We apologize for the delay." Neji said.

"It's ok but all that matters is the priestess is safe." Taruho said.

"We are surprised seeing you here of all places, Naruto Uzumaki."

"The name is Dante."

"If the Gang of Four has fled then we can return to the palace." Susuki said.

"Take it from me when I say you shouldn't do that." Dante said as he leaned one of his guns upon his shoulder.

"What are you saying? What has happened to my palace?" Shion demanded with a glare.

"Spoiled one isn't you? Well besides the damage done about here and there, don't expect me to pay for it, it more concerns your palace guards."

"What about them?"

"How should I put this is words you will understand? Let's just say that they are not themselves anymore and right now will break through your secret escape passage any moment now to kill you."

Neji used his bloodline looking through the double doors Dante exited from through the passage and could clearly see all the piled guards about to break through.

"He is not joking and they are acting like animals."

"Traitors that have been working with the gang then…" Susuki said.

"They were none of the sort but right now it is too late for them. The only escape for them from Moryo's enslavement is death."

"What makes you say this?"

"Those people are possessed by Moryo becoming his very own demons. There is no escape from it but death. I'll give it another sixty seconds before they break through…" Dante said. "Moryo is a powerful demon to be possessing and creating demons from wherever he is hiding…I must find and finish the demon before Mundus is alerted to what is happening over here and looks that much deeper into this eventually learning of the priestesses' existence as well."

"Then the palace is lost and we must flee." Taruho said.

"Where am I supposed to sleep comfortably and eat prestigiously if not in my own palace? I am not going to sleep and eat in the middle of the woods!"

"But the palace is?"

"No excuses!"

"Is this priestess serious right now?" Dante wondered.

"Is she serious right now?" Sakura wondered.

"How many of her guards have died already and she for her and what she only thinks about is her palace." Sasuke thought.

Dante sighed aloud in annoyance grabbing the attention of the whole group.

"How anyone keeps their sanity intact around you priestess is beyond me but since you are being this spoiled crying about it…"

"How dare you talk to me is such a way!"

"Yeah, yeah you can cry me a river. Look you lot can just stay put right here looking after the priestess…" Dante said as he turned back around heading back for the double doors he came through moments ago.

"And what are you going to do, Naruto?" Kitana asked.

Dante stopped in his tracks.

"The name is DANTE, and as for what I am going to do let's just say I am going to clean things up if you know what I mean." Dante said continuing on his path. "I'll be back in a few. Oh and if you here any loud bangs don't bother investigating them."

"We're not going to let you take on that horde by yourself!" Kitana said aloud.

"You will only get in my way. Now if you don't mind…I'm going for a walk."

[Fight Theme: Alucard's Theme: A Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction from Hellsing Ultimate]

Dante pushed both double doors open with the individual barrels of his Chakra pistols entering the hallway of the secret escape passage. The possessed guards of the palace finally broke through the secret passage all falling into a pile within the secret dark hallway leading to way out to standing up seconds later armed with their weapons soon flooding the hall, and then that is when their attention is drawn ahead seeing Dante enter with the double doors closing behind him shut. Dante was walking toward them with calm and cool with his guns beside him at the ready wearing a tooth showing grin upon his face, and the horde of possessed standing in silence growling at him letting him pass by them to get deeper within the horde not making a move yet. Dante's steps echoed with every step he made and suddenly asked…

"Hey guys, how's your health plan?"

The horde of possessed roar closing in on Dante from all sides with swords and spears in hand and Dante retaliates with gun fire but not before yelling aloud with a smile as well as demonic looking eyes…


The Demon Killer proceeded to show off his gunslinger skills aiming both his girls in different individual directions pulling the triggers firing off loud bursts of Chakra bullets, and blowing away the limbs of the possessed humans that became Moryo's very own demons. Yes he knew that they were humans but they were humans that were lost to the demons that they were turned into, and the only escape from this sort of fate is death itself. Dante was doing them a favor setting them free. The blood of his surrounding enemies sprayed upon the floor, walls, and even the ceiling above as they all came at him. However even with them outnumbering Dante there weaponry was no match for Dante's as he switched from using Ebony & Ivory to his angelic scythe Alastor slashing his weapon around his form cutting them down to size spraying their blood about the floor. Dante even went as far as performing a quick Prop Shredder with his scythe launching a set of two of them to suddenly be seen aiming his shotgun weapon gifted to him from Holy itself, and when pulling back the trigger fired a spray of Chakra bullets separating the limbs of his enemies, and spilling their blood.

If only the other could see what was happening from outside. But there was one person who could and was at this very moment and three guesses who that was right now.

Dante reduced their numbers rather quickly and this mainly most likely had to do with how they were acting zombie like in behavior. So were they zombies? Nope they have to be demons now. Dante quickly turns around while slashing his scythe out to his right removing the heads of three of the demons that just so happened to have stood in a row, and their blood spraying out of their necks as their heads took flight up in midair before hitting the floor below. When the bodies hit the floor joining the rest of the bloodbath around his feet he twirled his large scythe in a reverse grip that was within his right hand, and casually walked up to the last remainder of the possessed that was picking itself up by its hands. When the demon lifted its head looking up to Dante it found Ebony forced into its mouth with Dante looking down at him with a smile. Dante didn't say anything at all as he looked into the eyes of the possessed human pulling the trigger with a loud bang echoing afterwards blowing the back of its head to pieces, and Dante adding another body to his kill count.

[Optional Song Ends]

He put his weapon away upon his back with the scythe then vanishing in a flash with no weapon present on his back, and putting Ebony away back behind his coat. When Dante emerged out of the double doors rejoin the other that just stood in total silence having done as Dante asked it was Neji being the only one looking upon Dante with a trace of fright in his eyes.

"The way he killed all those men…The smile he wore upon his face…He enjoys it. What made him love killing them so much like that?"

"Well priestess it's all been taken care of…" Dante said putting his hands within his coat pocket.

"You killed them?"

"I did and every last one of them that threatened your life. They were beyond saving in the state they were in. Killing them was a kindness..."

The group of guards with Shion herself that was being carried intended to go back to the palace through the same escape route they used but…

"If I were you priestess I would not go that way. Let's just say that it's a bit messy with red…" Dante said before walking away.

"Naruto, where are you going?" Kitana asked as she continued to watch Dante's retreating back.

"Oh I'll be around until this is all done and over, but for now our goals are aligned. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…"

Kitana gave a smile but Dante looked over his shoulder at her with an angry look in his eyes as he said finishing his sentence…

"For now…"

With that said Dante vanished from his position in a teleporting fashion leaving behind a black mist for a mere second before dissipating away into nothingness. Minutes later Dante is found standing atop the rooftops of Shion's palace as she returns inside her palace escorted by her guards and the Leaf ninja inside, but then a familiar voice caught his attention from behind.

"Are you having trouble, Dante?"

"Rosa," Dante said looking over his shoulder upon Rosa who was sitting upon a higher elevated rooftop.

"Looks like you enjoyed yourself a nice party."

"Oh I am pretty sure you would have enjoyed it as well so why not jump in sooner?"

"Well it looked like you had it all covered."

"Just who are you?"

"A friend but if you push this girl the wrong way you could get yourself killed."

She suddenly vanished from her position leaving Dante alone to himself…


The Advent91: Shorter then the previous chapter I know but I hope this was enough and that you liked or if you liked the familiar scene from Hellsing Abridged. So freaking funny it is. Also I am looking into creating a Naruto Hellsing crossover story. It would be my first vampire story too.