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Dante was simply walking the halls of Shion's palace having felt utterly bored with nothing to do and with his black hood down by the way. Yeah it's been some time since he had that hood off from over his head. Must be because he thinks it makes him look that much more intimidating? Ok so the real fact he was inside the palace at this moment was not because he wanted to enjoy nice paintings and the wallpaper if there was any but to get some additional intelligence. Who better than to get if from the priestess herself right?

Something then suddenly came to Dante's mind. Christmas was nearing that much ever closer. He has to get this mission done as quickly as possible so as to make it back to Holy and enjoy a Christmas with his older twin, Vergil, and then Mary came to his mind. In fact the memory of the two arguing came to mind causing him to lean his back against the hallway wall with arms crossed over his chest. Now remembering the argument from what Mary accused him of it was Misato that told Mary that he had sex with her. Now he would joke around that she was jealous but it was more than that.

Misato's lie most likely made Mary feel betrayed by him because he was her partner. Dante knowing of the capabilities of the Sharingan being very proficient in illusions and even implanting false scenarios, and Dante would not be surprised if Misato implemented false visions of her and Dante having sex.

"She may be good looking and all but next time I cross paths with her I am taking her out. There has to be a way for me to fix this strain between me and Mary?"

It was probably what Misato was aiming to do too. Split the two apart from one another.

"Hold on Christmas is around the corner maybe I could get her something but what?"

"Get who something?"

Dante turned his head to Kitana who was not standing too far from him within the center of the hall gazing upon him.

"Something you want?" Dante asked.

"I just wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

"What happened to me back in Wave?"

"…Well that was random and here I was expecting you to beg me to come back to your precious village."

"Naruto, please tell me what happened on that bridge. I asked mom and she told me that it was-,"

"The Nine Tails took hold of you. You were basically taken over by the fox's very Chakra ready to attack anyone even your own comrades. So for everyone's safety on that bridge I held you off…or rather the Nine Tails."

"…I thought all the training I went through with mom and dad would help if that kind of situation ever arises. I feel so ashamed of myself for letting such a thing happen."

"I am pretty sure with time you can control it instead of it controlling you. Besides you were in an emotional state you thought Sasuke was dead. The Nine Tails took advantage of that…"

"I won't let that happen again." Kitana said balling her hands.

"Speaking of Sasuke I have a question for you."

"Sure what is it?" Kitana replied with a smile.

"Do you like Uchiha Sasuke?"

"What do you mean by that?" Kitana asked with a tint of red on her cheeks.

"Oh I think you know exactly what I mean. Are you in love with Sasuke Uchiha?"

"What no way!"

"So then why is your face turning red?"

"Okay look here he is very handsome and all but I am NOT in love with him!"

"Classic not in love denial."

"Naruto, I have no feelings for him I DON'T."

"So you don't have wet dreams about him?" Dante asked with a taunting smirk.


"Something tells me otherwise. Your red as a tomato and you are so quick to deny that you have no such affections for him especially to what kind of dreams I just implied you have about him. You don't just like for his popularity do you?"

"He and I are just FRIENDS!"

"Kitana, you, your mother, and your father all know that I can smell bullshit."

"Oh yeah what about you loving Sakura?"

"That was long ago being nothing but a crush or puppy love you can say. I have moved on but I don't deny the dreams I've had about her…"

Dante even closed his eyes growing a grin remembering the very intimate dreams he would have about Sakura and they were very erotic.

"She was a screamer and full of such energy in those dreams. I can still recall her moaning my name as I delivered the goods." Dante recalled in his thoughts.

"You're such a pervert."

"It's called being a man and I like woman."

"Or how about a pig?"

Dante ignored that comment recalling his vivid dreams.

"Sakura was not the only one but I did also have dreams of Ino bent over a table. There were also those dreams with Hinata and even with that other girl Tenten. Hell I recall having one in particular where I was taking all four of them at once…and with many Shadow Clones too!"

"Careful there you look like your about to have a nose bleed brother."

"I'm not your brother and now are we done here?"

"I was going to rendezvous with the others but since I noticed you out the corner of my eye I thought maybe you would like to join us. Learn of the situation and developments…"

"None of you realize just how big this situation really is. The stone army continues to advance on upon the lands of the nations with nothing being able to stop them not even the Leaf's best of ninja."

"Then by all means you seem to know the answer as to why."

"You really want to know why? Even if I filled you in there is no way that you would believe it."

"Try me…"

Dante turned his head to her in silence and then spoke…

"Right now the world as you know it is asleep that has yet to wake up."

"Wake up? What do you mean by that like we're in some kind of dream?"

"Sort of as none of you have yet to realize that you are all being herded like cattle, controlled. You were blinded or may still be but we took care of that issue back in the Land of Waves."

"Asleep, controlled, what are you getting at? What or who is controlling us and keeping us asleep?"

"You and the rest of the world are being controlled from the shadows by the demon named Mundus along with his demonic army. We call him by his true name but you may know him as The Devil."

"…So you're telling me that humanity are being manipulated by The Devil."

"If you don't believe me that is just fine don't blame me when some demon comes popping up at you from out of nowhere to eat you. I told you what my time is devoted to right now and that is all you are getting so do with this information as you please. Tell your father for all I care and prepare yourself for a trip when you do."

"Why do you say that?"

"Oh you'll see why."

"Then what are you doing all the way out here?"

"I'm here to slay the demon that manipulates this stone army and once that is done I am going home to enjoy a Merry Christmas."

"So a demon is causing all of this world panic?"

"Those four losers that attacked the palace were some of his servants. All the guards that were around the place that suddenly wanted to kill us all. That was the demons influence taking hold of them."

"Don't you think we could've freed them somehow?"

"…What I did them was a favor."

"…So that's your goal out here? Kill this demon and just leave?"

"…That's the idea."

Dante leans off the wall walking past Kitana down the hall. As he did Kitana joined him not far behind and then he heard the sound of a voice coming from an open door ahead off to his left and when nearing it was none other than the one called Taruho talking. As Dante was getting closer he rolled his eyes hearing him introducing her to the Leaf ninja as if they never knew in the first place and even shared that she could see into the future. He stops just right outside the doorway looking over his shoulder to Kitana who stopped right behind him and motioned his hands forward…

"Ladies first…"

"At least your still have your chivalry."

"Don't get used to it."

Dante had not yet entered the room with Kitana to join in on the conversation and Kitana had not noticed yet as Dante was just standing there in the middle of the hall. What was Dante looking at? Well who he was looking at was Rosa who was leaned against a wall around a corner at the far end of the hall and she was looking around it at him. It was then that Rosa brought her right pointer and middle fingers together blowing him a kiss from afar making Dante raise a questioning eyebrow at her along with growing a small smirk.

"Now I really want to get to know this Rosa."

Dante's attention was brought away when he heard the mention of his demon target. It was then that Dante enters into the room with his hands in his coats pockets and as soon as he walked in coming to a stop not far behind the group of sitting Leaf Ninja, Shion suddenly tells Dante his fate.


"What about me?"

"You will die."

"Excuse me?"

"I have seen your fate, Dante."

"So what you're trying to tell me is that you can see my future my apparent end?"

"There is no escaping what is to come for you."

"Ok priestess how do I die?"

"You will die by the hands of Moryo."

"Yeah ok fine." Dante replied chuckling afterwards.

"You should not take her words lightly, Dante." Taruho said.

"And why is that?"

"She has made over one hundred predictions and all of them come true."

"She is never wrong?" Sakura asked.

"So far no she hasn't." Taruho replied.

"So bro's intel was right she really can see into the future but I am not going to let some spoiled girl tell me when and how I die." Dante thought.

"Naruto…" Kitana addressed worried as Dante turned his back to them.

"It is his destiny…" Shion said.

"You can go ahead and yap your mouth all you want about what you believe it to come to me priestess but don't go giving me that destiny bullshit. One carves their destiny out of their own hands not the other way around. If you believe it the other way around then you are more of a fool then I thought priestess."

"You are not to speak of the priestess that way!" Taruho argued.

"Listen up and listen good the only reason I am standing in the same room with ninja of the Leaf is because for the moment our goals are aligned, we have a common enemy. We all want Moryo and his stone army brought to an end who wants your priestess dead."

"It is not possible to kill Moryo the only way to stop it is to be sealed by priestess Shion."

"That may be, Taruho, but I am not only here to just protect the priestess my true goal is much bigger than that."

"Your true goal?" Kitana asked.

Dante turned facing all of them with a smile on his face with fire in his eyes.

"I am here to slay the demon."

"To slay it?" Sakura repeated.

"Naruto, they just said that it was not possible." Kitana argued.

"You may all believe that but I won't know if I don't try now will I…"

"Perhaps her prediction is right then…"

"Oh and what do you mean, Kitana."

"You're going to go in there and get yourself killed! That is what her prediction saw. You are going to run in there sword blazing and get yourself killed by Moryo!"

"Trust me when I say that it is hard to kill me. I suffered a flaming cocktail when I was younger and look at me now I am just fine. If fire can't kill me then what makes you think some demon can?"

"Now you are just being arrogant."

"No I'm not being arrogant or I don't mean to be but I am more…confident."

"How can you be so confident?"

"Because this Moryo won't be the only demon I have slain or much different from any other demon. You see demons believe that they are of a higher power. Yes they see themselves superior to humans in every way but that is where they are wrong."

"You say not much different from any other demon you have slain. Are you implying that you have fought demons besides this Moryo now?" Sasuke said and asked.

"Remember the Land of Waves, Sasuke?"

"What about it?"

"Gato, he was a demon but not like Moryo. Moryo is a higher level of demon. Did you think I was in Wave with the people of Wave's first on my mind? Sure yeah me and Lady helped saved the Land of Waves from a demon ruling over their country and their safety was on mind but the real goal was taking Gato out of the picture. Gato was working for his master whom I intend to kill whom took my and brother's family away from us! I do this out of revenge against that bastard and when I finally track him down I will drive my sword through his heart…if he even has one that is."

"But brother…I thought you? So you did it all of that just for the sake of revenge against this Mundus!"

"I did and not only that but stopped his poisoning of humanity. The poison is still out there but in a matter of weeks you will finally see for what walks amongst all of you. Once that happens everyone will start to see that their eyes have been opened and when that happens you all won't be seeing us as a bunch of murders."

Dante turned walking away…

"Where are you going?" Kitana asked aloud.

"For a walk…"

"So what's the plan then?" Sasuke asked.

"In order to seal Moryo we must head toward the sealing shrine within the Land of Swamps." Taruho said.

"Why go there?" Neji asked.

"Moryo's soul has been released but his body is sealed in the Land of Swamps. If he is able to merge with his body once more then all it lost…the world will be lost to Moryo who will seek to create his Thousand Year Kingdom."

"We must reach the shrine before Yomi or his subordinates do. The Ghost Army will surely be heading that direction as well…" Taruho explained.

"Perhaps we should signal for backup. I mean we are not only dealing with Yomi and the Gang of Four as well as a demon, but we are also dealing with Moryo's army as well. We are sure to encounter resistance along the way to the shrine." Kitana suggested.

"Yes we should do that but it would take some time for backup to arrive." Neji said agreeing.

"So then we proceed to the Land of Swamps…" Sasuke assumed.

"Not just us."

"What do you mean?"

"We are going to need all the support we can…"

"So what?"

"We are going to have to persuade Naruto to tag along."

"Naruto doesn't look like he wants to though." Sakura argued.

"He said it himself our goals are aligned."

"Who is going to be the one to persuade him then?" Sasuke asked.

All heads then turned to Kitana.

"You want me to ask him?"

"You are the only one that he been close to him then us, Kitana. You have a better chance of convincing him to tag along. He is powerful and his aid is a must."

"…I'll see what I can do."

"We must be as quick as possible."

Dante was walking amongst the grounds of the palace minding his own business getting some looks from some of the guards until he came across to finding himself outside the palace and within a small training area. It didn't look like a training area for a ninja but that for the palace guards.

"This must be where they practice their drills." Dante said.

"She has a point you know." The voice of this Rosa said.

Dante turned around seeing the hooded and cloaked Rosa walking her way toward him with Dante's eyes diverting to her hips enjoying how they moved as she gets closer.

"Who does?"

"Kitana." Rosa said as she slowly began circling around Dante.

"Oh great and what's her point?"

"You are brash. Rush into a fight without a plan and you may really get yourself killed."

"What's to know about this Moryo he's just another demon."

"Moryo is a demon yes but did you know he is capable of flight, mind control, telekinesis?"

"He is?"

"You see you didn't know any of that, Dante. She only wants to help you." Rosa said as she came to a stop before him.

"Ok fine you made your point. Now I have a question for you. How did you know all of that?"

Rosa simply gave Dante a small smile.

"You are not going to tell me are you? Ok who are you working for?"

"Oh Dante you don't just demand answer out of a lady like that. You shouldn't expect the kiss before the first date."

"Fine but at least tell me your real name."

"I told you it was Rosa."

"Bullshit your name is not Rosa."

Rosa brought up her hands.

"Alright you got me. I'll reintroduce myself to you then is that ok for you, Dante?" She asked sweetly.

Dante made a small smile before crossing his arms before his chest as Rosa reached up for her hood. When she parted the hood from over her head she revealed to Dante her face. Her white skin, red lipstick, glasses upon her face and bee hive like style of her hair that she set free back behind her from being wrapped around her neck. Dante was not going to lie as he liked what he sees. She then twirled her form throwing the cloak that was wrapped around her away into the air revealing her attire being mostly black, and once again Dante likes what he is seeing able to see her limbs like this with what she wore so tight to her skin.

"Amazing!" Dante thought.

"Careful your noise may start to bleed." She said snapping Dante out of his little fantasy.

Dante made a coughing like sound as she brought up her hand to him.

"My name is Bayonetta."

Dante cracked a smirk as he brought up a hand gently grabbing hers bringing it closer to his lips.

"Charmed." Dante said giving it a light kiss as she gave a light chuckle.

The two part hands…

"You are obviously not human."

"What gave me away?"

"I can sense it."

"You're right."

"So what are you?"

"I'm not a demon if that's what you're wondering."

"An angel?" Dante asked and complimented at the same time.

"No…I'm a Witch."

"A witch huh?" Dante said as he eyes her over again. "A very attractive one at that."

The two then just stood before one another in silence with Dante looking her over AGAIN because he honestly could not help it. She was just sexy to his eyes and he honestly wanted her…and Mary. In fact Dante was on the verge of starting to have a fantasy of him and Bayonetta at this very moment. The scene was this very spot as the two stood before one another with Bayonetta suddenly closing on him holding him with his slowly wrapping an arm around her waist holding her close to his body as she laid her head under his neck. However his fantasy then got even better in his opinion as he felt another set of arms wrap around him from behind this time and when looking over his shoulder he saw Mary laying her head to his back.

He was suddenly snapped out of it as Bayonetta was snapping her fingers before his face.

"Thought I lost you for a second you were on the verge of drooling."

"Oh you're funny but can you blame me."

"We both want Moryo dead for our own reasons so from here on out until this is over I suggest a partnership."

"Us working together how can I trust you?"

"You don't trust me?"

"You are VERY beautiful and desirable most of all strong…My kind of woman by the way."

"Noted," She replied with a smile.

"And what's in it for me?"

Bayonetta walked closer to him until she was face to face with him looking into his eyes.

"What do you want?"

She brought up a single finger upon his chest and began to slowly trail down.

"Do you want something in particular or perhaps-,"

He felt her finger tracing his belt.


"Are you offering me what I think you are offering, Bayonetta?"

"Yes you're young and a handsome devil but could you blame me?" She asked with a small smile of her own.

"You call me young. How old are you?"

"Do you want honesty or a lie?"

The two began to whisper.

"Surprise me."

"I am old enough to be your grandmother."

"I don't find that surprising seeing as you're a Witch."

"And you're a Nephalem. Half demonic and half angelic…"

"And besides from what I hear…older woman have so much more experience." Dante said with a smile as he looked into her eyes feeling her finger still tracing his belt back and forth.

"And from what I hear…young men such as yourself have so much energy." She replied with an equal smile to Dante's as she can feel his left hand trace down her left hip.

"We would make a great combination in the bed." Dante suggested.

"Oh I am sure we would. Is that what you want? Do you want me all to yourself tonight because…I don't have a problem with that…"

"As much as I would unfortunately we don't have time for that."

"You're right…we don't."

The two then separated from one another but not that far. In fact Bayonetta was still closer than arm's length range to him.

"Instead I want your trust. If we're going to be working together on this we don't keep secrets from one another on this task and we watch each other's backs."

"That won't be problems just don't get to distracted watching mine."

Dante gave Bayonetta a chuckle.

"We're going to be a good team."

"Besides I can teach you a thing or two."

"Oh like what?"

"Well for one how to fight."

"Please from an old lady like you."

"This old lady has a lot of bite."

"I'm sure you do."

[OPTIONAL Song: Rider of Light from Bayonetta]

"Care for a demonstration then?"

"Oh you know it."

Suddenly it was Bayonetta brought up one of her guns quickly aiming for Dante's face with her gun Parsley (Right Hand) about to pull the trigger but her weapon is parry away by Dante's gun Ivory while she fires off the shot at the same time. Dante then thrust Ebony forward while firing off a single shot at the same time but Bayonetta just panned her head to her lower left evading the shot while bringing up Sage (Left Hand) firing off a single shot as well but Dante did the same thing as her panning his head to his lower left in evasion of the bullet. The two then cross guns with one locking them together before breaking out of the lock from one another as Bayonetta kicks up her left leg firing off a single bullet from Thyme but Dante tossed Ebony up to his teeth catching it in between as he blocked her kick with his right hand to flipping her within the air spinning to his left but she took advantage of the counter as she fired off both Rosemary (Right Leg) and Thyme (Left Leg) that were attached to her feet only for Dante to lean back evading the two bullets that going flying over his face!

Dante then suddenly flips himself through the air to his right as Bayonetta angles her spinning form to face Dante aiming both Parsley and Sage at Dante who aimed back at her with Ebony and Ivory, and at the same time the two fired off three bullets from their guns each of their bullets colliding with one another. As soon as both of them felt their feet touch ground the two suddenly were before one another continuing their hand to hand combat with their guns. Both of them firing off shots at one another as they effectively evade them and performing counters upon counters. You would believe that Bayonetta would have the advantage seeing as she had four guns but Dante was keeping up and doing well impressing her. In fact even though Dante knew she had more guns them him he glorified the challenge and was even having fun right now fighting against Bayonetta or were they sparring? Either way none of them seemed to care as they continued to HAVE FUN!

The two once again crossed guns with one another holding their crossed guns above their heads as the two were face to face with one another with noses nearly touching with both their bodies against one another wearing smiles upon their faces, and at the same time firing off a couple of shots into the air.

"Oh I love a fast woman." Dante flirted.

"I can say the same thing about you." Bayonetta replied.

The two continued with their duel of gun to gun hand combat if you can even call it that. None of them seemed to be showing any signs of tiring out as they just kept going and going not caring if the loud shots of their weapons attracted anything or anyone to them. Bayonetta then quickly leaped back spinning her form upon a single leg while shooting out multiple shots for Dante's legs from Rosemary but Dante evades by flipping through the air toward her as the line of bullets hit nothing but grass, and at the same time in a slow motion moment the upside Dante goes over her left shoulder face to face with her looking one another eye to eye. Bayonetta gave him a quick wink as the moment ended with Dante landing on his feet behind her and both quickly turning around facing one another aiming a single gun in one another's face. Dante aiming Ivory in her face and Bayonetta aiming Parsley in his face!

They both pull back the triggers of their guns firing off a single shot with both of them panning their heads in opposite directions as their individual bullets swoosh past one another! In a flash both of them had abandoned their firearms and their swords Rebellion and Shuraba causing sparks to fly. Now it turned into a battle of swords as the two enter a deadly dance of blades causing sparks to fly and the loud clang of clashing steel echo aloud throughout the area. Dante leans back evading an upper sweeping strike from Bayonetta's katana to counter back with one of his own being Hightime. However the Witch evades by back flipping high up in the air and from the looks of it Bayonetta abandons her katana calling back her pistols Parsley and Sage as she was back flipping. Seeing this Dante abandons his sword quickly stabbing it into the ground sprinting forward to performing a slide forward along the ground spinning out Ebony and Ivory at the same time.

Then something happened that would make any observer blush red. Bayonetta lands atop Dante straddling him aiming her guns upon Dante's face who she was on top of and Dante aiming his guns in her face whom he had atop himself, and he was enjoying it.

[Optional Song Ends]

"Not bad." Bayonetta compliments.

"You're not bad yourself babe." Dante replied.

"What to do I wonder."

"Hey we can always stay like this I'm not complaining."

She then moved her guns away from her face and parted his guns apart from hers gently pushing his hands back upon the grass as she leaned down face to face with him.

"You're sweet."

"And you're sexy."

"I would like to continue the moment but unfortunately it comes to an end."


Bayonetta moved closer to his ear and whispered…

"Because your sister is watching."


Dante turned his head in the opposite direction spotting Kitana who had a deep blush upon her face seeing the position these two were in.

"N-N-Naruto what are you doing?"


Dante then no longer felt Bayonetta atop him as she was suddenly gone.

"Bayonetta, wait!" Dante called aloud as he sat back up.

Dante then slowly turned his gaze toward Kitana's direction and he did not look pleased.

"So who was that, Naruto?"

"You just had to show up and the wrong time did you?"

"What was I interrupting a moment?"

"What do you think?"

"Where did this Bayonetta come from?"

"None of your business she's a friend of mine…as of now!"

"Is she your girlfriend or something?"

"Someone I just met oh yeah she is my girlfriend alright."

Dante was back up his feet dusting himself off as he muttered not minding having someone like Bayonetta.

"What do you want?" Dante asked.

"Well I was looking for you to ask you something."

"Yeah and that is…?"

"We know where Yomi and his subordinates along with Moryo are heading. They are sure to head toward the second sealing shrine located in the Land of Swamps. Once there Moryo will be able to merge with his body. We are all going and taking Shion with us so she can seal away Moryo but we are sure to encounter resistance along the way. The Ghost Army is heading in the same direction as well. I came looking for you to ask if you can join us in our journey toward the Land of Swamps."

"You want me to tag along with you?"

"It would be much appreciated."

"You see there is a problem with that. I don't know if you just heard but I just recently began a partnership with a new acquaintance."

"As in that woman, Bayonetta, that was on top of you right?"

"Pretty much."

"So then…she can tag along."

"Oh and you trust her just like that huh?"

"We need all the help we can get anyway!"

"Look I'll tell you what and listen well. I am not going to be joining you but I will be close by does that sound good enough for you?"

"You just want to be close to her."

"So what if I do and you don't know it but she is good and I like."

"I just...I just want you close that's all."

"…I know."

Kitana gave him a smile and Dante turned around looking the other way.

"When do you'll plan to leave?"

"We plan on departing in an hour."

"That's fine and I'll be close by."

"How will we be in contact with one another?"

Dante then pulled out a radio he carried with him since his mission with Mary in Wind Country.

"You have one of these?"

"I do!"

"We'll both be on the same frequency but that doesn't mean you can bother me every second ok?"

"Yes I understand!" Kitana said happily.

"Now go…"

"Thank you brother."

Before Dante could tell her that he was not her brother she was already gone.

"She was quite happy."

Dante looked to his left seeing Bayonetta supporting her right arm upon his left shoulder while sucking on a lollipop that was within her opposite hand.

"Why do you say that?"

"She is happy because you two are going to be together and on the same page."

"I told her we would be separate."

"It doesn't matter to her because she knows that you are here. I could tell that you both have a rough past with one another but you need to let that go, Dante. What's in the past is in the past, done is done, and the future is all that is ahead of you and her."

Dante was silent until Bayonetta forced her lollipop into his mouth catching him by surprise as she walked away.

"Shall we get ready?"

"Yes ma'am." Dante replied following after her and while at the same time watching her…back.

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