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October 31st 1981

"Sirius, she's just too adorable!" Lily Potter said, swooning over Sirius Black's one year old daughter, Alissa 'Alice' Lyra Black. Sirius smiled proudly at his little baby girl.

"Of course she is. She is from me you know! What did you expect?" He said, laughing.

"And from Victoria too remember? She carried her for nine whole months Padfoot." James Potter said, walking in the room with his one year old son, Harry James Potter, in his arms. "You're a bit too full of yourself if you ask me. Someone should deflate that big head of yours a bit, it's starting to collect more hot-air then a hot-air balloon."

"Says the bloke who named his son after himself! James Potter, you have one of the biggest heads I've ever seen!" Sirius smirked.

"Enough boys! I think we can safely say that you two can both match each other stride for stride when it comes to the big headedness department. These two better not get any bad habits from the two of you." She carefully placed Alissa in the crib next to her own son and the two children automatically began gabble to each other in some weird language that only they seemed to understand. James grinned at the two children.

"They better be best friends!" He said looking at Sirius, who in turn nodded furiously.

"Ya, or we'll both disown them." Sirius grinned at the look Lily shot them.

"If you two do anything of the sort I'll get together with Victoria and we'll disown the two of you." She smiled and looked once again at the two babies. "Then maybe they'll fall in love and marry someday..." Lily said dreamingly.

"Yeah...but not too soon I hope!" Sirius said, a flow of overprotectivness going through him. He didn't exactly fancy the idea of Alice interacting with boys in the first place so imagining her marrying one was even worse.

"It's a shame that Victoria couldn't come today, It was my last chance to see her before we go in hiding." Lily said saddly, sighing and running a hand through her red-hair. A habit unfortunately picked up from her messy haired husband.

"I know, but she really wasn't feeling well...and what happed to Frank and Alice really affected her..." Sirius said, a grim, stony look appearing on his face. They all stood together, recalling with pained looks what the Longbottoms were going through at the moment. Alissa suddenly burst out laughing, startling the three adults. As the clock struck midnight Sirius stood up.

"I better go now, I don't like the idea of Tori staying home alone so late." Sirius leaned down to take his daughter from the crib."Come here my little Princess."

"Well, see you mate, it was great talking to you again." James said, ruffling Alissa's hair. "Bye bye Alice, take care, and watch that father of yours. Keep him out of trouble for us, got it?" Lily kissed Alissa's head and hugged Sirius.

"Tell Victoria I said hi."

"Sure, will do Lily!" Sirius said walking out of the door. He then vanished into air with a small 'Crack'. James just stood there, watching where once stood his best friend and his goddaughter.

"You'll see them again." Lily whispered kissing his cheek. She didn't know how wrong she was.

Sirius appeared in the little flat he had bought for his family. There was no way his little Princess was going to grow up in Grimmault Place, where that horrible old hag lived. No one knew they were living there of course, well apart from Peter, their secret keeper.

"Tori it's us!" He called.

No response.

"Victoria?" He called again.

Again, no response.

He rushed over to their room. No one. He ran with Alissa in his arms to the little nursery they had built, now beginning to feel panicked. What he there saw made him let out a blood curdling scream. In a puddle of blood laid Victoria. The love of his life. His Victoria, his wife. Dead...

Sirius checked for any sign of life she could have left in her body, but she wasn't breathing. There was no steady rise or fall of breath, no comforting light shinning in her still open brown eyes, no playful smile he had come to love on her pale blue lips. She was gone, his Victoria was gone.

Alissa began to wail, not understanding why her Mummy wasn't getting up, or why her Daddy was sobbing along beside her. Father and daughter cried together for hours on the floor, traces of blood now staining Sirius's blue pant legs crimson where he knelt beside his wife, until he finally got up, shoulders shaking heavily. He couldn't leave her body just lying there.

Sirius owled the Ministry, watching in stony silence as the tawny owl he had bought Victoria for her birthday vanish quickly over the dark horizon. He was going to see Lily and James. He had to warn them about Peter, that he traitor. That he was a murderer. He took Alice in his arms and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

"Daddy loves you Princess, Daddy has to go now, but he'll be back, I promise. I won't let you be hurt. I'll make sure of it. You'll be safe. I won't let anything happen to you." Sirius hugged her to him once more before throwing the green colored floopowder into the fireplace, flames turning a bright emerald and casting dark eerie shadows dancing across the room, sending Alissa to Remus's flat. For the last time, Sirius looked back at Victoria, and with a painful feeling welling up inside his chest, Sirius ran out to his bike and headed to the Potters. Already half-expecting what he was to find there.

Remus Lupin suddenly heard a loud noise in the fireplace and then a baby's loud crying. He rushed out to the living room to find little baby Alissa sitting, covered in black soot, sobbing in the chimney.

"Alice?" He asked, his voice cracking. He took her in his arms as a tear ran down his face. Something terrible had to have happened. Sirius wouldn't have sent his daughter by floo if something bad hadn't happened, and never all alone like this. But sending Alice alone also meant that Sirius expected him to stay with her, to protect her from any danger that could have caused him to send her. So Remus owled Dumbledore about what had happened. Dumbledore would know what to do. Dumbledore always knew what to do.

He Conjured a crib for Alice to sleep in, wrapping warm blankets around her small fragile form and coxing her to calm down in his arms. After Alissa had drifted off, he placed her gently in her crib and went to sleep himself, not knowing that it would be twelve years before he would see his best friend again, and his other best friend never again.

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