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A flash erupted from the Lupin's wand and Scabbers froze into space for a moment, then, he started twisting madly and squeaking as if being tortured. Ron let out a high pitched cry as the rat hit the ground limp.

"He's dead! You killed him that's what you did he's not—"

The was another flash of light and Scabbers seemed to be brought back to life. It was something very weird to watch, as if they were seeing the sped up version of a tree's growth. Scabber's body was becoming bigger, his limbs were getting longer and finally, his head followed. His grey, patchy fur turned into a grey suit, old fashioned and way to big for it's wearer, he had obviously lost a lot of weight in very little time, the skin of the man still held a greyish tinge. He was shaking, kept wringing his hands and scratchy the bald spot on top of his head. His beady eyes darted around the room, focusing on the door and then back at Lupin and Sirius.

"Well hello there, Peter." Lupin said, opting for a pleasant tone, despite the situation."It's been a while."

"Sirius? Remus!" He squeaked, looking as if he was pleased with this reunion. "My old friends! How nice it is to see you—" He made it for the door as soon as his sentence was over but Black and Lupin quickly caught him by both arms, pulling him back in the middle of the room, surrounded by everyone. Black raised his wand.

"It is my pleasure as well Peter… We were just talking about you actually! About your where beings on James' and Lily's death night." Remus said, "You might've missed some bits, you were squeaking quite loudly there… Let me fill you in, you—"

"Remus!" Peter gasped,"Remus You can't possibly—You can't trust him! He lies, Remus he lies! He—He tried to kill me!"

"Yes, I got wind of that… "Lupin said thoughtfully but the hint of sarcasm was evident in his voice. "Actually, I'd like to clear up some dodgy parts if I may… Say Peter—"

"He's come to try and kill me again R emus!" Pettigrew pointed at Black (who rolled is eyes), "He's come to kill me like he killed James and Lily! You've got to help me, Remus! You've got to!"

"Yes, yes but first we need to sort some things out Pete" Lupin said, annoyed.

"Sort things out? There's no time to sort things out!" Pettigrew cried out, "He's come for me Remus! He's been waiting 12 years to do so! He's been planning!"

"Planning?" Remus asked, "You mean you knew he'd break out of Azkaban? Where no one has ever been able to escape from?"

"He's got black magic!" Pettigrew squeaked, his eyes barely meeting Black's. "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named teached him tricks!"

"Tricks?" Black spat. "Voldemort teaching me tricks?" Pettigrew flinched as he pronounced His name. "Oh please, afraid to hear your master's name? Well, I can't really blame you… His lot aren't very happy with you, after all…"

"I—What—No! I have never—I would never!" Pettigrew stammered and Sirius snorted humourlessly.

"It's not from me you've been hiding Petter, it's from his followers! Double-crosser, they called you back in Azkaban. I heard things Pete, they all knew Voldemort went to the Potters on your information. But then, he got destroyed! And you suddenly disappeared. People where bound to ask questions and you and I both knows there's still a bunch of them out there, ready to strike… And if ever they got wind you were still alive… "

"No!" Peter squeaked. He turned to Lupin, his eyes pleading. "Remus, you can't—You know its all lies! That I would've never hurt anyone!"

"Well to be honest Peter, I'm starting to find all this quite fishy… Why would an innocent man want to spend 12 years hiding as a rat?" Remus asked.

"I was scared!" Peter cried out. "Scared that the supporters would find me! I had sent one of their best men in Azkaban! Sirius Black, the spy!"

"How—Dare—You" Black growled darkly. "How dare you insinuate I would ever hurt my friends! But you… Oh, I should've known right away that you were nothing but a spy, a rat! You liked it didn't you? Liked being with big friends, who'd watch over you!"

"Me?! Me, the spy? How can you—how could you—" Pettigrew scoffed, beads of sweat running down his temples.

"You were the secret keeper only because I asked James and Lily to!" Black snapped viciously. "It was my idea because i thought it'd be the safest for them and for my family! Who'd ever think James and Lily would go for Peter Pettigrew? For such a worthless, spineless coward? Must've been your proudest moment, to announce that you held their faith in your hands! To deliver them straight to Voldemort!"

Pettigrew could only squeak out unrecognisable words, wriggling his hands and sweating profusely.

"Um… Professor Lupin?" Hermione suddenly spoke up. "Can I just ask something?" Lupin nodded.

"Well if, um… Mr Pettigrew wanted to hurt Harry, how come he's done nothing yet? I mean, he has been sleeping in the same dormitory for three years now… And Alice was here too, this year…"

"YES! YES! EXACTLY!" Pettigrew cried out, "Thank you! You see now Remus? I couldn't have ever hurt anyone! I am not You-Know-Who's—"

"I'll tell you why you never did anything!" Sirius cut him off, " You never tried anything then because you never tried anything your whole life! You are a coward, too scared to do anything! And with Dumbledore so near, you couldn't either! But you were smart—well, slightly clever, you found yourself a cosy wizarding family, so that if anything happened, you'd hear about it! You know… In case your old pal Voldemort somehow came back to power and that you'd have a safe place to regain your human form!"

Again, Pettigrew couldn't say anything, only wriggle his hands.

"Um… Mr Black? Sirius?" Hermione said softly. Black's head whipped towards her, his eyes confused as if this was the first time ever someone refered to him so politely.

"If you don't mind me asking… If you weren't using dark magic… How did you do it? How did you escape?"

Peter's head snapped up.

"I… I don't know myself… I guess the only reason I didn't go mad was because I knew I was innocent… And that if I was innocent then, maybe… I don't know how, but maybe I'd be able to get Alice back… Thing is, it kept me sane because it wasn't a happy thought, I knew I was innocent but so far, no one believed me… And if I was ever able to contact Alice, I had no guaranty she'd believe me…" His eyes flickered to meet Alice's, who diverted her gaze way from his. He sighed.

"When it got too heavy, I would changed into a dog, so that the Dementors would leave me alone… You see, they cannot sense animal emotions, so they just thought I had emptied out… That's the thing with Azkaban, the Dementors only come to you if they can sense your emotions… Once you've gotten mad, they leave you alone with yourself… They let the madness eat you away… So I changed into a dog whenever I felt myself slipping… And one day, the Minister came to visit me, he has to visit everyone one of us once a year… To tell us about personal matters, money, family deaths and such… And he brought with him that day's Daily Prophet… And I saw him. I saw Peter on the front page, with the Weasley family in Egypt… And it said he'd go back to Hogwarts so I knew he'd be there… And it was what I needed to get me out of there. One night, as the guards opened my cell door to give me food, I slipped by them as a dog and headed to Hogwarts from there… I've been living in the Forest ever since I got here…"

He looked at Harry, who didn't break eye contact.

"Please, please believe me…" Black pleaded. "You've got to believe me, I swear I would have never hurt James and Lily, if I had known, none of this would have happened… I would have never hurt anyone…" And as he looked into the man's grey eyes, grey eyes that resembled Alice's so much, he believed him. Harry nodded.

"No!" Pettigrew threw himself Lupin. "Remus! You can't believe him! You can't! If he had been innocent this whole time, why wouldn't he have told you? Why didn't he tell you about the plan?"

"Because he had people to protect. He had a wife and a daughter. And if I am not mistaken, he must've thought I was the spy didn't you?" Lupin said, looking at Black.

"I did, and I'm sorry Remus, I truly am." Black said.

"And I apologize for believing you were the spy… I should've known there was more to this story…" Remus said.

"I forgive you, you couldn't know… I forgive you old friend… You took care of my daughter for me and as a friend and a father I couldn't be ever more grateful…" Black said, his eyes flicking back to Alice. "All I can ask for, all I can wish for is for you to understand… To forgive me…I love you so much, none of this was my wish…"

Alice swalloled hard. "I—"

"No!" Peter thrw himself at her, gripping her hands in his, "Don't believe him! Sweet girl, beautiful girl! So much like your mother! You can't trust him, he hurt people! He hurt me!" He waved his index-less hand in her face, "He hurt you!"

Alice looked visibly shaked has he pleaded her. She pulled her hands free abd slapped him accross the face, so hard he fell to the ground. Harry winced. God damn.

Black took a step towards her and put a hand on her arm but she recoiled at his touch.

"No! Stop this! Nobody touch me! I—" She backed away to the wall and slid to the floor, her arms around herself.

Sirius turned back to Pettigrew, who was still lying on the floor.

"You… You vile creature… You fucking monster, you did this, you did all of this!" He whipped out his wand, ready to strike, ready to kill.

"No!" Harry cried out, grabbing Black's wrist. "No one is dying tonight."

"Oh… Harry… Brave, kind, boy! Thank you!" Pettigrew cried out, kneeling before him.

"Get off me." Harry kicked him, ignoring the man's grunt of pain. "We are taking you to the castle, where you'll answer for you actions."

He looked at Sirius as Pettigrew curled up and began crying pitifully, "My father wouldn't have wanted his best friend to become a murderer.

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