To be in love with a wolf

"Seras you have to run or he'll get you its OK we'll be just fine please keep going". Called her mother before she died, young Seras ran until it felt like her feet were about to fall off , she found a little house she quickly ran to the door and beat on it before a young sliver haired boy opened the door. W-Who are you and w-what do you want, yelled the little boy looking about her age or maybe older form the almost opened door. She didn't answer him, she just pushed him aside and ran in the house and looked around.

H-HEY what are you doing in my house get out, NOW. yelled the boy but Seras was too busy looking at pictures she didn't feel him pull her toward the door until she felt the cold air from the rain hit the back of her head. Please don't kick me out or he'll kill me just like he killed my family, cried out a very sad Seras. H-huh what do u mean killed your family, asked the ten year old looking boy.

An hour had past Seras told Hans about who was going to get her and why he killed mother and father. I'll make sure he doesn't get to you and you can stay here my family died a long time ago so it's just me but it will be fine. When Hans's finished Seras looked sad at hearing he lived alone and his family died, well we can be like a family you know like s-sister and b-brother if you like. Said a very red Seras to a pink in the face Hans, OK I'm Hans Gunshe what's your name, asked Hans moving closer to her. I'm Seras Victoria nice to meet you Hans, said Seras as she laid down trying to get some sleep. Hans laid next to her and said, welcome to the family little Gunshe.


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