A lone tear rolled down a cold cheek, blood running down her temple.

"What kind of request was that?!" She screamed out loud, Shikamaru taking a moment to glance at her, visibly shaken as she heard an explosion from far off in the distance, then static. Just a high pitched white noise. There was dust picked up in the air by violent attacks, anger dwelled in the eyes of her allies, their patience ran thin.

"You must come with us, now!" Shikamaru yelled, patience worn thin from the attempts to simply cripple the enemy. That enemy, however, wasn't just a name in the bingo book. That is what made this mission so difficult.

"Damn it, Sasuke!"

Out of frustration, blond hair flung wildly as the teen lunged forward, making a hand sign, and uttered three words.

Without noticing it, Shikamaru's voice was too slow as a masked man stepped in front of their opponent, just in time to catch his teammate's justu.


A white flash consumed all of their eyes.

Gasping, the blond screamed.

"Ino?!" A loud bang caused a door to swing open. The blond gasped for better consciences as she looked at her surroundings. Her…room? Impossible, her room was blown up in the war. "Ino, dear?!" She looked forward, her breath caught in her throat.

"F-father…" She whispered, slowly putting her hand out to touch him. Confused, he took her shoulder.

"Ino, it's ok, it's just a bad dream. You slept in late." He smiled, and the blond jumped and wrapped herself around him as close as she could. The tears flowed freely now and caught off guard the man just patted her on the head.

"Y-you can't b-be," She cried. "Y-you…" Pushing him away, she shook her head. "N-no, this is w-wrong! Making me go through this…a-again…I can't do this again!" She screamed, covering her face with her hands and running out the door.

"Ino!" The voice was forgotten. She wiped her eyes and kept running, using her sixth sense to avoid passing people. She then paused, looking around.

"The v-village…" She whispered. Looking around, she realized that this was …the old village? Impossible, this can't be. The village was rebuilt around the crater that Naruto made. Not until a strange voice called her name did she realize exactly in the village she was.

"Yamanaka?" A calm and collected voice sighed, wrapping an arm around a female who happened to be passing by, giving her a rose to boot. "It doesn't look well to have a crying girl in front of me, you know."

The voice, half expecting to have the shy girl run away. A hand to a neck and a dent in the wall was not what he was expecting; he failed to even see it coming.

"Uchiha!" A voice hissed, short, dark, and violent.

"Hey, get off! You're stretching the collar!" Blinking, the blond looked the boy over, dropping him. "Yamanka's shy act snapped!" He growled to any person who would listen, dusting himself off.

"Why are you- how are you- what the hell is going on here?!" She growled to him, getting frustrated with her hair and putting it in a high ponytail with a headband she had on her wrist. Taking a moment to sigh and take a deep breath, she looked around.

"The Uchiha compound?" She whispered, just loud enough for an Uchiha to here.

"Duh, this is where I live, Blondie!" Getting tired by whoever the hell the person 'claiming' to be Sasuke is; she took a minute to straighten herself out, something that she really needed.

"I don't know what going on, but I am sure that you are the least of my problems." She hissed, crossing her arms as Sasuke was lifting her chin up.

"Are you ok, Yamanaka, you have a fever or something?" Without her consent, he leaned over and put the back of his hand on her forehead. Taken aback from the action, all the blond could do was blink. "No wonder why you're not your normal self, you have a huge fever!" He smirked, and the blond was really stopping herself from smacking her head against the wall in disbelief. "Also, you should put your hair up more often, it suits you better." He winked, and unlike what she dreamed of as a child, thus made a sour face at the boy.

"Aw, gross!" She gagged out loud, and the raven eyed Uchiha blinked.

"Alright, you are seriously ill. I'm taking to okka-san!" He didn't give a blond a choice, linking their arms and dragging her.

"Uchiha." The name felt ill on her tongue as her she dug her feet into the ground. A shadowed look followed her expression as she forcefully pulled her arm out of his grip. "I would appreciate it if you don't touch me. Please."

"After all, we don't know what you carry." A third voice stated in a sarcastic manner, she turned her head, truly in shock at who she saw.

"Itachi." She stated, breathless. Blinking, she took note that he was nothing like the bingo book made him out to be, but why is he here? That man who killed him is standing right in front of her!

"Whoa, why does he get his first name?!" The younger boy snapped, in what the blonde assumed was a pout.

"Can't you tell, whoring around made the smarter girls loose respect for you." The girl couldn't help but shrug her shoulders, agreeing. From what she had seen, she didn't like.

"Oh what ever!" He grumbled, scrunching his nose in annoyance. "You think you can pass judgment on me, lazy ass? You're too lazy to even pursue a girl!" He smirked as the other one scratched his head and shrugged his shoulders.

"You sure talk a lot." The blond bluntly stated, not even sorry or flinching, the girl kept her composure as the very un-Itachi like Itachi laughed.

"What the hell? I miss the annoying shy blond better, which I was going to help you with your fever!" He crossed his arms and leaned against a pillar in front of his house. Noticing a slight flinch on the older male's arm she glanced at the lazy posture.

"You're hurt." She stated, and both Uchiha's looked at her, confused. The playboy took a moment, and then noticed as the blond yanked his brother's arm out, noticing a faint scar.

"That thing? Oh please! It's almost gone." The younger boy smirked, however she ignored him and better examined the boys arm.

"The weapon, a senbon, was poisoned and hit a tendon, correct?" The blond sighed, noticing that she didn't have a medical bag on her, just purple pants, a t-shirt and ninja sandals she happened to slip on. A shocked look planted it selves on the sharingan users face's.

"Yes, however, that was over a month ago." He smoothly stated. "Why would you bring it up?"

"There is a part of the tendon that was stretched by the…rough…removal of the needle. It seems that you weren't properly treated."

"I had all of the poison removed." It seems like he was defending himself at this point. The blond sighed, using her chakra to mend the tendons with a calm look on her face.

The second that she put her slim, cool fingers gently on his upper arm, he felt a strange tingle go down his spine. Mind you, he had been treated many, many times for injury. However, this tingle was foreign to him. It was like his muscles tensed and a strange heat filled his cheeks ever so slightly. Her chakra felt so…clean. It was cool and somehow sweet, chakra of an innocent. It was unlike anything he was used to, and was strangely calmed by it. Looking at the blonde, it's as if she isn't the same girl as she was forced to work with because of Inoichi, and she looked at him as if she had never seen her in his life. Like, actually looked at him…it's almost as if…

"Alright, now try." She commanded him as she finished up. He blinked, lifted his arm.

"It feels…amazing." He stated in shock, moving his arm as freely as he wished. "Haven't been able to move it like this for a while."

"Wait a minute!" The playboy snapped. "When where you a medical ninja?" A blank looked consumed the blonde.

"I trained for four years under one of the best medical ninjas." She stated, thinking that it should be obvious to them.

"Oh really?" Itachi questioned. "Who?"

"Tsunade, obviously." She stated, putting a hand on her hip.

"The only Tsunade that I know has not been had a student for ten years." Itachi stated, a confused look beginning to break his ever long expression.

Blinking, the blond looked on the monument of the Hokage.

'She is still there'

"So you're calling me a liar?" She smirked, a smirk that was foreign to all Uchihas: and inferior smirk. The brothers blinked at the blond in front of them. "You have a training ground here, correct?"

"Yes, are you challenging us?" Sasuke snorted and crossed his arms.

"Oh no, I'm simply going to prove my training." She flipped her hair over her shoulder and began to walk to an empty field that was in sight, about a mile off just out of the village.

"She's lost it, Lines." The younger one scratched his head, half expecting a kunai to come his way for the comment. Not receiving a glare, kunai, or even a smart comment, the spike haired boy glanced at his brother. Shocked to see that his lazy brother was still looking at the figure walking in front of them.

"Perhaps she had gained something, rather." He corrected, not taking his eyes off of the blond. "She seems like a different person." He found himself grinning. The onyx eyed boy blinked, then began to laugh.

"Oh man, don't tell me…"He whispered with a smirk.

"Tell you what? I'm too lazy to pursue a girl, remember?" He mimicked his brother's words. "Besides, if I got a girlfriend it would interrupt my little brother time."The Jounin grinned, taking his arm and wrapping it around his brother's shoulders.

"You two know I can hear ever word you say, right?" She sighed, and the brothers froze. "If you think I'm that easy to win over, you are the one who is mental." She sighed.

"As much as I would like to see how you train, I must get back to the village."Itachi sighed, slouching his shoulders.

"You're leaving me here with this head case?!" The Sharingan user whined, just to sense an evil presence from the blond.

"I am not contagious you know."With this the older brother turned to a puff of smoke, leaving him to fend for himself.

"Look, I really didn't want to train, I just want some answers."She sighed, rubbing her temple. "I just want…" 'To go home…?'

Home, where her father is dead, Sasuke is dead; the village is destroyed, where her mother is missing, where her best friend betrayed her, her Sensei is dead? What kind of a home is that?

"Yo, Yamanaka, you okay?" She blinked, then realizing something.

"Behind you." She snapped, turning around and throwing a kunai that just barely slid past the pale boy's cheek.

"Nice, little blond." A voice said, as the delayed Uchiha just turned around.

"Uzumaki?!" He snapped, "why are you here?!"

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