It didn't take much for the trained nuke-ninja to catch up to the teen, considering the difference in physical stamina. The blonde felt a hand grab her wrist barely outside the block of the building that this all started in. The hand then turned to an arm around her shoulders and she was once again forced into his close proximity. She squirmed and planned to scream, but he had time to ask something first.

"Yamanaka, what are you planning to do?" The blonde froze. What was she planning to do? "Unless if u want to be thrown into a mental facility, that is."

"…I…" The heir sharply turned her head to the opposite side of his face, "don't know, and I don't care!" Her defiant attitude angered him at the least, and had caused the black haired Uzumaki to scowl.

"So you think that if you tell people that it will all be okay?!" He snapped, twirling the blonde to face him as he leaned her back against the wall.

"They have a right to know too!" The sentence silenced the older boy, and as strong aqua eyes locked sternly onto his, he looked away. "…They have a right to know that…their Ino Yamanaka…isn't here anymore…" It sounded strange on her tongue, the sound.

"…come with me, then."

The dark voice caused the heir to blink, confusion clear in her eyes.


The somewhat older teen sighed; as if unbelieving that he had mentioned it. Seemingly regretting his previous statement, he quickly backed off as if she where venom. "Forget that."

"Where are you planning to go?" Too late, the blonde already had her mind set on those three words. The Uzumaki inwardly groaned. "Uzumaki, answer me." Her voice was indifferent and demanding, considering the fact that the girl was the one being held in this situation.

"Yes, where are you planning on going?" A voice remained calm, and shocked both of the teens; One more considerably than the other.

"You know, for an established Jounin, you sure have a lot of time to kill."

"You know, for a son of an established Jounin, you sure have gotten sloppy with your time." The girl felt the heavy aura and took advantage, slipping out of his space and forging her own in the dark alley. "You think that not hiding your chakra for the slightest moment won't lead me to you?" This caused the blonde to look for a minute at her savior, quickly gasping at who she saw.

"N-Namikaze?!" She gasped under her breath. While she grasped as to why he would be here, she still couldn't grasp the fact that he was here, right in front of her, living, breathing!

"Yamanka, I suggest you keep your awe-struck moment to yourself, he is quiet used to seeing the old you." The black haired boy grimily murmured, causing the girl to shake her head.

"Ino, I suggest that you leave me to him." The older blonde man said quietly, dismissing her for her own sake. Upon hearing the words, the girl was seemingly going to protest. "I wasn't really a suggestion." He finished calmly. "Leave me with my son, please."

Without another word, the girl just slowly nodded, and as soon as she had turned, a flash of yellow consumed the corner of her eyes. She blinked and snapped around, just to see an empty alley with the dust picked up.

'The yellow flash…'

"That's so cool!" She squealed under her breath, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. She coughed out her excitement when she had noticed people looking at her.

"What's so cool about being fast anyway?" Noticing the defiant voice, the blue eyed beauty scoffed.

"Well, not that you would know Sasuke, but only everything, of course!" The excitement wasn't sustained, and the flower-master turned to the stubborn boy."

"Whatever, you see it one you see it a million times."

"You see it a million times you see it once, I think you mean. After all, the purpose of it all is to not see is, right?" She had a thoughtful look on her face. "I'm sure he passes us every day, but we just never see him. Isn't that such a cool thing?"

"More like scary, if you ask me." He smirked, taking advantage of her child-like persona she had unintentionally put on. "He could be in your bedroom while you're getting dressed, and you don't even see him." Completely shattering the girls' look of amazement, a child-like pout was put in its place.

"I doubt it. He seems like he had much more dignity than that, don't you think? Plus, his son is our age, so."

"Once again Ino, I catch you defending another man I love." The happy voice chimed in the girl's ear as she turned.

"Ah, Kushina-san!" The teen bowed respectively, looking at the red headed woman.

"As for you, Sasuke, why your mind would go for such things is beyond me." The woman was familiar enough to scold the Uchiha without hesitation, the girl noticed. "I think that I'll just go and tell your mother, don't you think?"

"Ah, that won't be necessary!" The onyx boy tensed, causing the blonde girl to laugh. The boy glared, causing the blonde to laugh even more.

"So, Ino, I heard that you had found our son, again that is." The red-headed woman smiled, and this caused the blonde to blink and shake her head.

"Ah…well, that isn't exactly true…"'As a matter of fact, he found us both times.' "It seems that he keeps appearing." She admitted, and the Uchiha nodded in agreement, he didn't remember much but he had realized that she was as just as shocked to see him as she was.

"Ah, the red strings of fate then." The choice of words caused the mother to have a hazy look in her eyes as she looked in the sky. The two younger ninja blinked.

"Excuse me, Kushina-san, the red strings of fate?" With a curious tone, she was snapped out of her daydream.

"One day, you will understand it." She laughed at the confused looks. "One day, when you are Menma meet again, it will click." Frowning, the teens where left scratching their heads. Under her breath, she couldn't help but smirk. "Better be one day soon, because I want a grandchild."

"Excuse me?" The blonde asked again, this time recognized.

"So, Ino, what is it like, passing the Interrogation waiver?" This caused the girl to stop mid blink.

"Wait, what?"

"Oh my, Ibiki still hasn't told you? Oh, my, I'm afraid that I ruined his surprise!" Though she did not seem regretful, the older woman laughed nervously and scratched her head. "I get a bit talkative when I'm happy, and since Menma has been back, I couldn't control myself on much of anything!"

"I…passed…" She whispered to herself. "That means that I am even higher rank than I was." She began mumbling in such manors, before abruptly bowing.

"I have to go talk to Ibiki! Kushina-san, thank you for telling me!"

"Ah, you're welcome…" Before she could finish her sentence, the blonde was already running.

"She's insane." The onyx boy sighed, rubbing his head and closing his eyes. The red-head laughed, before blinking.

"Is it just me, or is she faster than my husband when she's excited?"

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