Carnage: Ch. 1

This story will be told from Fujino's point of view until the very last chapter, as my stories tend to flow better when they do.

I rose from the bed, slumping to the side as an effect of yet another night of heavy sleep. Already, I had a pounding headache, dreading the oncoming school day. "Fuji-san, get up!" I heard my mother say, I hated how chipper she was in the mornings. How could anybody have that much energy when they just came out of a hypersleep like mine?

My bedroom door flew open, my mother armed with a stack of clothes and pop music. "It's a very special day today!" "The end of my school career FOREVER?" I hoped aloud, a smile on my face. "No, your father's coming home! Get up so you can go to school and come back and celebrate!"

My father was a travel writer, constantly on call to visit various locations and do what he does best. Recently, he visited southern Argentina to sample their exotic cuisine and learn a few things about their culture.

My mother threw the clothes on the bed and kept the music going, much to my chagrin. She shoved me in the bathroom and forced a toothbrush into my hand. "Hurry!" She urged. Lazily brushing my teeth, I mentally counted the ways I could get out of my classes.

Fall down some stairs and get out of history, get hit in the face during gym, burn myself on a hot plate to escape science... The possibilities were indeed endless.

I slipped into my clothes, half-tired. My school had a standard uniform, incorporating the school colors into it. Our colors were red and blue, with the blue being for the cape of the sailor top and skirt and red for the tie. A cute red bow sat on the outer sides of my stockings, just as a flourish.

Mother was already holding up my backpack by the door, slipping my arms through the straps as I exited the door. "Bye, mama." I spoke tiredly, slowly cruising out of the door, embarking on the walk to school.

My mind was full of nonsense and unsorted extras. I could never get my mind clear early in the mornings. "Ohaiyo, Fuji-san!" I glanced toward the source of the voice. "Morning, Ayame-chan." I managed through a yawn. She stated at me with her big blue eyes. "I cannot take anymore of these students! They're terrible! I wanna go to bed!"

"Shame what they've said about you, those kids." "Like what? They've been pretty quiet, lately." "Haruko and Chikai called you a yuri freak and said you were a uh... What is it? Guro-chan user! That's what it was!" Ayame's sweet, but she's dumber than the mass of the earth. Sometimes, she just doesn't get that she shouldn't repeat every little thing she hears.

I exhaled deeply, as if I were trying to make myself blow away.