Summary: From the background of I Wish You Would Look at Me comes a series of drabbles on the scenes you wished you got to see. Unseen scenes of the interaction between Sasuke, Hinata, Team 7 and other people in the story will be revealed! Requests for drabble scenes welcome.

OAN: So, I never expected people to like I Wish You Would Look at Me as much as they did! The story is coming to a close, but I wanted to keep a part of it alive, so I decided to do a drabble series. I will take requests for the scenes you wished you had been able to read. That said, here are the first few!

Drabble 1: First Glances – A Flash of White

When the wind rushes through your hair

It feels like freedom

When you roll with the punches and fly

It is redemption

Sasuke sang the song without much conviction or emotion. He just wasn't feeling it. How could he, when Team 7's fan base was dwindling away? It was all his fault. Ever since he'd been put as lead singer over Kakashi, the fans had been slowly leaving. It stood to reason he would wreck this too. He'd wrecked his family, hadn't he? It was hard to sing about freedom and redemption when he was caged by his fear and his pain… locked in his own little world.

He stared out over the sea of black-clothed fans. It was depressing… like his own visit to a funeral every time he came on stage. He felt to put up his microphone and try something else. If only there was something to look forward to each day. He bowed his head over the microphone, his eyes sliding shut as he feigned emotion he didn't… couldn't feel. He opened his eyes again, looking back over the crowd as he sang, and it was then that he saw her.

She was like a pearl amongst a sea of stones. One star in the entire black sky. A patch of light in the blanket of darkness. She was that one fan dressed completely in white. She was beautiful, and she was somehow just what Sasuke needed. She was like an angel. Her wide eyes, he could see them from the stage, were a pale grey, and her hair a dark blue curtain that stopped at her waist. The only splash of colour was the bright red bow on her head.

Sasuke was captivated. She was an angel in the midst of all the black before him, calling his attention. If only he could get her to look at him. He sang the words of the song earnestly, hoping she would look his way. For a moment, she was the only one there with him. For a moment, she was all he saw, and then the song was over, and Naruto was pulling him away. Pulling him away and he was struggling to stay, struggling to see her for just a moment longer. He looked away for one second. For one second, he looked away, and when he looked back, she was gone. He needed to see her again. He needed her to see him.

Drabble 2: Airborne Argument

Fugaku shifted in the plane seat and sent a quick glance to his wife, Mikoto, who occupied the seat next to him. She looked like adrenaline was rushing through her system. She looked like she was moments away from freedom, and she was, in a way. Fugaku just wished it didn't have to be this way.

"Mikoto, are you sure? Are you sure you want to do this? What about Sasuk-"

"Shh!" Mikoto whispered harshly. "I have to do this, okay? I have to!"

"But Mikoto, he is only seven!" Fugaku whispered back, just as harshly, glancing around nervously to check and see if anyone overheard them. Mikoto's eyes were flashing.

"Feel free to stay, Fugaku, just know that I am going. They held that position for me for seven years. I was supposed to be there seven years ago. I have lost seven year's time of research! Do you know how much time has been wasted? How far ahead in medical discovery I could have been? I could have been seven years closer to a breakthrough!" Mikoto hissed, her eyes narrowed. This was the side of his wife that had attracted him in the first place, and Fugaku was hard-pressed not to just agree with her.

"Mikoto, we should at least make some sort of arrangements…" Fugaku pressed.

"And let other people know we are leaving? They'll only try to make us stay. The Amegakure Hospital of Medical Research and Development told me I have to get there by Wednesday, which is the day after tomorrow, or they will cancel my invitation. I have to do this," Mikoto returned.

"But Mikoto, he is our son," Fugaku continued, picturing his son's wide, sad obsidian eyes staring up at him. He shuddered.

"Choose, Itachi. Just choose. Me, or him?" Mikoto said softly, resting a hand on his arm. She already knew the answer he would have.

"You, Mikoto, I choose you," Fugaku returned softly, a small smile on his lips. The guilt of leaving Sasuke behind would kill him, but he wanted to die next to Mikoto. It was his fault that Sasuke had even been born. He's been the one that begged her not to abort. He was the one. If not for him, they would not be leaving their seven year old child behind. He shouldn't blame Mikoto… it was his fault, and it always would be.

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