Drabble 5: The Shadow

Sasuke would not cry. There was no two ways about it. He was a big boy now. He was seven. He was lonely, but Otou-san and Okaa-san were not coming back, and Itachi-kun was gone to fight people since he was a really cool soldier. He could do this.
Sasuke fought the sting of tears in his dark eyes and pulled his lower lip between his teeth. He was hungry, and there was no more food in the house. It was finished yesterday. Sasuke looked outside. It was getting dark.

His stomach growled. He should go and try and get something, but he didn't really remember the way to the supermarket, and he didn't know where Okaa-san kept the money. He eyed the darkening streets with trepidation. He didn't want to go out in the dark. What if someone tried to take him away? Then again, there wasn't really much to take him away from, since he was all alone now. He swiped at his eyes with the back of his hand, angrily trying to get rid of the tears. 'Tachi-kun would be disappointed if he saw.

He hated nights the most. The shadows always seemed to move a little too much to be just shadows, and the big house made strange sounds now that it was empty except for him. As if to punctuate his thoughts, a suspicious sounding creak from upstairs made Sasuke shrink against the hall walls. What was that?

Sasuke's breathing and heartbeat accelerated as his dark eyes widened in fear. He reached for an umbrella, clutching the item to his frail chest with equally frail hands. He bit back a cry for his big brother… 'Tachi-kun wasn't here. It didn't make sense to call for him… but that didn't make the urge to scream for his protector any less urgent.

His curiosity won out as he stared fearfully at the stairs. He needed to go up there, if only to show himself that he shouldn't be scared of the creaks in the silence. He took the stairs one at a time, and very slowly, the umbrella clutched to his chest.

'It's nothing, Sasuke idiot… just more shadows,' he told his seven year-old self as he got to the top of the stairs. Just shadows. Another creak sounded, but when Sasuke looked in that direction, his worst fears at that point were fulfilled.






Drabble 6: Stop Calling Me

Left behind the curtains of their eyes
No one sees the people like us
Made to rhyme to our own reason
We sink into the pits of our despair...

Sasuke stumbled around the room, searching for his phone... which was ringing to a Team 7 The Unwanted album song.

A song! A song for the Unwanted ones
This is for the people like me
I know that you feel like you can hardly breathe
That you can end it all 'cuz no one sees anyway

"Sasuke, pick up your damn phone," Sakura groused from the other corner of the room, where Itachi was staring her down. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"I'm looking for it," he said simply, scooping his phone from under one of Naruto's shirts. "Hello?" he answered without bothering to check the caller ID.

"So, how are you these days?" Naruto. What the heck? The blonde was sitting with Kakashi a couple feet away, talking cheerfully to Sasuke over the phone. Sasuke's left eye twitched and he hung up.

"Naruto, you idiot..." he muttered, sliding his phone into his pocket and going back to sit down where he had left his lyrics book and pen. He had a couple more songs to get written out with the music etc to give to Tsunade to publish for the fans who wanted to play their songs. Sasuke sat back down, plugged his earphones into his phone and began listening to some songs of other artistes, like Not February by The Sound.

It's not even Valentine's Day

Yet here I am

Left behind the curtains of their eyes
No one sees the people like us

Sasuke scowled as his phone began vibrating and Take a Breath began playing, interrupting the The Sound song... which he was planning to sing to Hinata soon by the way...

He checked the caller ID, and saw 'Uzumaki Naruto' as well as a grinning picture of Naruto emblazoned on the screen. The Uchiha deadpanned.

"You do know I can see your name on the caller ID, right?" he said, hating that a grin was tugging at the corners of his lips. Naruto scoffed.

"Whaaat? Naw... In any case, for all we know there could be ten... fifteen... a hundred other Uzumaki Narutos in the world," the blonde replied, laughing. "It's probably not even me."

"I saw you talking when I answered the last time..." Sasuke returned, sticking his pen between his lips as he ran his fingers through his hair. Across the room, Sakura looked over their way, only to have Itachi grab her chin and turn her face back in his direction. Sasuke grinned... his brother was so taken with the drummer... who he knew was capable of giving the older Uchiha male a run for his money …. which he happened to have a lot of.

"Me? Talking to you?" Naruto waved a limp hand in the air.

"Total coincidence," Kakashi and Naruto said simultaneously. Sasuke didn't trust them, what with Kakashi giving his happy eye and Naruto struggling not to laugh... but at the same time, a small kernel of doubt was planted within him. He shook his head, plugged his earphones back in, and continued writing.

Left behind the curtains of their eyes
No one sees the people like us

Sasuke deadpanned. What the hell? Again? This time, there was 'Unknown Number' displayed on his screen. He answered.

"The last time I called, you didn't answer my que-" Sasuke hung up on Naruto, who burst out laughing.

"Naruto, dobe! If you call me one more time, I swear..." Sasuke threatened openly, not wanting to tie himself down to any particular method of punishment. The blonde gave him a convincing expression of innocence.

"Did you see my number come up on the screen? I don't think that was me," he went on, smiling. Sasuke scowled.

"I can identify your voice by now, Naruto," Sasuke said, blinking in a rather Aoi-like manner at Naruto.

"Can you really?" Naruto asked.

Left behind the curtains of their eyes...

Sasuke flung his pen, notebook and the lamp that was next to him in Naruto's direction.


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