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It wasn't supposed to be like this. They had promised him, promised to accept him, to protect him. Lies. It was all lies. There was nothing left for him. As soon as they knew, knew what he had kept hidden, only Jazz was left in their eyes. Only Jazz mattered. Danny, however, never existed.

In retrospect, Danny felt that he should have known this would happen. Hadn't this been the exact thing that he had warned Sam and Tucker about. His parent's were GHOST HUNTERS for pete's sake! It wasn't right, but it should have been expected.

"I'm so sorry," Jazz cried. "I never thought, never even dreamed, that they wouldn't accept you. Oh Danny, I'm so sorry."

Danny looked at his sister. He knew that she wasn't at fault, wasn't the one to blame. It was Jack and Maddie's fault. He only wished that it had never come to this. That they still loved him.

Danny wished that he wasn't strapped down to a lab table, beaten and bruise from the hands and weapon's of his own parents, and that he hadn't been here for over a month. Nobody knew beside's the family that Danny was still here, not even Sam and Tucker, or even Vlad. They all assumed that he was dead, and Jazz hadn't been able to tell them otherwise.

The clicking of the chains being undone drew Danny from his thoughts. "J-Jazz?" Danny mentally winced at his hoarce voice. Surely there was a mistake? What was she doing?

"Go on Danny," his elder sister whispered. "Run, get out of here! You need to escape. Promise me you won't even come back. Promise me."

"Promise." Danny whispered. There was nothing to come back to, so why would he? If he ever wanted to see his sister, all he had to do was visit her in Yale, where she had been accepted and would start school this term.

Danny drew on his remaining energy and raised off the ground, before turning intangible and flying out of the prison that was once his basement. In his room, he gathered clothes, weapons that he might need, and personal items that he refused to leave behind, including his laptop containing all his information on ghost's and what not.

For a second, Danny thought about calling Vlad, but dismissed the idea as the man would not take the situation well, and neither would Tucker or Sam. No, it was best if they all believed him dead, like they did already. Danny looked at the pamplet in his hands. Jazz had given it to him when he wasn't looking before he flew off. There was a picture of a city on the front. Jump City.

Mind made up, Danny turned intangable and invisible before flying off into the morning daylight.

Danny flew for what felt like days, but he knew that it had only been hours. It had taken a lot of skill, but he had managed to hide out on a bus that was going out of the city. Now he had only a few hours left to fly before he reached Jump City. Hopefully, there would be a place for him, a halfa freak of nature, in the kind looking city.

As he flew, Danny recalled the events that lead up to this, the moment his parents had discovered exactly who and what he was. The look of horror on their faces was still plastered into his mind, as was the anger the quickly replaced it. Danny could even feel the small wound on his side, still not healed even though it usually would be, that had come from the ecto-blaster his mother was carrying.

The month had been filled with nothing but grief and pain as his parent's turned him into a living experiment. It was horrid, and even now, Danny could he himself pleading with them, begging them to see that it was really him under the white hair and green eyes.

The ghost boy was so lost in thought that he almost didn't realize that he had reached his destination. He was free. It was then, over the lake not far from a small island, home to a group of five, that his powers shorted and he fell, letting the bliss of unconsciousness claim him.

It was odd, and unexpected. Robin didn't know what to think about the small boy that could be no older than them, that was currently passed out in the sick bay of Titan Tower. Beastboy had found the boy drowning in the lake surrounding their home. With pale skin, marred in scars and dark bruises, and midnight black hair, there seemed to be nothing special about the mystery boy. So why was he unconscious and beaten so badly?

The boy moaned, causing the gathered Titans to look at him in concern. Ice-blue eyes fluttered open, and they gasped. The blue eyes where hard and filled with nothing but pain.

"Where am I?" the boy's voice was rasped, and seemed to have been out of use for a long time.

"Titan Tower," Beastboy answered. "I brought you here after I found you drowning in the lake."

"I'm Robin," Robin began. "These are Cyborg, Beastboy, Starfire, and Raven. Who are you?"

"Danny," the blue eyed boy looked at the. "Just Danny."

"Hello friend Danny! How old are you, do you like the video of the games, and do you wish to be my friend?" Starfire rattled off.

"Umm." Danny looked stunned and uncertain. "I'm fifteen, yes, and why not?"

Starfire squealed in joy but thankfully restrained from attacking the fifteen year old.

"So what were you doing out in the lake looking so beat up?" Cyborg finally asked. "It took you two days to wake up!"

Danny gained a guarded look on his face.

"Why do you want to know?" His voice was still rasped, but it was sharp, and uncertain, almost as if he was afraid.

"Uh, duh?" BB groaned. "Because you came out of nowhere and there are no missing person cases that resemble you at all?"

Danny cocked his head. "Why do you care?"

Raven frowned, and it seemed as if it unsettled that the boy was acting this way. "Because it is our job to care."

"Fine." Blue eyes flashed dangerously. "I ran away."

"Why?" Of course, BB was the one to ask this question. "And is that...oh."

Danny looked at him. "Yeah, oh."

"Does anyone else feel like they are missing something?" Cy asked, uncertain.

"You ran away because your family was the one to hurt you?" Raven asked, clearing up Cy's question.

Danny had closed off again, and they all knew that they weren't going to get anything else out of him.

Cy sighed, resigned, "Get some rest. We'll continue this later."

Robin watched as Danny closed his eyes and fell asleep. He had a bad feeling about this, but for now, they all needed rest.

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