It has been a month since they gained Cujo as a pet, and quite a bit had happened. Terra had rejoined the team, and after two weeks betrayed them. The day after, they had met Larry. A week later, Danny had gained Ice powers, after a plant ghost, Undergrowth, attacked. Now, a full month later, and they have to deal with Terra.

Episode: Aftermath: part one

Part: new, Danny vs. Terra

After: Terra vs. Robin

Danny's POV

I had turned ghost as soon as I felt an earthquake, it turned out to be Terra…

and I was the only Titan left.

Our fight was short, and I stood no chance. I ended up having no choice but to use the Ghostly Wail, but Terra had survived and opened a crack in the Earth, and I fell in.

"No more chances."

"No more hope."

"Terra must be defeated."

"By any cost

Episode: Aftermath part 2

Part: Titans vs Terra, round 2


After leaving the underground, the titans soon found Terra, and attacked. Terra stood little chance, and soon she ran away.

Part: Terra and the Volcano

"Wait, Terra! Let me help!" Danny cried out, flying so he could help Terra, and together they stopped the volcano, but both meta-humans fainted out of exhaustion, a sheild made by rocks and ectoplasm protecting them.

Soon, the titans found Danny and Terra, and rushed them to Titans Tower, after noticing Ice surrounding the volcano, reinforced by the Earth.

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