Come In From the Cold

Chapter 1

Pairing: Jane/Maura
Rating: M
Disclaimer: Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles do not belong to me.

A/N: This story will mostly be about smut and finding reasons for Jane and Maura to get into bed with each other. They are not an established couple as this story begins and won't be anytime soon. This first chapter sets the stage for the rest of the story. This story builds off of all of the sexual tension from all of the episodes. Events from episodes may appear in chapters but will not play a major role in the plot.

It was Saturday night. Maura asked Jane to accompany her to a new club and after initially saying no, Jane let herself be talked into going. When they arrived they stood at the bar and talked for a while, Jane drinking beer and Maura wine.

When they were on their second round of drinks a woman approached Maura and introduced herself. "My husband and I were admiring you," she then said and pointed across the room to a man who gave a small wave. "Can we buy you a drink? We would really like to hang out with you tonight and maybe we could all get to know each other better."

Maura had turned in her seat toward the woman, but before she could say anything in response, Maura felt an arm slide around her waist and a body press against her back. She heard Jane's voice close to her ear say, "Sorry, but she's not available."

"I'm sorry," the woman said, looking back and forth between Jane and Maura. "I didn't realize you two were together."

Jane reacted defensively. "We're sitting here together, talking to each other. Why wouldn't you think we could be together?"

The woman looked Jane up and down and added, "Perhaps if you were both interested-"

"We're not," Jane interjected before the woman could complete her thought.

After the woman walked away, Maura turned around to face Jane. "What was that?" she asked a little sharply.

"What?" Jane replied, a little taken aback by Maura's tone. "I was just helping you get rid of her. You know what she was proposing right?"

"Yes and what if I had been interested in her proposition?" Maura asked.

Jane looked at her even more confused. "Do you want to have a threesome with a random couple?"

Maura looked thoughtful for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know. But it might be nice to at least leave the option open. They were attractive. And it's been awhile since I've had sexual intercourse," she added somewhat sheepishly.

Jane hadn't removed her hand from Maura's waist and she squeezed it lightly, even while grimacing at Maura's phrasing. "Oh. Well, I guess it's been awhile for me too. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna up hook with the first random person who asks. And I don't think you have to settle for anyone that just happens to come along."

Maura smiled half-heartedly and turned back towards the bar to sip her wine, which moved her closer into Jane who was now standing and leaning against the bar next to her. She was well aware that Jane's hand stayed resting on her lower back, the warmth from her hand radiating throughout the skin beneath the thin fabric of her shirt. And she was well aware that Jane hadn't done anything to decrease the distance between their bodies as she drank her beer.

Jane was studying Maura intently and after a long period of silence she said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have interfered. If you want to go hang out with those people or whatever, you should."

Maura shook her head. "I don't want to do anything with them."


"No. It is nice to feel desired sometimes though. If I had pursued a conversation with them that would have been the reason why. To feel attractive and desired, even if it went no further than conversation."

"Maura, you could get anyone you wanted," Jane said seriously.

"Anyone?" Maura asked, eyebrows raised.

"Yeah," Jane said softly.

When she finished her wine, Maura turned back to Jane and said, "Dance with me?" in a flirtatious tone and with a look that she knew Jane would have trouble refusing.

As Maura expected, Jane sighed but said, "Okay," and allowed Maura to pull her to the dance floor.

Within moments Maura was dancing as close to Jane as possible without actually pressing against her, purposely brushing her hands, arms, and hips against Jane's body. After a few songs she put a hand on Jane's shoulder and once she was sure Jane wasn't moving away, wrapped both hands around Jane's neck and pressed the front of her body against her.

Jane wrapped her arms around Maura's waist, but put her mouth to Maura's ear and said, "What are you doing?"

"I was thinking," Maura said as quietly as could and still be heard, "that we could help each other out. We both have the same need. What if tonight I wanted you?"

Jane took a moment to respond. "I, um...what if it makes things weird between us later?"

Maura was encouraged that Jane hadn't outright rejected the idea. "I don't want to go home with just anyone tonight, but I do want to go home with you." Maura leaned back to look into Jane's eyes. "It doesn't have to mean anything more than that. Your physical reaction to me right now suggests that at the very least I would be what you need for tonight too."

Jane didn't respond verbally. She was looking at a spot over Maura's shoulder with a pensive expression on her face. Maura tilted her head up towards Jane's face. Their lips were nearly touching but Maura didn't make any further move. Instead she said, "You can kiss me if you want to."

Jane closed the small distance remaining between them, closed her eyes, and pressed her lips against Maura's. Maura's lips were parted slightly and she responded to the kiss, pressing back against Jane and then sucking on Jane's lower lip as she pulled away.

After a moment Jane opened her eyes and said, "Are you ready to get out of here?"

Maura nodded, took hold of one of Jane's hands, and the navigated their way to the club's exit. She hailed a cab and gave Jane's address. In the cab she stayed close to Jane, keeping her body pressed against Jane's side. She didn't let go of Jane's hand even when they were safely inside her apartment.

Not wanting to interrupt their positive momentum, she pulled Jane into the bedroom, where she slid onto her back on the bed and pulled Jane on top of her. Jane nearly stumbled as Maura pulled her down onto the bed, but she caught herself and propped herself up above Maura.

Jane ran the back of her hand down Maura's side, grazing the side of her breast and then down to her waist. She watched Maura's eyes flutter close as a soft whimper escaped her mouth. Jane leaned down to kiss Maura again, this time slipping her tongue between Maura's parted lips.

Maura responded eagerly to the kiss. Seeking more contact, she rolled her hips upwards but her form fitting dress restricted her movement. When their lips broke apart Maura said, "Take your clothes off."

They retreated to opposite sides of the bed to undress. Jane finished first and then pulled back the covers to get into bed. Laying on her side she watched Maura finish taking her clothes off and held up the sheet to let Maura slide in next to her and then pulled the covers around both of them.

They looked at each other shyly, both of them a little unsure now that they had gotten so far. Maura bit her bottom lip as she waited for a sign from Jane that she wanted to proceed. Jane looked into Maura's eyes and then down to her lips. Then she leaned forward for another kiss, bring her body against Maura's.

A moan escaped Jane's lips as Maura's leg slid between both of hers. And then Maura's hands were on her body, sliding over bare shoulders and downwards until Jane's breasts were pressed into her palms. Jane arched into Maura's touch and moaned louder when Maura pinched Jane's nipples.

Maura's hands continued lower across Jane's abdomen and then around to her ass as she rolled over onto her back and pulled Jane back on top of her. Jane pressed her hips down, rubbing her center against Maura's leg, and Maura could feel Jane's arousal.

Maura put her hands on either side of Jane's face, pulling her into another kiss and then whispering against Jane's lips, "I want to touch you. Can I touch you?"

Jane nodded.

Maura trailed her hands slowly down Jane's body once again, her left hand finding Jane's breast again and the other fitting between Jane's legs.

"Oh fuck," Jane hissed at the contact. They both moaned as Maura's fingers slid through wetness.

Jane sloppily kissed Maura and between kisses said, "This is...fuck... this was a good idea. Can you...inside me."

Maura's hand slid lower and she pushed inside Jane. She moved her other hand over Jane's bicep and her mouth to Jane's ear and said, "You have an amazing body." She kissed down Jane's neck as her fingers pumped inside of her.

"Oh, fuck," Jane moaned as her body tightened. "Fuck...fuck." Unable to hold herself up any longer, Jane dropped her body weight onto to Maura and breathed heavily into Maura's shoulder as Maura traced gentle circles on her back. Once she recovered some, Jane turned her head and pressed a kiss on Maura's neck just below her ear. "What, um...what do you want?"

Maura's hands went down to Jane's ass and she pulled Jane tighter against her. She rolled her hips upwards, pressing herself against Jane's leg which was now wedged between her own legs. "Just stay like this."

"Are you sure?"

Maura was already grinding hard against Jane and moaning softly. "I just want to feel your body against mine. I won't last long."

Jane started responding to Maura with her own thrusts. Maura's head tilted back as she groaned with each thrust and her nails dug into Jane's ass. Jane moved a hand to one of Maura's breasts and pinched and pulled on an already hardened nipple. Maura responded by crying out and she squeezed Jane's leg between her thighs for a few more thrusts before stilling her movements.

Jane rolled off of Maura onto her back. Maura turned her head toward Jane who was staring at the ceiling. Despite the obvious pleasure they both just took from their evening, she felt the shyness and uncertainty between them return.

"You'll stay tonight, right?" Jane asked, her eyes still fixed on the ceiling.

"Of course," Maura replied.