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Woman, woman, and more woman.

"Just what the heck is going on here?" said Naruto to himself as he looked out across the village from the rooftops while having an illusion jutsu on him to avoid being seen.

About an hour ago he had been on his way to meet with Sakura at a restaurant for their date, when he had the feeling that he was being followed. He turned back and found no one, but kept his guard up. About a few more streets of walking, and he was sure someone was following him. Jumping back and attempting to get his stalker, all he found was Hinata walking down the ally. Thinking that his stalker was scared away by Hinata probably showing up nearby, Naruto got back on his way. Making a quick turn, he transformed into his female genjutsu form, and hoped that he would lose his stalker if they were still nearby. A good distance away, he found no one following him, but saw Hinata in the distance looking around the area where he had just been. Naruto guessed maybe she had been given a mission to find the old lady's cat again, so ignored any other distractions.

It was then at an instince that Naruto felt a great wave of energy go through everything around him, and then certain people were consumed in flashes of light. Or more rather, only every single male in the leaf village was consumed in light, and in their place were now females.

Confused, Naruto took a quick search around the village, and found that no males were around at all. Changing back to his regular appearance, Naruto began scouting the village trying to figure out what had happened, but to no luck.

"Attention all women of Konohagakure, the hokage has called an emergency meeting. Everyone is to gather in front of the Hokage tower no later than in half an hour," came a voice from the village's announcement system.

"Maybe the old lady has some answers," thought Naruto as he headed for the tower.

He arrived at near the tower but it was flooded with woman in front, and a part of him was saying to stay hidden, so he kept to one of the nearby roofs where no one would find him unless they were actually looking.

Tsunade appeared and started to give the news,

"As you are all aware all males in Konoha have disappeared for some reason, and in their places have appeared woman that were deceased before. We are not sure what caused this, but after numerous messenger hawks, it seems that this has happened to every ninja village around the world.

"What the heck, is she saying that I'm the only guy left on the planet?" Well no she didn't actually say that cause she didn't even know Naruto was there, but it was the only conclusion he could come to.

"You may also have learned that you will feel extremely horny for another unexplained reason. We are working to figure out a cause for all this, but in the meantime we must keep going forward. If we can figure anything out, we shall let you all know. For the meantime, enjoy your time with your reunited love ones, and satisfy yourselves from going nuts on lust."

Naruto was at a loss for words, this whole situation was like something out of a fantasy. He was the only male in a world full of females, females that were horny, and wanted release.

"Uh..no, I can't do that to Sakura. We've been dating for almost a year now," he told himself and then realized it. Sakura. He had to tell her he was still here. Looking over the edge of the roof he saw as the females all started to separate and head off into different directions. He finally saw two heads of pink hair and saw Sakura being escorted back to her home by her mother and Ino. Sakura looked like she had a few years in her face, but wiped them off, and then gave the gestures of someone who was reassuring someone else that they were fine. Naruto could see her clutching a necklace around her neck, a necklace that he had given her a few days ago for their one year anniverstiy.

He was about to jump off the roof to follow when a flash of red came out of nowhere and jumped him before he blacked out.

"Argh, where am I?" he said rubbing his head, and then looking around to see he was now in the master bedroom of the Namikaze compound, where he had moved into a few weeks ago after he had been given his Namikaze status back.

"Let me see your face mister," said a voice behind him.

Naruto turned to come face to face with a tall red-haired female looking down at him, and then a look of confusion came to her face.

"Mi…Minato?" she asked.

"Mom?" asked Naruto recognizing the woman from photo's he has seen.

"Wait, your Naruto, aren't you?" She asked shocked.

The time went by as mother and son were reunited, Kushina did a jutsu on him that allowed her to see all of his memories in an instant in her head so that they could save some time.

"Oh Naruto, I am so glad to see you after all this time," she said before kissing him deeply on the lips. Naruto who was shocked ended up letting her continue as she exchanged tongue with him and put more emotion into the kiss.

Kushina then realized what she had done and broke of the kiss.

"Oh, Im so sorry Naruto, its just…you look so much like Minato, and as you know all woman are experiaceing a horny desire right now, I just lost control…..," blurted out Kushina who was looking ashamed.

Naruto however surprised her by taking hold of her face and kissing her back, and their lips held together for a while 5 minutes before they separated.

"If your lust is getting the better of you, then let me help you mom," said Naruto.

Kushina couldn't take it anymore, she needed release and she was going to have to get it sooner or later, so why not sooner.

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Hinata Hyuuga was really upset with how her life was going.

First she finds out that her crush, HER Naruto, was dating Sakura Haruno.

Then she learns that they had been dating for over a year now. How could she not know that, she had paid good attention whenever she stalked…er..admired Naruto from a distance.

Then she managed to delay Haruno from arriving at a restaurant for a date with HER Naruto, by sabatoshing her medical equipment in her hospital office where she worked. She planned to show up to the date in a genjutsu of Sakura, act like a total bitch, and then leave. Then she would show up as herself just at the right time to comfort Naruto and make him hers. All she had to do was follow her Naruto the restaurant since she didn't know which one it was, and everything would be right with the world.

But then this whole sudden 'all males disappeared' event happened, and her Naruto being a male vanished while she was following him.

It wasn't fair, she had made sure that no other girl would get close to her Naruto if they ever showed interest, and yet somehow that Haruno girl had managed to take the place that belonged to her.

Now her Naruto was gone along with all the rest of the males.

If she had a chance to see him again, she would make sure no female but herself touched him but herself.

"Oh Naruto, wherever you are, I hope you are not in any pain," she said.

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Since I did it similar to Legend in the Making's fic, there are a lot of deceased females that can be included in the plot as well, such as:

-Ayame's mother

-Temari's mother

-many of the evil female ninja that died in canon

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