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A few days had gone by since the males all disappeared, and the village was slowly learning to deal with the situation. Kushina had made Naruto stay inside of the mansion all during this time as it was risky to have him wondering around since he was the only male left. He really wanted to go out and look around, especially to tell Sakura that he was still in the village, but Kushina forbid it. But to make up for it, Kushina made sure that they engaged in lots of mother son bonding through sex. Kushina said it was a great milestone for a boy his age to have sex with a lover in every place in the house. The bathroom, the kitchen, then library, the bedroom, the garden(with a privacy jutsu of course), the hallway, the dining room, and every other place they could find, even the walk in closet.

After so much sex, Kushina had gotten sore and said she was cutting him off for a day or so till she felt better which annoyed Naruto. He had taken a 4 hour nap after she said this since he thought he would give his cock a bit of time off as well, and now he was waking up and heading down to the kitchen to see what he would have for lunch. When he entered, he saw his mom wearing only a white sleeveless shirt and red panties while bent over as she looked through the open fridge.

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A bit later found the four people in the living room as Kushina told Naruto that her sister who had died years ago and her daughter were also brought back like she was, and had found where Kushina was and arrived when Naruto was taking his nap. Kushina had gone with Yumi's daughter, Yuki, to get some groceries and left Yumi behind to at the mansion. They thought they would get back before Naruto woke up but as Naruto saw he had gotten up early and mistaken his aunt Yumi for his mother. They did look a lot alike, but it was obvious now that Yumi had a more wild side.

"So you weren't surprised that I all of a sudden began to fuck you?" asked Naruto.

"No, my sister told me about how she already had sex with you prior to me showing up. I just wanted to get in on some of the action. Besides, it felt kind of kinky to have sex with my nephew while pretending to be his mother," chuckled Yumi. The aunt was laying back in the couch while still naked and her pussy was showing a small leakage of sperm flowing out.

"Mom, that was just weird to see you doing my cousin," said her daughter Yuki.

"Oh hush, don't think I didn't see you rubbing yourself through your skirt when you were in the doorway," said Yumi.

Yuki blushed and yelped as her mother revealed that, and Yumi then said, "Now that I've had some fun, why don't you go and get acquainted with your cousin. I'm sure he won't mind giving you a fucking good time as well.

"You know, not most mothers would just go and wildly make their daughters go and have sex with a boy like you did," said Kushina slurping off some of the cum leaking out of her sister's pussy.

"Oh kamiā€¦..that feels good sis. Anyway, she needs it, she's always been playing with herself, it's about time she gets the real thing," moaned Yumi as Kushina finished licking her away.

"Did I mention to you before that I was pregnant now," said Kushina.

"What? Your pregnant, by Naruto, your son?" asked Yumi.

"Yep, but I haven't told him yet so keep it a secret," said Kushina.

"Then that means that I could be pregnant as well," said Yumi grinning.

Then they both stopped, "Oh crap, Yuki."

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"Oh well, it seems we are too late," said Yumi.

Well, if she is pregnant, Naruto will have to deal with it," said Kushina.

"You as well, and me if I am pregnant too," said Yumi.

"Oh, three babies is the least Naruto has to deal with. He might just have to repopulate the entire shinobi nations," said Kushina.

"Wow, he better have a good amount of stamina and sperm to share with every woman out there," chuckled Yumi.

Meanwhile, outside of the Namikaze compound, a purple haired ANBU had noticed Kushina had been walking around the shopping district a few hours ago with a limp, and followed her back. She had seen that a male, namely Naruto, was still in the village, and was finding no problem pleasuring woman on the spot.

"Must report this to the Hokage," she said and started running across rooftops.

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