Piper was tied to a rack with half of her body in the water, but she didn't care: she felt the bravest woman on Earth, there was not a pinch of fear in her body or head and that Necron dude needed to know that. She was a witch, and not any witch: she was a Charmed one, the oldest, the most powerful and he was not going to stop her with a little bit of water and some cheap electricity.

"Okay, I've had enough. The treatment of me is shocking. Get it? Shocking?" she asked, bored and seeking some action.

"Do you have a death wish?" he asked her, pissed at her attitude and wondering where the hell was the mermaid.

"You're not demon enough to kill me. You would've done it already if you were" replied Piper with a smirk, who he believed he was?

"On the contrary. I wasn't hungry until now. But it's just about my feeding time".

Piper didn't worry about that, she was not chicken. Necron held out his hand, ready to make disappear that stupid witch, when a tail came up from under the water.

"Let her go, it's me that you want" said Phoebe. She wasn't the bravest person alive, but she would never forgive herself if anything got to happen to one of her sisters, least to her niece: she knew how much it hurt losing a child, she really did and she didn't wish that to her sister nor to her brother-in-law, she even wished Cole didn't have to feel that pain. Her pain.

Necron made a shell appear in his hand immediately.

"Oh, look out, Phoebe! He's packing the sea shell," mocked Piper. Was that his best shot, really? Please.

"You know what this is," he said to Phoebe, ignoring Piper who was certainly driving him nuts.

"Yeah. Auger shell. Sucks eternal life. Look, I will give you my immortality if you let my sister go." she demanded, giving Piper a look.

The demon moved his hand, making the rack fly across the water and hit the rock wall. Piper's chains came undone, causing her to fall hard down to the ground.

"No!" yelled Phoebe, freaking out, swimming as fast as she could over to Piper who was trying to sit and recompose.

"I promise I'll kill her unless you give me what I want first" said Necron, taking the bull by the horns.

"Piper, are you okay?" asked Phoebe ignoring him completely, she only needed to know she was fine.

"My baby...," she muttered, touching her bleeding stomach. She didn't feel courage anymore, but rage. Her blood was boiling and she lost all control over her emotions, "What did you do!" she yelled at him.

The Necron made the shell disappear from his hand and reappear on Phoebe's heart. As soon as the shell touched her skin, she could feel all the pain and sorrow from her heart disappearing. All she could feel was some itching from the wound.

"Keep your promise, witch," he told her.

Piper's anger suddenly turned into fear and despair. The spell had broke and all the courage she was feeling had changed into panic and pain, both physical and emotional. She was losing her baby girl and it was all her fault. She was losing her sister and it was all her fault. She had brought pain and sorrow to her family...she should have died instead of Prue! Why did she have to go? If she had been there she wouldn't have let Phoebe break into so many pieces to be decided to become a mermaid and disappear. She wouldn't have been afraid so she wouldn't have needed a spell to vanquish the demon and she would have never allowed anyone harming her baby. Her own baby. She had killed her own baby. It was her fault that Prue had died and now it was her fault that Phoebe was joining her.

White and blue sparkles showed up bringing Paige and Leo, who rushed over to get Piper as soon as his eyes met her.

"Honey, it's okay, I'm here," he told her, bending over to heal her wounds but Necron was faster and zapped him, making him fly across the room and falling unconscious to the floor behind some rocks.

"Phoebe!", Paige called and, following her instincts, hid behind a statue that Necron destroyed within a second, "Shell!"

The water demon widened his eyes at the feeling of the shell over his heart, surprised.

"Piper, take Phoebe's hand," she told her as she held hers, "Prepare for a big blast" she added, ready to cast the spell and put an end-point to all that disaster and finally start working on Piper's fears and Phoebe's closed heart.

The three sisters began chanting as Necron shook, still shocked.

"Tide of evil wash the shore, bring it darkness evermore, with all our strength we fight this fate, make this evil obliterate."

A huge explosion spread everyone across the room. Paige fell on the rocks and hit the back of her head, fainting immediately. Phoebe fell into the water, hitting her forehead with the force of the movement, going a little confused. Piper instead, got dragged by her foot by the rack sliding into the water.

Necron opened his eyes, amazed at the fact that he was still alive. Something hadn't worked out the way they needed and he knew what: the girl wasn't fully witch so the spell hadn't worked. And how did he know that? Because of the soft lightening of the shell: she wasn't fully mermaid either, so the quality of the eternal life he wanted wasn't the desirable. He had only one thing to do know, and it was the perfect moment to do it.

Phoebe opened her eyes, dizzy. All she could see was a blurry figure approaching her from land to her little spot of ocean.

"Nice try, witch", said Necron, smirking, "We're gonna do this again, but just to make sure you won't betray me, let me eliminate the strongest catalyst of it".

The demon rose his hand up and pointed under the water, where a drowning Piper was trying to release herself from the chains, frenetically. She could barely breath and she was scared. Her mom had died in the lake, her stomach was bleeding and Leo was knocked out. She was going to die. Her baby if wasn't dead already was going to die too. She had to fight, fight and set free from that chain: she was a Halliwell and they never, ever, gave up.

Phoebe's eyes filled with terror and before she could jump before his hand to save her sister, a smiling Necron switched his wrist. Piper's body stopped moving as bubbles from her last holding breath came up to the surface. Leo woke up shouting in pain, feeling his hart shrinking and aching uncontrollably. He ran to the water, trying to find his wife, but it was too late.

"No, no, no!" he cried, jumping into the water trying to catch her dead body.

Paige awoke and got up as soon as her heart made her do so and all she could think about was Piper, to the point she automatically orbed under the water, not aware of her death. Then, she orbed Piper, Leo and herself out of the water, to the rocks.

Phoebe's tears began to fall instantly, watching the scene silent. The pain was unbearable, it was like her chest was going to explode from outside in. It was so strong that she couldn't hold onto any feeling because all of them were trying to get her so fast that none of them had time enough to stay and make her react to them. And she felt it. It was so fast, so sublime, so soft, that she almost missed it but she knew it had happened: her last part of humanity had died along her sister and niece; she wasn't a witch anymore, not even a closed-hearted mortal: she was a mermaid and she needed her heart to freeze or die.

"Piper, Piper please," begged Paige, holding her hand that was falling through Leo's embrace.

"Honey wake up," he was asking, whispering in her ear. He was crying insanely, trying to bring her back to life but it wasn't possible. His heart was broken and he knew he had lost everything. He didn't care about anything or anyone anymore, not even the love for the two left sisters was enough to make him stop rocking wife's dead body and do something to save his or their lives.

There was no point, not without Piper.

"Now that you're a complete mermaid, give me your life if you want your other sister to survive" he asked politely.

"No!" asked Paige with tears in her face, turning around, "Phoebe!"

She nodded, feeling all she had was pain and she couldn't handle it anymore. She needed to stop the pain. She needed her heart to stop aching. She needed the thoughts to stop attacking her. She needed to shut the voices telling her it was her fault. She needed to stop seeing Prue's closed eyes not opening ever again because of her being tricked by Tempus. She needed to stop seeing Cole's eyes taken by the Source. She needed to stop feeling her life leaving her when the Seer had taken her baby. She needed to stop seeing Piper dead on the floor and Leo crying over her death and their unborn child. She needed to try to make up for all the damage she had done, and the only way she had to do that was saving Paige: she was all good, she was an angel, she, instead...she was evil and didn't deserve another second of life. Not if her sisters, the true heroes of the family, couldn't have it.

"Don't you dare!" warned Paige, "Shell!" she shouted, trying to orb it to her hand, but it didn't work: Phoebe was too committed and she was still a strong magical being.

She looked into Leo's eyes and then into Paige's before placing the sea shell onto her chest.

"Phoebe!" cried Paige, closing her eyes: she couldn't watch her dying, but she knew she couldn't fight him alone. It was the end, and she was next.

"I'm...sorry..." babbled Phoebe, closing her eyes, shivering a bit: she felt cold.

When the shell touched her skin, she felt, again all the pain and sorrow from her heart disappearing. The pain caused by the wound on her flesh was comforting and relieving: she hated herself for all the damage she had done and she deserved that and so much more. She could feel her life leaving, all her senses being drained by the shell. Her memories of all kinds were leaving her body, happy and sad. She didn't feel pain anymore, she didn't feel her heart bleeding non-stop anymore. But she wasn't calmed; she couldn't call that feeling was something different, like, numbness? She was numb. She had no feelings and that was terrifying as hell. She had no names or faces in her head. She had lost the capacity of loving and feeling loved. She couldn't even hate: there was nothing running through her veins and her brain was shutting down slowly.

The shell stopped gleaming and came back to Necron's right hand. He smiled, faking a sad smile as Phoebe's body started sinking: white as a sheet of paper, lifeless.

"Thank you, it was a pleasure making business with you," he said, saving the shell inside his pocket, "I'd kill you," added, addressing Paige, "but I think this is funnier: you're dead already..." smiled, looking at Piper and then at Phoebe, "Oh, humans, so basic".

That said and after turning into his own heels, he disappeared through lightnings.

Oh, is Paige going to save the day now with the power of one? Find out in the next chapter, mwahahaha.

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