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Chapter one: The death of the Charmed ones.

Cole felt the worst feeling ever in his chest, even worse than Phoebe's rejection. The ache was so strong that he couldn't even breath. He had no idea what was happening, only that she had a lot to do with that: she was in trouble, and he knew it not only because Paige had been there a while ago, but also because he could feel her sorrow as his own. He didn't need to think it twice and, focusing in her pain, he shimmered away. In the middle of his trip, he felt a hook digging in his heart and ripping it off, something inside him had died.

Phoebe had died.

Paige brought sparkles to the beach and with them she appeared along Leo, Piper and Phoebe. Her brother-in-law was one with her older sister. Leo was totally shocked and lost. He couldn't think straight. All he had in mind was that his wife was gone and their child too. A life of dreams, shattered in seconds. There was nothing left. Not only she had died but also Phoebe was dead: the Charmed ones didn't exist anymore, the world was doomed and the balance was now on the dark side's favor. The last Halliwell was holding Phoebe, caressing her hair and holding Piper's hand. She had lost a family when she was nineteen and when she thought she was alone in the world, her sisters had appeared in the map and had changed her life for good. But now...Piper had died, giving her life for Phoebe and Phoebe had died too, giving her life for hers.

Despite their desolation, both survivors reacted at the sight of a man falling on his knees holding his chest, looking everywhere. Cole ran to Phoebe, limping.

"Phoebe, no..." he said as tears fell down his cheeks instantly, taking her body from Paige's arms and resting her head on his chest. She was dead. She had died before he could show her he could change for her. She had died before he could explain what had happened, before they had got back together.

Paige put a hand on her mouth and hugged herself watching both men crying with the love of their lives in their arms. The scene was terrible, and Necron was right: he didn't need to kill her, she was dead already.

"What happened?" he yelled, looking at Piper for an answer.

Leo changed his sight from her wife's lips to Cole's face that was completely red and could see some of the veins of his neck showing. He could barely breath, his heart was in the eye of a tremendous storm. He understood so well, more than what he would have liked.

"Piper..." realized Cole, feeling deep sadness about her death; he had never thought he would mourn the death of the Charmed ones, but when Prue had died he had felt it, maybe not as strong as Piper's because she was ten times sweeter than the first, but he did feel the loss of Piper and even more than that, Leo's pain because he felt the same about Phoebe. It was like all lights had been turned off.

Leo looked in his eyes, and for a moment, they forgot they were an angel and a demon; for a moment, they were exactly the same: both had lost the most important person in their world, their unborn children, all their dreams and hopes of a lifetime by the side of them. Both had lost the only one reason to keep going, to fight; one the woman who had taught him to love and to be loved, who had showed him the good inside of him; the other, had lost the woman who had taught him to be brave and fight for what's right even when the whole world was against and trying to bring you down. They had taught them what true love was, and now, what hell tasted like.

"She tried to save Phoebe," said Paige, trembling in her place. She cleaned her face from tears, just starting to understand what had happened, "Necron killed her, and that ended Phoebe's transformation into mermaid..."

Cole looked at Phoebe again and noticed she still had a tail and a scale's bra. She was really cold, now that he paid attention, frozen. He pulled her closer trying to warm her body, even when he knew it was useless.

"She died because of me" she added, closing her eyes with impotence, "He wanted her life for mine! and, since...since Piper...since she...was dead," managed to say, sobbing, "she gave it to him".

Cole's jaws clenched and all his vision went blurry. He was blinded by rage and the target of it was right in front of him.

"YOU!" shouted Cole, jumping over her, trying to choke her. Paige, who had seen it coming, didn't move.

Leo finally reacted, waking up from his numbness.

"Let her go!" he protested, punching him with all the force of his pain.

Both men fell to the sand and started fighting like mortals. The fight wasn't about Paige, nor about Piper or Phoebe, it was about them. They knew it hadn't been Paige's fault, it had been theirs. If Leo had paid more attention to Piper he would have noticed she was under a spell, he would have saved her and she would be with him right now, but no: he was weak, he had fainted and now she was dead because of him. Cole didn't feel better, on the contrary: all what had been happening to Phoebe had been his fault. He had broken her. His love that once had made her so strong, had ended up breaking her because of his weakness. He had surrendered to evil, betrayed her and finally, gotten her killed.

"Stop" begged Paige, watching them punching each other while the girls were still lying on the sand, "Stop right now I said! My sisters are here! If you're going to do that, don't do it in Piper's and Phoebe's presence".

As soon as they heard their names, they stopped fighting. Cole held his hand to Leo and both got up from the floor. The whitelighter walked back to his wife.

"Don't" said Cole when he saw Paige trying to touch Phoebe, "You did this".

The demon walked to his wife, looking into Paige's eyes who just stood there, half-way from both of her sisters. Leo didn't say anything: he knew Cole needed a moment to say goodbye. Once he reached Phoebe, he wrapped her in his arms, kissed her cheek and shimmered away.

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