Hello, this is my first fanfiction, I just watched Bros in Space and decided that Fistrick is the best villain ever! He needs a fanfiction. And he needs it now!

Chapter 1

-the principal -

Anya felt like a 5th grader that had just hurled a spitball at one of their teachers. "Mrs. Allee!" a large voice boomed from the huge desk. "You let Jimmy Jones hack into a government website concerning information area 51?" The angry voice shouted. This angry teacher was Mr. Bambini, the principal of Madison elementary in the city Bellwood. The tiny teacher was scared out her skin. "He needed research for his project on extraterrestrial life," she whispered in a scared voice. Bambini slammed his hand down on the mahogany desk. "The government is trying to shut the whole school district!"


Jimmy Jones sat on the bench kicking his feet, Next to him where his partners in crime, Amy and Sarah. Amy played with the pocket on her overalls refusing to meet Jimmy's eyes. Sarah quietly tapped her feet. They knew that Mrs. Allee was going to get fired. " Amy Dunn, Jimmy Jones, and Sarah Reid,"a bored voice crooned from the secretary's desk. The kids walked to the principal's office, their feet heavy with guilt.