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When asked what made Hanamiya special, Kiyoshi nearly laughed.

Certainly, Hanamiya was known to have homicidal tendencies but the matter of the fact is, the former point guard was often inside the kitchen – what he did or does, no one knew but Kiyoshi's taste buds.

Really, Kiyoshi said, people should try Hanamiya's cakes. They're absolutely exquisite.


It was funny how they both ended up on the same 2-bedroom apartment near the University of Arts.

Imagine how Hanamiya's face fell then as he greeted – more like, threatened in a morosely subtle way – his flatmate, who had by then secured a permanent limp in his left leg; pity, Kiyoshi would have made it big.

Hanamiya slammed the door to Kiyoshi's face but then again, the latter was known for his resilience and for the umpteenth time, curses were delivered as a vase hit the poor, poor wall.

Still, Kiyoshi was smiling while Hanamiya wasn't.


Kiyoshi was not surprised that Hanamiya is not a morning person.

The discovery came one Monday when Kiyoshi was studying for a stat exam. A cup of coffee in hand, he sat crossed legs over the couch – well, loveseat actually – when he had heard several thuds and falling objects from above the stairwell. Curiosity, again, could be good or bad based on the circumstances and in Kiyoshi's case, terrible.

Hanamiya was barely clothed then, with only an over-sized top draped over his slender frame. His hair was askew and from his expression, Kiyoshi could immediately tell that Hanamiya did not get a good night's sleep.

"Yo, Hanami-"

Kiyoshi thanked kami that he did not break anything when a fist landed on his face.


Apparently, Hanamiya liked blacks and whites.

Kiyoshi was wondering where his companion had gone to, since he had yet to see Hanamiya leave his room. He knew he would get an earful if he barged in but Kiyoshi is fond of taking gambles – as long as they wouldn't cost him his other leg anyway.

He knocked twice and when his calls went unanswered, he peered inside and saw Hanamiya still unpacking.

"Oh, no grays?" Kiyoshi asked as he pried the door open.

Hanamiya was not looking at him but answered nonetheless. "I don't like in-betweens, fool."

Kiyoshi rummaged through the clothing articles, much to the smaller male's distaste. He happened to chance upon one brown vest, which Hanamiya snatched from him a lot sooner than he had expected.

"My mom gave it to me." Kiyoshi heard the other man say and he was forced to respond with a light chuckle.

The elbow to his side was worth it.


The first time Hyuuga and the rest learned of his living arrangements, they all lamented for him.

"Are you sure that your head is alright?" the captain turned Philosophy student asked.

Kiyoshi managed to stifle his forming laughter but the scandalized looks Hyuuga and Riko had were priceless.

"It's fun being with an old rival," he told them as he managed the best poker-face he could muster.

Riko added then, "He's rubbing off on you, Teppei."

Kiyoshi's rebuke was nothing less than his own observation after a few weeks of housing with Hanamiya. "Hey now, Hanamiya's poker-face is cute, you know?"

Riko and Hyuuga came upon one conclusion: maybe Kiyoshi is indeed crazy.