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Interlude: The 5 Times Hanamiya Didn't Celebrate Halloween and the One Time He Did


"Why won't you wear this?" Kiyoshi asked, feeling the fabric against his hands. It was satiny white and the costume would be a snug fit on Hanamiya.

Hanamiya's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. "That's a nurse's uniform," he said blandly.

Kiyoshi laughed. "So?"

Apprehension flashed on Hanamiya's face as he rolled the newspaper he had been reading, and then whacked Kiyoshi on the head with it. "It's a skirt, moron!"

"It has these though, fishnet..." Kiyoshi was trying to recall what the stringy clothing article was called. "Fishnet..." The brunette had seen models wear it on several magazines and they worked better on lean legs, much like Hanamiya's.

Something inside Hanamiya snapped. "Fishnet stockings, damn it!"

Kiyoshi absolutely beamed. "Yeah, that's what Kuroko-kun said. How did you know?"

"You do not know because you're stupid." Hanamiya wanted to bruise Kiyoshi in so many places but the green-tinted make-up seemed icky to the touch. That was probably the reason why Kiyoshi was smug about his proposition. So, Hanamiya opted to bail and headed to his room. "I'm not wearing that."

And the door was slammed on Kiyoshi's face. "Next year then," he thought as he started humming off-key.


The former members of Seirin's basketball club was hosting a Halloween party at Kagami's bachelor pad, and Kiyoshi got an invite via e-mail. He wondered if he could drag Hanamiya along because he noticed that since their break from university started, the raven had been moping around the house.

Kiyoshi mustered up enough courage to ask Hanamiya on a Saturday night. "Are you free tomorrow?"

Hanamiya lifted his attention from his cake batter to Kiyoshi. "Why?"

"Come with me to Kagami's-" Kiyoshi got abruptly cut off before he finished.

"No, I hate that noisy idiot." Hanamiya answered, before adding a few pinches of salt to his mixture.

After a few seconds, Kiyoshi had finished compromising his plans. "But are you free tomorrow?"

Hanamiya rolled his eyes and muttered, "What do you think?"

"I'll take that as a yes then," Kiyoshi said, fishing his cellphone from his pocket. He typed in a messaged and then grinned as he disappeared from Hanamiya's sight.


Sent to Riko, 10:14

Sorry. Can't come. Spending day with princess. Tell Hyuuga I said hi :D


Because of a dare from Facenote, Kiyoshi was dressed as a zombie in the middle of Tokyo's hottest summer. His clothes looked like a mossy catastrophe since his make-up had started to run.

While acting stiff, Kiyoshi limped to the love seat and stared at Hanamiya with red-rimmed eyes. "Trick or treat," Kiyoshi growled lowly.

"What the hell are you doing?" Hanamiya asked, annoyed and amused (although, he wouldn't admit this) at the same time.

"Trick or treat." Kiyoshi said in broken syllables as a string of drool escaped from the corner of his mouth. He nearly chuckled when Hanamiya flinched and seemed thoroughly grossed out by it.

Hanamiya edged farther away from Kiyoshi. "Don't come closer-"

Kiyoshi did the opposite. "Dog pile!" he screamed as he squashed Hanamiya under his weight.

Hanamiya squirmed under Kiyoshi and swore that he would kill the idiot for invading his personal bubble. With a heave, he pushed Kiyoshi off and flipped their positions. "Look at what you did to my shirt!"

"It's water based, don't worry~" For the second time, Kiyoshi tackled Hanamiya and they ended up in a tangle of sticky, green limbs. Curses and empty threats started flying out of Hanamiya's mouth when they ended up wrestling on the floor.


Kiyoshi ended up doing the laundry for the rest of the day.

He didn't mind though, since he was able to cuddle with Hanamiya without being beaten black and blue.


"What cupcakes?" Hanamiya set down the remote, and then glared at Kiyoshi for ruining his bonding time with the TV.

Kiyoshi looked thoughtful for a moment, saying, "for Halloween."

Hanamiya had gone from angry to slightly annoyed. "You're too old for that," he huffed, rolling his eyes before focusing on his show. He heard shuffling sounds to his right but when he turned to berate Kiyoshi for making too much noise, he was startled to find Kiyoshi closer than Hanamiya would normally allow. "What the-"

"Please," Kiyoshi pleaded, "I'd like to let the others taste what you bake."

Hanamiya narrowed his eyes, "What makes you think I'd bake for your friends?"

"Hyuuga said that you probably cook shit-" Kiyoshi stopped talking when Hanamiya rose from his seat on the couch, looking terribly offended.

"That four-eyed freak said what?!" Hanamiya made a run for the kitchen before adding, "I'll make sure he regrets that."


The next day, Kiyoshi woke up to see a cake on the table.

He wondered if the design was intentional because the smashed face with broken eyeglasses was uncannily familiar... he sincerely hoped that Hyuuga wouldn't notice the resemblance.


"Can we go to the mall today?" Kiyoshi asked after they had finished eating lunch.

"No." Hanamiya cleared off the table, plates and utensils in tow as he walked towards the sink. "Too many people," he added as he lathered a sponge with dish-washing soap.

Kiyoshi followed shortly, sneaking up behind Hanamiya. "Eh? But it'll be fun~"

Hanamiya grimaced as he felt Kiyoshi's weigh press on his back. "Don't you have anything better to do?"

"That reminds me off a movie Koga lent me," Kiyoshi said. "Let's watch it instead."

Hanamiya knew that it was a choice between staying home or going out and unfortunately, both involved spending time with Kiyoshi. If Hanamiya didn't decide on which activity, he would just be dragged around until Kiyoshi was satisfied.

"Fine, just get off me," Hanamiya finally answered, jabbing Kiyoshi with an elbow.

"Okay, hime~" Kiyoshi teased, avoiding the death glares Hanamiya was throwing at him.


Kiyoshi was pleasantly surprised when Hanamiya joined him in bed later that night, mumbling something about disgusting zombies and freaking lady from the well.


Kiyoshi wondered why it was dark inside the apartment. It was fairly early into the night (only 7:30) and Hanamiya never slept before his TV documentaries were done. The brunette shrugged it off as he wandered into the house, toeing at the furniture strewn about.

"Hime-sama~" Kiyoshi tested as he flicked a switch on. There was no response but he shrugged it off – maybe Hanamiya was tired from club activities or homework.

Immediately, light flooded the living room and his gaze landed on the foot of the stairs. Hanamiya's face was paler, the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest absent.

The sight sent Kiyoshi into panic, hurriedly kneeling beside Hanamiya's rigid body. His eyes flickered from the bleeding gash on Hanamiya's temple, a handkerchief sloppily adding pressure on the wound.

Hanamiya flinched as his eyes fluttered open. When he saw Kiyoshi's expression, he had to suppress a smirk. "Trick or treat."

Kiyoshi's arms tightened around Hanamiya's torso, knocking the air out off the raven. There were muffled sounds from Hanamiya's chest and... was Kiyoshi crying? The fake blood was spreading and he was annoyed that it might stain.

"Get off me, you big lump of stupid!" Hanamiya snarled, struggling against Kiyoshi's grip. "I was kidding!"

When Kiyoshi showed no signs of stopping, Hanamiya sighed, a stray hand landing on a brown mop of hair. He hated how he was feeling awfully guilty about the situation and unconsciously, he had started petting Kiyoshi as a comforting gesture.

"-do that again." Kiyoshi murmured, his shoulders quivering slightly.

"What?" Hanamiya was dumbfounded when he heard Kiyoshi's stutter. "The prank?"

Kiyoshi sniffed again before confessing, "Kou told me about your plan but when I saw you there... my mind stopped working. Pretty stupid, huh?"

"That tattle tail," Hanamiya murmured as he got up. "I'm not getting advice from him again."

Kiyoshi chuckled slightly, his stiff shoulders slightly relaxing. "It still worked, though."

Hanamiya clicked his tongue as he glared at the mess that was his previously favorite white dress shirt and the red make-up. The top was definitely beyond saving. He untangled himself from Kiyoshi's grasp and said, "There's food in the dining room-"

Kiyoshi pulled Hanamiya back into an embrace, head nestling into the base of Hanamiya's neck. "Later," Kiyoshi answered, hands clutching the front of Hanamiya's dirtied clothes.

"This," Hanamiya thought sourly, "is going to be a long night."