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Chapter Fourteen

Interviews and Preparations

It was decided that the group would leave the boat off the coast of the Swamp of Sorrows. It was either that or off the coast of Westfall, and that would have been further away from their destination. The question now was if it was a good idea to leave the Juggernaut while they were working on taking Karazhan. Right now, it was just Harry, Lyannara, Jessir, Sylvanas, Alana and Coria. The others were working on making an inventory list of everything they had, as well as a list of what they needed long-term.

"We can't just leave it floating out in the middle of the ocean, especially if it's in view of the coast," Lyannara said. "It'll likely be stolen and then we'll lose everything on it, not to mention this ship shouldn't really be in anyone else's hands." She shook her head and finished, "It's too much of a risk."

"Then the question becomes 'who is going to protect the ship while the others work on taking Karazhan?'," Harry concluded. "We're also more than a week behind schedule. We need to hurry, but we can't afford to rush." He turned to Sylvanas and said, "I finished designing the ritual yesterday. Now we just need a place to perform it."

Sylvanas nodded and hid her excitement. "What kind of place do you need for it?"

"For it to be a permanent setup?" Harry leaned back in thought for a moment before continuing, "A solid stone room, no windows, one door facing south, tied in to a minimum of three ley-lines, and it has to be a specific size." He shrugged and added, "For a one-time thing, I could pull it off anywhere I can draw the runes on the ground, but the runes will burn out after one use and then the entire setup will be nothing more than drawings in the dirt. I also won't be able to use that specific location again for a while."

Sylvanas looked confused and asked, "Why is that?"

"This ritual uses quite a bit of power, enough that it would take me weeks to charge them on my own instead of using the ley-lines to power it. A temporary setup will drain the area it's in of magic to power it and make it useless to try again until the area is resaturated with magic," Harry replied with a shrug. "We can still do the test run for proof anytime, but that's all I'll really be able to do without having that room as a permanent setup."

Sylvanas nodded and thought for a moment before saying, "I'd like to do that as soon as possible." She turned and grinned slightly before adding, "I'd like to know sooner rather than later if I'm wasting my time."

Harry nodded and replied, "That's fine, but they have to be willing to go through with it." He shook his head and continued, "Rituals are notoriously finicky. The difference between a willing and unwilling subject can cause the ritual to have... unintended side-effects."

"Such as?" Alana and Coria asked in stereo.

"Such as causing a backlash that will make a crater in the ground nearly half a mile wide and just as deep," Harry responded humorlessly. "And that's not the worst that could happen." He turned to Sylvanas and said seriously, "The person needs to be absolutely sure that this is what they want."

Sylvanas nodded and replied, "I'll talk to the rangers I brought with me and see if any of them are willing. If not, I'll have to find someone from the Undercity."

"What about Lilian Voss?" Jessir questioned.

Sylvanas frowned for a moment before saying, "I know nothing about her other than she was once a member of the Scarlet Crusade and killed many of my people. The rest wouldn't take too kindly to her being first in line for this." She shrugged and added, "Besides, I have no idea where her loyalties lie. If she returns to a living form, will she rejoin the Scarlet Crusade and begin killing my people again?" She shook her head and finished, "It's not something I'd be willing to risk."

Lyannara winced and said, "That would be bad."

"We're getting off topic," Harry interrupted. "We still need to decide who's staying here with the ship while the others come with me to take Karazhan."

"Well, we both know I'm going with you to Karazhan," Sylvanas said. At the curious look on Jessir and Coria's faces, the Banshee Queen added, "I doubt Harry trusts me enough to leave me on this ship without him here to keep an eye on me, and either way, part of our deal was if he provides proof that he can do what he says he can, then I would help him take his new base."

"I think, to keep everyone happy, or at least not angry, I'm going to have to leave someone from both factions in charge, so it doesn't look like I'm favoring one side over the other," Harry said, lost in thought. He seriously considered leaving Lyannara in charge of the Alliance side, but they likely wouldn't take kindly to taking orders from a warlock they didn't really know all that well. Plus, he wanted her with him at Karazhan to see for himself how she handled working in a group instead of alone as she always did. He didn't want to leave Jessir in charge, because even though Arko'narin hadn't been as attached to him as she was when they first started traveling together, she was still sticking nearby as often as she could. He didn't want to break up that duo, as they worked well together.

"You should leave Jaina in charge here for the Alliance side," Lyannara said. "She is a Kirin Tor member, and while I like her as a person, there are likely a lot of artifacts and books on magic in Karazhan." She shook her head and added, "Jaina is very loyal to them, and will likely try to push for some, if not all, of it to be studied by them, which means you'd have the Kirin Tor all over the tower and not nearly enough eyes to make sure nothing goes missing."

Seeing no one disagree with the warlocks assessment, Harry frowned and said, "That would be theft. Would they really risk it?"

Coria snorted and replied, "Jaina likely won't send anything back without asking first, and any books will be copies." She shook her head sadly and continued, "The rest? They won't think of it as theft. To them it will be appropriating things that you are simply too young to understand and aren't yours anyway."

Harry's frown deepened. "If that's the case, then I doubt I'll be dealing much with them unless it's through Jaina."

"I'd recommend that actually," Coria said. "At least for a while." She shook her head and added, "While there are a lot of good people in the Kirin Tor, most of the members are rabid about collecting knowledge."

Harry snorted and shook his head. "Knowledge means nothing without the wisdom to use it properly, and some knowledge should be lost and never looked for again."

Lyannara winced at that and Coria and Alana both frowned. "I'm not sure I agree with that. Everything has a use."

Harry hummed in thought for a second. He was hesitant to explain this one, and the top reason for why he believed this. Finally he spoke, "There's a ritual I know, one that should never have existed in the first place. It's designed to make a person effectively immortal. They can still be killed, but they don't move on and there are various ways they can regain a body. The person rips out a piece of their soul and places it in an object. Unless that object is destroyed, they can't be killed permanently."

Sylvanas frowned and said, "That doesn't really sound all that bad." As soon as the words passed her lips, the Banshee Queen seemed to sense that she had crossed some invisible line. Harry leaned forward, his now icy eyes boring into her own. He started speaking and an arctic chill ran up her spine at the utter viciousness in his voice.

"If I ever, EVER, hear about anyone trying to do that ritual, I will hunt them down to the very ends of the universe and beyond, and I will ensure that their afterlife makes Arthas' look wonderfully pleasant in comparison," Harry snarled at her.

Lyannara regained her wits first and said, "I take it there's a catch?"

"There is," Harry replied still not looking away from Sylvanas. "The only thing that can damage the soul enough to be able to break off a piece and place it in an object is the cold-blooded murder of an innocent, with no remorse, no guilt, and no desire to repent for it. And the only way to be sure the person you're going to murder is a true innocent is for it to be a child." Harry's eyes narrowed and he asked Sylvanas, "Are you really willing to slaughter a child for a few extra years of me hunting you down like a rabid dog?"

Suddenly, it didn't sound as appealing as it did at first. Sylvanas shook her head and said, "No, I'd rather not."

After a moment, Harry let her go and righted his chair, sitting down with a sigh. "I've gone over that ritual and many others several times, and there's nothing redeemable in them." He scowled and continued, "Knowledge like that should never see the light of day, ever. It has no purpose other than causing pain and death." Harry sighed again and said, "And we got off track again. We need to decide on a Horde leader for the ship, as well as a neutral third person."

"Rimblat Earthsong," Sylvanas said. "He has the most experience, he's officially an ambassador for the Earthen Ring to your organization, but he also seems like one of the best." She frowned and continued, "As for a neutral third party, we don't really have anyone other than that Bronze whelp, Alurmi, and she seems highly loyal to Harry, and not necessarily neutral."

"Right now we just need someone neutral to both the Alliance and Horde," Lyannara said, "Not necessarily completely neutral." She shrugged and continued, "Besides, I know Jaina will be looking out for the best interests of her people, Rimblat will likely be looking out for the Horde's, that leaves Alurmi to look out for Harry's."

After a moment Sylvanas nodded and said, "Agreed. But having three people in charge will cause making decisions to be a longer process, and that can be disastrous in an emergency situation."

"Not much I can do about that," Harry sighed. "And we need to start getting everyone ready for how the chain of command is going to work in this group." He sighed again and thought for a moment before saying, "Alright, I agree with the appointments, so we should let them know soon, and Sylvanas still needs to talk to her people and get a volunteer before we can go take Karazhan." He turned to Sylvanas and added, "Whomever volunteers will likely be unconscious for a while afterward so their mind and body can acclimate, and even after they wake up there might be some minor temporary side-effects that will interfere with their duties."

"Side-effects?" Sylvanas asked with a raised eyebrow.

Harry nodded and replied, "Dizziness, nausea, possibly a case of the hiccups, things like that. They'll go away after a little time. All it really is is the body trying to get used to the fact that it's not dead anymore."

"But they are temporary?" Sylvanas questioned intensely. She didn't want to risk the survival of one of her best if there were permanent downsides.

Harry nodded and said, "Yes, they are. They'll last a few days at most." He shrugged and smirked slightly, adding, "More annoying than anything else."

Sylvanas nodded. "I need to go find a volunteer then," she said, standing swiftly and leaving the room to go find her rangers.

Harry nodded and turned to Alana and Coria. "Can you two go tell Jaina and Rimblat that they'll be in charge of the Alliance and Horde sides while we're gone?" They both nodded and left as Harry turned to Jessir and continued, "And can you go tell Alurmi that she's our current neutral leader until we can hear back from the Dragonflights about a permanent neutral party?" Jessir nodded as well and left to find the Bronze whelp, wherever she was. As soon as she left and the door clicked shut behind her, Harry began casting privacy wards around the table he and Lyannara were sitting at.

As he finished and leaned back in his chair, Lyannara asked, "I take it you want me to give my report now?" At Harry's nod, Lyannara sighed and quickly organized her thoughts. "I don't think an alliance with SI:7 is a good idea at this time. There's too much risk of unnecessary friction and that could cause severe problems for us in the long run. I believe that until we're more established and stable, we should keep from forming alliances with anyone. A general truce, however, isn't a bad idea. It's a good way to test the waters for an alliance and keep them out of our hair for the most part."

Harry nodded. "Agreed. And your report on Jasmine Nightshade?"

"That's more difficult," Lyannara replied with a sigh. "I believe that she still holds hope for SI:7 and the Stormwind Assassins, even if she knows it's false hope. I think if we approach her, we need to be able to give her several solid reasons why her changing affiliations is a good thing. She seems to really want to protect people in general, and not just Stormwind above all others, and is unhappy that both organizations either never have or don't anymore." The warlock leaned back in her chair and continued, "I think if we gave her solid reasons, predominantly protecting all innocents, she'd be more willing to join, but her... inability to see the bigger picture at the moment is a problem. She still believes that the law is the law, and breaking it should be punished, no matter what, and if we have to let someone go to get a worse threat, she might not take to that well. She can also keep a secret, as evidenced by the fact that she could have asked the group in general at the meeting about possibly getting Unspeakable help, but didn't. Not sure why, though." After a moment she finished, "My official recommendation is to interview her and see if we can get her to see that. If she does, she would make a good recruit. If not, then we can send her on her way with a truce with SI:7."

"And what should be done about her current affiliations if she does join us?" Harry asked.

Lyannara sighed heavily and ran her fingers through her hair. "I think that, if we can convince her of it, it would be a good idea for her to remain a member of both organizations for information and cover, but convincing her to spy on her old groups might be a bit too far for her to be comfortable with at the moment. We might have to ease in to that one at a later date, but it would still be a good idea for her to use SI:7 as a cover."

Harry nodded, and after a moment, turned to her, saying, "Alright then. The next step is approaching her for recruitment. I want you to let her know to be here in an hour, Guardian."

Lyannara nodded and asked, "Is there any specific way you want it done?"

Harry shook his head and replied, "I don't care as long as she's here one hour from now."

Lyannara nodded once and stood as Harry dropped the privacy wards, both leaving the room and going their separate ways to get ready.

Jasmine was wandering below decks, lost in thought. She still hadn't figured out who Guardian was, and that bothered her a bit. The information trade was her business, and she was damn good at it, and the fact that there was no information on something bothered her. How did an entire organization stay so damned secret?! Even the Stormwind Assassins weren't as secret as these people! Not really paying attention, turned a corner and bumped into someone. She looked up to apologize and froze.

"Hello, Nightshade."

Jasmine backed up a step and glanced around. Seeing she was on her own, she sighed slightly and replied cautiously, "Guardian." As the silence stretched on, Jasmine became more and more uncomfortable, enough to nearly begin fidgeting.

After a long and tense moment, Guardian spoke again. "I appreciate you not outing me or the organization, but I must ask, why didn't you?"

Jasmine hesitated for a second before looking down, slightly ashamed at her reasoning. "Harry would have survived no matter what. The information was more valuable than that. It would have been a waste."

Guardian's eyes narrowed at her and Jasmine suppressed her urge to flinch back. After another tense moment, Guardian nodded sharply and said, "Agreed. I'm pleased you realized this. There is hope for you yet in our organization." After a slight pause, the figure continued, "One floor up, the room all the way at the front of the ship. Go there and wait." Seeing Jasmine frozen on the spot, Guardian's eyes narrowed further and said, "Now."

Jasmine nodded once and backed away, heading off to the room in question.

"You want me to what?!"

Harry sighed in exasperation and repeated, "I want you to take the lead on this interview." After a moment he continued, "You need to learn how to make these kind of decisions on your own, and I won't be there to hold your hand every step of the way. I know you're used to working alone, and quite good at it, but now you're a part of this organization, my second to be specific. You have the authority to make quite a few decisions on your own that affect the future of the entire group, and you need to become accustomed to wielding that kind of power."

Lyannara stared at him, wide-eyed and slightly panicked. "But I have no idea what I'm doing! What if I mess this up?"

Harry turned toward her and put his hands on her shoulders, staring at her with an intensity that made her shiver. "Then you will learn from your mistakes and do your best to mitigate the damage before it becomes too much." He shook his head and sighed sadly, continuing, "I know I'm pretty much throwing you off the deep end and expecting you to learn how to swim, but I know you can do this, and do it quite well."

He smiled at her and Lyannara calmed down. She took a deep breath and nodded once, saying, "Okay."

Harry smiled wider and pulled a thick file out of his cloak, handing it to the warlock. "This is a copy of Jasmine's file from SI:7 and the Stormwind Assassins. Use it well."

Lyannara's eyes widened in shock again and she muttered, "Do I even want to know how you managed to get your hands on this? I know how secure those files are."

Harry just grinned in reply.

Forty minutes later found Jasmine pacing the indicated room. She still didn't know why she had followed Guardian's orders so quickly, or why she was here in the first place. There were too many unknowns and she was rather uncomfortable with that. She felt like she was slipping further and further down a path that would either be absolutely amazing or horrifyingly terrible, and the only way to find out which it was, was to keep going down it. She briefly wondered if she would be able to go back if she didn't like it, and the consequences of such an action. She had already been told that they take their secrecy seriously, evidenced by the fact that no one could find out anything about this organization or it's members.

She sighed for what felt like the hundredth time and was just considering leaving and forgetting this ever happened when the door opened and two figures stepped inside, shutting and locking the door behind them. One was obviously Guardian, the glowing, smoky gray orbs indicated that, but she had no idea who the second figure was, all she knew was the person had glowing, poisonous green eyes. Given that Guardian was standing in front of the new figure, and Guardian was second in command of The Unspeakables, she was betting that this second figure was an underling, but that begged the question, was there more than one Unspeakable inside Harry's organization? And if not, then how did the second one get on the Juggernaut in the middle of the ocean without ever being noticed by anyone? And when? Especially considering Sylvanas' rangers were usually up on the deck keeping watch. Say what you will about the Banshee Queen and her Dark Rangers, but the simple fact was, they wouldn't have missed seeing someone board the Juggernaut without at least attempting to stop it, which worried her considerably.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Guardian spoke. "I see we need to work on your patience." Guardian waved towards the table and said, "Have a seat, there are some things we must discuss."

Jasmine sat cautiously at the table, making sure to keep close to a wall and the door in sight, as well as the two unknown figures. After Jasmine sat down, Guardian turned toward the other Unspeakable and waited patiently. After a moment the second figure said, "We're good. No interruptions."

There was a slight something in that second voice that set multiple alarms off in her mind. She felt she should know who the second figure was, but it kept slipping through her fingers like water. She shook her head and pushed it to the back of her mind, deciding to work on it later when she could devote the time and focus to it instead of splitting her attention between it and what was happening at the moment. Before either Unspeakable could say anything further, Jasmine asked, "Why was I asked to be here?"

Guardian shrugged and replied, "I once told you that you were being considered for recruitment. This is the next and last step along that journey. Watcher has already evaluated your combat ability, and was actually mildly impressed. I have evaluated your ability to make decisions, and while I may not necessarily agree with some of them, you had reasons for them that at least made sense."

Jasmine, for her part, looked rather shocked at that. Guardian had told her that she was being considered and evaluated, but to come to a decision to advance the process already? Jasmine's brain screeched to a sudden and vicious halt as Guardian pulled a very familiar file out of his or her robes and dropped it on the table, her file. Suddenly, in her mind at least, things were decidedly not looking good for her. She had seen her file before, and it was not a pleasant read, nor was it entirely accurate.

"I assume you know what this is?" Guardian asked, and Jasmine could hear the underlying amusement. At Jasmine's jerky nod, Guardian nodded once and replied, "Good." Suddenly Guardian snapped his or her fingers and the file went up in intense emerald green flames. "Because we don't care what's written about you by others in a file. It's far too likely to be inaccurate. I hadn't even opened it."

Jasmine let out a breath she hadn't even really realized she had been holding, and looked at Guardian with wide eyes. "Why did you do that?"

"To make a point," Guardian said seriously. "A file can hardly encompass the entirety of a person, let alone the reasons behind the decisions they've made. While decent for general information, they are only one source of information, and are not to be solely relied upon. Especially files such as that one. If it was a file of your own creation about you, or someone that knew you quite well, I would not hesitate to use it as a viable source of information, but a file about you made by others, especially someone that doesn't know you at all personally, is not worth my time." Guardian shrugged and continued, "Either way, that file was only a copy. The original is still wherever it was acquired from."

"Can I ask who managed to get their hands on it?" Jasmine asked curiously.

Guardian looked at her colleague for a moment, having a silent conversation. After a moment, Guardian turned back to Jasmine and replied, "Watcher was the one who acquired it," which shocked Jasmine considerably. The head of the organization went through all the trouble of acquiring that file? Once again, Jasmine could hear the amusement in Guardian's voice as he or she stated, "It seems my boss has taken a personal interest in you, as well as your future."

After a moment of silence as Jasmine came to terms with this new piece of information, she shook her head slightly and said, "I still don't know what to call your... Associate."

Guardian chuckled and replied, "Nice try. My colleague's name is unimportant at this stage of the process. All you need to know is that my colleague is here to observe and let me know if I am being lied to or mislead in any way." Guardian leaned back and said, "Go ahead and test my associate. This is actually the first time we've worked together in the field, and I find myself curious to see if the reputation is accurate."

Guardian's companion snorted slightly and stated, "Alright then." The person waved their hand at Jasmine, indicating her to go ahead and begin.

Jasmine wet her lips, but before she could open her mouth to begin, she was silenced when the person said, "Lie. Do try and come up with something better than an old cover that was burned to the ground."

Jasmine jerked back in shock and turned to Guardian, who seemed as surprised as she did, if the widened eyes were anything to go by. She turned back to the person and nodded. Deciding that the best lies were the ones surrounded by truth, she decided to alter a few minor details, but otherwise be truthful. Hopefully that would trip him or her up enough to make her feel a bit more comfortable about having someone in the room who could detect lies before they were even spoken. She took a deep breath and began, "My name is Jasmine Celene Nightshade, I'm twenty-four years old. I was born in the Cathedral district and I became an SI:7 agent when I was thirteen. Up until then I was a pickpocket. I'm a third finger in the Stormwind Assassins, and I should be a second within a few years. I have one of the highest mission success rates in either organization and I enjoy my job." The figure nodded along with her story, and for a split second after she finished, she thought she had succeeded.

Then he or she spoke.

"Your middle name is Celeste, not Celene. You were born in Old Town, not the Cathedral District. You weren't a pickpocket, but you were a petty thief. You didn't feel comfortable stealing other people's money, but you were able to justify to yourself swiping food and other necessities from larger businesses that could afford the loss. You did what you could anonymously to repay the debt you felt you owed those businesses, but you still feel like you haven't done enough, even after you left enough money to pay for what you took, with interest. You're a fourth finger in the Stormwind Assassins, and you have been for your entire career, much to your displeasure. You know you likely won't be promoted within a few years, if ever. And you really don't enjoy your job, you just stay with it because it offers the best opportunity to do what you love. Protecting people. You're also terrified of what would happen to you if you tried to leave." With a shrug, the person finished, "The rest was truth."

Jasmine was feeling particularly exposed at the moment, and when Guardian looked toward her to confirm, all she could do was give a rather shaky nod. Guardian leaned back and chuckled, saying, "Well it seems my associate's reputation is rather accurate, and a bit understated." After a moment of thought, Guardian spoke again. "Well, that answered quite a few of my questions, but there are still some I need answers to before I can officially approve your recruitment, the first of which being, do you even want to be a part of our organization? Keep in mind that we place a very high value on our secrecy, and anything you learn about us can not be reported back to SI:7 or the Assassins without Watcher's or my verbal permission."

"Would Watcher or you even be willing to do so?" Jasmine asked curiously.

Guardian leaned back in thought for a moment before replying, "I suppose it depends on the information and the circumstances. What I can guarantee is that anything personal about our identities under the robes and such will never be allowed to be known outside of our organization. It makes it much more difficult for us to do our jobs if everyone knows who we are, and it also puts the people around us and the people we care about at great risk if it ever got out."

Jasmine nodded absently and leaned back in her chair to think. Did she want to be a part of The Unspeakables? After a few moments of thought, she decided that she needed more information before she could make a decision. She still didn't know quite a bit about the organization itself, and that worried her quite a bit. She leaned forward and took a deep breath, hoping that this would go over well and not cause any... Friction. "Before I can answer that with any kind of certainty, there are questions I have as well." At Guardian's nod, Jasmine relaxed a bit and asked, "What is your organization supposed to do?"

"We do many things, ranging from gathering information to assassinating warlords, and if anyone puts innocent lives at risk, they become our problem, no matter who they are," Guardian stated.

Jasmine nodded absently and after a moment asked, "What do you intend to do about SI:7 and the Stormwind Assassins?"

Guardian leaned back and sighed heavily. After a moment, Guardian spoke, "While I am not personally all that fond of either organization, they have their uses, and I suppose Shaw does have the best interests of Stormwind at heart. Unfortunately, he places Stormwind and Humans above all others, which is something we do not condone. If someone is an innocent, then they should be protected, period."

"What about the Horde?" Jasmine questioned, tilting her head to the side in curiosity.

Guardian chuckled and replied, "We are rather neutral to both factions. As I said before, If someone is an innocent, then they should be protected, period. Even members of the Horde."

Jasmine nodded in agreement and continued. "If I did join, what would happen to my job in SI:7 and the Stormwind Assassins?"

Guardian sighed heavily, saying, "Well it's not like you can just quit, can you? But that puts us in a bit of a predicament. I would prefer it if you continued on and used them as cover, but that puts you in a rather precarious position of having two different loyalties, and that can cause problems."

It was Jasmine's turn to sigh heavily and reply, "Well, seeing as you already know, I suppose there's no harm in saying this. My loyalty to both organizations has become considerably strained over the past few years. That said, I still wouldn't feel right spying on them."

Guardian nodded and thought for a moment, before asking cautiously, "Regardless of your decision to join us, would you be willing to pass along information that you know won't be acted upon so that we can? Nothing like personal files or the like, just things that you know will sit and gather dust, things that will help us save innocent lives?" Seeing Jasmine open her mouth to speak, Guardian held up a hand to stop her and said, "Don't answer right now, just think about it and let us know either way."

"But that has nothing to do with my possible recruitment?" At Guardian's nod, Jasmine asked, "Will I be ordered to do so if I do decide this is something I want?"

"No," Guardian stated forcefully. "While it would be appreciated, and it would definitely make our jobs a bit easier, it isn't worth making an agent uncomfortable or unhappy with his or her job."

Jasmine nodded and leaned back in her chair in thought. After several moments, she looked up and nodded sharply, saying, "Then yes, I think I would like to join."

"Good," Guardian stated happily. "Some things you must know first, however. We take our secrecy seriously and highly value our privacy. If you do join us, you will have to go through me to communicate with Watcher for a while. You will know who I am, but that will be it. This is so you have a contact in case things need to be passed along or you need us to come to you for some reason. Second, once you join us, it is for life." At Jasmine's widened eyes, Guardian held up a hand and continued, "While yes you can officially leave whenever you like, we are a rather tight-knit group, we have to be. But that also means that even if you leave, you can still call on us for things if need be, and we may still call on you from time to time, though that will be if there is little recourse left to us."

Jasmine relaxed quite a bit at that, it was actually quite reasonable. "So I won't be... Forcibly retired?"

The sudden snarl that Guardian's colleague let out made Jasmine jump slightly, and in an extremely hard voice, Guardian stated, "That. Will. Not. Happen. At worst, if your cover is burned and you are identified as one of us-"

"That's my responsibility, actually," Guardian's companion interrupted. Guardian turned to him or her and after a moment motioned for him to continue before leaning back. Guardian's companion continued, "There are three options concerning that. Option one, we fake your death in a very public manner, create you a new identity from the ground up, and you continue on with us as usual. Option two, fake death, new identity, and you leave the organization of your own free will, with the rather simple promise of not spilling our secrets. Option three, Your codename changes and you become one of us permanently, and never go back to your old life, or any other, ever again." The person sighed and added, "Option three isn't the best one, but it's still an option for those that want it. At the very worst, you will be retired against your will, but not... Forcibly retired."

Jasmine sighed in relief and smiled, saying, "I can handle that."

Sylvanas sat down at the table with her three rangers, who were looking at her curiously. It wasn't often that she went through so much trouble to ensure a private meeting, but when she did, she really did. After a moment, Sylvanas spoke. "I need to find a volunteer to go through with this ritual." She looked between Clea, Anya and Cyndia and asked, "Are any of you three willing to go through with this? Keep in mind that I've been told that you must be sure in your decision, or it could cause a catastrophe, as in the potential to cause destruction on a regional scale, if luck is on our side."

The three Dark Rangers looked at each other, conversing silently. After a moment, Anya spoke up and asked, "Are you sure he can do this?" At Sylvanas' nod, she concluded with, "Then I will volunteer."

Character List:

Harry – Human? - Wizard from Earth, now on Azeroth, leader of The Worldwalkers, and Master of Death. Recently started a shadow organization, The Unspeakables, to handle the things he can't officially do. Unspeakable codename is 'Watcher'.

Arko'narin Ravenstar – Night Elf – Warrior - Student under Jessir Moonbow.

Jessir Moonbow – Night Elf – Hunter – Arko'narin's mentor.

Meridia Moonblade – Night Elf – Former Sentinel, now works for Harry after she was dismissed from service and stripped of her rank.

Alurmi – Bronze Whelp/High Elf – Formerly the Quartermaster for the Keepers of Time. Sent by Nozdormu to spy on Harry, and kill him if necessary.

Paladin Kriinos – Draenei – Paladin – Sent by Prophet Velen to assist Harry in his quest against the Burning Legion. Brother to Priestess Karinaa.

Priestess Karinaa – Draenei – Priestess – Sent by Prophet Velen to assist Harry. Sister to Paladin Kriinos.

Jaina Proudmoore – Human – Mage – Member of the Kirin Tor. Sent by Kalecgos to investigate Harry and find out what kind of person he is. Friend and former mentor of Lyannara.

Lyannara Spellweaver – Human – Warlock – Former mage and former member of the Kirin Tor. Second in command of The Unspeakables, codenamed 'Guardian'.

Jasmine Nightshade – Human – Rogue – Member of SI:7 and Stormwind Assassins sent by Mathias as an attachment to The Worldwalkers.

Garrim Thunderaxe – Dwarf – Warrior – Partner of Hagin Geargrinder.

Hagin Geargrinder – Gnome – Mage – Engineer and partner of Garrim Thunderaxe. Rather eccentric and doesn't like it when goblins call themselves engineers.

Morgan the Collector – Human – Rogue – Former Defias member. Left the Brotherhood after Edwin's orders started becoming more violent. Went by Barley H. Crown while living in Westfall and recently started using Morgan again with the group.

Surena Caledon – Human – Warlock – Former Defias member. Left the Brotherhood with Morgan for much the same reasons. Went by Mama Celeste while in hiding and also recently started using her name again. Goes by 'Cale' to the people she knows well.

Vanessa VanCleef – Human – Rogue – Former figurehead leader of the Defias Brotherhood. Marissa DuPaige was blackmailing her into reforming the brotherhood under 'her' leadership. Finally got away with Harry's help and joined The Worldwalkers.

Sylvanas Windrunner – Forsaken – Hunter – Former Ranger-General of Quel'Thalas, now the leader of the Forsaken. Entered an alliance with Harry in the hopes of getting the Forsaken what they want most, as well as changing what her afterlife will be.

Clea Deathstrider – Forsaken – Hunter – Dark Ranger that traveled with Sylvanas to assist in the rescue of Harry.

Cyndia Hawkspear – Forsaken – Hunter – Same as above.

Anya Eversong – Forsaken – Hunter – Same as above.

Utvoch – Orc – Warrior – Former scout, Left Garrosh's army after seeing how failure was treated by the Warchief in Stonetalon Mts.

Dontrag – Orc – Warrior – Former sergeant that left with Utvoch for the same reasons.

Tortunga – Troll – Warrior – Met Utvoch and Dontrag in Northrend and began traveling with them. Joined The Worldwalkers at the same time as his two orc friends.

Rimblat Earthshatter – Tauren – Shaman – Spent a lot of time in the Eastern Plaguelands as an ambassador at Light's Hope Chapel. Recently went to Zul'Drak in Northrend and ended up as an attachment from the Earthen Ring to The Worldwalkers.

Taruk – Tauren – Shaman – A good gambler that ended up leaving the pirate life for something greater.

Lilian Voss – Forsaken – Rogue – Formerly a member of the Scarlet Crusade, she was killed and then raised. Originally quite distraught at being one of the undead, she eventually found out her father had disowned her and ordered her execution. Not long after, she killed him.

Alana Morningray – Blood Elf – Mage – Former member of the Kirin Tor, she was one of the first of Horde races to join The Worldwalkers with her friend and partner, Coria Suntreader.

Coria Suntreader – Blood Elf – Mage – Also a former member of the Kirin Tor, she joined The Worldwalkers at the same time as Alana.