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Chapter Fifteen

Ritual Work and Approaching Karazhan

Guardian nodded and asked, "Just so we are all clear, Are you are willingly agreeing to join the Unspeakables? Please answer with a yes or no."

Jasmine took a deep breath and exhaled in a rush. "That's the question, isn't it," She muttered under her breath. Louder, she said, "It's just..." She shook her head and stated, "This sounds like a good deal, but how do I know it's not all one big bluff?"

The two Unspeakables looked at each other silently for a long moment before Guardian finally spoke out loud with a sigh. "Maybe it would be a good idea to give her a full briefing. You know you're going to need more people than just me knowing who you are," and after a short pause she added, "Boss."

Jasmine froze completely at such a pointed clue and its implications. After a moment the green-eyed Unspeakable snorted and said, "Great, I think you broke her." He sighed and waved his hand, continuing, "Might as well get it over with, but if this backfires, it's your mess to clean up."

Guardian nodded, saying, "As you've no doubt figured out, this is Watcher." The Unspeakable sighed heavily before pulling their hood back and revealing Lyannara sitting across from a now gaping Jasmine. "And I'm Guardian."

"Are you sure that this is something you truly want, Anya?" Sylvanas questioned her ranger. "You must be absolutely sure in this matter," The Ranger General warned. "I was not joking when I said any doubt on your part could be potentially catastrophic."

Anya nodded her head and replied, "I am sure my Lady."

Sylvanas stared intently at her ranger for a long moment before nodding and simply saying, "Good luck, then. I'll go find Harry and inform him." With that, she stood and left the three rangers to talk amongst themselves.

As soon as the door closed, Cyndia turned to her fellow ranger and asked, "Are you sure about this? Our Lady seems to trust that he will keep his word, but he is human. They have never been kind to us."

Anya sighed and replied, "I am sure, Cyndia. There are many reasons to do this, and it could finally give some much needed hope to our people."

Cyndia wrinkled her brow and responded shortly, "I don't trust him."

Anya shook her head and shot back, "I do. I honestly believe that he is both capable of and willing to do this."

Cyndia just shook her head, replying, "I hope you're right."

Guardian, now identified as Lyannara, sighed and said, "We need you to understand that we never once lied to you at any point." She sighed again and continued, "That said, we did mislead you a bit." Seeing Jasmine tense, Lyannara was quick to reassure the woman, "We didn't mislead you about our goals, just our size and your eventual place in the Unspeakables."

Jasmine, while still quite tense, felt her curiosity overtake her nerves. She settled back into her seat a bit and simply stated, "Will you explain that?"

Lyannara relaxed slightly and replied, "Our goals are quite accurate, but we're a relatively new group." Lyannara winced and added, "When I said I was second in command, that is true, but there are only two of us so far, so..." Lyannara trailed off.

Jasmine arched an eyebrow and asked, "and my 'eventual place'? You make it sound like I'm going to be a pet."

At this, Lyannara looked to her boss, letting him field that particular question. Jasmine turned to the now identified Watcher and waited for an answer. For a moment, she didn't think one would come, but eventually Watcher spoke.

"This organization is just beginning, and I need people I know that I can trust to help me found it. This isn't my only responsibility either. I have other concerns that require my attention as well, and eventually I'm not going to want to look after some of those concerns, and I'll need people in place who can take over for me in those instances," Watcher replied carefully.

"Blah, blah, blah," Lyannara muttered giving Watcher a gentle nudge and shocking Jasmine with the blatant disrespect of her boss. If Jasmine had done that to her boss, she would have been knocked on her pert little rear. "Get to the interesting bits!" And then stomped directly into the dirt.

Watcher sighed and muttered quietly before saying to Jasmine, "I need someone to basically run this organization in my absence. I don't plan to be going anywhere for a while," Watcher shrugged at this and added, "But who knows what could happen." Watcher sighed and continued, "I told Guardian to take the lead on this interview. What I didn't tell her was that she wasn't interviewing just a recruit, she was interviewing who would most likely be her second in command if and when that ever happens."

Even Lyannara seemed shocked at that. "Really?"

Watcher nodded, adding, "That's some time off, but that's the eventual goal." Watcher was quiet for a moment before asking, "With that said, are you interested in joining us?"

Jasmine still seemed hesitant before finally asking, "Who are you?" She shook her head and sighed, "That's going to make a big difference in if I'm willing to follow you or not."

For a long moment, Jasmine thought she wasn't going to get an answer until Lyannara spoke up and said, "You really should, Boss. At least the people who are going to make up your inner circle."

"Don't call it that," Watcher snapped out, making Lyannara jerk back in shock. Watcher seemed to understand a mistake had been made and took a deep breath before saying, "I'm sorry for that, bad memories and such." Watcher sighed before continuing, "But you do have a point."

Watcher sighed and reached for the hood covering his or her face, making Jasmine tense in anticipation. Watcher hesitated for a brief second before throwing back the covering, causing Jasmine's jaw to drop to the floor in shock. "Harry?" Jasmine breathed.

A sheepish grin was her reply. Finally he asked, "So are you in?"

Jasmine thought about it for what felt like a long time before finally nodding resolutely and saying, "I'm in."

Harry's grin widened and he nodded back before saying, "First thing, you two are going to be paired together more often than not for the foreseeable future." He sighed and seemed to think before continuing, "I want to eventually find two more people from the Horde and recruit Alurmi as well to round things out. Any ideas, you two?"

"Well that depends," Lyannara said. "I've made a few Horde contacts over the years, I could give you a short list of people that might be good recruits."

Harry shrugged slightly and replied, "If we have to, then we will. For now, I'd like to try and recruit from the people we currently have on hand, however. We might end up recruiting them into one of the organizations eventually, though."

"What kind of person are you looking for in a recruit?" Jasmine asked. Lyannara answered her, and after going through the list of people on the ship in her head, Jasmine said, "The only one's I can think of that might be good candidates would be Alana and Coria." Jasmine shrugged and continued, "If you waited for the right moment after this ritual, you could possibly get Anya over to your side, but it would be difficult considering how loyal she is to Sylvanas." Jasmine shook her head and added, "The only other person that I can think of that might be a good choice would be Karinaa, but she's Alliance."

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Harry and Lyannara whipped off their robes and hid them away in Lyannara's ever-present bag before Harry unlocked and opened the door, revealing Sylvanas. She looked at Harry for a moment before saying, "Anya volunteered. Don't let anything happen to her." With that, she turned around and stalked off, leaving the rest in Harry's hands.

Harry sighed and turned to the two behind him, saying, "I spotted a nice little cove just south on the beach. You two go gather up anyone who wants to observe this and ask Anya to meet me there and to wear only clothing made of natural fibers and absolutely no jewelry or anything magical." With that, Harry suddenly vanished, leaving the two to shrug and go find the rest of the group.

Harry was in the small cove he had decided to do this ritual test in finalizing the details in the runic circle. One by one, the entire group had come out to the cove to watch the ritual, either from professional interest out of the mages, or sheer curiosity from the rest. They had been hearing quite a bit about what was going to be attempted here, and if successful, would likely be one of the biggest event in Azeroth in the last decade.

Harry finished and stepped back with a sigh, examining every detail of the quite large runic circle methodically to double check that everything was in place. When he was finally satisfied, he turned and approached Sylvanas and Anya, who was wearing a tattered pair of pants and shirt, neither fitting her form well, leading Harry to believe that she had to borrow them from someone else. The two were standing down by the circle itself, while the rest of the group was up on the short cliffs surrounding the cove to watch without the possibility of being in the way.

"Why am I being forced to wear this?" Anya asked, gingerly tugging at the baggy blouse drowning her slim frame. "And why no jewelry?" She could understand the no magical items part quite easily. Magic didn't always react well with other magics. It would be begging for trouble to even attempt it.

Harry turned to her and answered, "Any kind of clothing that isn't made from natural fibers tends to... Vaporize I guess would be a good word for it." He shrugged and added, "You could have worn something else and ended up stark naked in front of everyone, though." He grinned cheekily and whispered to her, "I didn't think you'd want others to see your new living body before you get a chance to." He leaned back and said louder, "And no jewelry for quite the same reason, plus some rituals call for certain gems and metals, and having those present when it's not called for could be disastrous."

Anya nodded, satisfied with his answers. While she wouldn't admit it, she was glad that he considered her modesty. Not many would, either for the free show or because she was Forsaken and it might embarrass or humiliate her, not that she was really concerned about that. She had always been a bit vain about her appearance in life, but that had only degraded in the decades since she had become a walking corpse. "So what can you tell me about what to expect from this?"

"Pain," Harry sighed sadly. "The middle part, specifically the section that repairs and restores your body to working condition is going to hurt like hell, and I don't mean anything like you're used to. This will be an all-encompassing, mind-wrenching agony. I can't give you anything for it because it might interfere and if you're unconscious, it won't work at all." He turned to Sylvanas and said, "No matter how much you might want to check on her, you can not break the circle once we start. Doing so would be bad. Very, very bad," to which Sylvanas frowned, but nodded in understanding.

Anya frowned and asked, "On the off-chance I'm rendered unconscious from the pain, what will happen?"

If anything, Harry looked even sadder as he replied quietly, "The magic of the ritual won't allow it. It'll force you to stay conscious for the entirety of the ritual, and you'll likely pass out at the end."

Anya winced slightly, not really wanting to experience that, but still believed that the benefits greatly outweighed the risks. She sighed and nodded, showing she understood what would likely happen.

Seeing her nod, Harry continued, "This ritual is designed to restore you to a completely living, functional, stable body. I know this will work," Harry seemed to hesitate a second before he concluded with, "I just don't know how well it will work."

Anya froze and turned towards Harry, raising one eyebrow in a silent question, which was lost to Harry as he was completely avoiding looking at her. I know I'm a corpse, but am I really that repulsive to look at? She thought wryly.

Sylvanas decided to voice the question that Anya was silently asking as more of a demand in a single word. "Explain."

Harry sighed heavily and looked directly into Anya's glowing eyes, asking, "Were you a virgin before you died?"

Anya snorted and replied, "I was more than two thousand years old when I died. What do you think?"

Harry deadpanned in reply, "Well, you might be one again when I'm through with you, which brings me to my second point."

Anya arched an eyebrow and questioned, "And just how is the state of my virginity in any way connected to your second point?"

"What?" Harry asked, looking completely confused. As soon as it registered, he snorted and rolled his eyes, replying, "My second point is unintended side-effects." At this, Anya sobered and began paying more attention. "Extremely powerful rituals, which I think we can all agree that this would classify as one, sometimes have..." Harry trailed off, waving one hand a bit as he searched for the right word, before finally settling on, "Complications." Harry sighed and continued, "This is by and far one of the most ambitious projects I've ever worked on, and even though this ritual could be considered to be a variation on an existing one, it is technically completely new and therefore, completely untested. I have no idea what the side-effects may be, how permanent they may be, how many there are, or what combinations that they'd appear in, if any."

Anya, for her part, looked quite a bit more hesitant upon learning this, and was considering backing out when Harry continued softly, "I've done everything I can to mitigate and neutralize the possibilities, and I've gone over it dozens of times. I honestly believe this will work with minimal issues."

There was a long moment where Anya seemed to analyze Harry with an intensity that he hadn't seen in a very long time before she finally stated, "Okay."

Nearly everyone was gathered at the cove to observe the ritual take place. As soon as Anya had taken her place in the center of the circle and nodded to indicate she was ready, Harry raised his wand and pointed it at her, chanting.

The runes carved in the earth of the cove began lighting up and glowing, beginning right in front of Harry and spiraling around the circle until the entire cluster was lit up like noon on a cloudless day. Those sensitive to the arcane gasped at the sheer amount of raw magic being drawn into the runes themselves. The moment the ritual started for Anya, her head snapped back and her whole body began to shake. It wasn't long before the screaming began. It wasn't the wail of a localized injury, or the squalling of a fractured limb, it was exactly as Harry said it would be.

An all-encompassing, mind-wrenching agony.

It took both Clea and Cyndia to grab Sylvanas and keep her from running to check on Anya. After a second she stopped struggling against them and took a step back, refusing to look away. If one of her very best was willing to go through with this, even knowing it would hurt more than anything, then Sylvanas wouldn't look away, no matter how much it hurt her to see one of her people in such pain.

Anya thought... Actually she couldn't think. She couldn't move, she couldn't do anything but stand there, locked in place, screaming, while her mind and body were wracked with more pain than she believed any sentient being was capable of experiencing.

After what seemed to be forever for Anya, but was only a few moments to those observing, Harry stopped chanting and lowered his wand arm, his entire body tense. The glow persisted for a few seconds longer before quite suddenly extinguishing, leaving blackened, smoking earth behind.

The moment the glowing stopped, two things happened. Anya started to collapse like a marionette that just had its strings cut, and Harry snapped forward like a spring wound too tight. He caught her before she hit the ground and gently laid her down as Sylvanas and her two rangers ran up to check on her.

Before, Anya's skin had been rough and scaly, a pale, bluish tint, with glowing red orbs for eyes, brittle, pale yellow hair, and was bone-thin. Good condition for one of the Forsaken, or any undead for that matter, but it was quite a difference to what she looked like now.

She was still a bit pale, but it was a more natural color than the bluish-white it had been earlier, and much smoother. Her hair had brightened to a more molten gold and lost its previous dullness and she had even filled out a bit.

She was actually quite beautiful when she was not glaring at him and, you know, breathing.

The others approached slowly, still slightly awed at what they had just seen. Harry stood up and took a deep breath, sighing heavily as he made his way over to the others to try and give Sylvanas and her rangers some privacy.

"Harry, that looks like it took a lot out of you," Lyannara said softly, giving voice to everyone's thoughts. "When you start doing this ritual on a more frequent basis, why don't you let myself and some of the other mages help?"

Harry looked panicked and shook his head swiftly from side to side, nearly screaming, "No!"

The warlock looked confused before smirking and replying, "Harry, there have to be a few other mages on Azeroth that have the required power to do that ritual. You can't be that far out of everyone's league," believing power levels to be the major issue.

Harry continued shaking his head, explaining, "No. I'm likely the only one that can safely do this ritual like this, and it has nothing to do with power." At Lyannara's confused look, and knowing she wouldn't give up, he pulled her off to the side while Sylvanas checked on Anya.

Once Harry felt that they were far enough away that the Banshee Queen couldn't overhear them, Harry explained fully. "This ritual is just like every other one I've ever known. In order to receive the benefits of the ritual, you first have to pay the sacrifice." A feeling of dread began to overtake Lyannara, and her smoky gray eyes began to widen at Harry as he continued, "In this case, since the target of the ritual is physically incapable of paying it, the cost has to come from either a third party sacrifice, which is usually a sentient life, or from the caster."

Lyannara's mind was spinning in overdrive, dropping pieces into place and not liking where this was going at all. Finally she stated flatly, "I think I know what you're talking about, but I want to hear it from you."

Harry sighed heavily before answering, "I didn't want anyone to find out, especially Sylvanas and her people, but I never lied. This ritual is designed to do exactly what I said it would do, restore the target to a completely living, functional, stable body. What I didn't mention is that all of the years that Anya now has to live had to come from somewhere." Harry ran a hand through his hair, continuing, "This ritual is actually a variation of one designed to take years from the caster and give them to the target. With the rather large differences in lifespans of the races in Azeroth, anyone else even attempting this is a massively horrible idea. I can only manage it because my unique condition allows me all those years to give."

Lyannara sighed and nodded with a frown, understanding it didn't mean she had to like it. After a moment she changed the subject and asked, "So have you decided who you're taking with you to Karazhan?"

Harry tilted his hand back and forth in a so-so motion, saying, "Maybe, but I'm not sure yet."

Lyannara sighed and said jokingly, "Too bad you can't just make this thing fly, Harry. That would make this quite a bit easier." When she didn't get a response, she looked over to see Harry standing completely still, as if frozen. "Harry?" She called tentatively. "Harry!"

Harry's head whipped up to look at the warlock and he said, "Sorry, was just thinking about something." He turned around, completely ignoring the conversation they were just having and called out loudly, "Hagin! Come here a tic, will ya!" Lyannara looked rather irked that she was being pushed aside, but was too curious to know what Harry was cooking up this time.

As soon as the Gnome reached Harry, the green-eyed wizard grinned wickedly and said, "Quick engineering question. If I told you I could make this ship lighter, could you make it fly?"

"That depends entirely on what you want it to fly for. If you want it to be a flying fortress, that will take quite a bit of time, seeing as it's an entirely wooden ship," Hagin replied quickly with a grin. "But if you really just want it to get the whole thing from point A to point B as quickly as possible..." The Gnome engineer trailed off and looked around speculatively for a few moments before replying, "How much lighter? It would have to be a significant amount, likely more than half, especially if you want to use this ship to haul a lot of cargo as well."

"If I make it weigh twenty percent or less of it's original weight, can you get it from here to Karazhan?" Harry asked excitedly. At Hagin's nod, Harry barked out a laugh and asked, "How long will it take?"

Hagin shrugged and replied, "With competent help? A little more than a week, but once it's able to fly, it won't be able to actually sail anymore." Hagin shrugged and amended, "Well, not without adding at least another week onto the time it would take to make the changes because I have to remove the masts or make them collapsible."

"Let's get this one done and then we'll start discussing upgrades and whatnot," Harry said with a grin.

Lyannara just looked between the two and sighed. After Hagin wandered off muttering about blueprints and future modifications, she asked, "What are you eventually going to do with the juggernaut?"

Harry looked speculative and replied, "I'm thinking a mobile base, maybe. It'll be rather useful as such when we deal with Outland and Northrend." He shrugged and continued, "There are a lot of options for it."

Lyannara nodded and said, "You know, you were having such problems deciding on who to take and who to leave, Sylvanas and Jessir got together and decided for you."

"What?" Harry laughed. "Did they really?"

The warlock just nodded again and replied, "I'd just go ahead and take their suggestions. Between the two of them, they have more than three thousand years of experience leading troops and running operations like this."

Harry shrugged and nodded. She did make a good point. "Alright, let's find out who we're taking and get ready to head out. It's still early, so I think we can make it a pretty good distance before we need to stop for the night, if we need to. I'd like to try and at least make it to the tower today, rest up and go at it first-thing."

Sylvanas Windrunner was pacing in her quarters aboard the Juggernaut after seeing to Anya, completely confused, which just irritated her to no end.

Sylvanas was not one to be confused for long. If something vexed her, she did everything in her power to find an answer, period. She did not stand for dealing with the chaos confusion brought.

She truly didn't mean to eavesdrop this time. Harry had just kept his word and proven he could do exactly as he said. Moreover, she believed him more and more when he said that he would.

So she really didn't mean to eavesdrop. Privacy isn't that to hard to give, just ignore them, she thought to herself as she checked on Anya.

But then they began discussing the ritual, and what it cost.

And now she had no idea what to think. Why was he trying to keep that information secret? Did he let it slip where he knew she could hear him, or did he honestly believe that she couldn't? Was he keeping it to hold over her and her people's heads later for something greater? Or was he really just that caring? Sylvanas nearly tore her hair out in frustration as she dropped onto the bed and frowned at the ceiling.

What was his angle?!

The group getting ready to leave for Karazhan consisted of ten people: Harry, Garrim, Arko'narin, Kriinos, Karinaa, Lyannara, Sylvanas, Alana, Coria, and Utvoch. As soon as everyone was ready, they departed, determined to take Karazhan and make a new base out of it.

"Hagin should finish the modifications soon, and the rest of you all will be right behind us," Harry said as he left, hefting his backpack and stepping off the ship and into the rowboat that would take them to shore.

Anya Eversong woke ever-so-slowly, eventually taking a deep breath and stretching out languidly on her bed aboard the Juggernaut, only to freeze mid-way and grin widely. She took another deep breath and relished the salty air from the sea, the smells of the wood and the sheets, the oil lamp burning on the table in the middle of the room. The feel of her simple shirt and pants, the rough cotton a sharp contrast to the comparatively soft bedsheets.

She frowned as a concern hit her. She had been dead for a while, and had no real need for new clothes. Comfort was never a concern, and neither was sleep, so she only ever wore her armor and linings. Now, she needed more than just that. She couldn't sleep in her armor anymore, for example. She distinctly remembered just how tiring that would quickly become.

She shook her head. It was a comparatively small matter and something she cold deal with later. She threw the sheet off of herself and swung her legs off the bed, sitting up quickly. She was rather glad she hadn't tried standing yet when the wave of dizziness and nausea hit her. She groaned and hung her head down between her knees, breathing slowly as it gradually passed.

Eventually she decided to try standing, and eased her way onto her feet. She wobbled side to side for a moment before finding her balance and steadying herself, grinning at the feel of the wood under her feet. Her center of balance was off a bit, but other than that, it wasn't that different to walk around.

Her stomach rumbled and suddenly she realized just how hungry she was. She felt like she could eat an entire herd of deer. She grinned widely and stumbled quickly out of the room toward the dining area and food.

She stopped abruptly as another concern struck her. She would definitely find food next, but she had to do something far more important first.

She really, really needed to pee.

The rest of the crew left aboard the Juggernaut were just getting sitting down to eat dinner when a door burst open and a woman stumbled in and rushed to the table. She stopped suddenly and grinned, snatching an apple out of a bowl on the table and taking a massive bite out of it.

Everyone was staring at the woman in shock, frozen in place, some even in the process of sitting. Shock turned to confusion as the woman moaned out happily, "By all that is holy, that is absolutely horrible!"

Rimblat frowned and said, "If that one is bad, why don't you try another?"

The woman frowned at that thought and replied, "Bad idea. I hate apples. They're one of the most disgusting things to ever grow on a tree."

"Anya?" Cyndia breathed out. She blinked and continued, "You're-"

"Alive!" Anya said happily. "Living, breathing, feeling, tasting; the whole package!" The now identified Anya's stomach chose that moment to interject with a loud rumble. "I also haven't eaten in decades. Apparently that leads to an appetite," she mumbled.

Harry thought that the entire area the tower was in was aptly named. Deadwind Pass. The only living things they had seen leading up to the tower were carrion birds and giant spiders. He had no idea what they fed on other than each other, which was a terrifying thought in and of itself, but there they were.

The air was stale, the moonlight shining through the branches of the dead trees cast shadows around the traveling group, The silence was eerie and completely unnatural, making everyone tense further the deeper they went into the pass.

"Maybe this wasn't one of our best ideas," Lyannara muttered quietly. Unfortunately, in the silence, it carried much further than she thought it would, although it did have the effect of causing a few snorts and chuckles, easing the tension a bit.

The group traveled as quickly as they dared, wanting to reach their destination but not really willing to rush through. Crossing the first chasm was a noteworthy experience for two reasons. The first one was slightly amusing. They found out that Arko'narin was afraid of heights.

The second, and far more important point, was that when a group of people are walking across a narrow naturally formed bridge, the sound of cracking rock and tumbling earth invokes two responses.

The first is an absolute and utter stillness that cannot be adequately explained until you've lived it. It's the dead silence of multiple people praying to any and every deity they could think of to not plunge to their deaths.

Immediately following that response comes the next part. The controlled panic to reach the other side without the walkway collapsing or anyone falling into the chasm.

The second narrow walkway nearly stalled the group when Arko'narin refused to go any further. It was only at the gentle prodding of Lyannara and the not-quite-as-gentle Sylvanas that the comparatively young Night Elf made it to the other side.

Shortly after, the moon became hidden behind the clouds, darkening the path considerably. Luckily they had made it past the majority of trees by this point, and only really had to deal with the barren landscape and the spiders and vultures.

They turned a corner in the path and the clouds suddenly broke, illuminating the clearing just in front of them, the harsh moonlight causing the tower to nearly glow in all its terrible glory. There it was.

The Ivory Spire. Medivh's Tower. Karazhan.

Whatever it was called when it was whispered about, the name invoked images of an impossibly tall, nigh impenetrable tower, gleaming in the light, day or night, fully capable of completely wiping out entire groups trying to raid its secrets and treasures.

The many failed attempts over the last twenty years or so to take the tower were still whispered of, mostly because of the screams that echoed for days, sometimes weeks, in the Pass between Duskwood and the Swamp of Sorrows. No one knew what terrors waited for the next group of adventurers to stumble into the depths of that tower that was quickly becoming a crypt, some say it is demonic in nature, others whisper that the ghosts of the dead reside there. Some even claim that the spirit of Medivh himself resides there at the top of the tower to this very day. But they also say that imagination is worse than reality.

Unfortunately, sometimes that isn't the case at all.

Character List:

Harry – Human? - Wizard from Earth, now on Azeroth, leader of The Worldwalkers, and Master of Death. Recently started a shadow organization, The Unspeakables, to handle the things he can't officially do. Unspeakable codename is 'Watcher'.

Arko'narin Ravenstar – Night Elf – Warrior - Student under Jessir Moonbow.

Jessir Moonbow – Night Elf – Hunter – Arko'narin's mentor.

Meridia Moonblade – Night Elf – Former Sentinel, now works for Harry after she was dismissed from service and stripped of her rank.

Alurmi – Bronze Whelp/High Elf – Formerly the Quartermaster for the Keepers of Time. Sent by Nozdormu to spy on Harry, and kill him if necessary.

Paladin Kriinos – Draenei – Paladin – Sent by Prophet Velen to assist Harry in his quest against the Burning Legion. Brother to Priestess Karinaa.

Priestess Karinaa – Draenei – Priestess – Sent by Prophet Velen to assist Harry. Sister to Paladin Kriinos.

Jaina Proudmoore – Human – Mage – Member of the Kirin Tor. Sent by Kalecgos to investigate Harry and find out what kind of person he is. Friend and former mentor of Lyannara.

Lyannara Spellweaver – Human – Warlock – Former mage and former member of the Kirin Tor. Second in command of The Unspeakables, codenamed 'Guardian'.

Jasmine Nightshade – Human – Rogue – Member of SI:7 and Stormwind Assassins sent by Mathias as an attachment to The Worldwalkers.

Garrim Thunderaxe – Dwarf – Warrior – Partner of Hagin Geargrinder.

Hagin Geargrinder – Gnome – Mage – Engineer and partner of Garrim Thunderaxe. Rather eccentric and doesn't like it when goblins call themselves engineers.

Morgan the Collector – Human – Rogue – Former Defias member. Left the Brotherhood after Edwin's orders started becoming more violent. Went by Barley H. Crown while living in Westfall and recently started using Morgan again with the group.

Surena Caledon – Human – Warlock – Former Defias member. Left the Brotherhood with Morgan for much the same reasons. Went by Mama Celeste while in hiding and also recently started using her name again. Goes by 'Cale' to the people she knows well.

Vanessa VanCleef – Human – Rogue – Former figurehead leader of the Defias Brotherhood. Marissa DuPaige was blackmailing her into reforming the brotherhood under 'her' leadership. Finally got away with Harry's help and joined The Worldwalkers.

Sylvanas Windrunner – Forsaken – Hunter – Former Ranger-General of Quel'Thalas, now the leader of the Forsaken. Entered an alliance with Harry in the hopes of getting the Forsaken what they want most, as well as changing what her afterlife will be.

Clea Deathstrider – Forsaken – Hunter – Dark Ranger that traveled with Sylvanas to assist in the rescue of Harry.

Cyndia Hawkspear – Forsaken – Hunter – Same as above.

Anya Eversong – Forsaken – Hunter – Same as above.

Utvoch – Orc – Warrior – Former scout, Left Garrosh's army after seeing how failure was treated by the Warchief in Stonetalon Mts.

Dontrag – Orc – Warrior – Former sergeant that left with Utvoch for the same reasons.

Tortunga – Troll – Warrior – Met Utvoch and Dontrag in Northrend and began traveling with them. Joined The Worldwalkers at the same time as his two orc friends.

Rimblat Earthshatter – Tauren – Shaman – Spent a lot of time in the Eastern Plaguelands as an ambassador at Light's Hope Chapel. Recently went to Zul'Drak in Northrend and ended up as an attachment from the Earthen Ring to The Worldwalkers.

Taruk – Tauren – Shaman – A good gambler that ended up leaving the pirate life for something greater.

Lilian Voss – Forsaken – Rogue – Formerly a member of the Scarlet Crusade, she was killed and then raised. Originally quite distraught at being one of the undead, she eventually found out her father had disowned her and ordered her execution. Not long after, she killed him.

Alana Morningray – Blood Elf – Mage – Former member of the Kirin Tor, she was one of the first of Horde races to join The Worldwalkers with her friend and partner, Coria Suntreader.

Coria Suntreader – Blood Elf – Mage – Also a former member of the Kirin Tor, she joined The Worldwalkers at the same time as Alana.