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"The Next Day"

After their conversation, Splinter had provided the young girl with a pillow and a blanket and bade her goodnight before heading off. Samantha took no time in falling asleep shortly after, and by the time she awoke, the day was well under way.

Opening her eyes, Samantha saw a large, greenish-orange blur not too far from her face. Rubbing her eyes, the blur focused itself, turning into the orange-masked turtle she had seen last night.

"You're awake!" he cried happily. "I was wondering when you'd stop sleeping!" He smiled goofily at her as he said this.

Samantha screamed, scrabbling back as far as she could on the couch. Caught off guard by her reaction, the turtle let loose a scream of his own and fell back, hitting the floor with a dull thud.

Trembling, Samantha peered cautiously at the turtle, trying to slow down her racing heartbeat. "Haven't you ever heard of personal space?!" she snapped at him, face flushed with anger.

"I'm sorry!" he mumbled, playing with his fingers nervously. "My brothers wouldn't let me talk to you until you were awake, and since I wasn't allowed to wake you up, I was waiting for you so I could talk to you!"

The look on his freckled face told Samantha that this was the turtle's definition of a genius idea.

I sincerely hope the other three aren't like this... grumped the girl.

A sudden shout caused the pair to jump in alarm as the remaining three turtles - almost as if on some sort of cue - hurried into the room.

"Hey! I thought we told you not to wake her up!" snapped one, his blue eyes blazing with annoyance behind a blue bandana.

"I didn't!" cried the turtle nearest to Samantha, raising his green arms in front of his plastron. "I swear! She woke up on her own!"

The blue-masked turtle sighed. "I'm sorry if my brother bothered you at all," he said. "Master Splinter informed us that you would be...staying here, so we decided that it would be a good time for introductions once you woke up. Unfortunately, someone was a bit too eager..." He shot the orange-masked turtle an exasperated glance, eliciting a sheepish chuckle from said turtle.

Samantha sat up. "He wasn't too bad," she said. Then, after a small silence, she added, "I-I'm Samantha, by the way."

The blue-masked turtle nodded. "Well, my name's Leonardo. Leo for short."

"I'm Donatello," spoke a tall, purple-masked turtle, offering a friendly smile. "But you can call me Donnie, or even Don, if you'd like."

"My name's Michelangelo!" cried the freckled turtle, grinning. "But you can call me Mikey!"

A small silence stretched by as all four heads turned to face the last turtle. He wore a red mask over two emerald green eyes, which, Samantha noted, were pointedly avoiding her. His plastron was cracked and scarred, and the tails of his bandana were ripped and tattered.

At long last, he snarled, "Name's Raphael. Don't call me anything else," and stormed off.

Leonardo winced. "Sorry about Raph...I guess he's still getting used to another human knowing us."


Michelangelo nodded. "April's the first," he said.

Samantha blinked. "Who's April?"

"Donnie's girlfriend," grinned Michelangelo, ignoring Donatello's flustered protests.

Leonardo cleared his throat, trying to contain his amusement. "So, uh, Samantha-"

Michelangelo gasped, cutting off his brother. "Hey, I just realized - you didn't tell us your nickname!"

Samantha stared at the freckled turtle. "I...don't have one..?" she said, confused by the unexpected comment. Do I need one? I never had one back in the Foot Clan..

Leonardo and Donatello groaned as Michelangelo stared hard at Samantha, frowning deeply. Suddenly, the turtle sprang up, snapping his left hand and pointing at Samantha. "I got it: Foxy!"

An awkward silence befell the group.

"Foxy...?" Donatello asked.

"Well, yeah! Her hair is the color of a fox!" grinned Michelangelo.

The tall turtle face palmed. "Mikey, foxes are orange. Samantha's hair is brown."

Michelangelo blinked. "...ohhhh," he said, eyes wide as if he'd just had the greatest realization of his life, which, Samantha thought, he probably had. "Well, then, I'll just call you Sammi! Or Sam. I'm kinda torn between the two."

Samantha smiled, though deep down, she felt quite uneasy at having a nickname. "I like that," she said. "It's better than Foxy, anyway."

Michelangelo whooped, throwing his arms into the air. "Alright!"

Leonardo shook his head. "Well, uh, Sammi, I guess, Splinter suggested we show you around the place. There actually happens to be a spare room - actually, it was our old time out room, but we sort of outgrew the need for it." Leonardo smiled at her. "So, if you'd like, we can show you around and hopefully get you situated."

Samantha nodded, pushing down her discomfort at the use of her nickname. "Sure," she said, standing up from the couch. "Thank you all so much for letting me stay," she added as they walked out of the room.

Leonardo nodded. "Of course," he said. "Splinter said you had some...home issues that prevented you from having a safe life. Not to mention the Foot Clan being on your tail."

Samantha nodded. "Once I'm eighteen, I swear I'll be gone," she lied. "By then I'll be a legal adult. I won't have to return to my mother's place ever again." She added a shudder for effect.

Donatello spoke up. "I assume you'll have some way to get enough money to be able to live on your own?"

Samantha frowned, mind racing. "I-I'm sure I can find a job," she stammered. "I've got a couple hundred that I've been saving for a few I'm not 100% broke."

At this point in their little tour the group had arrived at the entrance to another room. "This is our dojo," Leonardo informed Samantha, gesturing to the closed doors. "Sensei's meditating right now," he added as they walked away. "It's best to leave him be for now."

"This here's the kitchen," pointed out Donatello, his arm facing a smaller room a few feet away from their current position.

"Though, we generally only eat pizza," admitted Leonardo. "Hope you're not a health freak."

"I'm staying with a group of mutants who live in a sewer system. Do you really think I care about the food that I eat?"

"Fair enough."

Eventually the tour of the lair came to an end, and the three turtles showed Samantha to the spare room. Michelangelo opened the door and gestured around the room. "Ta-da!" he cried.

Samantha blinked. There wasn't much in the room, save for her things, an inflated air mattress, some blankets and a small pillow, a chair, and a small nightstand with a single drawer that held what looked to be a lamp and a battery operated clock atop its surface.

"I know its not much," Leonardo began nervously, "but we didn't exactly expect someone besides us to be living here..."

Samantha shrugged. "It's alright," she told him. "I do have some money; if I really need something, I can get it."

Leo nodded. "Well, dinner will probably be ready soon, so if you'd like to rest a while, you can."

"I wouldn't mind a little rest," conceded Samantha. "Thank you." The turtles nodded before double checking that Samantha knew her way around the lair and leaving, shutting the door behind them.

Sighing, the girl flopped down onto the single chair and gazed around. The floor appeared to have been recently swept, she noted, and the blankets washed.

Well, at least it's clean, she thought. For an underground sewer home, at least. What even was this place, anyway? A subway station or something?

The girl shook her head and picked up her luggage. Digging through her bag, Samantha double checked that none of her items had been disturbed while she had been asleep. Once satisfied that nothing was out of place, she curled up on the air mattress, deciding that a short nap couldn't hurt.