Chapter 1: Our Warship

Things weren't always like this. All this hatred, strife, and grief in this world didn't always exist, not in the past. My teachers have always told me that man used to be primitive, without thought or emotion; merely instinct. Those days were simpler. No evil, no morals, only survival. And then the incubators came; they were monstrous beings, manipulating humanity to do their bidding and 'save the universe.' Manipulating emotions and pulling strings of innocents children to fuel their 'noble' cause. Claiming not to comprehend emotion yet playing with everyone's anyway. The incubators were monsters.

It was all over the news, weeks before the great event. A great chasm of light had formed in the sky over San Francisco, my home, making the Northern Lights look dim in comparison. Making the city look dim in comparison. Occasionally a ball of light would fly out, and then sputter out of existence. It was amusing the first few times, but after a week people began getting nervous. At first tourists would come from around the world to see the strange lights, but eventually the lights began flickering more often, creating lights showers. People began to irrationally fear the lights, fleeing the city, believing the lights to be evil and of a magical nature.

They had no idea.

A curse is a horrible thing. People die, villages mysteriously disappear, and cruel monsters are born out of mankind. But the universe has a way of balancing out curses with miracles. Curses are born out of grief as miracles are born from hope. Or at least that was what I've been taught. However, lately I've been thinking differently…

After another week, the event happened. The chasm began fluxing rapidly, shifting through all the colors of the rainbow and blinding anyone who gazed too longingly at it. The lights that were flying out of the chasm no longer disappeared and began flying around the rift. Occasionally a few would fly down to the city, but whatever they were doing was anyone's guess. Especially since there were never witnesses.

What was I doing during all of this? I was looting the empty houses for food. You see, I was just a poor boy living on the streets with a sister to feed, so when the panic set in I saw nothing but opportunity. It was difficult work, but it was ultimately worth it. Security was lacking, breaking in was physically taxing, but the payout kept my sister and I well fed and happy. For a time.

One afternoon my sister and I were squatting in a nice apartment, one we'd never dream to afford. The yellow wallpaper was a bit bland, the empty room was a bit lonely, but on the plus side the bed we were sitting on was large enough to fit both of us! I had found some spare clothes that fit us in the closet, a nice change from the usual rags we wear. I was drinking some soda I had found while sis was chewing on some bread when we heard a loud crash from the kitchen. Sis and I jumped off the bed, preparing to dash out the ground-level window. We could hear plates being broken from our room. We looked at each other with our shared green eyes, and nodded. I grabbed a knife I hold onto for emergencies from the bed, and started toward the door. I took one last look at my sister, who nodded, messing up her blonde hair.

Gingerly opening the door, I peered through the crack. Nothing. Carefully walking as not to tip off the intruder, I entered the kitchen. I raised the knife, prepared a battle stance, and… nothing.

"Whew," I relaxed, "Maybe it was a d-oof!" Something slammed me from behind. I tried to get up but something grabbed me by the feet and flung me, with superhuman strength, across the kitchen. I landed roughly after bouncing off the oak wall. Pain, agonizing pain coursed throughout my body. I barely managed to lift myself an inch off the ground, enough to look at my attacker. It was a light, nothing but a light. My eyes could not comprehend its true form; all I could see was a great mass of purple light. My eyes gradually closed as the light approached me.

Unconsciousness was bliss and uncertain. I vaguely remembered a flying sensation as I was carried like a doll. I dreamed about bright lights, and being enveloped by the chasm, devoured by the rift. I believe I opened my eyes briefly to see blood and bodies scattered about in a dark realm, ruled by a huge abomination. I could've sworn I saw a small, human figure fly around it, fighting it. Whether this was a dream or not never occurred to me, nor did I care as I fell into a deep slumber...


"Ugh, what happened last night? Did the Raff twins hit on you again?" I groaned half-heartedly as something nudged me awake. I shifted onto my back and let out a sigh. My last memories popped back into the fore of my mind and I bolted into an upright position. I jerked my head back and forth, taking my surroundings in as fast as I could. It was only until I was sure that the nightmare was over that I slumped back onto my back. It was a simple, nice apartment. A bit boring, but there was some tea stuff and platters scattered about on the nearby table. I didn't really pay attention to the details.

The nudging continued again. I opened an eye to glance at the girl poking me. She was a cutie, blonde hair with interesting curly pigtails. She had this dull look in her eyes but she was definitely curious. I noticed her schoolgirl outfit and figured she was Japanese.

"It was you, wasn't it?" I asked her, questioning last night's events. She nodded, knowing full well what I meant. I closed my eye again, mulling over everything. Everything had happened so fast, the pacing was all off. However, there was one constant in this ever-changing stream of events that I held onto.

"Thank you," I whispered.