A new day had started and Amaya drove to school. Yumi was still in bed when she left, and she hoped that the woman would stay there... All day. When she walked into the building, her eyes locked to Hijikata's, and he greeted her in a low voice.
"Hey! How are you today? Did you have a good day yesterday?" Amaya was just happy to be away from the demonic Yumi. Hijikata nodded, and offered her a small smirk.
"Toshi, do you want to hang out tonight? I have work after school, and I get off around ten. If you aren't busy, or going to bed early, we should watch a movie or something." She spoke in a low tone, so nobody else could hear them, and he gazed around them.
"Sure. Where do you want to meet up?"
"The park. The one on Robin Lane. Let's go to your place okay? I have an annoying leak at mine..." He nodded again and they parted ways. Standing at her locker Amaya felt a small tap on her shoulder. Turning to see Bansai, she scowled.

"What do you want?" Hissing the words at him, Amaya turned back to her locker.
"Maya... Stop acting like that. You have no reason to be mad at me..." Kawakami spoke in his cool voice as always and it only irritated Amaya further.
"No reason? The fact that you melted the moment Yumi touched you yesterday is plenty. You sat there and stammered for thirty minutes straight! YOU! Of all people. If she could... If she could-" Her voice wavered and she shoved her books into her bag.
"You never acted like that with me." He shifted his gave trying to find something to say, but before he could she slammed her locker shut.
"There's only one Kawakami that I like, remember?" Motioning in the direction of Noboru, she quickly walked away.

History was the same as always, but Gintoki seemed to be nicer today. He seemed as though he was over the day in the office, and finally treated her as always. Everything was fine. That is, until a certain busty blond walked into the room. The entire class fell silent as the woman strode over to the teacher's desk, letting the hem of her dress ride up.
"Hi there! I'm Yumi, Amaya's cousin. I'll be staying with her from now on, so I wanted to check out her school!" Yumi gazed at the students grinning sweetly. Shifting her gaze back to Gintoki and Hijikata she continued.

"I plan on watching the class, is that okay?" Her voice suddenly had a sultry tone to it, and the men nodded silently in response.
"So you're both the teachers?" They nodded again, and she placed a hand to her cheek.
"My, So handsome." After a short giggle that annoyed the hell out of Amaya, she walked to a desk in the front row and sat down.

The entire class, Amaya caught Gintoki and Hijikata glancing at Yumi who was loving the attention. She had her elbows on the desk, and was holding her head up with her hands. Her boobs seeped over the collar of her dress, not exposing anything but it was enough to make Amaya feel like her D cups were the tiniest things on the face of the earth. Hijikata didn't even look at Amaya, and she felt herself growing anxious.

When the bell finally rang students rushed from the room, leaving Gintoki, Hijikata, Amaya and Yumi in the room.
"So tell me, how are her grades?" The two teachers both walked over to the desk she was sitting in, speaking at the same time.
"She's great!" They spoke enthusiastically, and Amaya felt horribly left out. It was as though she was alone in the room, and she rose to her feet.
Yumi also stood up and walked to Gintoki's desk.
"Oh! It that a lollipop? May I have it?"
Smirking Amaya decided to wait and watch Yumi get shut down, but was even more angry when Gintoki spoke.
"Of course."

Thanking him Yumi leaned across the desk, exposing her white thong, and grabbed the candy. Hijikata and Gintoki Stared in awe, slack jawed. Yumi then slowly came back up, and turned around still smiling. Unwrapping the lollipop, she leaned against the desk, and placed it in her mouth.
"Mmm, I just love sucking on these. It tastes so good." She circled her tongue around the candy, and the men watched her silently. Having seen enough Amaya walked between the adults, glaring at Hijikata and Gintoki as she passed.

During Kawakami's class the same thing happened. Yumi came in, saying she wanted to watch the lesson, and sat in the front row. She sat in the same position, but this time her legs were apart, giving Kawakami a full view up skirt. Amaya caught him sneaking glances, and when she knew he would stiffen again he sat at the table and pretended to read a book. When class was over Yumi walked up to him and sat on the desk.
"Hi again, it's nice to see you. Do you mind If I call you Bansai?" He shook his head, and Amaya watched the woman as she walked by.
"Well, Bansai, I can tell that you're a very unique man... Intelligence, looks, and charm, you must have it all. Tell me something... Do you have a girlfriend?" Leaning against the door, Amaya's eyes widened at the question. Bansai glanced at Amaya before answering.

It was true, but Amaya couldn't stop her heart from dropping. Yumi reached across the desk, and pulled his glasses off placing them on her own face. "Well if you ever want one..." She moved closer to him and he seemed to be frozen in place.
"You can always call me..." She breathed the words at him, and the second the words escaped her lips, she was capturing his. Kawakami gazed at Amaya out of the corner of his eyes, as Yumi stole a kiss from him. He was surprised to see the girl standing in front of the door, tears streaming down her face. She had started crying when he let Yumi remove his glasses. As far as she was concerned, she was the only person who had seen his eyes, and now they were no longer a secret from everybody else. When Yumi pulled back, Kawakami turned to face Amaya, but she was already gone. The door was closing behind her.

Amaya ran down the hall way only wanting to get as far away from Kawakami and Yumi as possible. She bumped into Gintoki and Hijikata at the same time, and the men stared down at her wide eyed. Without giving them a single second to speak, she pushed past them. It was obvious that whenever Yumi was around, they wouldn't even care about her. Just like Kawakami. When she reached her car, Noboru was standing beside it.
"H-Hey, A-Amaya-Chan! Are you alright?" The boy's greasy hair fell over his face. Amaya peered at him, her face red. "D-Don't cry..." He wrapped his arms around her, and even though he was the most annoying guy she had ever met, she didn't attempt to push him away.

She remained in his arms, sniffling softly. Her nose was so clogged that she couldn't even smell him. 'This is the only person Yumi won't try to take away from me...'

Her teachers all walked over to her, staring at the odd pair.
"What are you all doing here?" Quickly wiping her eyes, Amaya glared at the men, Noboru still embracing her.

"Umm... You seemed upset..." Kawakami was the first to speak, and he had apparently retrieved his glasses. Gintoki and Hijikata nodded, staring at her like she was crazy.
"You think?" Pulling away from Noboru, Amaya shifted her gaze. Her heart ached, and she could think of no way to make things right with the men.
"Don't you have classes to teach? Maybe a dumb broad to stare at?"
"Dumb broad?" Gintoki rolled his eyes at her.
"She went to your next class... What's wrong Amaya?" Hijikata ran a hand through his hair.

"Ask Kawakami." Glaring at the man she shrugged. "Better yet. Don't even worry about it. There's only one person I like." Amaya knew she would regret this, but taking a deep breath she turned to Noboru. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she leaned close to him, and gazed at the teachers.
"I know there's somebody else you'd rather be talking to... So, why don't you?"

Now they all stared at her wide eyed, seemingly frozen. Noboru was also frozen, and Amaya pulled back.
"Hmm, It's nice to know that there's someone I can have this effect on..." Motioning to his pants, Amaya got into her car. After starting the engine she pulled on a pair of sunglasses, and began to back out. Stopping when her window was beside them men she rolled it down, and grabbed a cigarette. After lighting it, she placed her hands back on the wheel, staring ahead.
"You know... If you like somebody, it's rude to ogle the next woman that comes along. Even if she is being a slut." With that she continued to back up, and away.

Amaya spent the day at home, crying. She didn't know how Yumi always had this effect on men. It always seemed to happen like this. Bansai wasn't even dating her anymore, but to see him with Yumi, eyes completely exposed, and not fighting against her, hurt. Yumi eventually came home, after what Amaya could only assume was spending the rest of the school day flirting with the men in her life. When Yumi was walking in the door Amaya was headed for work. Neither of them spoke, and Amaya pretended she didn't see the manipulative smile on Yumi's face.

Work was tedious, and filled with disgusting creeps as always, but it was better then being at home. Amaya was happy to know that she too was attractive. An unexpected customer came in, and Amaya was unsure of how to treat the man.
"Takasugi-Sama! welcome to the Lounge! May I take your order?" She bowed lightly and the man scowled at her.
"So you work here now?" Amaya nodded at him, and he gazed away from her.
"You know Miss. Mori, If you ever needed, you could always come back to the Vortex. You were a good waitress, and I'll pay you more... And keep these men off of you..." His voice was low as always, and Amaya raised an eyebrow at him.
"I know you were displeased with the way you were treated before. Maybe my approach was wrong." Now he smirked up and her, and Amaya felt put on the spot.
"But can you really blame me..? I'll have a tea..."

Nodding Amaya walked to the kitchen to get the drink. 'He seemed like he was telling the truth... I could use more pay... I want to move...'

Returning with the tea Amaya placed it in front of Takasugi. "If you need anything else, please tell me." She bowed again and he nodded.
"Consider what I've said."

After work Amaya waited at the park. It was ten O'clock, and she had just arrived. Half an hour passed and she waited patiently, smoking cigarettes, and gazing at the stars. After another Fifteen minutes she grabbed her phone, deciding to call Hijikata. The dial tone sounded for a few minutes before the phone was answered. She was not greeted, so she decided to talk first.
"Moshi Moshi." Silence.
"Hello? Hello?" Now she heard something. It was a low moan. The sounds of a man, and woman together on the other side of the phone. Amaya pulled the phone from her ear and stared at it, making sure she had dialed the right number. She had, and now her heart dropped once again. The sound of Hijikata's phone being picked up, and panting graced her ears, followed by a click. She had been hung up on.

Seeing that she would not be joined by Hijikata, she slid off of the hood of her car, and listlessly walked back to the door, once again on the verge of tears.

'Why is this happening?'