A/N: I know, I know. I've already got so many projects in the works that starting another would be crazy. But I got the urge to write a story based on what I thought happened at Kim and Ron's Senior Prom, considering there aren't exactly a lot of those around. It will also be sort of a lead-in to "Graduation". Remember, I don't own Kim Possible. Believe me, if I did, it would still be on TV. Enjoy.


Middleton High was alive with more activity than usual. The reason behind this was the upcoming Senior Prom. With it only a week away, all the seniors were abuzz with the boys talking about who was going with who and the girls gossiping about what they were going to wear. However, the biggest thing they were going on about revolved around a certain pair. A pair who, almost exactly one year ago, finally hooked up.

The female half of that pair had just completed making final preparations for the dance.

As Kim Possible walked towards her locker, her arms loaded down with papers and other things, she was unaware that someone was following her until they struck.

"Excuse me, Miss Possible" came a cheesy British accent from behind her "But I was wondering if you would mind accompanying me to the Senior Prom".

Kim couldn't help but giggle as she turned around to face her boyfriend.

"You know you don't need to ask me, Ron" she said with a smirk "You are my boyfriend after all. Who else would I be going with?"

"I know" Ron Stoppable said with a shrug "But considering it's pretty much our anniversary, I wanted to do it properly".

Kim's eyes lit up "Oh, Ron. That's so sweet".

"So, have you got a dress for the dance yet?" Ron asked as they reached Kim's locker.

"Not yet" Kim said as she opened her locker and stuffed her things into it "Monique and I are going shopping after school. Then we can focus on getting you a tux".

"Oh, what's wrong with the blue tux I wore last year?" Ron asked.

"Nothing" Kim said as she turned to Ron and wrapped her arms around his neck "I just think you'd look more handsome in black".

"Well, you know what's best for me" Ron said with a smile.

"I sure do" Kim said before she leaned in and softly kissed him.

The two were so wrapped up in their kiss that they didn't pay attention to the locker until they heard the sound of somebody yell and fall out of their seat. Parting, they looked to the computer to see Wade climbing back into his chair.

"Could you guys please keep the locker closed when you do that?" the tech guru asked.

"Sorry, Wade" Kim said apologetically before turning to the matter of why she was contacted "Anything going down?"

"Just wanted to call in to say that it's all quiet on the villain front" Wade said "Looks like you guys might finally have a dance without an incident".

"Bout time" Ron said "I'd say we were overdue for one".

"Tell me about it" Kim said before she began rattling off all the past experiences they had with dances on her hand "Speed shoes, synthodrones and robots, Bonnie rigging the voting, and…" she turned sheepishly to Ron "You getting locked in a closet".

"Hey, I already told you I forgave you for that" Ron said.

"I know" Kim said with a frown "But it was still a harsh thing for me to do".

"Hey, let's just put that all behind us" Ron said happily as he put his hands around Kim's waist.

"You're right" Kim said as she recipicated the gesture by putting her arms around Ron "This dance is going to be perfect".


Dr. Drakken was feeling low. Lower than low. In fact, he was downright depressed. A fact that his normally lippy henchwoman noticed as he slumped in his chair.

"Why are you bluer than usual, Dr. D?" Shego inquired.

"Shego" Drakken said mournfully "Do you know what day it will be in one week?"

"Uh, May 10th?" the green-minted woman offered.

"Yes, and do you know what significance that day has?" Drakken asked, hoping she'd get what he was saying.

"Uh, that's around prom time for high schoolers?" Shego asked before a bitter look crossed her face "Oh, are you thinking that because it's just about one year since Princess and Doofus Boy hooked up? Come on, I know your synthodrone was partially responsible for that, but you can't blame yourself for them getting together".

"I wasn't, but thank you for dredging up that unpleasant thought, too" Drakken huffed.

"Then what's eating you?" Shego demanded.

"In case you've forgotten, that was also the day I nearly succeeded in taking over the world!" Drakken yelled, his face turning from blue to red.

"Wait, that's what's got you down?" Shego said in disbelief "Come on, every scheme you've had has failed. Besides, I thought you were over that?"

"So did I" Drakken said solemnly as he looked over a book of pictures depicting the events of that day "But as the time of when it happened draws closer, I can't help but get more and more depressed. I was so close to world domination that I could almost taste it. Kim Possible was defeated, my Diablo bots were everywhere, the planet was in chaos. If not for that bumbling fool admitting his feelings for Possible and perking her spirits up, the world would be mine right now! And didn't I tell you that scrapbooking the incident wouldn't make me feel any better?!" he shouted at the henchman holding a camera.

"Well, then what will?" Shego asked.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe taking over the world this time?!" Drakken shouted as he stood up "Maybe what I want is another chance to come closer than I've ever had before to achieve my objective of world conquest?!"

"Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, Dr. D" Shego said "But you can't change the past".

"Hmm, you're right, that would be too risky, even with today's technology" Drakken mumbled "No, what I need is an army that Kim Possible can't stop so easily. An army just as powerful as the Diablos but don't need such a signal to control them. But where would I get something like tha…" He stopped when a thought struck him.

"That's it!" Drakken said as he snapped his fingers.

"Uh, what's it?" Shego felt obligated to ask.

Drakken said nothing and instead ran towards his desk and picked up a pencil. He then began scribbling on a piece of paper as his idea flowed through his brain.

"Yes, yes!" Drakken practically screamed "This will definitely work! Oh, Shego, I have a job for you".