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Club Banana was always Kim's favorite store outlet. True, Ron had pointed out that the merchandise was the same as Smarty Mart's (as well as much cheaper), but it wasn't just the brand that mattered to Kim. Being that the outfits were designed by Coco Banana himself, they were of superb quality. And when it came to prom dresses and accessories, Club Banana had the best.

"I'm telling you, Girl" Monique said as she and Kim looked through the prom section "Employee discount doesn't come in any handier then around prom time".

"You said it" Kim agreed as she briefly looked over a tasteful purple dress before deciding to ask her friend something "So, are you going with someone this time?"

"Nah" Monique replied as a beautiful dark blue dress caught her eye "I figure that I'd let the boys see what they can't have".

"Oh, well, you can always come with Ron and me" Kim offered.

"Are you kidding?" her friend asked as she looked over the blue dress "It's your anniversary with your man. You don't want a third wheel tagging along on something like that".

"Rufus is coming along" Kim replied.

"Yeah, but that little guy will most likely stay by the concession table" Monique countered before declaring "I think this dress is just me".

As Monique rushed off to the changing rooms, Kim continued looking through the racks and racks of dresses. She was undecided in the kind of outfit that she wanted. She had overdone blue, she had enough of both purple and green, and while she looked good in black, she felt like wearing something with lighter colors for this dance.

She was about to decide to just fish one of her old outfits out of her closet when she reached the end of the rack. Hanging in the far back was a white dress. It was a simple outfit, but for some reason, Kim felt a huge attraction to it. Pulling it out, she studied it carefully. Despite its simplicity, it was rather lovely and it seemed to be just her size. Her curiosity peaked, she ran towards the changing room just as Monique emerged in the blue dress she had been inspecting.

"Found something you like?" Monique inquired as she watched her friend run into the booth.

"Possibly" Kim replied.

A few moments later, Kim emerged wearing the dress and looked in the mirror. The outfit clung to her in just the right places and seemed to fit her like a second skin, while at the same time, wasn't as constricting as the dress she wore the time she posed as a model. Twirling around, Kim continued studying her reflection, becoming more and more satisfied with her find and wondering just how a certain blonde would react to seeing her in this.

"You know" Monique pointed out "I believe we have some matching heels and gloves to go with that".

Kim turned around to face her friend with a radiant smile.



Shego quietly crept through the grounds leading up to the estate. It was simple for her to slip past the security surrounding the house. Looking for a way inside the house, she spotted an open window. Climbing through, she landed catlike on the floor. Now she needed to find her objective.

Hearing somebody coming, Shego quickly ran down the hall to avoid being seen. She understood Drakken's desire to not have Kim Possible know about his latest scheme until it was too late, even if it sounded like another one of his 'abject failures'. Hearing the person behind her coming closer, she quickly leaped upward and used her arms and legs to pin herself to the ceiling. The owner of the house then walked under her. Thankfully, he didn't notice her and moved on.

Sighing with relief, Shego leaped down and proceeded with her mission. Sneaking carefully through the house, she began searching for a specific room. After what felt like a hundred tries, she was about ready to give up when she spotted a door leading to the basement. Figuring this was the only place left her target could be, Shego opened the door and walked downstairs.

It was there that she had hit paydirt. She had found the lab. Now to find what Drakken sent her to get. Running to the desk, she went through the papers on it, searching for specific documents. It didn't take her long to find them. Normally, she would have grabbed the papers and run off, but Drakken had made it clear to do this secretly. Pulling out a digital camera, Shego began taking photographs of the desired documents. She had just taken the last one when she heard someone coming again. Looking around for an exit, she spotted a window leading above ground. Jumping up, she opened it and climbed out just as the door to the lab opened.

She was gone before Professor Green even noticed she was there.


Ron was used to doing things on his own. It was one of the things that came with having a female for a best friend since childhood. After school, Kim and Monique had taken off for the mall to find their prom outfits. Ron had offered to come along to give his opinion, but Kim had wanted her dress to be a surprise for the prom. So now, he found himself at Bueno Nacho with Rufus eating his regular order of nacos, chimeritos, and a grande sized soda.

"Well, Rufus" Ron said to the naked mole rat with a mouthful of naco "Any ideas on what to do tonight since Kim isn't with us?"

"Um, uh uh" Rufus said with a shrug in between scarfing down nachos.

"Yeah, me neither" Ron said before sucking on his soda.

"Hey, Ron man" came a familiar voice. Ron turned and saw his good buddy Felix Renton wheeling up to him with a tray of food on his chair.

"Felix, dude" Ron said full heartedly "How you been my man?"

"Pretty well" Felix said with a shrug "Been awhile since I've seen you".

"Yeah, sorry" Ron said sheepishly "With the whole 'me-and-Kim-dating' thing, I've been spending most of my time with her".

"So I've heard" Felix replied "So, you and her are just about to celebrate your first year as a couple. How you handling that?"

"Pretty well" Ron said "Right now, she's out shopping for a dress. Oh, by the way, are you going to the dance?"

"Actually, that's kind of why I wanted to talk to you" Felix said uncomfortably "There is a girl I want to ask, but I wanted to talk to you first".

"Oh, so you've got your eye on somebody, eh?" Ron said enthusiastically "Come on, dude, who is it?"

"Well, it's somebody you know".

"Oh, Monique?" Ron asked "Cause I hear that she doesn't have a date for the dance".

"No, not her" Felix said "Even though she's pretty amazing, this is perhaps the coolest girl I've ever seen".

Ron froze for a minute. "Hey, now wait a minute. KP is my girl".

"I didn't mean Kim!" Felix said, calming Ron down "I know that Kim is pretty great and all, but the girl I'm talking about is the most awesome girl in my eyes. She is so amazing in the arcade. I've seen her in action and she once scored on Zombie Mayhem even higher than me".

"Sounds like a pretty cool girl" Ron replied "The only girl I know who plays games that good is Zita Flores".

It was then that Felix looked off to the side and that's when it dawned on Ron.

"Wait!" Ron cried in surprise "That's her? Zita?"

"Yeah, Zita" Felix said embarrassingly "You know, your ex-girlfriend".

"Well, I don't know if I'd call her an ex-girlfriend" Ron said as he rubbed the back of his neck "I mean, we tried going on one date and we ended up getting trapped in a virtual reality game".

"Well, I thought I'd talk to you first about dating her since I know you once had a thing for her and that dating a buddy's former crush goes against the Dude Code" Felix said.

"Felix, my man" Ron said enthusiastically "The Rondo is so over Zita. I already have the best girl I could find. You don't need the green light from me to ask her out. Go for it".

"Wow. Thanks, pal" Felix said happily, glad that was out of the way.

"So, now that that's settled, are you going to ask Zita to the prom?" Ron asked.

It was then that a look of unease appeared on Felix's face. "Uh, well" he said with discomfort.

"Hold on" Ron said as he caught on "Have you even talked to her before?"

"It's not that easy" Felix admitted "She's just so pretty and amazing that I just can't even approach her".

"Yeah, I've been there" Ron agreed, recalling his own attempts to flirt with Zita.

As he watched the panic on Felix's face, a thought came to Ron's mind. A thought that Rufus immediately caught on to.

"Oh no" the naked mole rat said as he slapped his face with his paw.

"I know it didn't really work out with Wade" Ron thought to himself "But this time, there is no age difference. And besides that, I know more about asking Zita out than Monique. And while I'm sure that Kim would object to it, she doesn't need to find out. And I'm sure that as long as I don't do things like dress him like Lincoln or suggest inventing a love ray, it should work out".

Convinced he was doing the right thing, Ron turned to his friend.

"Felix, buddy, old chum" he said with a grin as he put an arm around Felix's shoulders "Ron the Matchmaker is going to help you".