This story is complete and part of a sequel exists. However, the sequel is discontinued. The story is over ten years old and will not be updated. Read at your own discretion.

Harry looked down at the pendant clutched in his hand and gave a sigh before tossing it to the man beside him. Better to give up the item than get shot, he theorized. He'd been shot too many times as it was. Never was it a pleasant experience.

"You've got the amulet now." Harry said snottily. "Happy?"

"I'm never happy." The man bit back.

"I've noticed." Harry replied snidely under his breath. He watched as the man attached the amulet to his belt knotting the cord properly so it wouldn't come loose. "So, I'll just be taking my leave then?"

"Not so fast." The man cut him off with a click of his gun as Harry made to move toward the door.

Harry suppressed the shudder that wanted to run through him at the sound.

"I heard some interesting stories about you."

"Funny." Harry shot back. "I've heard some interesting stories about you too."

This caught the man's attention, but he clearly wasn't going to take the bait. No, he was going to keep this focused on Harry. "I've heard you have the strangest ability to come back from the dead. A hunter up in Nebraska swears he put a bullet through your brain about a year ago and then he saw you a few months ago traipsing around Milwaukee like it never happened."

Harry shrugged. "What can I say? I have a natural talent for avoiding death." His smirk widened when he saw the man's eyes narrow. "Care to try the same methods as dear old Gordon though? I'd say the man had a habit for jumping the gun, but I'd hate to sound like I'm making light of the situation with a pun."

"No, you're going to tell me why you were after the amulet in the first place."

Harry frowned. The amulet was a trinket to him. It meant little. That was the reason he'd so easily handed it over. Sure it offered protection to the wielder, but it was little more than a low level warding spell. It was useless to him, but the buyer he had lined up for it wanted it so he'd tracked the thing down to some back water town in North Dakota. "Sorry. Client confidentiality and all that nonsense. Now if you're willing to pay for the information I might be more willing to give it to you."

It was the hunter's turn to make a disgruntled face. He looked like he'd swallowed a lemon.

"Are you quite done with your interrogation?" Harry inquired. "I have places to go. People to meet."

The gun retort didn't surprise Harry as much as it should have. The pain in his shoulder was an unwelcome discomfort but he'd grown used to the annoyance of pain. "Ow." He said with a slight frown. "Silver bullet I assume? Gordon already tried normal ones, and rock salt, and iron. I'm not a creature you know."

"You certainly aren't human." the man replied eyes darting to the room's exits nervously. His bullet wasn't causing an overt amount of pain and he wasn't prepared to deal with more.

"I'm hurt." Harry said placing a hand over his heart dramatically. "What makes you think that?"

The man turned disbelieving eyes on him.

"Now that we've established that you're ill equipped to kill me even if you wanted to I think I'll take my leave. Now make sure to send me a post card if you're ever in the area." Harry said caustically exiting the room and leaving a stunned hunter behind.

As soon as he was out of sight of the man he apparated to his plush apartment in Texas. It was quite a distance from where he'd been so he figured he'd bought himself quite a while of peace. Of course he'd have to ditch the place as soon as he told the buyer he'd been unable to procure the item, but he'd been looking for a change of pace anyway. He was growing tired of the stale city air that was offered in the cramped city of Houston.

"What to do…" he said with a frown.

"You could start with not stealing my clients."

Harry put on a fake smile and turned toward the petite woman standing near his counter looking perfectly at home. "Ah, Bela." He said with mock warmness. "Always a pleasure. What can I do for you?"

"I've already told you." She said slowly pulling off white gloves she'd been wearing.

"Let's not forget who found most of your clients and put in a good word for you when you first started love."

Bella gave him a glare worthy of Mrs. Weasley on a bad day. "I've more than paid you back for that."

Harry shook his head exasperatedly. "I don't want your money Bela, just a tinge of gratitude. It was a low paying job anyway. I only took it out of curiosity."

He knew he had her caught with that one. The job had only been for a couple grand, nowhere near the amount Bela preferred to make on her jobs. Harry made his way to his couch and plopped down motioning for her to take a seat in the chair across from him.

"You're bleeding." She said eying his shoulder.

"Indeed I am." He said dispassionately. He'd nearly forgotten but her reminder made the twinge flare up again. He was leaning against white upholstery too and he could tell from Bela's look that she disapproved, much to his amusement.

"I heard that you have a few hunters on your trail." Bela said arranging herself neatly on the chair.

"That would be correct. One of them caught up to me." Harry shrugged ignoring the pull on the wound. "I was expecting it sooner or later. Persistent buggers the lot of them. I heard you ran into the Winchesters."

Bela looked momentarily uncomfortable. "I did. Twice now."

"I've heard some interesting rumors about those two." Harry said leaning back to stare at the ceiling. "Their father as well."

"Any credit to those rumors?" she asked clearly having heard the same rumors he had.

Harry fixed her with an even stare. "Yes."

She raised an eyebrow at his blunt answer. It was unlike him to give away any information easily or without a price.

"There's no point denying it." Harry offered. "You won't be around long enough to see it transpire anyway."

She fidgeted and stared wide eyed at him. He grinned predatorily.

"Yes Bela. I know about your deal. I can smell it on you like whiskey on an alcoholic when he returns from a bar. Besides, the way you showed up in America like the Hellhounds of England were on your heels pretty much told me everything anyway."

She swallowed thickly. She'd faced few people who knew more about her than she did about them.

"Your time's almost up." Harry said seeming completely unfazed by the thought of her dying.

"Do you know any way to-"

"Cancel the deal?" Harry finished for her. "Yes, and no. Love, a crossroads deal isn't exactly a gambling bet with a bar buddy. You can't revoke it when your time comes due just because you're getting pregame jitters."

She closed her eyes. She had hoped Harry would be able to help.

"My only suggestion would be to call up your demon buddy and try to renegotiate. There are things out there that demons want more than your soul. Perhaps they'll be willing to make a trade."

It wasn't like Bela hadn't already thought of the possibility of contacting the demon she'd made the deal with. It was simply something she'd been putting off for fear that the demon would straight up deny her request.

"Well, thrilling though this conversation has been I have obligations to fulfill. Do let me know if you survive your run in with fate."

She tried not to cringe at his casual mentioning of her likely death. They'd never been particularly close, and she had screwed him over more times than she could count. He seemed to take her betrayals like a parent would take a spoiled child's rebellion. He always welcomed her back with semi-open arms and a knowing smile. He was the reason she so hated being indebted to people.

"Good luck Bela."

Harry stared at the medium sized house and frowned. It wasn't exactly luxurious compared to his normal picks, but it would suffice. He was going to miss that pent house a little. It had been perfect for entertaining the occasional hunter who found him. After all, no one questions the man with the money, and the man with the money usually owned a pent house.

"It'll do." He said the sales woman who was standing beside him getting ready to go over all the reasons this house should be his dream home. She looked a bit thrown by his sudden announcement. When what he said caught up with her though she beamed.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to see the inside?" she asked with a bright smile. He could practically see the dollar signs floating in her eyes. "It's just as charming as the outside."

"I'm sure it is." Harry said offering an amused grin. "Have the papers drawn up for me by tomorrow? I trust you'll be able to get me a reasonable offer."

She nodded vehemently.

"Fantastic. I'll be back then." Harry said making his way back to his Camaro with hardly a glance back at the ecstatic woman.

Harry grabbed one of boxes and popped the top open to stare at the contents. An assortment of knickknacks filled the container. This particular box hosted some of his warding objects. He grabbed a small angel figurine and gently placed it on the highest shelf to his left sliding it so that the thing's face pointed toward the door.

He grabbed a vase and placed it on the table to his right making sure the sigil on the back was facing away from curious eyes. He paused then tilting, his head to the side.

"I thought the angels had been instructed not to come to Earth." He said to the room's new arrival without turning to face him. If the man didn't have to courtesy to ask to be let into the house Harry wouldn't dignify his arrival with a polite reception.

"The order has been repealed." The gruff voice assured him. "In light of recent events it was decided that the heavenly host was needed to run interference in Earthly matters."

"I see." Harry said with disinterest. He didn't particularly care whether or not the angels kept to themselves or started walking the Earth again. "Is there a reason you are here instead of doing your job somewhere else?"

The silence reassured Harry that the angels were just as hesitant to step on his bad side as they had been the last time he had met them.

"Your existence walks a thin line-"

"Between blasphemy and sainthood." Harry said throwing a look over his shoulder. "I've heard the spiel before. It's hardly new. You angels are quite set in your ways and as such your admonishments rarely tend to change a great deal. You've never been great at getting to the point either. Always dressing your words up into riddles and trying to make the mortals figure out the puzzle in some sort of grand enlightenment scheme. The difference here though kiddo is that I'm not a mortal. I don't take well to threats, hell I don't even care for criticism when it comes from hypocritical self righteous twats like you."

He had turned to face the angel and the slowly growing agitation was clearly showing on his face as his words grew in intensity.

"I'm only going to ask one more time. Why are you here Uriel?"

The angel fixed him with a disdainful look. Harry had heard that the angel had a great dislike for all things human and Harry had once been human.

"I was asked to inform you of the impending apocalypse. My superiors could not make it here themselves." Uriel finally relented.

Harry's face turned considering. "I'd heard rumors that the demons were trying to break the seals." He admitted. "Ambriel couldn't take a few minutes to come here? I owe him a drink."

Uriel scowled. "Ambriel is busy trying to complete a task given to him by the archangel Michael. He cannot come to the beck and call of something such as you."

"Something such as me." Harry parroted the words. "Curious phrasing. Now, personally I was never one to get offended when being referred to as sub human. I've grown quite fond of losing my mortality over time. It's offered me a bit of freedom in the areas of conscience. Not to mention my ability to have freedom from the whim of corrupted angels like yourself. Oh, yes." He held up a finger as Uriel made a furious face at the insult. "I can see your corruption. Your grace is so tainted it's a wonder you haven't fallen from favor already. I'll give it time Uriel, but before long you'll end up on the hit list too; just another hunt for the supernaturally inclined of this world to deal with. Your egotistical charades will only get you so far. Now, I'm not in the mood to speak with you any longer so I'll ask you to kindly vacate the premises."

Uriel took an enraged step toward him only find his right foot stuck to the floor behind him. His infuriated expression turned to one of confusion.

"I gave you the chance to do it yourself." Harry said with a sigh as he opened the cabinet door to his wet bar. On the inside was an angel repelling sigil he had created. He smirked as he pressed his hand against it. Uriel vanished in a flash of brilliant light. "Won't be seeing him for a while." He murmured.

Harry was in the business of selling information and items to anyone who could pay the price he stuck on them. Mostly he sold rare and obscure items. They brought in more revenue in one go after all. Occasionally he'd make a talisman or amulet for a hunter in need.

Ah, hunters. He was quite amused with that particular group of humans. He had to admit he probably would have become a hunter in his human life if he'd known it to be an option. It was preferable to law enforcement as you had no superiors to order you around, and Harry found quickly that he had an issue with authority. He supposed he should have seen that coming. He had broken every school rule that had been deemed important by staff when he was a kid. Why would his need to prove rules wrong change as an adult?

As it was Harry was a thief, an information broker, a salesman, and on occasion he was a hunter. He was brilliant at all of it if he had to say. He supposed that most people would see the number of injuries he picked on hunts to be a negative connotation on his ability to hunt, but with his quick healing and inability to die that was far from accurate. He was, perhaps, a tinge full of himself.

Harry bit his cheek as he rounded the corner of a shop in Sun Valley, Idaho. He'd just finished a meeting with a particularly annoying client. Why did some clients insist on that half now half later concept to the point of cutting the money literally in half? It made Harry's job all the harder.

He tossed a brief case full of half bills into his back seat and paused as he was opening the front door. His head tilted to the side as it was apt to do when he found something curious. A strange power was filling the air. It was far off, but it was altering time significantly so it was far from unnoticeable. He was sure any reapers in America could feel it too. It tugged at his mind like a half remembered thought. Frowning he relocked his car and concentrated to find the powers origin.

"Florida?" he said with confusion. The power certainly was throwing waves quiet far to reach him in Idaho from Florida. He shrugged, but he knew his curiosity was taking hold of his actions.

He wasn't sure what he was expecting when he popped in on the power's source, but this certainly wasn't it. The freakishly tall brooding guy in the corner with the scowl looked desperate. The man parading in front of him looked amused, but annoyed. It was a look Harry was familiar with. He wore it himself quite often. The man was familiar as well.

"Just take us back to that Tuesday—er, Wednesday—when it all started. Please. We won't come after you, I swear." The tall man said and Harry swung his attention back to him his foot hanging mid air from where he'd just been about to step out.

"You swear." The other man said disbelievingly.

"Yes." The tall man said earnestly.

"I don't know. Even if I could-"

"You can."

"True. But that don't mean I should. Sam, there's a lesson here that I've been trying to drill into that freakish Cro-Magnon skull of yours."

"Lesson? What lesson?"

"This obsession to save Dean? The way you two keep sacrificing yourselves for each other? Nothing good comes out of it. Just blood and pain. Dean's your weakness. And the bad guys know it, too. It's gonna be the death of you, Sam. Sometimes you just gotta let people go."

"He's my brother."

"Yup. And like it or not, this is what life's gonna be like without him."

"Please. Just—please."

Harry had heard enough. He stepped out letting his presence be known. He took a small amount of joy in watching the trickster's head swing about nearly fast enough to give him whiplash. "Loki." He said with a smile. "It's been a while."

Loki scowled. "Always ruining my fun." He muttered.

Sam's eyes were fixed on Harry as though his presence was either a godsend or the most unwelcome distraction ever and he couldn't decide which.

"Your magic is upsetting the balance." Harry said tilting his head to the side. "I could feel waves all the way in Idaho."

Loki looked momentarily impressed with himself. Then he sighed and fixed the taller man with a glare. "Fine, look. This all stopped being fun months ago. You're Travis Bickle in a skirt, pal. I'm over it."

The tall man looked unsure at the trickster's words. "Meaning what?"

"Meaning that's for me to know and you to find out." Loki replied snapping his fingers.

The tall man disappeared but Harry and Loki remained standing in the middle of the odd room. Harry reached up and gently removed an upside down glass of 'liquid' from the nearest odd dining set. With a snap of his fingers the glass was filled with scotch instead of the odd jelly like substance it had been before.

"You don't usually track me down like that." Loki said frowning.

"You don't usually use enough magic to send long range waves. That was a powerful illusion spell you were working. Who was that and what did he do to deserve that particularly vicious cycle spell?" Harry asked conjuring a chair for himself and Loki and motioning for the other to sit as well.

"Sam Winchester." Loki said with a playful frown. Now that he figured out Harry wasn't here for what seemed malevolent reasons he relaxed a bit.

"Sammy Winchester?" Harry said glancing up to where the man had been standing. "Lots of things going through the rumor mill about that one."

"Still have that rumor mill running then? It's been forever, I'm surprised you didn't get tired of gossiping with every creature, person, or demon you came across."

Harry shrugged. "I like to be informed. Staying one step ahead of the game helps me feel secure." Harry joked. "Speaking of which. I had a heavenly visit today."

Loki looked momentarily uncomfortable. "That so?"

"It is." Harry said taking a sip of his drink. "You know I don't care much for your brothers. None of them seem to have nearly as much self preservation instinct as is normally necessary. Nor do they act as divine as beings led by god should. In short they're sort of dicks."

Loki gave him a disbelieving look. "You know then?"

"Of course I know." Harry scoffed. "I'd have to be an idiot not to notice the similarities between your magical signature and theirs."

Loki frowned.

"Stop worrying." Harry said fixing him with a smile. "I'm not going to tell anyone. I've known since our second meeting and I've not told anyone yet. No point in laying all my cards on the table at once after all."

Loki looked slightly relieved, but still wary.

Harry fixed him with a smirk. "I've been meaning to make a trip over to talk with you. I'm sure you've heard rumor about the apocalypse."

Dean gave Sam another incredulous look. "You can't be serious. Bobby tell him he's crazy." Dean bit out.

Bobby gave Dean a 'keep me out of it' stare.

"Dean I don't know who the guy was but maybe he can help. He called off that trickster somehow."

"Sam the guy could be a demon for all you know and you want to go sticking your neck out?"

"You don't know he's a demon Dean!" Sam yelled back. "And if there's even the slightest chance he might be able to help you we have to try!"

"Knock it off you idjits. You're giving me a headache." Bobby said plopping down into one of the rickety chairs that sat beside his dining room table. "We don't even know how to find him. He can't do us much good right now anyway. I tried looking into some lore and even gave out the physical description to a list of hunters. Not a single lead popped up."

As if to spite the aged hunter the phone began to ring. All three shared a look before Bobby pulled dingy device down. Bobby opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the other person. "Ellen, slow down."

Sam and Dean shared another look moving closer in hope they'd be able to hear the conversation. Bobby shoved them back with a glare. He was grunting affirmatives to the woman on the other end for about two minutes before he suddenly picked up a pen and jotted down an address before hanging up. "Well I'll be damned." He muttered staring at the address he'd written.

"What's that?" Dean asked eying it as well.

"What did Ellen want?" Sam asked with concern.

"Well for one she wanted to know why we were looking for the guy. She figured it out herself pretty quick and after asking around some old hunting friends she came up with a name. She said she'd checked an old address of his. Jo got the forwarding address from the post office."

Sam looked excited. "How far are we going Bobby?"

"Not so fast." Bobby said drawing the paper closer to him. "Ellen says the guy's dangerous, has a pretty bad reputation when people annoy him. She said we might not like what we find."

"What choice do we have?" Sam asked eyebrows knotting together in confusion and anger.

"He's human?" Dean asked overruling Sam's question.

Bobby shrugged.

"Green River, Wyoming." Dean said with a whistle as the three of them stepped out of their vehicles just a street over from their destination. They figured it was better to leave the Impala and Bobby's truck a street over just in case. "I have to say not exactly where I'd think to look for some crazy powerful hoodoo man…or whatever he is."

Sam just rolled his eyes and started walking in the right direction. Bobby made a motion for Dean to follow before following himself.

The house wasn't particularly large. It was two stories with a cobblestone exterior and a large bay window out front. The curtains were drawn from the large windows affording them a view of a large den with a, "Is that a piano?" Dean asked eying the instrument.

"What else would it be ya idjit?" Bobby said with a look.

Sam searched for a doorbell before giving up and knocking as loud as he could without being rude. It took a few minutes before they heard the shuffling footsteps and the door swung open cleanly revealing a man who looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He had raven hair and sharp green eyes that observed them like they were insects he found particularly amusing. "Can I help you?" the English lilt surprised Dean.

Sam looked like he'd just won the lottery. Dean supposed that meant they'd found the right guy. It had been a toss up as to whether or not this would be him or not.

"Er, well. You see…"

The man let out an exasperated sigh. "Yes, I was told you Winchesters had a tendency to be far from articulate. Honestly I had decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and say the rumors were untrue, but fate always does love to prove me wrong. Come inside. I don't feel like paying a fortune in heating costs waiting for you to form a coherent thought."

Sam blinked. He certainly hadn't expected that, but when the door widened and the man motioned them through he moved inside unwilling to ruin his chance to save his brother. Dean and Bobby followed at a much more sedate pace each twitching as if they wanted to unload a few salt rounds in the man to make sure he wasn't about to turn on them.

The raven haired man led them through a wide hall into a sitting room and plopped onto a plush couch gesturing for them to take seats as well. "I take it you're not here to talk about the weather. What can I help you with? The only hunters I've dealt with recently wanted amulets or information." He paused grabbing a drink that Dean hadn't realized had been resting on the coffee table, next to it lay a book. "You don't look like you need amulets though."

"Not unless you've got one that stops hell hounds." Dean joked before he could stop himself.

The man raised an eyebrow. "I don't think we've been properly introduced. The name's Harry. Harry Potter."

"What's the point of introducing ourselves if you know who we are?" Dean asked defensively. His mind ran through possibilities. Was there a monster that needed your name to harm you? "You said Winchester at the door."

Harry smirked. "I don't know who you are per se." he said tilting his head, his eyes flickered to Sam and then back to Dean. "It's only Sam Winchester over here whom I'm familiar with."

Dean tensed.

"And quite the rumor mill spreading about you Mr. Sam." Harry said with a joking lilt to his voice. "I know a few hunters and…ehem…non hunters who would pay a pretty penny to know your location. I'd keep my head under the radar if I were you."

"Is that a threat?" Dean asked nearly standing before Bobby put a restraining hand on his shoulder.

"Hardly." Harry said taking a sip of his drink. "More of a suggestion. I take it you're Dean. The over protectiveness sort of gives you away. This older gentlemen here, my money would be on Bobby Singer. Am I wrong? Oh you all look terribly tense. Do you see why I prefer to have my guests introduce themselves now? It tends to leave them with a sense of control."

"Who are you?" Dean asked through gritted teeth.

"Harry Potter." He said with a smirk. "I thought I'd clarified that already."

"I meant what are you!"

"Dean!" Sam chided speaking up finally.

"Ah, well that's a harder question to answer. I'm afraid I'm not really in the mood to answer it either. Now I'm going to have to insist you tell me what you want some time this century. I was quite enjoying my novel before the interruption and I'd like to return to it at some point."

Dean opened his mouth to say something but Sam cut him off. "Can you stop a deal?" he blurted before he even realized he was speaking.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "A deal?"

"A crossroads deal." Sam clarified. He didn't miss the way Harry's eyes flickered to Dean.

"What makes you think I could?" Harry asked with open curiosity.

"I saw the way you showed up in Florida, and you called off that trickster."

Harry laughed. "I hardly called him off. He'd already decided to release you. Although, from the looks of it his lesson didn't stick so well."

Sam flinched drawing curious glances from Dean and Bobby.

Harry leaned back observing the three. "I can't break the deal." He said and Sam looked ready to protest. "Demon deals are difficult to wiggle out of. Not to mention you're cutting it pretty close to your deadline. Three days? Really? Besides, from the sounds of it you have no issue leaving others to hell's devices. Bela hardly got the fair end of the stick on that one."

The brothers shared a nervous glance at the mention of the British thief who'd caused them so much hell lately.

"Now, normally I'd offer you this." He snapped his fingers and the colt appeared inches above his right ear and plopped into his hand. Three pairs of eyes riveted to the gun. "But I'm afraid you'll probably lose it if I give it to you right now so I think I'll keep it for safe keeping at the moment. Besides, I heard you're working with a lovely demon that already carries about a demon killing dagger."

"We'd stand a better shot with the colt and the knife." Dean pointed out eying the colt greedily.

Harry laughed humorlessly. "You don't stand a chance in hell even with both. Lillith will wipe the floor with you if you show up right now."

"You know who's holding Dean's contract? What else aren't you telling us?" Bobby finally spoke up.

"The things I know could fill more books than you could fit in a national library Mr. Singer." Harry said snapping his fingers again. The colt was gone. "I may pick and choose which I tell you, but it's only for your own good. Know too much too quickly and you get put on hit lists of people you can't possibly hope to defend yourself from. I recommend you all take a few seconds to reevaluate the reason you're here. I hate to inform you of this, but Dean will die in three days. It's the will of the world. I think it's time we said our goodbyes. Now, if you wish to seek me out in a few months time I might be more cooperative. For now my hands are tied."

Sam looked utterly defeated at the news.

Harry snapped his fingers once more and the three hunters found themselves standing by the impala once more. Harry grabbed his book and leaned back enjoying the soft feel of the fabric beneath him but a frown tugged at his lips. The Winchesters had been a bit different from what he'd imagined them as. "The older one did look ready to pull a gun on me a few times though." He said taking a sip of his drink and placing it on the oak table.

"You're lucky you weren't shot." Loki's voice greeted him. "Or doused in holy water. I'm pretty sure they think you're a demon."

"A pleasure as always." Harry said by way of greeting. "I do wish you angels would use the front door though."

Loki shot him a coy look from the arm chair he was reclining in. "You could have helped them."

Harry glanced over face completely emotionless. "I could have."

"Why didn't you?"

"In my experience people tend not to learn their lesson without a bit of tough love. Dean sold his soul so he gets a trip to hell. Or he'll go about pawning it off all the time. Besides, they weren't exactly offering collateral, and saving Dean would've put me on quite a few hit lists."

"Whose hit list besides the general demon-"

Harry glanced up from the pages of his novel. "There are quite a few parties interested in the start of the end of the world. I find the 'apocalypse' to be a bit melodramatic sounding. Still," he shrugged. "It's not my problem to fix."

Loki frowned, it was an expression that really didn't fit his playful nature. "I've heard the Winchesters are the vessels."

Harry hummed a positive in response.

"Does this mean you want the apocalypse to happen?" Loki asked genuinely curious.

Harry sighed and set his book to the side. "Honestly? I don't care at the moment. I've always been less of an overall picture kind of guy and more of an individual scenario kind of person. The Winchesters are intriguing. I might help them in the future. I've never cared for demons or angels anyway. Humanity has always had the more interesting players."

Loki huffed even if he agreed with the assessment. He was, after all, an angel and Harry's slight was somewhat directed toward him.

Harry shot him a look. "I always enjoy a good chat Loki but I'm a bit preoccupied."

Loki gave him a knowing smile. "Fifty shades of gray doesn't count as reading material. I know you're only reading it for the smut anyway."

Harry shot him a smirk. "Goodbye Gabriel."

Loki winked and was gone.

Sam sat in the passenger seat of the impala eying the card he'd found in his pocket that morning. Harry Potter Information Broker 832 549 XXXX

"Would you give it a rest with that card Sammy?" Dean said snapping him from his reverie. "You've gotta get your head in the game."

It was true of course. They were on their way to find Lilith. They'd long since left behind Bobby's place in Sioux Falls. Sam frowned at the small piece of paper before pocketing it. Normally he would have ignored Dean's blunt request, but considering his brother might die soon he figured he would humor him.

"Do you think Lilith's really there?"

"I damn well hope so." Dean ground out focusing his glare through the windshield.

Sam just nodded in agreement. If she wasn't there they had no other leads. They'd be stuck.