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"I don't suppose you have a great speech lined up that's going to convince these guys joining up with us is a good idea… do you?" Gabriel asked ending off sounding hopeful.

Harry gave him a side long glance that wasn't at all reassuring to the angel.

"We're better off without them, so if none join up I say it's best case scenario." Bela said with a smile.

"What would you know? You've only been alive for two days." Gabriel shot back, slightly defensive. He used to be considered one of the deities she was bad mouthing and he was loathe to let her continue doing it in front of him.

"Temper, temper." She chided never losing her mocking smile.

Harry checked the time on his phone. It was nearly three in the afternoon. The Winchesters would be making it to town soon. He pushed open the door in front of him revealing his large sitting room where the dieties had been gathering. Ganesh sat near the door and offered him a reassuring head nod as he stepped through. Harry knew he had at least one ally in the cobbled mass of gods.

The room shushed immediately, not a good sign.

Six people sat before him, all staring intently with differing degrees of wariness or open distrust.

He took a deep breath. He never had liked being the center of attention when it came to large groups. "I'll start off by saying that coming here in no way obligates you stay and help. You can leave at any time."

A small amount of shifting went through the deities.

"You all know why you're here." Nods went through the group even as he continued. "The apocalypse is nigh and Lucifer decided to make things a bit… personal."

Mutterings of annoyance met the air.

"So naturally…"

"We fight!" one of the men stood arm stretched out in a fist and a look of anger on his face. The rest of the group seemed to be rallying behind the thought. "They kill our brothers, they try to destroy our world, what else would we do!"

"Peace, brother." The woman beside him said laying a hand on his arm. "Sit down Ares."

Ares looked for a moment as if he would argue, but he reluctantly sat. The woman turned her eyes back to Harry.

"It is an option, fighting." Harry consented. "But considering what happened at the last meeting… do you really think you stand a chance?"

Ares grew silent.

"We need to go about this the smart way. If we don't have a plan, if we're not organized about this we will lose."

"Who are you to say such things?" A man of Asian descent sprung up angrily. "Your religion is long dead. You have no right to lead us."

Harry fought the urge to laugh at the mention of religions.

"As I understand, he was the only one that could hold his own against Lucifer at the last meeting." Another woman cut in on Harry's behalf. "It would be prudent to take his advice. Unless you want to be just one more corpse on the ground."

"Thank you Tefnut." Harry said suppressing a laugh at the look of disdain on the other god's face. "But there's no need to defend me. You all received an invitation knowing whom would be hosting. You could have rejected. We're not vying for power here. If you have an issue you should leave."

The Asian god grabbed his coat, which had been slung over the back of his chair, and made for the door. Harry smoothly stepped out of his way. He turned back to the five remaining; two women, three men.

"Need I make it clear that now is not the time for anarchy? If we don't work together there's no reason for you to have responded at all."

None of the others seemed as unwilling to listen.

"Now who was he?" Harry asked nodding toward the door. "I need to mark him off of my 'possible contacts' list for the future."

"Nezha, if I assume correctly." Tefnut said with a smile.


"If we are not to fight then what shall we do?" An antsy Ares asked.

"We plan, we wait, and when the time is right we give them hell." Harry said with a devious smile.

"So we do fight then?" Ares asked hopefully.

"Yes, but we choose our moment and we choose our opponents." Harry replied.

The four on the couch seemed satisfied with this assessment. Ganesh just seemed amused by the whole bout.

"Now, I think it's necessary to make clear who some of our allies are."

The man beside Tefnut tensed.

"Some of you already know Loki isn't actually Loki." As Harry said the angel's name the door opened and he walked in followed closely by a rather curious Bela. Loki gave a slight wave. "He is in fact the Archangel Gabriel."

No one seemed surprised by the news which Harry supposed was good, all things considered.

"I am also in acquaintance with several hunters who will be working closely with us."

"You mean the Winchesters, don't you?"

Harry glanced over to Shu, Tefnut's husband. He still seemed a bit tense. Tefnut was rubbing his arm almost soothingly.

"I do… among others." Harry admitted. There was a collective intake of air as if Harry had just admitted to kicking a puppy in front of PETA advocates. "Do you have some particular dislike for them?"

Shu snorted at the statement.

"More of a general disdain then?" Harry said with a small laugh of his own. Shu's head tilted just a bit admitting to the statement nonverbally. "Unfortunately they're necessary."

"How so?" Ares' companion spoke again. She was a pretty woman but Harry had never met her before, he hadn't the faintest clue who she was.

"As the vessels they're key to this whole fiasco." Harry said with a sigh. "If one or both of them gives in then we're screwed, particularly if the one that says 'yes' is Sam. Michael has already secured a back up vessel. Fortunately that means he'll be weaker than if he were possessing Dean. Unfortunately that means if Sam gives in the whole shebang starts. Naturally that means keeping a close eye on them is preferable."

Harry took a breath and let the information sink in. "Not to mention they're brilliant bait."

"Your bait just pulled up in the drive way." Bela said nodding toward the window.

A general tenseness lingered in the room at the announcement. Harry could tell the Winchesters' sudden appearance wasn't making anyone fonder of them.

"I'm going to step out for a few moments." Harry said watching them all. "I'm afraid that in that time you'll need to make you decisions on whether or not to stay. If you choose to leave there will be no repercussions."

Harry exited, leaving the gods to deliberate their choices in peace. He glanced to his left where Bela was standing with a slight scowl. "Do you really think this is the best time for the Winchesters to find out you're alive?" he asked.

She glanced over briefly. "Are you suggesting I duck out the back door?"

"Only if you don't want a bullet in your head. You three never had the best working relationship."

"They're not still cross about that are they?"

"They're not exactly the poster boys of mental health. They tend to hold grudges."

"Point taken…" Bela frowned. They could see figures moving on the lawn through the distorted glass. She gave Harry a long stare before grinning. "Try not to have too much fun without me." She strode past him toward the back door.

"No promises." Harry replied opening the front.

Outside the brothers were dragging themselves toward the door and looking more than a little sluggish with exhaustion. Even through the tired haze Dean still seemed mostly alert somehow.

"How was the drive?" Harry said grinning in a mocking manner.

"Just because you can teleport doesn't mean you can rub it in our faces." Dean complained.

"I'm sure you'll survive my sarcastic quips Winchester." Harry shot back.

"Why'd you meet us on the lawn?" Sam asked with a yawn. He looked less rested than Dean somehow though surely the smaller man had driven.

"Yeah, I'm sure we could have found the door."

"Yes, I'm sure I can put at least that much faith in your abilities." Harry sneered. "You need to be made aware of the situation you're walking into."

Sam perked up a bit at that. Dean's grimace deepened.

"Inside are the remaining deities that are willing to help us."

"Can't be many if they're meeting at your place." Dean shot back.

Harry sent him a short glare. "As a matter of fact the whole pagan world's a bit off balance since the last meeting. They're not too keen to stick they're necks out after so many of their brothers and sisters had their's snapped."

Dean looked a bit cowed by Harry's statement. At the very least he didn't say anything else offensive.

"So you wanted to give us a heads up before we walk into a group of possibly hostile gods…" Sam said uneasily.

"Essentially, yes. They're not particularly hostile though. Not towards the two of you. If anything they're more… wary." Harry explained.

They stood there awkwardly for another moment.

"Oookay… and we're still standing here becaaause…?"

Harry glanced back at the house. "I'm giving them a minute to clear out if they're not fans of meeting you two."

"Ah… right… wouldn't want to interrupt that."

Another minute passed before Harry sighed and turned back to head into the house. That had to have been at least five minutes. That was plenty of time to make a decision right? Besides, he really didn't want to keep standing outside awkwardly with the Winchesters. Dean would either start making crude jokes or Sam would try to start a conversation about feelings. Either way he wasn't having any of it. He was sure his neighbors thought him strange enough already.

Gabriel was waiting for them in the foyer. He gave a sarcastic half wave to Sam and Dean.

"What, did the real gods kick you out of their meeting?" Dean shot at the angel.

Gabriel opened his mouth to reply but Harry cut him off with a quick interjection. They could save the argument for later.

"Have they all made their decisions?"

Gabriel shrugged. "I guess."

"How many are in there?"

"All of them… surprisingly."

Surprisingly indeed. "Stay here." He gestured to the Winchesters who apparently weren't keen enough on following him to disobey. Harry entered the living room and sure enough every one of the deities was exactly where he'd left them.

"We've decided to help." Ganesh spoke up for the group.

"It's not like we have much choice." Shu threw in. "Either way we're likely to die. We may as well go out fighting."

Harry tried not to smile. It seemed inappropriate but the matter of factness with which the Egyptian deity mentioned his own death was sort of refreshing.

"Actually, we're more likely to live having teamed up with you." The woman beside Ares spoke up again and offered a small smile Harry's way. "Leto, by the way." She offered him a hand.

"Harry." Harry shook it and returned her smile and even offered a small wink which she blushed at. "Down to brass tacks then." Harry said turning to the others. "If you're all staying then we should start talking strategy."

He paused and turned to the doorway. "You three can come in now." He said knowing they had been waiting just out of eyeshot to see if everything went okay.

Sure enough the Winchesters entered the room a bit sheepishly, but Gabriel was grinning. "Let's get this show on the road." He said happily pulling up a spot next to Ganesh. "Hiya buddy. No hard feelings about the elephant thing last time, right?"

Ganesh looked like he was indeed harboring some rather intense feelings toward Gabriel but he heaved a sigh and shrugged. He'd been the butt of too many jokes to take it too seriously.

Sam took a nervous seat next to Leto, but as far away as the overlarge chairs would allow. She offered a wan smile in turn.

Dean stood near the door and refused to move any closer to anyone than was necessary.

Harry gave up on his subtle nods for Dean to join the group. If he was going to be stubborn and stand in the doorway behind Harry then it was within Harry's rights to ignore him.

"Alright, for starters…" Harry wasn't quite sure where they actually should start. The deities weren't aware of much of the quite key information Harry knew about the situation. It would all have to be explained in excruciating detail so everyone was up to snuff on their background info. "Introductions I suppose?"

Ganesh snorted. He gave Harry a look that said he saw right through his stalling tactic. Gabriel on the other hand just seemed amused.

"Everyone already knows me." Harry said gesturing to his chest. "Except Ms. Leto here, but we've just met. Gabriel, or Loki as you previously knew him."

Gabriel's smile deflated as he realized he wouldn't be able to introduce himself. Harry silently thanked himself for taking the opportunity away from him. He probably would have done something stupid.

Harry gestured for them each to introduce themselves.

"I am Shu Egyptian god of air." Shu said standing and pounding a hand against his chest. He posed like that for a few moments as if expecting applause or some such. Everyone just stared.

Harry heard Dean cover a snicker with a cough behind him.

"Sit down Shu." His wife coaxed with a laugh of her own. "I am Tefnut, goddess of water."

"Ares!" Ares announced. "God of war!"

Leto blinked a few times and rubbed her ear. "Ah, Leto. Goddess of mothers."

"Oh man, that's almost as bad as heart." Dean interrupted.

Harry rolled his eyes.

Sam threw his brother a 'shut up' glare. "Uh… Sam Winchester… hunter…"

"Ganesh, god of wisdom." Ganesh said with enough false pomp to inflate several lesser men's egos.

Dean looked expectantly to Gabriel.

"I already got introduced chucklehead. It's your turn."

"I think everyone already knows who the last person in the room is." Harry said with an irritated shake of his head. "Dean Winchester, room, room, Dean Winchester." Harry gestured back and forth.

"Now, with that out of the way everyone will know how to address everyone else. And we're on to more important matters. Firstly, it seems we'll need to catch the five of you up on the inner workings of this apocalypse."

"Does that about cover it?" Sam asked shifting in his seat. It had taken nearly five hours to discuss the finer details of what had happened out of the public eye to those gathered and a fair amount of it Sam hadn't really wanted to divulge. It had been rather personal things like why he was Lucifer's vessel and such. He wasn't generally proud of what he'd done and to have it relived through words was reopening old wounds.

"I think that's the gist of it, yes." Harry agreed.

"So these… keys…" Leto spoke up. "You've already gathered all of them?"

"Correct." Harry affirmed. "Between the Winchesters and myself we have all five of the rings."

"So there's not much planning to be done." Shu said eagerly. "With the rings all we have to do is shove the abominable angel back in his cage and slam the door."

"Easy." Gabriel said with no little irritation.

"You think you stand a chance in a slap fight with the devil?" Dean scoffed from his corner.

"Perhaps we do not." Tefnut replied levelly placing a hand on her husband's shoulder calmingly. "But as we hear it someone in this room does."

All eyes turned to Harry. He heaved a sigh. "That's… complicated."

"Then uncomplicated it for us." Ares said heatedly.

Harry could feel a slight headache spawning. "The sheer amount of power I used at the hotel nearly upset the balance."

"The balance?"

"There are checks and balances I've placed on my own magic… for safety's sake. Accessing my full power could potentially destroy the Earth. It's not really something I'd like to chance." Harry replied eyes closed so he wouldn't have to meet anyone's gaze. "What I did at that hotel… that came very close to tipping my hand. There are certain points I've reached that I can't pull back from."

"How do you know it would destroy the world?" Ares scoffed. "The world is still here. You can't have destroyed it before."

Sam shot a glance at Dean and they both remained resolutely silent.

Harry opened his eyes with another weary sigh. "It's not important." He said calmly. "I've never had much faith in plans, but I can't help but think some sort of rough idea of what to do would be beneficial at this particular moment."

"He's right." Sam agreed. "If we just go in, guns blazing they'll pick us off one by one."

"People are going to get hurt either way." Tefnut said reasonably. It sounded like she was taking the middle ground on this one.

"Yes, but maybe we can stop everyone from dying." Sam said looking like he was pleading.

The room grew silent for a long moment as everyone thought that statement through. They all had people they'd rather not see burned to death in the angelic pissing match. Who's to say they wouldn't still die if they pissed off Lucifer without finding some way to neutralize him first?

"What sort of plan could we use?" Shu finally spoke up. "We already know our options are limited when it comes to combating him."

"I was thinking a nice dose of misinformation coupled with some well placed strategic blows…" Harry said feeling a bit of hope. "We start off by forming three groups…"

Harry watched the deities leave slowly. They all wished him luck as they departed. Chances were they wouldn't meet again before this was all over and if it all went wrong they wouldn't meet again at all. Trepidation was thick in the air.

He turned from the lawn shutting the front door and returning to the Winchesters and Gabriel in the living room.

Sam and Dean had traded places. The moment the deities had left the room Dean had decided the couch looked suddenly cozy and Sam, in turn, had taken to pacing near the entryway. The taller Winchester turned as Harry entered and fixed him with a worried gaze.

"In order for your plan to work we'd need at least three people who can teleport." Sam spurted out.

"I'm aware." Harry said giving him a confused look.

"Are you planning on sending Cas with one of the groups?" Dean chimed in.

Harry shook his head in a negative. "I need him with you two. Besides, I doubt he'd let me tell him where to go anyway. He's been amazingly evasive even with you lately, hasn't he?"

Dean frowned.

"Then who?" Sam asked with a frown.

"Gabriel…" Harry nodded in the angel's direction. "And Anna."

"Anna's still alive?" Sam asked with something akin to wonder but there was a bit of fear mixed in.

"Very much so." Harry agreed. "She's been staying on the down low. Angelic security patrols have been on the increase since Lucy popped the box. She'd have been caught by now if she hadn't gone into hiding."

"And you think it's safe to bust her out now with all this going on?" Dean motioned toward the general area and sounding a bit snippy.

"No." Harry disagreed. "It's not safe. It's so far from safe it's laughable that you'd use the two in the same sentence. But we don't have a choice. We're coming down to the prize match Dean. Everyone carries their own weight or we all go down together. Unfortunately that's the way it works."

"Easy for you to say. You can't die." Dean shot back.

The room grew tense. Gabriel actually stood up, though Harry wasn't sure if that was so he could leave the room quicker if something happened or if he thought he needed to defend Harry's honor or some other completely unrelated reason.

"Last I checked you were having a hard time kicking the bucket yourself." Harry replied curtly. Then he continued with something that might break through to the toughened hunter. "Besides. The fact that I can't die makes this fight more personal for me than any of the others."


"If we lose, Dean, they get to die. I have to live. I have to live through whatever hell is left behind. Which do you think is worse?"

No one said anything. Dean actually seemed to be thinking on the dilemma.

"Should we call Cas?" Sam asked trying to draw attention away from what could become an argument.

"In due time." Harry agreed. "For now I need to make sure Anna knows what to do. If you want to fill Castiel in, that's perfectly fine. Bobby as well… I doubt Ellen wants any part of it at the moment."

Sam nodded.

"What? No instructions for me?"

Both the brothers froze at the newest voice. Dean's head swiveled so fast in its direction Harry swore he heard something crack.

"Bela, I told you it wasn't the best time." Harry groaned.

"I've always been rubbish at taking orders though." She said with a smirk.

"You're alive…" Sam said wide eyed. "I thought you'd been…"

"Dragged into the very pits of hell itself?" Bela finished for him.

"Can't say you don't deserve it." Dean spat.


"Not the time." Harry interrupted. "Winchesters… go… just… go." He rubbed his temples in irritation. She was lucky one of them hadn't pulled a gun and shot her. They were probably too shocked at the moment. He was sure given enough time they'd rectify that.

"Right…" Sam finally consented. "We'll be at the motel down the road."

Harry knew that last statement was for him.

Bela watched them leave with a smirk.

"Was that necessary?" Harry asked scowling. He had a headache.

"Not necessary, no. But it was fun."

"Gabriel." Harry watched the angels' eyes snap to him from the window where he'd been watching the brothers get in their car. "Will you go with Ganesh's group?"

Gabriel saluted and was gone.

"I don't get my own wonder team?" Bela asked faking upset.

"Actually I was going to send you with Anna."

"Another angel?"

"Another angel." Harry agreed.

Bela shrugged it off easily. "Tell me what our plan is then, oh master."

"When Anna gets here." Harry said with a shake of his head.

"Absolutely not." Bela argued.

Anna just looked amused by the whole argument.

"It's not intentionally like that." Harry said a bit awkwardly. He hadn't expected her to get so up in arms about something he considered trivial at best.

"Oh yes, the groups just chose themselves did they?"

Harry shot her a reprimanding glance. "Leto and Tefnut are both goddesses whose powers are better suited to protection. You have a collection of valuable hunter artifacts and access to more."

"And Anna?"

"She knows where every one of my safe houses is."

"And Gabriel doesn't?" she challenged.

"No." Harry said a bit irately. "If you'd like to go with the other group that's fine Bela."

"I can take you to them." Anna offered.

Bela seemed to think on it.

"I thought you'd want to stay out of the fighting." Anna said with a frown. "Having just got back and all."

"Well you don't know me all that well do you?" Bela replied before stalking off with a huff.

Harry heaved a sigh. "Women… I'll honestly never understand them."

Anna laughed and offered him a small smile.

"If you would ask Ganesh to take her place with the other team that would help."

"Of course." Anna agreed.

"How has Jesse been?" Harry asked glad he had a change of topic.

"Impatient." She supplied.

"I imagine so. Is he getting his powers under control?"

"Mostly, yes. He still has the occasional lapse but it's only been a few months."

Harry nodded.

"He may show up before this is all over."

Harry turned to her with a frown. "What do you mean?"

"If he finds out what's happening he might leave without me there to stop him."

He knew she was right. Taking Anna away from Jesse was a risk. She was the only one who could restrain him easily now. The boy had grown to trust Anna in the time they'd spent together.

"We'll see each other again soon." Anna said distracting him from his thoughts. "Be safe."

"You too." He replied as she made her way after Bela.

Harry approached the motel he was sure the Winchesters were staying in. The impala was parked in front of the room and the door hung open. Sam seemed to be toting one of their duffles in. When he saw Harry he gave a sort of half attempt at a wave that was stopped when the bag nearly toppled out of his hands. Harry snorted but followed after the Winchester.

Dean was splayed out at the head of the bed nearest to the door. Castiel and Bobby had apparently winged it down at some point as well. Harry hadn't seen one of Bobby's beat up scrap cars in the lot so he must've hitched a ride with Cas.

"We just got done filling them in." Sam offered as he passed through the door.

Dean offered little more than a grunt in greeting.

"I'm not sure I understand your plan." Castiel said bluntly.

"Yes, well, I never pegged you for the 'brain work' type." Harry replied.

"He's got a point." Bobby stepped in. "You've been talkin' an awful lot about teams for awhile now but every time somethin' comes up you go solo."

"Yes, well 'going solo' wouldn't exactly help our case at the moment. Right tool for the right job."

"So you seriously want us all to hold hands and go skipping merrily into the sunset?" Dean finally spat out.

"I wouldn't expect you to do anything merrily." Harry replied with equal bite.

"Dean." Sam hissed with annoyance.

"He's a bit touchy." Bobby explained. "You are asking every one of us to put our asses in the fire for this."

"Yes, well, equal effort and all that nonsense."

"You seriously want us to buy that all for one and one for all bullshit?" Dean glared.

"I think you need to take a breather Winchester." Harry said levelly.

Dean shoved himself off the bed threateningly.

"He's right." Bobby said with a huff. Obviously he wasn't excited to be agreeing with Harry on this one. "Take a walk Dean."

Sam shot his brother worried eyes.

Dean relented angrily, not missing a chance to punch the doorframe on the way out. The door shut behind him with a bang.

"Sorry…" Sam apologized for his brother for what seemed the hundredth time. "Can I ask… did Bela die?"

"Yes." Harry said without hesitation. "And I'm the one who brought her back as well. It was a very similar process to the one I was going to use for Dean."

Sam cringed at the reminder of Dean's time in hell and his desperate plea for Harry's help.

"Forget Dean's outburst." Harry said suddenly. "I was expecting something like that. After all, it's putting his precious younger brother in danger. My question is whether or not you're capable of it."

Sam seemed taken aback for a moment before he swallowed back whatever doubt he had and nodded.

"That's all the answer I needed." Harry smiled knowingly.

"I would like to make it known that this plan is likely to get at least one of the Winchesters killed." Castiel pointed out.

Harry fought the urge to smack a hand to his face.

"Thanks Cas…" Sam said with a sigh.

"That's the sort of depressing thought you keep to yourself." Harry told the angel with a shake of his head.

Cas seemed confused but Harry wasn't overly concerned about what. The angel was almost constantly confused about simple human customs.

Harry headed for the door.

"Are you leaving?" Sam asked, surprised.

Harry glanced back. "It's been a long day." He replied. "Get some sleep. I'll let Dean know I've vacated the premises so he can come back."

He shut the door behind him even as it seemed Sam wanted to say something.

Dean wasn't far from the room. He was sitting on the trunk of his car with a cold beer in his hand. He didn't appear to be fuming any more.

"I understand why you're upset." Harry said approaching. The jolt Dean gave was nearly worth the extra energy Harry had put into making sure his steps hadn't made noise.

"Fuck." Dean said simply wiping at the small bit of spilled beer on his jacket. He glared over at Harry. "The hell would you know?"

"Enough." Harry said with a shake of his head. "I know you're getting defensive because you think I'm putting Sam in harm's way."

"Sam can take care of himself." Dean shot back.

"If you really believed that you wouldn't have sold your soul for his life."

Dean froze on the car.

"I don't intend for him to get hurt." Harry said resolutely. "I don't intend for any of you to get hurt."

"But you can't guarantee that he won't get hurt…"

"…no…" Harry agreed. "But you can't guarantee any better when you two go on hunts."

Dean snorted and Harry felt a small smile tug at his lips. Comparing an average hunt to taking on Lucifer was a bit of a stretch.

Harry moved past the car. "I'm heading home."

"That all the antagonizing you're doing for the day?" Dean called after him.

"'Antagonizing' Dean?" Harry glanced back. "That's a large word for you."

Dean spluttered through his sip of beer as Harry continued walking. He was sure Dean had a brilliantly articulate comeback but he'd have to hear it another time.

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