—Concluding remarks from Security Chief Michael Garibaldi—

So that's it. Everything I could gather about the 'diplomatic incident', as everyone back at EarthGov is calling it. I still don't have the first damn clue what that ring Kosh gave Londo might have been, and Londo claims that all knowledge about how he used it has drained away. Figures. Just another mystery of the universe, right? I should be getting used to those by now.

Franklin patched up all their injuries, the shot Na'Toth took to the shoulder being the worst of it, and they'll all be good as new in a few weeks. Even Vir's eyebrows. The more I think about it, the crazier their luck seems. Six of them against an entire ship, and they come away smelling like roses. What are the odds?

But before anyone thinks that the whole situation is just too remarkable for words, destined to redefine interstellar relations on Babylon 5, let me lay your optimism to rest. Delenn's back to being mysterious, Na'Toth's back to alienating everyone around her, Kosh is moping in his quarters, and my boys have already had to break up a fight between Londo and G'Kar that threatened to turn physical in the Zocalo. The only thing that's different now, as far as I can tell, is that Vir and Lennier have been spotted getting drinks together. Not exactly the sort of change that's going to shake up the galaxy.

What the hell am I supposed to say beyond that? I suppose I could add my version of what happened, or at least what little I was there to see. I got back to the station after a few days chasing smugglers and everyone was tearing their hair out. One of the visiting diplomats had just been picked up by an EarthForce ship to drag him off for a full investigation on Earth, and the diplomats left behind were ready to bust down the airlock doors to get off the station before it got blown to hell.

Now, as all of this was news to me, I asked the sensible question: "Why is it getting blown to hell?"

Sinclair filled me in on the whole sorry situation. Including that my guys dropped the ball bad enough that three members of the advisory board not only got snatched, but smuggled off the station before anyone figured out something was wrong. You bet I was honked off. My guys are better than that! I've chewed out every single one of them and set them on new shifts to guarantee there's someone in the security office at all times. I'll be reviewing procedure to figure out what went wrong, and reviewing the logs to find out who's responsible for no one staying behind to manage anything that happened while the others were out trying to make sure the Zocalo wasn't torn apart. I ain't going to rest until I manage that.

But before all that happened, there was the question of our imminent demise. Someone from EarthGov had leaked the news to the Minbari, the Narn and the Centauri. The Minbari and Narn were both sending ships to 'investigate' their representative's kidnappings and possible deaths. And from what I've heard, the Centauri sent an angry message. Ivanova's pretty sure it was a form letter.

So there I was in C&C, realizing just the sort of mess everyone had landed in while I was gone. I couldn't think of anything I could do at that point but try and get some answers for the Narn and the Minbari. Hell, maybe I'd even uncover a reason why they didn't have to blow us out the sky while I was at it.

But before I could even move, the jumpgate opens. Ivanova had the defense grid online as soon as it happened, but if it was our station against a Minbari or Narn fleet, we weren't going to last long no matter what defenses we aimed at them.

We all got ready to bend over and kiss our asses goodbye, but it wasn't the Minbari or the Narn or even the damn Vorlons who came through. Instead it was a big old human ship hailing us.

I figured Earth had sent their junkiest old cruiser as a gesture of 'solidarity', but when Ivanova answered the hail we all heard a voice that sounded a hell of a lot like Delenn saying, "This is the ship Massive Heap of Scrap Metal requesting shuttle service to Babylon 5. We seem to have misplaced all our extra craft."

You couldn't have surprised me more if Kosh had showed up doing the can-can. We got visual feed online just in time to see all the ambassadors and their aides, and I swear it was like they'd been watching too many pirate movies. It was clear the whole place was zero G, but it didn't stop Delenn from being draped over the captain's chair like a cat with cream, or in this case a PPG in her belt and what was left of her robes floating around her. The others were are all strapped in at stations around the bridge, covered in cuts and bruises—or like I said in Na'Toth's case, a damn gunshot wound patched up with a black shirt—and they all had weapons tucked everywhere they could find and a disreputable look about them.

"Don't just stand around, Commander!" Londo called from the helm, half his crest still stiff and half of it waving back and forth as he moved. "We have had quite the journey, and I for one would very much like to see my own quarters again!"

Vir started to look worried. "About that …"

But G'Kar was already saying, "And I would like to have my attaché seen to at once. She did enact a rather heroic, if somewhat pointless, rescue on my behalf."

"What happened?" Ivanova asked.

"How did you capture the entire ship?" Sinclair wanted to know.

Me? I was too busy trying not to laugh at the most disreputable bunch of 'heroes' this side of the Milky Way, and wondering if I couldn't get pictures of them for the future.

All's well that ends well, I guess. Sure beats getting blown up.

Oh, hey, and here's a request. Next time I have to go chasing after drug dealers, hold off on having the emergencies until I get back. They may have been the ones who got snatched and spent a day or so waiting to die, but this paperwork's taken me a week. I'm just saying.