Notes: Written for an anonymous prompter on tumblr.
Title: boom boom boom
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Thor/Bruce
Words: 173 words
Prompt: Bruce being a tease ;) Thunderscience

boom boom boom

Bruce curled up against Thor's side, tucking his head under the god's chin. He spread his fingers out on Thor's chest, gently trailing them along ridges of muscle.

He dropped a kiss to Thor's neck, pushing himself up so that he could explore better. It was so rare that he got this chance – Thor was still asleep and the faint early morning light made him glow – and he wasn't sure if he could take it when Thor was awake.

Slowly, carefully, Bruce trailed his fingers along Thor's face, down his neck, mapping out his muscles. It was with a sleepy, aroused grumble that Thor woke up.

His voice was a little slurred with sleep, "Bruce?"

"Yes, Thor?" Bruce's fingers paused for a moment before resuming his exploration. He dragged his fingers low on Thor's torso, skimming his hip above the cover of the sheet.

"Stop teasing."

In one fluid movement, Thor rolled them so that he had Bruce pinned to the bed below him. He leaned over him, grinning as the last bits of sleep faded.

"My turn."