My name is Kousaka Kyousuke; I am 17 years old. For the longest time, I have felt that something was missing from my life. But I still don't understand why I have this feeling of emptiness. My goal in the first place was to lead a normal life, and I've achieved that. I have a mother and father, I go to school… What's more plain and simple than that? This issue has been really bothersome, and it shows, too. My childhood friend, Tamura Manami, has been constantly worried about me. Saying things like "Kyo-chan, why the long face?" and when I tell her I'm not her problem, she says "It's my job to worry about you!" Typical Manami, I don't know why she's so kind and gentle to people… My parents are also real worried, though my father won't show it, because his pride won't allow it, my mother told me for him. They're saying I should go see a counselor, or get medication. It hasn't become that lamentable, has it? Besides, I find it less stressful to deal with these complications alone. On a higher note, school starts up again tomorrow. Why is this good? Well, I'm thinking that if I'm able to occupy myself with work, it will help me take my find off of this, presumably, fabricated feeling. I just hope my plan isn't improbable; it's the only thing I can think of, to fix myself. Oh well, I'm pretty sure if I let my thoughts dwell and race like this, I may find myself up at an unfavorable hour.

I just have to hope for the best

Maybe the best…