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"I want to get to know you better, Kyousuke."

Those words kept repeating over and over in my head, causing me to toss and turn underneath my sheets. Every time they made another repetition throughout my mind, my heart felt lifeless for a split-second. I can remember it as if she was still by my side…


The Suzumiya residence, 9:00 pm

After the lovely dinner and company that was so thoughtfully provided by the Suzumiya family, I decided to show myself out just as Kirino decided to do that same thing herself.

"I'm going to show Kousaka-senpai on his way." Said Kirino with a large grin as she got up from the dining table, walking with an upbeat pace to the front door in which I was standing.

"Okay, Kirino." Replied Ms. Suzumiya nonchalantly from the kitchen while we made our way out the door.

When we were of the house, Kirino walked me all the way to "Pink Gabriel" so we could talk without any interruptions from her family. The Sakura petals on Gabriel were gradually flowing away in the surprisingly cold late-August wind. Kirino and I stood under the tree for what seemed like a few minutes before she started talking to me.

"I-I had a lot of fun tonight Kyousuke, thank you." My beautiful under-classmate said with grace.

"No, I should be thanking you. The food was great and the company was amazing." I said trying so hard not to stare at her,

God… she was so pretty… The way the moonlight caressed her delicate pale skin and highlighted her small blushing cheeks mad my heart skip a beat… And her hair, it was almost as if it was glowing as bright as the moon was. She was perfect, and the way I was looking at her must've implied that as her blush grew.

"W-What are you looking at?" She stuttered, her breath growing short. Causing me to gain a blush as well.

"Nothing…" I said, looking away.

After a few minutes of embarrassing silence and tension, Kirino spoke once again.

"Kyousuke?" She said, making me look down at her.

"I-I can't help but be very kind to you for some reason, li-like… I think you will be very important to me… So…" She started shifting around so much I thought she was going to fall.

"I want to get to know you better, Kyousuke." She said hurriedly, as if she was trying to get the words out of her mouth before they went away.

I was very happy, to say the least. I mean, this girl… no… this kind and beautiful woman I met, today, is confident that we will have a good relationship with each other…

I was instantly compelled to smile and reply…

"I want to know you better too…" I said, which in turn caused her to look up at me, eyes glowing with intense passion and relief, those pure blue eyes…

"I feel like I can share a lot of things with you… the good, the bad… everything. But, I have to know you better first… So let's become good friends, okay?" I explained with great nervousness that I hope wasn't that apparent.

The glow in her eyes then turned into tears, along with a smile.

"Have a goodnight, Kyousuke." She finished with a bow and hurried back to her house.

End of flashback

'Those tears… I wonder just why they were shed?' I pondered with great concern for my new found friend, eventually causing me to fall into a deep slumber, with her glowing image acting as my sleeping aid…

I had great dreams that night.

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