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Rated T for language, subject matter some may find offensive and romantic interludes which will appear down the road.

It seems not everyone has learned a lesson from the War. Instead of taking time to relax, look around and enjoy their freedom, there has been a big rush from the war generation to marry and settle down. Many of these marriages will last while some won't. This is drama and this is Dramione. T

Is This All There Is? Chapter 1: Hermione's Journal


This Journal belongs to Hermione Granger - Private


This is my first entry in a long while. Chasing a madman and his horcruxes doesn't leave much time for making journal entries. All praise to Merlin though. Harry has done it. Voldemort is dead and we have made it through. We've lost a lot of friends, but we managed to rid the wizarding world of the worst viper in a hundred years.

R.I.P. to all those who gave their lives to make this a reality. Harry was magnificent. Neville was magnificent. Molly killed Bellatrix LeStrange and Narcissa Malfoy helped Harry. At the turning point, Narcissa, Lucius and Draco Malfoy decided they wanted to be on the side of light. No surprise there as the side of light was the winning side. No matter what Narcissa did to help Harry. I think all the Malfoys are pieces of shite who will always play to the winning side.

Harry is currently resting at Grimmauld Place. He has asked for a bit of privacy. Everyone (except the Daily Prophet ) has let him be. Harry needs his rest and deserves his rest. I haven't tried to get into Grimmauld Place. Harry will see us all when he's ready. Other than myself, Ron and Kingsley. I think the only person allowed in the house is Ginny.


There's been a lot of celebrating and overall good cheer going around. Kingsley has rewarded Ron, Harry, Neville and myself handsomely for our part in the war. He makes us out to be heroes. Truthfully. We were just a group of scared kids who had to fight for the right to live free of Voldemort because no one else would.

Kingsley has also given a nod of appreciation to a great many other wizards and witches. Including Narcissa Malfoy and Severus Snape. We are moving forward.

Kingsley has requested help in getting the wizarding world back to where it should be. He has magical contractors, renovators and the like already at work rebuilding our world. He has set up centers to assist families who were left homeless because of the war as well.

Many witches and wizards balked when the Malfoys requested to be part of the clean up effort. No one wanted them around. However, Kingsley is an astute politician who realized there was no time like the present to start healing wounds. Kingsley sent out a proclamation which accepted help and resources from anyone who chose to help him rebuild our world.

There is still animosity. But many people did work side by side with the Malfoys and several other families who had been less than helpful during the war. I begrudgingly admit that the Malfoys did more than their share. I still think Draco Malfoy is an arrogant, disgusting, hateful arsehole.

Molly has come back stronger than ever with her mission to see Ron and I married. Ron and I had backed off each other at the tail end of the war. At that time Molly had been too busy to butt in. Now she has free time to devote to making Ron and I see how perfect we are for each other.

Molly has a lot of free time for me and Ron because Ginny and Harry know what they want. They want to get married, settle down and start a family. Ginny wants babies and Harry wants Ginny. So there it is. They are pretty well set up especially with Harry having been accepted to the Ministry Aurors program. Harry is the youngest applicant to ever have been accepted to the program. That's all thanks to Kingsley. But, who would ever argue against Harry Potter getting whatever he wanted? Molly doesn't have to do anything to move their relationship along.

Molly wants what she wants. What about what Ron and I want? Oh. That's right. Ron wants what Molly wants.

That was a mean thing to write. I should be happy Molly is looking out for us.

I miss my mom more than ever at this juncture in my life. I don't have any female friends to talk to about how I'm feeling. I spoke to Ginny about putting marriage off for a few years. She told me I was being silly. It was a stupid move on my part because for the next several days I thought Molly was looking at me in a peculiar way.


Ron wanted to be a dragon trainer like Charlie. Molly thought it would be better if he took a Ministry job. So he had. He applied to MLE. His application is pending. For the third time in his life (Tri-wizard Tournament and Forest of Dean being the other two) Ron is railing against Harry. Ron wonders why Harry was automatically accepted into the Auror program while his application to MLE is still pending.

Kingsley's rebuilding efforts are coming along nicely. I saw Draco Malfoy today. The best he could do was nod. I went him one better. I ignored him. Fucking prat.


Harry went with Ron to pick out our rings today. The rings are lovely. I was very surprised when Ron asked me to marry him in front of the entire Weasley clan. I'm an engaged witch now. I think I'm marrying the entire Weasley family. I must admit it does feel good to be wanted.


It's been nothing but wedding talk for the last twenty four hours. I don't mean to imply it's been all about me and Ron. It hasn't. Harry and Ginny are planning a wedding as well. Ginny is ecstatic. The only time Molly has stopped grinning is to eat and yell at George.

I like George best out of all the Weasleys. Except for Charlie. George and Charlie are the only ones who will stand up to their mother. George is doing a lot better these days. He's made some strides since Fred was killed. He's not surviving by much, but he's holding his own. Maybe I should marry George. Just kidding.


It's been a busy time. Kingsley has recommended me for a job with the Wizengamot Administration Services Council of Magical Law. That's a mouthful. I have had to interview several different times. Some in the Wizengamot think I'm way too young to handle the administrative side of the Wizengamot. I'm going to take the position just to prove the old geezers wrong.

Kingsley advised I will have to complete two additional law courses before starting the position. I like the thought of working on the administrative side of the Wizengamot. At the interview today, I found out that Draco Malfoy has accepted an administrative slot as well. We'll probably have to attend the same two classes. That piece of shite better stay away from me.

Ron is really angry that Kingsley has given me a slot but hasn't approved him for MLE. His application for MLE is still pending. I tried to explain MLE may be backed up. Ron didn't want to hear any excuses. He left the house mumbling that he's just as good as me and Harry.


There was an interesting announcement in the Daily Prophet today. Draco Malfoy found someone who can tolerate him enough to marry him. He is engaged to marry Astoria Greengrass. They are to be married in October of this year. I thought the announcement a bit strange because I heard Astoria is very interested in Theo Nott. Oh well. Mud to mud I always say.


Wedding talk. Wedding talk. All I hear is wedding talk. Harry and Ginny have set their wedding date for 8/25/98. They don't see any reason to wait. They love each other and want to be married. Molly, Ginny and I have decided mine and Ron's wedding date should not be much more than a month later?

Ron insists whatever date we pick. He'll be there. That quote received a big laugh from his family. My official wedding date is 9/30/98.


I am going to be Ginny's Maid of Honor as she will be mine. Luna Lovegood, Marie Kinsley and Amber St Clair will be bridesmaids to Ginny. Ron is going to be Harry's best man. Neville, George and Bill will be Harry's groomsmen. Kingsley will officiate at Harry and Ginny's wedding as he will at mine. Fleur and Molly have been working overtime to make sure everything is in order. They've really done a wonderful job. All there is left for Harry and Ginny to do is show up.

My law classes started today. I think it will be an interesting class. Strangely enough the professor's name is Professor Justice. Draco Malfoy is in the class as well.

Malfoy may be a traitorous jerk, but he's a very intelligent jerk. He surprised me by congratulating me on my upcoming wedding. So I congratulated him on his in return. I didn't think Draco Malfoy paid attention to anyone but himself and his family. I stand corrected. Times are certainly changing.


Countdown to a wedding. Harry is walking around almost comatose. Ginny has to tell him to breathe. That's a joke. But Harry really is overwhelmed. Just over three months ago we were still hunting horcruxes and Harry still had Voldemort to kill. Now Harry is taking his next monumental life step. I fear for the sanity of my friend.

Class is going well. Professor Justice is brilliant. The professor pulled me aside to suggest I take back to back classes so I can finish both my classes simultaneously. He informed me I wouldn't be alone. There are several other students who are mastering his class so well he had suggested the same thing to them. I blushed at his implied compliment.

I signed up to take the second class which will run right after the class I'm currently in. It works out well. Consecutive classes mean I won't be away from Ron an additional day. I'm giving myself too much credit. Ron probably wouldn't notice if I was away for an extra day. He is so obsessed about getting into MLE nothing else matters. I don't think he would care if I was home or not. Ron's usual pattern consists of, eating, shagging, cumming and then either sleeping or leaving. I am thankful I purchased my own flat with some of my reward money. Otherwise, where would I go when Ron finished with me?


Ron's appointment came through. He will be an MLE officer in training starting 9/1/98. We are all so happy for him. Maybe now he'll shut that fucking, whining mouth.

I'm glad I have a lock on this journal.


Tomorrow is Ginny and Harry's big day. I think I'm more nervous than either of them. I love Ginny dearly, but if I hear her yell nonsense at Harry one more time. I'll vomit. All the yelling, screaming and insulting is probably just Ginny's nerves working overtime. I'm glad it's Harry marrying her not me. Of course it couldn't be me. I'm a witch. There are times when I want to yell at Harry to stand up for himself. Yell back at Ginny. I never would. It's not my business. Everybody knows who will wear the pants in the Potter family anyway.

I better go start getting myself ready for tomorrow. I don't want to be the one who gets her throat ripped out by Ginny…or Molly.


The wedding went really well. Harry and Ginny went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Marriage seems to suit them.

Ron started in his MLE position on 9/1. He's finally happy about something. Praise Merlin.

Both my classes are going well. I am in my element. I believe I'm really going to enjoy my Ministry position. I've gotten nothing but praise from both professors. The classes will end just before my wedding and I will test after my honeymoon. If everything goes to plan, I will start my job on 11/1/98. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but Draco Malfoy is also in the second class. He nods at me whenever he sees me. I have been nodding back.

Between my two classes, I have started browsing through a shop called We Have What You Need. It is a shop along the lines of a muggle antique shop. I love looking through the old things. I keep going back to look at this one lovely doll. She is an antique and costs an incredible amount of money. I have the money to buy her, but every time I prepare to buy the doll I think of ten reasons why I shouldn't. Frugal me.

What would Ron think if I brought a doll home? He'd probably tell me I need to get pregnant. I'd probably mumble under my breath that he'd probably have to shag me in order for that to happen. I'm just kidding journal. Ron is just really busy with everything regarding his new position.


Only five more days until my wedding. I don't have anything to worry about because Molly and Fleur have handled everything. All Ron and I have to do is show up.


Classes ended today and we had a little party after second class. This was our last hurrah before being tested on what we have learned. A few of us decided to meet up at a small place outside of London called The Best Inn. Each student threw in a few galleons to cover costs so we could have a decent little time.

Before heading to The Best Inn, I stopped in at We Have What You Need to look at my doll. I do consider it my doll even though I haven't ever laid a hand on her.

I was disappointed when I went to look at her. The doll wasn't in her usual spot. I looked around in case the proprietor had moved her. My doll was not there. I asked the proprietor about the doll. She had been glad to tell me that a lovely tourist had fallen in love with the doll and purchased it on the spot.

The proprietor remarked on my crestfallen demeanor. "I've seen you look at that doll over and over. I thought surely it would be you who bought her."

I explained my position. "I hesitated because I didn't think my husband to be would appreciate me bringing a doll home. My loss." I thanked her and walked out.

I was a little sulky because of my doll, but I put my disappointment aside when I entered the Inn. What was done was done. I should have bought the bloody doll when I had the chance.

The class party turned out to be a nice little affair. I drank some nice wine and even danced a few dances. The wine must have affected me more than I know. Two of my dances had been with Malfoy and I hadn't vomited. I had fun. At the end of the night, I was still aggravated I had missed out on buying my doll.


I'm sitting here philosophizing into my journal when I should be doing…well what should I be doing if not putting my last thoughts as a single witch down on parchment.

My thoughts on this whole thing: In the wizarding world when you are eleven you look at life in a certain exuberant, world opening up kind of way. When you are thirteen you look at life in a certain, I've noticed the opposite sex kind of way. When you are sixteen or seventeen you look at life in terms of, I've found the person I want to spend my life with.

The question then becomes why. Why is there a rush to marry and settle down by age eighteen at the latest? Is there an unwritten wizarding rule which covers this?

For the first time in years, witches and wizards can breathe without feeling the hot breath of Voldemort and his supporters breathing down their necks. Instead of taking a holiday to visit Thailand, the crystal caves in Naica, the Maldives or Greece. They rush off to get married to the witch or wizard they became involved with when they were fifteen years old. What do we really know at fifteen?

It's uncanny if you think about it. Why do we do this? Isn't it almost like having a varied choice of food or clothes laid out in front of you, but when you go to make your choices a voice calls out. No sampling. Do not touch anything. Choose one. That is what you will eat or wear for the rest of your life.

We have been taught from birth to make our choice and stick with it. We choose one and move on. It is now somebody else's turn to choose. We walk away happily satisfied. We have what we need for the rest of our lives.

This mindset works out for a great many witches and wizards. It's part of the I have picked you. I love you. We will be together forever code.

I'm wondering. If we were to probe a little deeper, would we find that everything isn't as shiny and sunny as it appears on the surface? If we peel away the top layer, would we begin to find cracks in the subsequent layers?

Who wrote this code?

This is probably my last entry as an unmarried witch. It's probably my last entry overall. After this I'll be married to Ron. I won't have anything to write about.

Molly Weasley has won the battle so to speak. All her innuendo, suggestions and browbeating has finally paid off. Ron and I will be getting married the day after tomorrow. I'm pretty sure Molly expects me to be pregnant three days after I say I do.

This is what I'm supposed to do isn't it? I have to get married and get pregnant. In that order only.

Something in the muggle part of me still wants to revolt. I want to say to Ron. Let's just go away for a while. Let's have adventures. Let's visit places. Let's make love in France or Italy.

Actually I have said this on several occasions. On those occasions Ron has looked at me as though I had two heads. "Not so loud Hermione. Everybody doesn't have to know we're shagging."


I think I love Ron. Although sometimes I wonder if he really hears the words which come out of my mouth. Then I'm reminded of the rule. The be like my mother and we'll be fine rule. Why would Ron care what comes out of my mouth. All he wants me to be is Molly Weasley the third (Ginny is Molly Weasley the second).

I do love Ron. Probably. Maybe. I must love him. I'm marrying him aren't I? Here's to married life and being the clone of Molly Weasley and Ginny Potter.

Goodbye journal.



Hermione and Ron went to the Riu Palace in Aruba for the honeymoon. It had been a fantastic week. For the first time in a long time they were on the same page. It was such a pleasure for Hermione to be alone with her husband and not have someone override everything she said. Then make the decision for her.

The sex was incredible and they had a lot of sex. Ron was so different when he was happy and relaxed. Hermione thought she might possibly be seeing the reason some witches and wizards were in such a hurry to be married.

While they were in Aruba, Ron had told her at least a dozen times. "I love you Hermione. You are going to be the best wife and mother in the wizarding world."

Hermione knew his comments shouldn't have rankled her. But they had.

On several occasions she had replied something like. "I'm going into a new position at the Ministry. You are training for your new job. Babies are not on the calendar just yet."

Whenever Hermione said anything along those lines. Ron would frown. "The reason people get married is to have children."

On this particular point, Hermione usually remained silent because she knew they were drifting into argument territory. Hermione wouldn't comment, but she knew Ron was parroting Molly.

Hermione's personal belief was people got married because they loved each other and wanted to be together. Although children were part of that love. It wasn't mandatory they be born right away. Was it?

Hermione wasn't aware children were the primary reason couples got married. She had missed that class.

Whenever she and Ron discussed this topic, Hermione would purposely cast double contraceptive charms that night. She had made her decision. She and Ron would have a few years together before they started having children with nobody being the wiser.

Hermione just didn't share her decision with her husband or her mother-in-law.


When they got back from Aruba, Ron and Hermione moved into a home not too far from the Weasleys. Then they had both jumped feet first into married life.

Hermione loved having her own home. She especially loved being able to lock the floo so no one could come through.

Even Molly had calmed down a bit. Although Hermione would swear Molly nosed around her bathroom to see if there was any evidence of a pregnancy. She really wasn't under too much pressure. Ginny had gotten pregnant almost immediately after the wedding. Therefore, Molly spent loads of time doting on Ginny.


Hermione and Ron shared a very busy life. Most of the time Hermione was sleeping by the time Ron got home. Even if Hermione was awake when Ron got home, he was usually too tired to talk. The only thing Ron wasn't too tired to do was climb on top of her to try to make a baby. Ron's sexual overtures weren't about love or sexual fascination. They were about making the next Weasley.


Hermione's Law School tests were scheduled for 10/10/98 so she spent most of her time studying. When the test date finally rolled around, Hermione wasn't worried about failure. She knew her laws backwards and forwards.

There would be two sets of tests. The first set started at 9:00 am and would finish at 1:00. Hermione's second set of tests would begin at 2:00 and end at 6:00.

At 5:55, Hermione breathed a sigh of relief as she turned in her last test parchment. Whatever the outcome. Hermione had done her best.


After the testing, Hermione didn't stop to say a proper goodbye to her classmates or professors. She and Ron were due at the Weasley's for supper.

Hermione took her shower and dressed. She wanted to be on time for Molly's supper. Feeling a little tired, Hermione sat down on the couch and laid her head back. Ron should be coming through at any minute. Unfortunately, Hermione had fallen asleep to be awakened several hours later by Ron coming through the floo.

They had their first married argument that night.

Ron had come through the floo growling, "Why didn't you show up at my mum's house for supper? We waited for you. You've made me look the fool in front of my family."

Being wakened out of a full sleep, Hermione was a bit disoriented. When she had gathered herself she tried to explain. "Ron. I came home from my testing. I showered, dressed and waited for you to come home to collect me. I obviously fell asleep. It wasn't intentional. I wasn't trying to disrespect you mum. Why didn't you floo home to pick me up?"

Ron continued to growl. "I had a hard day Hermione. I would like to think you can get to my mother's house without me. I looked like a fool. Everyone was looking around wondering where you had gotten to. You need to remember your place. I'm your husband and I expect you to be where you're supposed to be. You'll need to apologize to my mum. Are you coming to bed?"

Hermione's head was spinning. She was being blamed because Ron had decided to go to his mother's house instead of coming home to pick her up.

Give me a minute to get pissed off enough to hex you, she thought as she followed Ron into the bedroom. "Don't come home yelling at me because I followed the plan and you decided to do what you wanted. We were supposed to meet here. I would not disrespect your family. For you to say that I would is intolerable. Get your fucking head on straight Weasley."

Ron jumped up in a dither. "I'm your husband. Don't you dare to talk to me that way."

With that said, Ron approached Hermione pulling her to him. "I forgive you. You make me so hot when you yell. I want to fuck you right now. Come to bed."

Hermione started taking off her clothes, but she must have been too slow because Ron reached over and pulled her dress over her head. He made short work of her underwear and had her on her back in two shakes.

As Ron pushed himself into Hermione he made a strange statement. "It'll be alright baby. Everybody loves you. Nobody can stay angry with you."

As Ron pumped for all he was worth Hermione asked herself. "Who is angry with me?"

Hermione matched Ron stroke for stroke and led him to climax.

When their sex was over, Hermione laid there beside her husband wishing she could satisfy herself. Ron may have gotten satisfied, but her body was still in turmoil. The only thing Hermione could do was take a deep breath, ignore the calls of her body and go to sleep. Which was what she did.

The next morning Ron was in a great mood. He kissed Hermione on the mouth telling her he would see her that evening.

Hermione had smiled as she wished Ron a good day.


Being told that someone was angry with her didn't sit right with Hermione. She decided to floo over to Molly's to get things straightened out. The last thing she wanted was to be on the outs with Ron's family. She was Ron's wife after all.

Hermione walked through the door of the Weasley house to find Fleur, Ginny and Molly in the kitchen. Before Hermione apologized for falling asleep on her couch waiting for her husband to get home, the three witches remained silent. After her apology, they all told her she wasn't at fault. Molly even suggested that Hermione stop trying to do so much. All three women pointedly reminded Hermione she was a wife now. She had to take care of her body in preparation for the children to come.

Hermione stayed several hours chatting with Molly, Fleur and Ginny. To get the spotlight away from herself, Hermione had gushed right along with Molly and Fleur over Ginny's pregnancy and coming baby.

Around 4:00 Hermione stood up to leave. The three witches also stood to hug Hermione goodbye. Molly and Fleur admonished Hermione once again. They really thought she should be preparing herself for motherhood. It was quite clear to Hermione. She was expected to be pregnant by month end.

Hermione had smiled at the witches knowing getting pregnant was the farthest thing from her mind. Pregnancy and babies. Is this all there is?


Hermione received her test scores and confirmation of job placement on the same day. She had been ecstatic. She had immediately sent an owl to her mother-in-law and sister-in-law to let them know she was now an employee of the Wizengamot Administration Services Council of Magical Law.

Hermione had sent the owls as a courtesy. She didn't really care if they congratulated her or not. The path she was on, was the path she wanted to be on. She couldn't wait to start her new position.

As a formality, Hermione owled Kingsley as well. She wanted to be sure the Minister knew she was ready to check into her new position.


Hermione started in her new position on 11/1/98 as scheduled. The entire Wizengamot sent their good wishes.

Hermione had laughed. These same wizards who thought her too young a couple of months ago now thought so much of her they had left a mountain of files for her to work on.

After taking a good look around the brand new office in her brand new department, Hermione settled in and began to sort through her work.

She had been working on the files for about two hours when someone knocked on her door frame. Hermione looked up to see Draco Malfoy at her door. He had made the cut as well.

Hermione nodded at her law school classmate inviting him into her office. She wanted to discuss their classes and what Draco would be doing at Wizengamot Level.

Draco sat down in one of the chairs leaving Hermione to open the discussion. "What job will you be doing? Have you been hired for the same job as me?"

Draco nodded as he answered. "I believe you and I will be doing the same job. It's more than likely we will have to collaborate from time to time."

Hermione suddenly remembered Draco had gotten married in October. "I happened to see your wedding announcement. Congratulations on your marriage. How are you finding married life?"

Draco had smiled as he crossed his leg. "Well we're both newlyweds Granger. Sorry. I mean Weasley. We are all the way in it. How bad can it be?"

Hermione glanced at her colleague responding with the truth. "I'm living by the code."

And Draco had responded in kind. "That makes two of us."