A small challenge for myself I wanted to write. I wanted to see if I could make a one-sided, dark BunnymundxPitch, with Bunnymund as the dominant, darker one.

Summary: heavy AU; Pookas are a rather nasty species; they go out into the world and impersonate regular, household rabbits to infiltrate the homes until a signal is given for them to return home with a human to mate with and produce offspring.

Warnings: AU, blood, gore, implied/mentioned slash and bad things... and all-out weirdness...

Song: Du Riechst So Gut by Rammstein

Disclaimer:...do we even do these anymore? you all know I don't own ROTG... if I did, things would be very different... like Pitch being able to break the fourth wall...

Kozmotis Pitchiner was a quiet man. Ever since his wife passed away several years ago, the Violin professor did everything he could to provide a good life for his only daughter. Seraphina was twelve when her mother had died, and thus she had taken up the responsibility to help around the house while her father had taken extra hours at the university. Though they never had problems with finances, the one thing Kozmotis found himself lacking was quality time with his pride and joy. Thus, he used most of his free time to spend time with Seraphina, whether it was sitting down to watch TV or actually going out for dinner or walking in the park. Lucky for him, his daughter was a bright young woman, and had won a full scholarship to the college of her choice that included room and board. As a reward and high school graduation present, Kozmotis had bought her a pet rabbit he had purchased at the rescue shelter so she wouldn't be alone at the university situated three states away. Unfortunately for Seraphina, the dorms had a strict 'No Pets' Policy, so her father was stuck with the little creature.

At first, Seraphina would always ask about her pet rabbit whenever she would phone home. After a while, it gradually faded to asking about the pet once a week. The rabbit quickly became Kozmotis' pet as opposed to Seraphina's, but he knew that she really didn't mind. Many nights went by where the gray rabbit was his only form of companionship. Lucky for him, the little bunny was low maintenance compared to other rabbits and was rather obedient and loyal to him. It got to the point where the rabbit became less of a pet and more like a part of the family, and Kozmotis found himself totally okay with that…

… Though he couldn't help but wonder why the rescue shelter had named the rabbit Aster…

is just a narrow bridge
the shores are reason and urge
I'm climbing up after you
the sunlight's confusing the mind
a blind child that's crawling on
because it's smelling its mother

Through months of overtime and hard labor, the violinist had finally managed to save enough money to fly out and visit Seraphina. His daughter had finally graduated and was moving into her new apartment; she had already taken a job at a local pharmacy that used mostly organic material and was on her way to becoming the assistant. Since her apartment complex banned pets as well, Kozmotis had to leave his home and pet rabbit in the care of one of his students.

The violinist couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as he stepped up to the front steps of his house. The plane ride had been too long for his tastes, and the drive home had drained whatever energy he had left. He glanced over to his driveway and saw his student's car still parked. That meant Sierra was still here like he'd asked so he could pay her. He unlocked the door and walked in, dropping his suitcase by the door before walking in and shutting the door behind him.

"I'm home!" he called out, pulling off the mustard scarf on his neck. He waited for a reply, and furrowed his brows when he received none. Kozmotis pulled off his black trench coat and threw it on the couch before making his way farther into the house. The violinist felt a shiver run up his spine, feeling the chilled air of the house seep through the holes of his black turtleneck sweater.

"…Sierra? Hello?" He looked around, hoping to see the fair-skinned redhead asleep on the couch or in the kitchen with her headphones on. But only the small lamp by the armchair was on, and the kitchen itself was dark and looked like it hadn't been used since he left. He bit his lip and continued his journey. He called out to her again and glanced at the bathroom door by the kitchen, but the room was empty and dark. He sighed and turned to check the hallway leading to his room, seeing as the hallway light was turned on. What he didn't expect to find, however, were the bloody handprints on the walls and the trail of the red liquid leading up to his room.

I'll find you

"What… the...?" Pitchiner was very knowledgeable when it came to horror movies and the slasher films of the 70's and 80's. This was the part where he should backtrack and get outside to call the police or even to his neighbor's house. Instead, he swallowed thickly and slowly made his way to his room, where the blood trail seemed to get thicker and thicker to the point where he couldn't step over or around it anymore. He could feel the wet carpet sink and form around the grooves on the soles of his black boots like soggy cookie dough. The house was quiet enough for him to hear the sick wet pop his shoe made whenever he'd lift his foot off the bloody carpet to walk. It took him an eternity of ten seconds to reach his bedroom door, which was smeared with bloody handprints. The doorknob seemed to be covered in blood and something dark and fluttery. Kozmotis tilted his head, unsure of what the foreign object was. He leaned in close, and on closer inspection, he found it to be fur like the one on Aster's paw. Hearing the sound of a wet rip, Kozmotis snapped his head up and flung the door open; hoping to whatever deity above that Sierra wasn't murdering his pet rabbit.

…He got his wish… but found something much worse waiting for him.

The trace is new and your sweat is
dripping onto the bridge, your warm blood
I don't see you
I only smell you I feel you
a predator roaring with hunger
I scent you many miles away

A splatter of blood decorated the pristine white wall to his right, as well as a few photographs he had of his late wife and his daughter when she was younger. He couldn't see much into his dark bedroom asides from what the light in the hallway could illuminate, but he could make out the dark pool of blood at the foot of the bed, and Sierra's dismembered hand contorted in an odd manner and laying at the edge of the pool. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he made out a large figure hunched over what he assumed was the rest of the large puddle of blood. A ripping sound was heard, and Kozmotis almost flinched when a bone fell into the pool and splattered a bit of the red liquid on his face.

He was at a loss for words; whatever scream he had in his throat had died as he took in the full horror his bedroom had become. As the violinist took a step back, he stepped on something weak enough to be crushed. The crack echoed throughout the hallway, making the figure in his room stop what he was doing. The violinist's eyes widened in fright as the figure straightened up and slowly made his way into the light. He took another step back, until his back hit the door of his daughter's old room. His breathing became quicker and shallower as the figure fully stepped into the light.

He always had a feeling Aster was no ordinary rabbit… It was confirmed as the large creature in front of him slowly licked some blood off his muzzle and gave him a dark, foreboding smirk. A deep rumble erupted from his throat, and Kozmotis felt his blood turn cold when a claw tilted his head up and those emerald eyes locked onto his own.

"'Ello, darling~"

You smell so good
you smell so good
I go behind you
you smell so good
I think you're
so good
so good
I'm climbing up after you
you smell so good
I'm just having you

Pitchiner was once in cross-country when he was in high school. Though he never really went on to pursue an athletic career, the man always made sure his cardio was strong. He could never have been more grateful in his life as he ran through the forests that were near his home. That monster he once called a pet was hot on his heels, and Kozmotis was really hoping that he could lose him or find someone that could help him. The violinist took a sudden left turn, hissing in pain when a tree branch brushed against the bloody claw marks on his shoulder. The rabbit had tried to grab him by the shoulder back at the house, but he managed to slip out of its grasp and run out of the house. The tatters from the sweater stuck to his bloody shoulder, but the violinist couldn't be bothered with it at the moment. Spotting a clearing, the man bolted over and hoped there was a cabin or house of some sort where someone could help him. Instead there was a clearing filled with various holes and dirt mounds. Not wanting to take chances with possible sink holes, Kozmotis decided to climb through the trees around the area to get to the other side.

Once he made it over to the darkened path, Kozmotis took shelter behind a large tree and leaned on it. As quietly as he could, the violinist took deep breaths to try and regulate his breathing. He felt his legs and chest burning in agony, while his legs felt like jelly and seemed as though he could collapse at any moment. Once he felt like he could run again, he took a quick but careful glance at his surroundings. Finding the area to be clear, he pushed himself off the tree, only to trip and fall on the ground as something tightened around his ankle. He cried out as he fell onto his front, the sudden impact rattling his mind for a few seconds. Something grabbed his other ankle, and before he knew what was happening, Kozmotis was thigh-deep in a hole in the ground. He screamed in terror as he tried to kick at whatever had his ankles, but the grip was too strong. Kozmotis clawed and dug his hands into the ground, whimpering helplessly when he found nothing to grasp to stop his descent into what he believed was going to be his death. The hands on his ankles moved to his legs, then his waist to pull him down. It wasn't until a warm, bloody paw rested on the back of his neck did he realize that he was almost underground. With one final scream he gave all his might to pull himself out of the hole. The rabbit, however, was stronger than him, and pulled him down with a good, strong yank. Kozmotis fell to the ground, gasping in pain as his breath was pushed out of his lungs from the fall. A deep, sensuous purr filled the darkness, and the violinist felt something wet slide across the nape of his neck. He shivered, letting out a small whimper when he looked up and saw those emerald eyes staring at him with what he believed to be hunger.

It was hunger, but not the type he was thinking about…

Now I have you

So... thoughts?