by Adrimarie

PROLOGUE: The Book of Keroberos Excerpt

Card Captor Sakura © CLAMP/Kodansha. The only thing I own here is this fanfic's plot and whatever original characters I may create here.

QUICK NOTE: I write all my author notes at the end of each chapter, so please, don't forget to read them once you reach the end of this page. :)

Once upon a time in this here town named Tomoeda
There was a little boy and a little girl, filled with so much love
Their love for themselves, their love for one another, their love for their home
Ever since infancy, the whole town knew
That someday, sometime, and in someway
This here little boy and this here little girl
Will marry one day, and to live together for eternity
This boy and girl, so inseparable, filled with friendship and true love
Some say, "Oh, they're just the best of friends!"
Others say, "They don't know what they're doing because they're so young."
But only this boy and this girl knew what the words "true love" meant.

Then one fateful day at their tenth year of togetherness,
The mother and father of the little boy have found luck and wealth,
To the city, they decided, they should settle for life
Along with their daughters and their only son
To the city, they said, they shall continue to live.
Their children learned of this wonderful news
But as for the little boy, this news not so wonderful at all.

This boy spread the word to the girl he loved so much
And tears and woes, the girl expressed
Knowing they may truly never meant to be
The boy and the girl, both sighed filled with woe
As the days pass by till the fateful day comes,
This boy and this girl, themselves, they have planned
There is only one way, they said, for them to be one again
Along with their hands and their creative minds
They knitted and sewn and stuffed- oh, how adorably sweet!

That fateful day has finally arrived and it was all cheers and woes
The boy and the girl, amber and emerald, they gazed
Along with a final, simple, yet sweet special kiss
Two little teddy bears- brown and blush - they exchanged
The boy said to the girl, "My love, please don't cry,
For someday, somewhere, somehow, I shall return for you..."
And alas, dear friend, melancholy has come
For the boy and his family sailed away
This little town of Tomoeda has never been the same
Especially for this little girl, now all alone and in sorrow

But don't fret, my friends, there is no end to true love
For this little girl has something to remember the boy by
This little cute teddy bear that her love have given her
Legend has it that love will last in a special STUFFED ANIMAL
The story goes like this, "When two lovers filled with love for each other
Were to part in such a sorrowful way
These two lovers exchange these STUFFED ANIMALS of Tomoeda,
Signifies that someday, somewhere, and somehow, they shall be together
For always, for ever, for eternity, for life."
This little girl has true faith in this sweet little teddy bear
She named it, "Chiirou," which means "little wolf"
Her love, she said, has a character of a wolf
But despite of all that, she loved him so
Therefore this is the only thing that she will do for the rest of her life
She will wait patiently here in this town of Tomoeda
Till her "Chiirou" will finally come home.

Seven years have passed and still no sign of the "little wolf,"
Hounds of these suitors have been pining for her fairness
But even so, despite of these hounds,
This little girl, now as a beautiful and fair young woman
Still waits, hopes, and prays for that one sweet day
That one sweet day where her "Chiirou" will come
And sweep her away...
Forever, and ever, and for eternity.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Hello! I'm Adrimarie. I'm actually NOT a new fan of Card Captor Sakura/CCS (or if you still follow the botched up Kids WB-aired "Cardcaptors"). In fact, I'm a "reborn" fan after re-watching the series and the movies.

This would be my third CCS fanfic. My first two are located in my old account (~daidoujitomoyo), starting with Study Buddy and Fall Play. I lost my access to this account as the email I used for that account no longer exists and the FFnet Tech Support is unable to help me with this problem, so please, if you have time, be sure to check those out. Those fics (and even this third fic) are over 10 years old, so they're ancients classics I guess LOL.

Let me explain regarding this third CCS fanfic. I started working on this back in 2001 but because of writer's block and then loss of interest in CCS (I discovered a brand-new interest so that really triggered it), I abandoned it. It was going to be a "musical play script" style of fic, but because I'm re-reading the original documents and it looked really lame, I decided to just bring it back in to its standard novel format. I attempted to rewrite Stuffed Animal as my first Kodocha fanfic, however looking back, it's not really working very well, so I decided to discontinue that and then rewrite this back in its original CCS format. This is an AU fic, so forget about the Clow Cards and the Sakura Cards on this one and forget about the scenery being in Japan. Let's just say, it's still Tomoeda, but it's in a different world. Yeah. :)

I'm not going to go in to further detail regarding this story until the next chapter is up, so for now, enjoy this little prologue ditty. It should give you a bit of an idea, somewhat. :)