Chapter 15: Do You Promise?

Summary: After Remus goes through his worrying mode, Sirius calms him down and they finally decide on the theme for the ball. However, the night doesn't go completely free of complications. Sirius gets angry, Remus wants to forgive, James comes up with an idea and gets one of his wishes fulfilled, and Peter just tries to survive it all.

Warnings: There is a m/m sex scene in this chapter ...I wonder who the main characters will be? *sly grin*

Disclaimers: I don't own the HP Characters nor any songs that are mentioned in the story.

Preliminary A/N: This is the final chapter of bet week..but I explain more at the end...

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Remus walked behind his three mates from the gargoyle. He massaged the bridge of his nose between his fingertips and sat down on the bench. He had been quite positive when he talked his mates into organizing the ball, foregoing punishment so he wouldn't have to lose time studying with prolonged detentions, everything would be perfectly fine. It surely seemed like a good idea at the time but then, as they walked down the winding stairs, reality crept in and, for Remus John Lupin, that meant the worrying had now commenced fully.

They still had a few minutes before joining the Hufflepuffs for the morning Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Sirius walked over and sat beside him. He put a hand on his lover's shoulder and rubbed him gently. Peter and James stood in front of the couple. James looked down at Remus with concern, "Moony? You all right there, mate?"

"Oh, I'm just lovely. We have less than three hours to come up with a theme for a ball. We have just over twenty four hours to get everything ready. I have to study for my OWLs. I feel a migraine coming on."

"I thought you were fine with this," Prongs said with an arch of an eyebrow and a confused look across his features.

"I was and now I'm thinking of how to get the Great Hall set up. How are we going to get the food for the party? What kind of ball is this going to be? We have to come up with a theme and when are we-" Remus stood up as he ranted. Sirius thought he would hyperventilate if he hadn't already.

"Slow down. Moonbeam, don't worry. Seriously, we have everything under control. It'll be fantastic!" Sirius said as he tried to put his boyfriend's mind at ease.

"You know what would be fantastic? Curling up near the fire-"


"Wrapping my fingers around-"

"Oi! Should you be talking about this in front of us?" Peter asked while he fidgeted, looking down the corridors for stray students that might hear.

"A cup of hot chocolate! What the bloody hell were you thinking I meant?" Remus threw his hands towards the sky.

"Well, you got to admit. You did that deep thing with your voice," Sirius said with a sly grin.

"It's called puberty, Sirius! My voice has deepened."

"Now it's cracking, Moony. Just take a moment, yeah?" Prongs said with a smirk.

Remus paced from side to side, "If I didn't worry for us, no one would worry. If none of us worried, then we would just run off and do something crazy every time we turned a corner."

Sirius took his cue and stood up. He stood in front of Remus and placed his hands on the thinner boy's chest. He lowered his voice and kept his eyes locked onto Remus', "What have I told you about worrying? Now, come on. You know we'll do fine with this. You're fantastic with charms. With all four of us, we'll make this the best ball Hogwarts has ever seen."

"But Sirius-"

"No. No buts, Remus. Do you trust me?" Sirius kept his eyes on his lover's as he smiled sweetly.

"Of course I do."

"So, let's get to class. Come on mates," Sirius winked and took Remus by the hand. They made their way towards the forest to meet with Professor Kettleburn when Kingsley ran up to walk with them.

"How did it go? In Dumbledore's office?" he asked.

"We have to come up with some ball for tomorrow night. No pranks and has to be done proper," Sirius offered and winced when Remus squeezed his hand a bit tighter.

"Really? That sounds like fun. Need some help?"

"We can use all the help we can get," Remus said through clenched teeth.

"Well then. What's the theme?" Kingsley asked.

"That's the problem. We have no idea and Headmaster is going to announce it at lunch," Peter breathed out as he tried to keep up with the other four boys.

Kingsley nodded and clicked his tongue while he started thinking of a plan for his mates. They stood at the clearing where the Professor and students were located. Remus looked up to see Professor Kettleburn raising his hands and instructing everyone to come closer.

"Good morning. Today, I am going to show you where you can find a very interesting creature. We will go deeper into the Forbidden Forest. I know that you all realize, being fifth years, that you are never allowed to go here by yourself, class. Now, can anyone tell me what a Glumbumble is?"

Everyone looked at each other and Remus' attention was fairly distracted. Sirius turned to look at him and arched a brow, "Glumbumble?"

"It's a grey, furry bodied insect that can fly and it can be used as an antidote for the Alihosty leaves," Remus idly answered. He was snapped his head around when Professor Kettleburn exclaimed, "Precisely correct, Mr. Lupin! Ten points to Gryffindor."

Remus blushed and thought it'd do him well to pay more attention. The Professor then asked what the Alihosty leaves were and Kingsley raised his hand. "It's a plant than can induce laughter. Uncontrollable, of course."

"Thank you and ten points to Hufflepuff, Mr. Shacklebolt. Now, the reason I have you out here today, class, is because I understand fully how the upcoming exams will induce not laughter but stress on you lot," Professor Kettleburn explained as he and the class walked through the Forbidden Forest. He dodged limbs and stepped over loose rocks. When they approached a cave and several trees nearby, the Professor took a much needed breath and explained to them the point of this particular class.

"Since this class only has ten students, you will pair up with another student of your choice. Your job is to find at least eight Glumbumbles for me. If you do well, you will be able to add ten points to an examination of your choosing. Of course, you can not apply that to your OWLs. You have until the end of class to find them for me. I will stay in the Forest with you and have extra vials if you need them," the Professor explained as he took a bag from his coat and retrieved five vials for the teams.

Sirius and Remus paired up, taking their vial for the insects. James and Peter took theirs, following Sirius and Remus. The other students look a bit confused on where they would begin looking for such a creature when the Professor told them, "Look in hollowed trees or just the inside of the cave. The lesson is more to give you an opportunity for field work from the classroom. Have fun and good luck!"

Remus smiled and nodded his head over to Sirius, instructing him to follow him. The many nights that he had snuck out to get a few moments alone had come in handy today. He remembered the first time he showed this particular tree to Sirius and, by the look on Sirius' face, he remembered. Of course, Glumbumbles were the furthest thing from either of their minds that night.

He knew exactly where to find an entire lot of the Glumbumbles. They stood in front of a large tree that had been hollowed out. The four boys made their way inside the tree and Peter started, "I never knew this was here. This would be an amazing place for a sort of clubhouse for ourselves."

"It's a nice place if one needs to get away for awhile," Remus said with a smile towards Sirius.

"Are there any of those Glumbumbly things here?" Peter asked.

"Oh, more than eight, I assure you." Remus smiled and led the way deeper into the tree. The light was starting to fade to black and James groaned, "How are we going to see them? It's pitch black in here."

"Well, we can either use our wands, of course. Or this," Remus grinned and held up his hand. A blue light emitted from his palm as the Bluebell flames danced. Sirius looked at his boyfriend in awe and so did Peter and James.

"When did you learn to do that?"

"I've been practicing for awhile now. I like the Lumos but this one is prettier I think."

"I just got the most marvelous idea," James said.

"What's that?" Remus asked.

"Look how the blue dances against the darkness. It's like it's glowing or something. What if we made the theme in the dark but where things glow on the students' clothes?" James tried to explain.

"That sounds brilliant! Maybe we could even have other things glow in the dark as well like the candy, necklaces, or even make sticks that glow," Sirius added.

"Now that. That's an idea I really like. I know a few other charms that could do that and maybe we can change the colours to go with the students' house?" Remus grinned and nodded.

"I really like that, it sounds fun. We could have music playing. I can charm that record player that your mum and dad sent you, Remus. I mean, charm so the music never stops playing. Would be a fantastic night," Peter offered.

"Bloody brilliant. See, Moony? I told you there was nothing to worry about. All is right with the world," Sirius said with a quick peck to Remus' nose. They chuckled when Peter started groaning about, "Couldn't you two wait?"

"Well, there is always something to worry about. We have to collect about sixteen Glumbumbles," Remus winked.

"Thank Merlin for them. Got the idea when you conjured up the Bluebell flames in this magnificent tree," James said with a grin.

"Well done, mate. Now let's get this over with and tell Dumbledore," Remus sighed in relief.

He looked for a moment between all his mates and his boyfriend. The four of them together made such a good team and he truly hoped that nothing ever split them apart. Separately, they were amazing but together. Together they always seemed to get through anything.


Friday Night

Remus took in a deep breath and looked himself over in the mirror. He was pleased at how the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall loved the idea for tonight's ball. They said it was exceptionally creative and had never been done at the school before. Professor Flitwick offered to help with the charms and Remus spent the better part of yesterday afternoon explaining how everything was to work.

The white trousers fit on him perfectly as he fastened them. He took the knee length dress robes, pure as white snow, that Sirius' uncle sent them from the box. He put them on delicately, fastening the buttons with his long, delicate fingers before he sorted out his hair. It was really getting too long, he thought while he combed the tangles from it. When he combed his hair to the side, he leaned forward and frowned a bit, noticing the grey flecks in his light brown tresses. He rolled his eyes and whispered, "Bloody hell, I'm only fifteen." He reached for the silver hair tie and pulled his hair back into a ponytail.

He didn't hear Sirius walking softly into the bathroom and sneaking up behind him. He felt Sirius' warm breath on his neck and closed his eyes at the darker boy's voice, "You look absolutely wonderful, Moonbeam."

"I've got grey hair, Pads."

"It makes you look dignified."

"Makes me look old."

"Oh, now that's just not true. You are very much young," Sirius rotated his hips behind Remus and thrust forward, "and utterly tempting."

Remus bit his lower lip and gripped the edge of the sink as Sirius' movements sent him forward. Remus mindlessly spread his legs apart and leaned over a bit. He lowered his head and arched his back, a stray strand of his hair dancing in front of his eyes. He glanced up and saw himself in the mirror. He gazed at the reflection of Sirius taking position behind him, moving his robes out of the way.

"Oh, my little slave likes that, does he?"

Remus bit his lower lip and moaned. Sirius pulled the knee length robes to the side and grasped Remus' firm backside in his right hand. Remus felt his knees tremble as he struggled to stay standing, holding on to the sink for dear life.

"Care to answer me, Moonbeam?"

"Yes, yes," Remus opened his mouth slightly and softly moaned. Sirius moved his hand to the front of Remus' trousers and felt the well endowed outline. Sirius leaned forward, whispering in Remus ear, "Yes...what?"

"Master. Yes, Master. Oh, God."

Sirius lifted his hand and slammed the door shut with a quick spell. He slowly unzipped the white trousers that were hugging Remus' hips, sliding them down his thighs. "Stay right where you are..."

"No plans on moving."

Sirius pulled back slowly and growled, "I need my slave tonight. Bend. Over."

The resonance of Sirius' belt buckle breaking free and sliding his own trousers down sounded in their bathroom. Remus bent over and rose his bottom in the air. He rested his elbows on the cool porcelain of the sink and stared at himself in the mirror for just a moment. He saw the faint scars on his shoulders and chest. He looked up and kept his eyes on Sirius' face. His aristocratic features determined to take what was his. Remus felt two strong hands on his hips, pulling him back and Sirius' manhood probing between his bottom cheeks.

"Gods. You're so fucking hot, Moony. Going to take you hard and fast."

"Yes, please." Remus teased Sirius, swaying his hips back and forth. Sirius licked his lips hungrily and lifted his hand, playfully swatting Remus' backside.

"Such a naughty boy," Sirius groaned and placed the tip at the puckered hole of his lover, pushing inside him. Remus' tight orifice squeezed tightly on entry, driving the older boy insane. Sirius couldn't control himself now. He was inside, where he belonged, deep in Remus. He looked at himself in the mirror and bit on his lower lip as he drove all the way home. He watched as Remus threw his head back, the look in his eyes, a mixture of pain and pleasure only he could give to his werewolf. The look of want and lust and, oh my God, the most beautiful thing Sirius had ever seen. Himself taking, claiming, and driving into lover.

Remus watched the muscles in Sirius' upper torso tensing as he held onto him. He felt Padfoot's nails digging into his flesh, his cock pushing himself deeper and faster than ever before. They had made love so many times but this time, Remus was sure he'd never walk again. He bent his knees as he took every inch of what Sirius gave him. Sirius started slowing down and Remus felt him move behind him and Sirius' desire pulsating deep in his backside. Remus' entire body shivered from the power Sirius exerted over him and he took in a deep breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He arched his neck to the side and groaned, feeling completely filled by Sirius' still fully grown member. Sirius took Remus' ponytail and grasped firmly, forcing Remus to tilt his head and made he his neck arch to the side. Sirius' eyes widened and his pupils dilated at the sight. Merlin's beard...

"I'm not done with you yet, love. Brace yourself," Sirius commanded and with that, Remus did grasp the sink harder. Sirius kept his eyes on himself and on Remus as he pushed in to the hilt. He reached around and firmly but gently caressed Remus' wholly erect shaft. He began to stroke him as he took them on their ride to ecstasy. Remus trembled and Sirius used every muscle in his body to bring them both pleasure. Sirius erupted inside Remus and groaned, "Remus! Oh, Merlin! Ahhhh, Cum for me. Now!"

Remus had no choice, no power over himself. He gave into Sirius and released his orgasm like never before on the sink in front of him. Both of their bodies shaking as they reached their peak, Remus slumped forward with Sirius on his back and buried inside. The young men completely spent and attempting to catch their breath.

"I. Never. Oh. God," Remus deliriously tried to form words. He knew words. He read them every day but moments like this with Sirius turned him into an incoherent mess.

"AHHHH! God! Sorry, Sorry!" Peter squealed and closed his eyes, turning around and tried to get out of the bathroom as fast as possible. Sirius couldn't help but laugh when he heard Peter running into a wall as he tried to escape. "My eyes!"

Remus heard James' voice in the dorm saying, "You should knock, Peter!"

Remus sighed and shook his head exhaustedly, "He would save himself from that if he'd knock, ya know?"

Sirius chuckled and stood up shakily as he pulled out of Remus as gently as he could to right themselves. He cast a cleaning charm for them both and helped Remus to stand on his still quivering legs. "You are brilliant, Moonbeam."

"I'm quite sore. I won't dance worth anything tonight," Remus blushed as he gingerly sorted out his clothes. Sirius stepped back and ran his eyes over his lover. The fabric fit perfectly to Remus' frame, outlining the right places. He was lucky Uncle Alphard sent them their white dress robes but the way Remus looked in them, teenage hormones were a curse at times. Sirius could definitely go for round two but he would control himself.

"You'll do beautifully as always, Moonbeam," Sirius said and leaned in for a deep kiss, moaning softly into Remus' warm mouth. He smiled as he stepped back and winked at Remus.

"Think Peter's scarred for life?"

"Peter'll be fine. Serves him right. We've been together for awhile now and he should know better. Let's get to the Great Hall, Moonbeam. May I have your arm please, Mister Moony?"

"But of course, Mister Padfoot." Remus looped his arm with Sirius' and smiled brightly. Tonight, he would relax and not worry. Their love making session had certainly helped him with that.


Donning white for tonight's ball, they discovered, would be better for their charms to take place. As the students entered, Professor Flitwick would charm the students' attire with the proper spell according to their house. The Headmaster had arranged with the House Elves on the proper snacks and candies that were needed for the 'glow in the dark' affect. The Marauders entered, looking at the students and professors already at the party. The effect was exactly what they had in mind. Everyone was radiant in their house colours, quite literally, and dancing to the music. Peter had set up the records and the record player where the professors normally were seated. The volume in the Great Hall was filled to the brim with music. Where the House tables normally sat, now was an enormous dance floor. To the side, the tables had every snack, drink (non-alcoholic of course), and food imaginable. The glow of the sweets combined with the centerpieces of lions, ravens, badgers, and snakes set off the table.

Remus looked around and smiled, satisfied at how the festivities had turned out. He looked to his boyfriend, "I think it has turned out rather nicely."

"Brilliant. The colours really do come to life. It looks amazing with everyone dancing."

Remus smiled and nodded his agreement. "May I have this dance?"

He held out his hand to Padfoot, which the animagus took, and led him to the dance floor. December, 1963 had just started to play and the boys moved together with the music. Remus noticed Dumbledore dancing as well and chuckled. The Headmaster had grabbed the hand of a, seemingly, unwilling Professor McGonagall. The Headmaster had chosen to have his colours for all the houses on his attire while McGonagall proudly wore Gryffindor red and gold. The best sight to see was Hagrid dancing. He donned a blue and silver colour which lit up the entire Great Hall. Even a few of the Slytherins seemed to be enjoying themselves. As promised, Peter had it situated where the music played continually and David Essex's Rock On blared next. The liveliness in the room was remarkable and very catching. He motioned his head towards James and Lily dancing. Sirius grinned for Prongs and rose a thumb up, noticing Lily could dance quite well. Even Peter had a girl dancing with him. The couple definitely would say that tonight was a success.

After the boys danced to a few more songs, the music stopped for just a moment to give everyone a quick break. Remus coughed and wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, "Thirsty, Love?"

"Definitely could use a drink."

Sirius directed Remus through the crowd, keeping his hand on the small of Remus' back. The smallest of gestures still warmed Remus' heart to no end. He took one of the glasses and filled Sirius', offering it to him before he made his own. He threw back the punch and closed his eyes. When he opened them, he looked across the room at Severus Snape. Truth be told, he never expected the Slytherin to show up. He never, in all the five years they'd gone to Hogwarts, had shown interest in these types of affairs. He shrugged it off and took a seat at a nearby table with Sirius. Sirius reached his hand across the table and took Remus' hand in his own, lightly forming circles on the back of Remus' perfect hand.

"You know, Moonbeam. This has been one of the best weeks I can remember."

"I concur. I love you, Padfoot."

"Would you say it just once in public? I know you don't have to, we didn't agree on it but...I just wanted to ask."

Remus sat up straight in his chair and smoothed out his white robes. The red glow from the charms softened his face. Or the glow from earlier, Sirius wasn't completely sure, "Master. I adore you and I love you."

Sirius winked at him and lifted Remus' hand to his lips. "Thank you, Moony."

Sirius tilted his head to the side and grinned when he heard the next song playing. The amount of records Remus owned had to be infinite. He remembered catching him dancing in just his boxers in the dormitory one Sunday afternoon. Remus blushed and laughed at the look on Sirius' face and the song playing, obviously his lover remembering. Sirius pulled Remus to the floor and they danced as if they had not one care in the world to Do you love me by the Contours.

As the boys danced, they didn't notice while everyone was enjoying themselves, Peter was being pulled to the side by Severus and whispered something in his ear. Severus led him outside while James, Sirius, and Remus were distracted. Lucius and Bellatrix were waiting around the courtyard, immediately capturing Peter. Bellatrix proceeded to cast a silencing charm on Peter and pulled him to the Astronomy tower.

"Such an easy prey. But I wonder. Will your friends come to your rescue before we do the same to them as we've easily done to you?" Malfoy taunted the rat animagus.

"Humiliating us like you lot did. Oh, you lot are going to unquestionably pay for your sins," Bellatrix poked him roughly in his chest.

Peter squirmed and tried to break free from the trio. He listened closely as Malfoy continued, "Now, take us to our dear... Oh, what was that mud blood's name? Lupin? Severus. Bring him to me next. They will all be here. One by one. Like the little mice that they are."

"Of course, Lucius."

Bellatrix raised her wand at Peter and hissed, "Petrificus Totalus!" Binding him while they went to retrieve the rest of the group.

Lucius and Bellatrix stayed just out of sight as Severus went to claim their next victim. The dark haired Slytherin moved around the front of the Great Hall near the tables under the pretense of filling a cup full of the punch. He watched as Remus and Sirius danced exceedingly too close together, sneering at the sight. How could they be so open about their immorality? He smirked as Remus took his leave from Sirius to walk towards the punch. Remus took the ladle to pour the refreshment when Severus stepped closer to the other boy.

"I see you and your girlfriend are having a good time tonight, Lupin."

"He is my boyfriend, Severus. You won't unnerve me tonight, yeah?"

"Oh? No 'Snivellus'? No 'hook-nosed bat'?"

"I'm not going to let you ruin tonight for me," Remus replied with an arched eyebrow and a swig of his drink.

"I wonder. Your other mate. The quiet, idiotic one. Oh, what was his name?" Severus tapped his fingers to his chin as he mocked thought to himself.

"Peter? He's not an idiot. Just-"

"Ah. Yes. It matters not. He seemed to be in a bit of trouble outside. I wonder what that was about. Actually, I don't exactly care." Severus smirked and sipped on the punch. "Really. Who's idea was it to have everyone glowing in the dark like a bunch of dunderheads?"

"What do you mean?"

"It should be rather obvious, Lupin. Are you truly too stupid to understand that the idea of this ball was utterly disgraceful and childish?"

"I don't mean that. What about Peter?" Remus stared at Severus who kept his eyes trained on his drink.

"I said that I don't care about that insignificant imbecile. Who cares if he was yelling for someone to save him?"

Remus widened his eyes and looked towards Sirius. If Peter was in trouble, he had to get to him fast. He was chatting with James but Remus didn't see Peter anywhere in the Great Hall. He was willing to bet Severus wasn't going to be helpful so he placed his glass down. He turned heel and walked quickly outside to look for Peter. Severus clicked his tongue to the roof of his mouth and smirked. He gave it a few seconds before he left the Great Hall to subdue Remus.

Sirius squinted his eyes and looked around the room for Remus. He rose to his tiptoes and looked around, not seeing him. He furrowed his brow as he searched for his lover.

"Can you believe she's been dancing with me practically all night?" Prongs said.

"Something's not right..." Sirius distractedly noted.

"Well, I didn't put any charm or anything like that on Lily. It's been wonderful. It's been completely right-"

"I don't mean that. Where's Remus?"

"Oh, probably just went off to get a drink."

"He already did that. I saw him and he was coming right back."

"Pads. I know you two are into some-rather unusual things but-"

"What's unusual?"

"Well, that bet. I mean, what he calls you and what you-"

"Prongs. It's different between us. I feel like he is a part of me. It's hard to explain but I have this feeling that something is very wrong."


"Where's Peter?"

"Oh, he was dancing with that girl from Ravenclaw. Lisa Gladwall. Glimrock. Hell, I don't know."

"James. Something's not right here," Sirius said and pushed past James towards the exit. James looked at the fleeing back of Padfoot and towards Lily, a moment of conflict. He took one final look at the red headed beauty and groaned, "Ah, bloody hell." James took off after Sirius and stopped when Sirius stood outside the vacant courtyard. He narrowed his eyes and looked around.

"Everyone's inside dancing. Cover me for a moment, would you?"

James stood in front of Padfoot and looked around. Seeing no one insight, Sirius quickly turned into Padfoot and sniffed the air quickly. James followed side by side with Padfoot as the animagus tracked Remus' scent towards the direction of the Astronomy tower. Padfoot stopped and James watched him when his ears perked up at a shrill voice, "Two down. Two to go!"

James looked around and nodded to Padfoot, giving him the sign all was clear. Sirius changed back to his human form and pulled his wand from his robes. Prongs grabbed for his own wand and they ran as fast as their legs could carry them up the stairs, leading to the Astronomy tower. They walked slower and more quietly as they came to the entrance. The boys saw three backs turned to them that belonged to his insane cousin, Malfoy, and the greasy bat. Sirius snarled, showing his canines without thinking when he saw Malfoy approaching Remus and grabbing him by the collar of his white dress robes. Malfoy held his cane high with his right hand and Remus flinched, eyes closing as he waited for the next blow.

"...for humiliating me in front of all of Hogwarts, you will now understand what true humiliation and pain is you filthy mudblood. How dare you think you are privileged enough to even look me in the eye!?"

James didn't even realize Sirius was moving nor did the others. One moment, Sirius Black was right beside him and the next, he was barreling into the Astronomy tower with his wand raised. He rose his wand and hit both Severus and Bellatrix with a Knockback Jinx. James snapped out of his stupor and jumped into action, connecting the Petrificus Totalus to Severus and Bellatrix. Sirius wrapped his fingers around Lucius' wrist and forced him to turn around, making the blonde lose his grip on Remus. Remus fell to his knees with a whimper of pain and reached around, holding his sore back. He kept himself up with his left hand, features contorted with pain. Sirius looked down at Moony and narrowed his eyes, directing his attention to the blonde he had in his grasp.

Sirius balled his hand into a solid fist and looked deep into Lucius' terrified eyes. Lucius gulped audibly and was in complete shock at how fast the turn of events occurred. Sirius held his grip ferociously tight around the man's hand and lowered his voice, "Get away from my boyfriend." Sirius ended the sentence with a right hook to Lucius and sent the pureblood wizard stumbling backwards as he held his eye.

James countered the spells set on Peter and used the same spells on Bellatrix and Severus. Sirius picked up Lucius' cane and turned around to him. Sirius rose his right leg up and held the cane firmly between his hands, breaking it over his knee. He threw the two broken pieces at the hunkered over man. James rose his wand again and used the incantation to fully body bind Malfoy.

"Nice one, James!"

Peter stood up slowly and braced himself against the wall, "I'm so sorry. I went outside for just a second. Severus told me that Lisa was in trouble and they jumped me as soon as-"

"Are you all right?" James asked.

Peter nodded and looked at Remus, "Moony needs looked over. Lucius beat him with that bloody cane before you and Sirius got here."

"Bloody bastards," James groaned and went over to Sirius and Remus. Sirius lifted Remus' chin, looking at the forming bruise around his eye. Sirius clenched his jaw as he looked into the sparkling blue eyes and softened his eyes as well as his voice, "I'm so sorry. I'm going to murder that prick."

"What for? Is not your fault. And don't do anything else to him. We're safe now."

"I shouldn't have let you out of my sight, damn it. Why the hell not, Remus?!" Sirius said, moving to have another go at Lucius.

Remus gripped Sirius tighter, holding him back. "Because you're better than that, Sirius! You are stronger than that!" Remus moved to stand, keeping his hand to the small of his back. Lucius cracked him right across it so many times, he thought the pureblood would never stop when they dragged him to the Astronomy Tower.

"But you're hurt."

"I'll be fine. Let's tell Dumbledore what happened, right? Do this the proper way, Sirius. Yeah?"

Sirius nodded, grudgingly agreeing with his boyfriend, and helped Remus to stand steady. He turned to the three Slytherins and narrowed his eyes, "You won't be left here all night. We'll let Dumbledore know you're here and what happened. I wouldn't come near us again if I were any of you. Clear?"


As soon as the Marauders made their way back to the Great Hall, they informed Dumbledore of what happened and where the three were located. He conceded that what the boys did was, in fact, in self defense and indefinitely revoked any of Malfoy's or LeStrange's visiting privileges. Severus was given a week's detention and sneered as he went back to the dungeons. He hated these bloody affairs anyway and didn't care to stay around. The boys sighed in relief as the Headmaster told them that they had done well tonight, aside from the regrettable dilemma. Madame Pomfrey checked over Remus' injuries and gave him a few potions to help with the pain after ensuring nothing dire happened to the young man. The bruises were not a pretty sight to look at that canvassed his back.

During the situation with Malfoy, Remus and Sirius missed the last dance. Peter apologized profusely for being so stupid and getting himself ambushed. Remus told him not to worry about it because he was ambushed as well. The Marauders sat in the empty Great Hall, sighing after everything turned to normal.

"We definitely need to be more careful with the likes of them. I foresee one hell of a prank in old Snivellus' future," Prongs said.

"It will be one he will never forget, I assure you," Sirius added bitterly.

"No one was hurt tonight too badly and it's been taken care of. Can't we just let it go?" Remus rested his cheek on the back of his hand.

"No one was hurt?! How can you say that? After what he did to you," Sirius started and looked at Peter ,"and to Wormtail, he has to pay. Leading you into a trap like that. And yes, you were hurt!"

"Pads. Revenge is bittersweet, yeah?" Remus whispered.

"We'll think of something, I'm sure," Wormtail offered. "I'm quite exhausted now, though."

"Yeah. I think we're going to head up to the dorms and get some rest. I'm knackered, mates." James stood up and rubbed his back. "You lot coming?"

Peter nodded and Sirius stood up. Remus took Sirius' hand and held on to him firmly, "Actually, we'll be up in a moment. Yeah?"

"Just don't get into trouble or do anything stupid. That's more to you, Pads," James smiled and headed to the Gryffindor Tower with Peter in toe.

Sirius turned around, raising a rather nasty salute towards Prongs, and looked around the Great Hall. The House Elves had already cleaned and taken everything away, making it look just like any other day. The only remnants of the night were their attire and Remus' record player left on the Gryffindor table.

"Did you want something, love?" Sirius asked with a sly grin.

"I wanted to say a few things, if that's all right."

"You can tell me anything."

"First of all, thank you for rescuing me."

"I... When I saw him hitting you, something went off in me-"

"I know, Master," Remus whispered so softly as he kissed Sirius' cheek, giving him a mischievous wink.

Sirius smiled and took in a deep breath, "Are you sure you're okay? You took quite a few hits."

"Nothing that can't be cured. Pomfrey gave me a look over and a few potions. As long as you're with me, I'll be more than okay. The other thing is, promise me something."


"Don't do anything horrible to Severus, yeah?"

"Remus. How can you be so forgiving?"

"It's more than that, Sirius. I love you and you know that. Sometimes, you do things without thinking it through. I just don't want you to do something that you'll regret."

"Trust me, Moonbeam. I'll be good."

"Do you promise?"

"Don't you trust me?"

"Yes. Do you promise?"

Sirius took in a deep breath and nodded his head, "If it'll make you happy..."

"It would."

"Right, then."

Sirius stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Remus, hugging him closely. He didn't attempt to cop a feel. He sincerely was petrified when he saw Malfoy striking his Moonbeam's beautiful face and felt protective over this young man he held close to him. Remus hugged him back and sighed, opening his eyes and fully realizing that they were the only two people in the room. He took Sirius' hand and led him to an open space in the Great Hall and nodded his head to the Victrola, casting a silent spell. The music started playing and for this moment, they were the only two people in the world as far as either of them were concerned. Sirius smirked at Remus' silent spell casting. The man was definitely going to be one of the greatest wizards. He already was to Sirius.

As the piano played, Sirius smiled so brightly and felt his heart pound with every positive emotion that had a name while their song played. The song that Remus sang to him not too long ago.

Remus leaned into Sirius' shoulder and rested his cheek there, singing to him softly along with Elton John. Their song. Their bodies moved in time with the music, hands resting in places on the other's body that were made specifically for their hands alone. Remus logically knew they were both so young still and had yet to experience everything in the world. However, he knew exactly what love was and all of his love was meant for this young man he danced with.

As the final chorus sounded, Remus reached for his wand and aimed it upwards to the ceiling. A silvery light streamed from his wand and the ceiling transformed into a perfect, clear starry night. Sirius looked up and saw a shooting star fly across. The star stopped suddenly, situating itself as the second to the right of the moon.

"And straight on till morning?" Sirius asked.

"That's the way to Neverland."

"I love you, Moony."

"And I'll always love you. The place between..."

"Asleep and awake is where I'll always love you."

"Better make a wish, Master."

Sirius looked deeply into Remus' blue eyes and sighed. He looked at the necklace around Remus' neck and felt the cool metal against his own chest. With a smile and a kiss, he replied, "Everything I could ever wish for is in my arms right now."

The End...

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