Title: Red Tears

Author: nostalgia

Rating: PG

Summary: Angst-Drabble. Anakin, y'know, angsts.

Disclaim: Me no own Star Wars.

Other Jibberish: For the Angsty Anakin in August challenge.

Feedback: Go on, you know you want to...

- - - - -

The blood drips onto the floor, red tears on white marble.

I remember this through someone else's eyes. This is Naboo, this is Alderaan, this is Somewhere.

My Master lies on stone as cold to the touch as his skin. He is scarred and scorched and my lightsaber is cradled in my metal grip. Blood saturates my tunic.

My Master reaches up with the last of his breath and smears his blood across my cheek. He whispers, ragged and hoarse; "This is what will be, Anakin."

He is dying, and my hands are red.

I wake up, screaming.