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The Boy is Mine, You Bonkers!

Chapter 1 - The First Date

"Why am I still here, Derek? You better tell me what this is all about, or I'm leaving. Maybe you don't realize, but I'm senior now and I need to pay more attention to my homework." Stiles huffed. He's at the Hale house for the fourth time this week, for a pack meeting. And for the fourth time, Derek blocks his way out of the house.

"Sit." Derek walks to the couch in the family room, sitting himself. Stiles' not too far behind him, sitting on the opposite couch from Derek.

"No. Here." Derek pats the spot beside him once, not looking at Stiles' eyes. Stiles hesitates but decides to give in, moving over to sit beside Derek. Derek is so rigid that Stiles can feel the tension in the air, now that he's so close to Derek. But for the love of God, who can blame him? The Alpha Pack really put a lot of crap on Derek and the pack. Stiles is overjoyed and relieved that it's now, finally, all behind them.

Apparently, the Alpha Pack wanted Stiles. Specifically, the Alpha of the Alphas had wanted Stiles. Huh. As awfully weird as it sounds, it turns out that the words a painfully smart and brave unclaimed human who is stupidly unutilized in Beacon Hill's packbecame the hottest gossip in werewolf underground. Yes, what the hell. Stiles' existence has changed from a plankton to a rising sun.

Besides, maybe Stiles is unclaimed, whatever that means, but he is not stupidly unutilized. He has helped a lot, with Scott's werewolf business mostly, but some of Derek's as well. Scott is his helpless bestfriend he can't say no to. While Derek, Stiles has to admit, he has sympathy for. He lost his family and Stiles knows how it feels. Derek also protects Scott, sometimes even with his own life on the line. And now that Stiles understands that by giving the teenagers the bite, Derek saved their lives more than ruined them, he may or may not have this urge to protect Derek and stand by him.

The feeling gets stronger by the fact that Derek always saved him and protected him when he was in danger. Derek even got feral when the Alpha Pack tried to take Stiles with force. Stiles was secretly happy, because he didn't want to help any other Alpha either. He has chosen side, it has been Derek and by all the hardship they have shared and dealt together, it probably always will be.

Stiles was even more happy when the pack seemed to agree with Derek and battled with the other Alphas. As hateful as Stiles was towards the Alpha Pack, he was also grateful they came. They finally made the bond among the werewolves of Beacon Hills strong in one solid pack. Now, after the Alpha Pack was defeated and fled, Beacon Hill's werewolves are not the same group of whiny teenagers who deteste each other anymore, but a pack, werewolves and humans alike, that care, respect, and support each other. By sticking together, it will increase their chance to survive hardships. And for the first time since his mom passed away, Stiles once again feel like he belongs to something. Someone.

"Hey, what is it? You won't ignore me again, will you? You did for the third times I was here after pack meetings, and it's really getting old, man." Stiles stared at Derek, demanding a response, but the only thing he gets from him is a silent air between them. "Hey? Derek?"

Derek finally looked back at him, and God those eyes. They're not red, no, but the humanly sad green eyes, completed with the frowny eyebrows and Stiles swears to God he wants to take expression away from the face of his Alpha, with all his human power. Just cause.

"Are you content with this pack, Stiles?"

What. That is new.

"Well, you are bitchy sometimes, yes you are, and the others always pull stupid stunts but yeah I enjoy those moments, why?"

The silence greets him once more for another minute before Derek opens his mouth, "I know that there are more secure packs out there that can offer you more safety and a stable environment, but—"

Derek goes silent again, looking away from Stilles, like he never wanted to have this conversation in the first place, and it makes Stiles even more curious.

"But what?"

Derek's shoulders tense as he looks back at Stiles. The expression is still the same but the eyes are now red. Derek then leans down near Stiles' ear, his cheek barely brushing Stiles'. He whispers with a rough voice like he's holding back from growling. "I don't want you to leave."

Insecurities. So that's what this is all about?

Derek thinks Stiles would leave him if came other Alphas' offer fitting the high standard of terms and conditions. Does Derek really treasure him that much? Well now, that makes all insecurities that Stiles felt about his membership in this pack sound stupid.

He's the one who always feels like the pack could dump him anytime, that he's not an official pack member. Apparently, he is stupid to think that way, like Derek is stupid to think this way. Stiles will make all clear then.

Derek's right hand lays on the couch behind Stiles' neck, and Stiles doesn't know why he feels heat slipping through all over his body. Derek pulls away a little bit and looks at Stiles, his eyes are humanly green again. But still sad, and Stiles hates it.

"All you have to do is to never let me go." Stiles shrugged. "I'm staying, Derek. I know our pack is not perfect, but we always get better with time. We're already better than who we were three years ago. We care and support each other, hell even Jackson and Scott seem joined at the hips now. Allison, Erica, and Lydia are definitely an imitation of the Mean Girls trio. Boyd is pleased with his newly found hobby of carpenting, look at the magic he's done to this house, the house that became our pack's shelter. And Isaac, he's got me tight around his wolfy fingers, alright? I won't have the heart to leave him even if the world ends, blame his puppy dog eyes. My point is, I care for the pack. And I—I care for you, Derek."

Stiles said the last part nervously, but he never looks away from Derek's eyes when he talks. He wants Derek catch the truth in his words. He grins when Derek's mouth twitches a little.

"Even if I'm bitchy, which I am not?" Derek says.

Stiles snorts at that. "Yes, even if you're bitchy, though you're obviously not."

Derek walks him to the jeep, but before Stiles open the car door, Derek catches his wrist. Stiles turns to face Derek, confused by the sudden contact. Derek pushes him against the jeep and lets go of Stiles's wrist to put his both hands on the car, trapping Stiles' head between them.

"D-Derek?" Stiles' voice is trembling, his body gets this weird heat all over again. Derek stares at him with his red eyes but doesn't say any word. And then suddenly, his right hand moves and cups Stiles' left cheek. Stiles can't find words to say, and for Stiles that's extremely unusual. His eyes just stare back at Derek's while time seems to stop in this blissful moment. When Derek finally moves again, he leans in to Stiles left ear while his right palm still on Stiles' left cheek. Stiles can feel Derek's stubble on his cheek, Derek's lips lingering on his ear, both of his hands without his consent move to Derek's shoulders and stay there.

"Derek..." Stiles can't explain this feeling, he feels hot and, oh God, are there butterflies in his stomach?

"I would never let anyone take you away from me, Stiles."

Stiles can feel Derek's low growl on his chest, it makes Stiles' knees feel wobbly. His breath trembles in Derek's ear. "I don't want you to."

Derek pulls away from his ear, both hands cupping Stiles' cheeks. One of his thumbs caresses Stiles' lower lip, and Stiles can't help but lick his lips wet with his tongue. Derek's gaze is so deep and mesmerizing, moving from his brown eyes to his wet lips and back to his eyes again.

"Stiles." He whispered.

"Yeah..?" Stiles answered just as softly, their eyes locked to each other.

Derek's palms are warm and gentle as they caress Stiles' rosy cheeks. "I don't think I can pretend any longer." Derek said.

"Pretend what..?" Stiles' voice is no more than a breath but Derek will hear it, Stiles is certain, for the distance between them is nearly second to none that the only thing Stiles can see is Derek's soul melting gaze.

And the next thing Stiles knows, Derek kisses him. Soft and questioning at first, but then it moves to hard and hungry, like he has been secretly waiting for a thousand years to kiss him. Stiles can feel Derek's teeth attacking his mouth. Lapping. Devouring. His tongue demands a way in and there isn't hardly any defense from Stiles, because Stiles? Stiles forgets who he is, where he lives, dammit he forgets everything but one thing: he's making out with Derek Hale and it's freaking awesome.

When they finally break the kiss, both are panting out of breath, still sharing air since the one's lips still barely leave the other's. Stiles opens his eyes just to meet Derek's green ones.

"Derek..." He panted, his hands now wrapped around Derek's broad shoulder. Derek continues to caress Stiles' cheeks so lovingly with his thumbs, Stiles can't help but swooned. This must be a dream because Derek looks like he's drunk, Stiles just can't believe he'd be the reason of it.

"We need to talk." Derek said.

'Well that's understatement of the night,' Stiles thought.

"Okay." Stiles gulps, still trying to control himself out of bliss. "So, I probably deserve a proper date, right? I mean, after what we just shared."

Derek leans in again. He kisses Stiles' right cheek, then his left, then his forehead, then his nose, and finally he settles his lips on the curve between Stiles' collarbone and neck. Derek drops big mouth kisses there, teeth grazing skin. All the while, his eyes are closed and he looks as though he takes memory of what Stiles' skin tastes like. His breaths sensually stroke Stiles' burning skin. And Stiles needs to gather all his self-control not to jump at him right there and now because hey, 'little Stiles' is waking up.

"You do. I'll text you tomorrow."

With that, Derek pulls back and open the driver's door for Stiles to get in.

Fuck, Stiles has just had his first case of blue balls.

Stiles' concentration falls into ground zero the next day at school. His whole brain circles around Derek's lips, Derek's lips on his skin, Derek's hands, Derek's hands on him, and when the hell Derek would text him.

On lunch break, he checks his phone every ten seconds, until finally, someone takes notice.

"Is there any trouble, Stiles? Is everything okay?" Allison asked. She seems worried, maybe still affected by the Alpha Pack fiasco.

Stiles smiles at her. "All is well, all is well."

The pack laughs, they always do whenever Stiles quotes the Three Idiots. Stiles grins at them, and tries to hold the urge to check his phone again. Ofcourse, that's the moment when his phone chooses to vibrate in his pocket.

"Hey I'm gonna head back to class. I wanna go to the restroom before the bell rings."

The others just nod and wave and dig into their meals again. Stiles walks to the hall while takes his phone out of his jeans' pocket.

*Tomorrow 5 PM. I'll pick you up.*

Tomorrow is Saturday. And on Saturday night, the Sheriff is never on patrol.

*My dad's home by then.*

Stiles doesn't even put his phone back before it vibrates again.

*I know.*

Derek doesn't care. He asks Stiles out for a date and he doesn't even try to hide from his dad. 'Oh. My. God. Oh my God.' Stiles thinks, trying to calm himself. 'Ok. Ok. So? It means Derek is serious, right? It's good, right? Except Dad doesn't even know I'm into guys. Hell, I didn't even know I'd have a boner over a guy until Derek. I really need to talk to Dad tonight.' Stiles is back on his phone again.

*Ok, where are we gonna go?*

Stiles starts to wonder where the date would be and what he should wear. 'Oh my God, what the hell should I wear to catch up with Derek Hale's—everything!' Stiles is freaking out when his phone vibrates.

*Just trust me. Wear something casual.*

'I love him already.' Stiles smiles in relief and goes to his next class, restroom forgotten.

Later that night, Stiles cooks steak and bakes blueberry pie. His father seems pleased but still there are suspecting looks on his face.

"Are you commiting any crime lately? Did you just kill someone?"

"Hahaha, very funny Dad. Eat your steak or I take them back where they belong, and we all know it's not on your plate."

The Sheriff looks literally terrified by the threat and digs in right away. He finished his meal in record time and Stiles serves him the pie and a cup of coffee. His dad looks relax and satisfied with the sweet treats; Stiles takes a breath, 'well here goes nothing'.

"Dad? I need to talk about something important".

Sheriff stops his chewing, looking at Stiles for a second, before digging back into his pie. "Ok, shoot."

Stiles looks at his Dad, trying to find the right words to say it, "I'm gay."

The Sheriff stops his halfway move to put a bite in his mouth. He drops the fork calmly, and then he laughs. Yes, his father freaking laughs.

"Huh. Well that's a relief, I really thought you murdered someone. 'Cos all this grand dinner thing? It's too amazing to be true." The Sheriff said.

Stiles clears his throat nervously. "Are you okay, Dad? You're taking this so much better than I expected."

"Thank you. I mean, what can I say? You're my son, Stiles, as long as you're safe and happy. Sexuality is not my main concern." The Sheriff takes a sip on his beer.

Stiles can't help but smile at this, he feels gratefully relieved. God, how he loves his dad. "So, you're totally cool with it?"

His dad snorts. "I didn't say that. It depends. Who's the lucky guy?"

His dad's question is the part Stiles worries about the most, he really doesn't know what his dad's reaction would be if he says the guy is the one and only Derek Hale. His nervousness leads to his usual rambling.

"Actually, I'm the one who's really lucky here. Seriously, Dad, I feel like I caught a really big fish here. I don't even know what he likes about me. My God, he's strong and handsome, he drives a cool car which is awesome 'cos it means I get to have a ride in it, oh and don't start with—"

"Who's the guy, Stiles?"

"Derek Hale."

The Sheriff gives Stiles a look, the kind of look that makes Stiles want to bury himself in the ground and never come out again.

"I thought you hated that guy."

"No, I don't. That was just a misunderstanding, Dad, you know that. Scott and I already told you that. We overreacted."

"How do you know him this well? I didn't even know you hung out with him."

Ok, this is the point where Stiles should answer smartly, not lying but also not giving away anything about werewolves.

"We're getting close, Dad. He's around town and tends to help people. He even fixed my Jeep when it got flat tires." This is not lying, Derek actually did that once.

The Sheriff seems to think about it for a while. "Huh. Okay. So why tell me now?"

"Well he kinda asked me out. He said he will pick me up tomorrow, I just want to know if I can get your permission to go, Dad."

"You know, Son, I'm more surprised to hear you actually ask for my permission to go out rather than the fact that you just told me you're gay."

Stiles rolls his eyes. "You are so hillarious tonight, Dad."

"Thank you."

"I don't know, Dad, maybe I just want this to work out, whatever it is. He's really a great guy, people just don't know him and believe whatever they hear. While I've gotten to know him, I get to see the side of him that people ignore. I won't even deny that I really care about him, Dad."

Stiles actually feels genuine about what he said. He thinks Derek is a good person and he really cares about the guy.

The Sheriff sighs. "Alright, when he pick you up, ask him to meet me first before you two leave."

Stiles stands up from his seat, walks to his dad, and hugs him. "Oh God. Thanks, Dad. Thank you so much! You know you're the best, right?"

The Sheriff hugs his son back, "I know. Does that mean I get to order pizza tomorrow night? Since you won't be cooking?"

Stiles rolls his eyes and sighs. "Fine, you can order pizza."

"Haha, awesome! You know you're the best son, right?"

Stiles more feels than sees his dad's grin. It makes Stiles' heart swell and he can't help but grin back.

"Hell yeah, I am."

The digital clock on the side table shows it's "03:07 AM", and Stiles is still too excited to sleep. He's been trying to shut his eyes since four hours ago to no avail. He even already decided on what he's gonna wear for the date in that space of time. Now, he's just lying on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

His thoughts keep wondering on stupid stuff, like where Derek might take him, would they hold hands or stuff like that, what his father's gonna say when he meets Derek, or will Derek like what he wears or should he choose another outfits.

Stiles starts to feel like a clueless virgin on their first date. No, wait, he is.

Ugh. Finally. After a long suffering loneliness, tomorrow is my first date. With Derek Hale. Oh. My. God. My first date is the hot-sex-on-a-stick Derek Hale.

Stiles once again finds himself breathing hard and more restless than ever. He looks at the digital clock again. "03:43 AM"? Two minutes ago it was only three o'clock.

Stiles mentally scolds himself and rises from his bed. He decides to do random research for a bit, just to tire his eyes. He turns on his computer and grabs some books. Once the system is done loading, he decides to check his social networks first before he digs in to research.

He logs into Facebook.

Huh. 7 private messages. Unlikely.

Stiles rarely received private messages, he clicks on the messages button, expecting they would be spam or some crap like that.

I have to say you are one tempting human, Stiles Stilinski. If only you'd let me be your Alpha.
(Greg Hills, Oregon's Pack)

What the hell... Stiles gapes, he draws closer to the screen to make sure he reads it right.

My pack would be delighted to have such an intelligent, inspiring human as you, Mr. Stilinski. Would you like to pay us a visit sometime? :)
(Sullivan Collins, The Alpha of The Pack of Dublin)

Did an Alpha just sent him a smiley face? Stiles starts to wonder what's with all these werewolves taking this gossip of his 'greatness' way too seriously.

I want to claim you all day and fuck you all night, I would cum inside you and make you scream my name—


Oh the things I'd do to you in my mating chamber if you were my mate—


I heard you are very cunning and irresistable, Stiles Stilinski. Too bad I heard your skills are poorly recognized. If you joined me, I'd provide you anything you want for your research and experiments in our private lab. And maybe after all the works were done, you could help me research and experiment on every inch of your body—

Stiles stops reading and closes the Facebook tab, he doesn't want to know any further about what the other messages would say. Some werewolves are complete perverts. He suddenly feels like he needs to lay down, he just shuts down the computer and heads back to bed.

All of these werewolf 'I want to take you away' games are really exhausting. The Alpha Pack fiasco proved that it's all real and there are really werewolves out there pining for him.

Stiles is flattered yet also freaking out. He doesn't want to support or help any Alpha but Derek. He can't even imagine days without Derek now that they realize they like each other. He's just afraid that some werewolves won't respect his wish and decide to take him away from the pack without his consent, hurting the pack in doing so.

Suddenly, Stiles can't wait to see Derek. He needs to see Derek's face, to hear Derek's voice again, saying that he would never let anyone takes Stiles from him. Stiles' eyes start to shut with the thought of seeing Derek tomorrow and that no werewolf would be able to get him while Derek is around.

Stiles opens his eyes on Saturday morning, stretches his body, limbs all over the bed, and rises himself up. His dad usually let him sleep as long as he wants on Saturday, but his belly is a demanding beast. Stiles maneuvers himself to the bathroom first.

There's a note on the fridge when he walks into the kitchen.

Office call. Back at lunch.

Stiles opens the fridge and take out the milk carton. He fills a bowl with fruit loops and pour a generous amount of milk. He eats in silence, his brain isn't operating completely yet. After he's done, he put the empty bowl on the sink and heads to the living room. He plops down the couch, reaches for the TV remote and turns on the TV. Stiles loves Saturday morning.

Stiles checks his phone while watching some random TV shows. There are few text messages from the others. All of them mainly ask if he'll hang out at the pack's house tonight.

He doesn't know whether Derek wants to tell them about the date or not, but personally Stiles thinks it's too early, since he and Derek are still trying to figure things out. So, he just sends multiple replies that he has to visit family this weekend. He wasn't totally lying, he'll be out with Derek tonight and he considers Derek as a family-friend.

A couple of hours later, Stiles turns off the TV and goes to the kitchen again to make lunch for him and his dad. Since his dad will spoil himself with sinful pizza slices tonight, he decides to torture his dad with super healthy food for lunch. He cooks some plain rice, smirking at the thought of how his dad always sighs at the sight of plain rice. He also fixes some stir-fried vegetables and soy sauce tofu.

Anyway, does Derek know about his good cooking skill? Has he cooked for Derek before..?

Suddenly it's important to Stiles that Derek knows. The thought of someone else makes 'their way into the man's heart by the stomach' annoys him. He should cook Derek dinner sometime.

His dad opens the front door as Stiles put two plates and two glasses of water on the dining table.

"Hey, Dad, how's it going?"

The Sheriff shrugs. "Same old stuff, what's for lunch?"

He walks to the dining table and his face drops at the sight of the menu.

"Seriously, Son, are you holding any grudges toward me?"

Stiles laughs at his dad's comment.

"This me showing you how much I love you, Dad."

"You really need to ask for second opinion about how to show love to your old man."

Stiles sits down in his chair, still laughing, and gestures his dad to sit down.

"This or no pizza tonight? Your choice."

The Sheriff sighs in defeat and plops down on his chair.

"I can take back your permission to go on date tonight, you know."

"No, you can't. You know how persistent I am."

The Sheriff knows. He just stabs his fork grudgingly into his poor tofu.

Stiles looks at his reflection on the mirror. He looks okay. Derek said to wear something casual, well Stiles wears casual everyday, but Stiles wants to look nicely casual tonight. He wears the clothes that he chose last night: white v-neck t-shirt; black jeans; and his favorite red hoodie.

The v-neck was suggested on the internet, to wear something that would spotlight the sexiest part of the body to mesmerize our date.

Stiles honestly can't find any part of his body that screams sexy. His body did get firmer after countless pack survival trainings and lacrosse practices, but still, he's a duckling in comparison to Jackson, Scott, Isaac, and Boyd. Even worse to compare with one steaming pile of hotness called Derek Hale.

Well, at least Derek seemed interested with his neck in their making out session that night. It doesn't hurt to try, right? So, v-neck it is.

Stiles hears the rumble of Derek's camaro when he's putting on his sneakers. He hurries up, takes his wallet, checks himself out in the mirror one last time, then runs down the stairs.

He gets to the front door right after the first bell ring, clumsily opening the door, and Sweet God In Heaven, Derek is unbelievably hot, ok? Oh, he is wearing casual. But not in nice-and-casual like Stiles, it's a hot-damn-sexy-and-casual.

Derek's wearing his grey henley and black jeans, both of which Stiles has seen him wear a couple of times before, but he wears a new black leather jacket. A hot new black leather jacket, which makes Derek looks younger and with no doubt, hotter.

They stand on the door frame in silence. Stiles notices then that Derek also silently surveys Stiles whole appearance from head to toe until his gaze stops. At Stiles' neck. Stiles' face and ears blush wildly under Derek's intense gaze on his neck.

At least the v-neck does its job.

The Sheriff's sudden cough from living room finally breaks the awkward silence.

Stiles smiles shyly at Derek, "Hey."

"You ready to go?" Derek asked.

Stiles looks back to his dad, sitting on the couch. His dad seems to pretend he's not aware of his gaze. Stiles mentally curses himself, he forgot to warn Derek about his dad's demand to talk with him privately before they go. So, Stiles thinks it is necessary to tell Derek first before throwing him into the lion's cage.

"Dad, I need to talk to Derek for a minute before we go in, alright?"

His dad just shrugs and drinks his beer. Stiles steps out towards Derek, closes the door behind him.

"Your dad doesn't trust me."

"He will." Stiles looks up at Derek just to meet Derek's eyes watching him.

"He just wants to have a minute with you before we go. I hope you don't mind. And I'm sorry, I know I should've warned you about my dad before but I was just so excited about this that I didn't remember to tell you. He might pull up some threats about you're being twenty-four and I'm being seventeen, nearly eighteen for God's sake, and that it's illegal, then he'll show off all his guns and—"

Stiles' nervous rambling stops when he feels something curled around his left hand. He looks down to see Derek's hand holding his. He jerks up his eyes to see Derek's, mouth gaping.

"Stiles, calm down. I got this."

Stiles narrows his eyes. His hand pressing back against Derek's. Apparently, Derek's confidence and his hand on Stiles' really calm Stiles down.

One of Alpha's perks.

"How can you be so calm? Well, I mean, you are broody and stoic all the time, but I thought you would be angry and then cancel the date or something. And leave after ripping like every limb out of my fragile body," Stiles said.

Derek smirks, "The sooner I deal with this, the sooner we can go."

Derek and his arrogant Alpha traits. Stiles rolls his eyes at him and then he turns around to open the door. He walks in, pulling Derek's hand with him but letting go when they reach where his dad is sitting in the living room.


Derek offers his hand to Stiles' dad, but the Sheriff ignores him and just nods out of recognition.


Derek's shoulders tense, but he lowers his hand casually.

Stiles must say he's impressed, Derek tries so hard to keep himself in control. The Alpha in him must want to throttle Stiles' dad right now.

Stiles shoots a pointy look at his dad but the Sheriff ignores him too. Stiles should have known that his dad would enjoy this evil treatment towards the man who wants to date his only son way too much.

"Please, sit down, Derek." The Sheriff gestures the opposite couch from him. Derek moves to the seat, Stiles following after to sit beside him.

But of course his father has other plans.

"Why don't you make Derek something to drink, Stiles?"

Stiles narrowed his eyes at his dad. The Sheriff sends him a really sweet smile but Stiles knows better than that.

The Sheriff turns to Derek, "Coffee or beer, Derek?".

Derek shrugs. "Coffee's fine, Sir."

The Sheriff smiles at Stiles' way again. "You heard him. Go make some coffee, oh, and get him a slice of your blueberry pie. You should try it, Derek, this kid can bake."

Okay, Stiles has to admit he can't help but smile at the visualization of badass Derek Hale eating sweet treats such as pie, and secretly excited that Derek will notice his baking skill.

"I'll be right back." Stiles said to Derek, then he makes his way into the kitchen.

Apparently, Stiles can't be right back as soon as he hoped, because the coffee pot is not in its usual spot. And neither are the dessert plates for the pie.

Stiles closed his eyes in frustation. 'I fucking knew it! Oh Dad, you're gonna pay for this nonsense.' Stiles swore to himself that he will only cook vegetarian dishes for the next few days as he opens all the cupboards on the kitchen to find the missing utensils.

Stiles can hear the faint sound of conversation going from the living room. He really wants to just go back to the living room to hear what his dad has to say to Derek, but he knows he can't, not without the coffee and pie.

Stiles finds the coffee pot and the plates on the tool shelf in the basement.

Really, Dad, Really?

He hurries back to the kitchen to prepare the coffee and pie. He tries to do it as fast as he can, but by the time he comes back to the living room with the coffee and pie, Derek and his Dad are already paying attention to some fishing show on the TV.

The conversation seems to be done, so Stiles put the coffee cup on the table, gives the plate of pie to Derek, and plops down beside him on the couch.

Derek takes the dessert plate and takes his first bite. "It's good."

"Yeah?" Stiles blushed, secretly happy from the compliment.

Derek nods once. "I like pie. My mother used to make pie on every Sunday dinner."

The statement makes Stiles' heart sinks. He can mentally see Derek never eating it anymore after his family died. His dad seems to have sympathy too because the next thing he says is really shocking.

"You should come to dinner sometimes, Stiles occasionally bakes pie as dessert."

Derek and Stiles both look at the Sheriff. The conversation went well then. Stiles presses his side to Derek's. Derek takes it as approval.

"Yeah. Sure. Thank you, Sheriff."

"You can call me John, Derek."

Stiles does not mentally dance in victory.

Derek finishes his pie and drinks his coffee. He then looks at Stiles and Stiles understands it's time to go. "Uh. Dad? We need to go now." Stiles stands up and waits for Derek.

Derek rises from the couch and offers his hand to Stiles' father. This time, the Sheriff takes it. "I expect my son to come home before midnight, young man."

"I understand. Thank you." Derek makes his way to the door.

Stiles smiles at his dad. "See you later, Dad."

His dad smiles back. "Have fun, kid." Then, he turns his gaze to the TV again.

Stiles makes his way to Derek, who's waiting for him on the porch, and they walk together to the camaro.

"What did my dad say to you?" Stiles asked from the passenger seat in Derek's camaro.

Derek is still silent for a while before taking a deep breath and starts talking.

"He fulfilled your expectations; he asked me what reason a twenty-four-year-old full-grown man like me would want to deal with his seventeen-year-old young and innocent son. And whether or not I know it's illegal."

Stiles sighs. "I'm actually eighteen in two weeks, you know. And he knows that."

Derek smirks, his eyes focusing on the road. "Your dad was just trying to make his point."

"Then what did you say?"

"The truth."

Stiles jerks his head to look at Derek. "You told him about werewolves?"

Derek rolls his eyes. "No, Idiot, of course not. I told him that—that I've liked you for a while but I didn't make any move because I know you're still young. That I had every intention to wait till you turned eighteen. And that I managed just fine until some other people decided to hit on you in front of my face, and I wouldn't just sit there and watch."

Stiles blushed, looking down on his lap. "Oh. So, I guess he thought you were being reasonable."

Derek takes a glimpse at Stiles and reaches out to take Stiles' hand. He brings Stiles' hand to his lap and just holds him there with his right hand, while his left is holding the wheel. Thumb softly caressing his knuckles.

"Like I said, it's the truth."

"Yeah well except the fact that they are actually werewolves, not people." Stiles laughed. He slips his fingers between Derek's and they stay like that throughout the drive.

They fill the silence with little talks, about pack stuff mostly, but also little bits of personal stuff like school and Derek's interest in cars.

Stiles' never seen Derek this loose and relaxed before, and Stiles decides he's really smitten by this side of Derek.

They've been on the road for an hour, when Stiles realizes they're not in Beacon Hills anymore. The sun having set completely now. "Hey, where are you taking me?"

Derek just smirks. "We're almost there."

They enter a heavily wooded area. Stiles sees bright colorful fade lights behind the trees, wondering where those lights come from.

When the road turns and they pass into a wide field area, Stiles notices now that those lights come from a giant ferris wheel.

There is a fair in the town next to Beacon Hills, Stiles remembers reading the pamphlet few days ago. Stiles' mouth gapes open, he turns to Derek. "You're taking me to the fair!?"

Derek parks the car in an empty parking space and turns off the car. "Yeah, I hope you like the fair."

Stiles beams and shows his widest grin. "Are you kidding me? This is awesome!"

Derek leads Stiles to the booth to buy the tickets. Stiles reaches his pocket to take out his wallet but Derek stops him. "Hey, I asked you out. It's on me." His eyes turn red for a second.

"Woah hey! Okay, chill out. Don't wolf out here, geez.."

Derek huffs and pulls out his wallet to pay for the tickets.

They enter the fair, Stiles runs ahead of Derek. Stiles looks around him, his mouth is in 'O' shape. Derek huffs a laugh from behind him, catching up with Stiles. "What do you want to ride first?"

Pfftt! That is one stupid question. Stiles points out the giant roller coaster. "Obviously, Der!"

Derek rolls his eyes at the nickname but caves in anyway. "Alright, come on."

The giant roller coaster was awesome. And so was the 'twister' and the crazy 'tornado'. Stiles is so excited, he never stops grinning.

"I don't know how you managed to keep your pokerface during those rides while I was screaming my lungs out. You really amaze me sometimes," Stiles pointed out.

Derek himself is amused just to watch Stiles tonight.

Stiles looks very adorable with those idiotic smile and flushed cheeks. His skin glowing under the bright neon lights. And Derek keeps cursing at that v-neck, which has been teasing Derek's self control from the second he saw Stiles at the Stilinskis' front door.

The urge to kiss Stiles emerges again. Should claim those lips later tonight, his wolf growled.

The wolf in him is satisfied he has made his mate happy. Mate. Derek groans at the word. His wolf is getting impatient.

Beautiful mate... So perfect for Derek. Cunning. Worthy. Need to claim him before another wolf does!

Derek can't help but let out a deep growl. If Stiles wasn't too distracted, he would notice. Derek shakes his thoughts, pressing his wolf to focus on the date instead.

He doesn't want to freak Stiles out. For now, he just wants an easy and casual first date, to just simply have fun with Stiles. There's still a lot he needs to prove to Stiles.

Derek needs Stiles to see him as worthy.

Clueless to his date's inner turmoil, Stiles is babbling about driving the bumper cars and checking out the arcade when his stomach rumbles. Stiles blushes and shoots a wide grin to Derek.

Derek scoffs in amusement. "C'mon, let's grab a bite."

They make their way to food section. It is a long row full of food stands and vendors. Stiles' eyes move from vendor to vendor.

"Oh God, look at that giant pretzel, I want to eat that. And that corn dog looks awesome, buy that too. And that chili fries too. Oh look! What is that? I've never tried that, I'm definitely gonna try it. And don't forget the cotton candy! Don't give me that look, Derek, everybody buys cotton candy at the fair, why should we be any different?"

Derek rolls his eyes. But then he patiently moves from one stand to another to let Stiles buy everything he desires. That includes corn dog, chili fries, giant pretzel, beef kebab, and the largest slushie. Derek is amazed by Stiles' enormous appetite. Derek gets himself an extra-large bacon cheeseburger, onion rings, and coke.

When Stiles is turning to his last target, a cotton candy vendor, Derek pulls his hoodie. "Oh no, you don't. We buy the cotton candy after we finish all of this." Derek gestures to the pile of food in front of them.

Stiles pouts but he follows Derek to the nearest picnic table to eat. They sits across from each other and eat their food in respective silence. Or Derek's repective silence, because Stiles keeps rambling with a mouth full about the lists of food that should have been marked as an obligation to be eaten at the fair.

"Can I get my cotton candy now?" Stiles asked after they finish their dinner.

Derek rolls his eyes. He drinks the rest of his coke and stands from his seat. "Show me the way."

Stiles grins at him and jumps his way to the cotton candy vendor.

Few moments later, Stiles tears some of his cotton candy and put it in his mouth while they're walking to the bumper car arena.

"Der, you want some?" Stiles offered with his mouth full of melting cotton candy.

Derek winces in disgust. "Ah, no thanks, I don't eat kid's snack."

"This is not a kid's snack!" Stiles defended his cotton candy.

"Yes it is. It's pink, fluffy, and contains no other ingredient but sugar. Kid's snack." Derek smirks, teasing Stiles is always endearing.

Stiles tears some of his cotton candy and shoves it in front of Derek's face. "Say 'aaah'..."

"Stiles. No."

"Oh, c'mon Derek. Sugar makes us happy."

"People who say that should get their throats ripped out."

"See? You need this so you won't be so grumpy anymore."


"Just this once."


"For me?" Stiles bats his eyes sweetly, not expecting it to actually work.

Derek huffs in annoyance. Stiles is grinning, his hand is still shoving the cotton candy in front of Derek's mouth, waiting for it to open. Derek finally gives in, opening his mouth to receive the childish fluffy candy. At the least, Stiles is feeding him, he can tolerate it as intimate gesture, right?

Stiles, and with force, Derek, finish their cotton candy as they arrive at the bumper cars.

They agree to split and get their own cars. When the bell rings and the bumper cars start up, everybody screams in excitement as they bump their cars toward each other.

Well, everybody but Derek.

Stiles can't hold his laugh in as he watches Derek pout and frown. Maybe Derek thinks all these silly humans have challenged him.

Stiles stops laughing abruptly when a bumper car takes him by surprise and hits his car from the side. Ok, Stiles' heart might have jumped a little from the sudden impact, but he's okay.

Unfortunately, Derek doesn't think so. Because Derek is out of his respective car and jumping in front of the car that has hit Stiles'.

The teenage boy who drives the car is surprised and steps on the break immediately. The car stops right in front of Derek's feet.

Derek moves to the side and pulls at the boy's collar, growling at him, "What. Did. You. Do. To him?"

Stiles jumps out of his car and runs to Derek, "Whoa! Derek! Let him go! Derek!"

Stiles looks at the poor teenage boy who seems out of clue of what is going on.

"Hey dude, haha, everything's ok, alright? We're good. Don't be scared, he's just cranky, it happens everytime he eats something bad. Which is my fault, shouldn't give him the cotton candy, haha."

He looks at Derek again, urgently trying to calm the werewolf down.

"Derek! He didn't hurt me, the object of the game is to hit each other with your cars, let him go. It's just a game! Look, hey look, I'm fine. I'm just a little bit surprised, I was distracted watching you, that's all. Come on now. Derek?" Stiles tugs at Derek's arm.

Derek growls one last time at the teenage boy before he releases his hold on his collar. The teenager immediately runs after he escapes. Stiles feels sympathy towards him.

Stiles right away pulls Derek's arm and drags the man out of the arena. He tries to ignore the people that are staring at them as they leave.

Note to self, don't let Alpha werewolf play bumper cars again.

Stiles is jumping in excitement when they enter the arcade tent. There are many game consoles and Stiles makes a mental note to try them all.

"Hey, I'll go buy the tokens, alright? Stay here," Derek said.

Derek goes to the token booth but he doesn't realize that Stiles didn't even notice that he left.

Stiles is distracted by all the consoles' noise and smart-ass people who are outsmarting some badass games. He wanders around without noticing that Derek is not with him.

As the evening gets late, more people come into the fair, and the crowd enlarges. The arcade tent is huge but it's still so crowded that Stiles bumps into people as he walks.

He turns his head to Derek and get confused when Derek is not beside him.

"Oh, shit. Derek?"

He looks around him, seeking out Derek, but he can't see anything but people, who bump into him as they walk.


Stiles stands on his toes to look over the crowd when somebody bigger and taller bumps into him from behind.

"Oopff!" Stiles' body is jerked forward and he nearly falls.

The person apologizes for the little accident. Stiles is waving at him, telling him it's fine, when another person bumps into his left shoulder.

And another on his right.

And another on his back again.

"Der-!" Stiles' voice starts to get shaky.

He feels trapped. There are so many people around him, he's finding it hard to breathe. His head is spinning.

He starts to hyperventilate, throwing himself into a panic attack.


Stiles is barely able to stand on where he is, closing his eyes to stop the dizziness. He's still trying to calm himself down when another person bumps into his back again.

Stiles is caught off guard, his knees are buckled and he's really sure he's gonna fall when he feels two strong arms catching him.

"Stiles, hey, are you okay? Hey, come on, open your eyes."

Stiles opens his eyes to see Derek's worried face in front of him. Derek's hands cup his cheeks.

"Hey, deep breaths, Stiles."

Stiles lifts his hands to palm over Derek's, follows Derek's count, and takes a couple of deep breaths.

"Where have you been..?" Stiles asked when he's calm enough.

"I went to buy tokens, I told you to stay where you were! You should've waited for me!" Derek said angrily. His eyes turn red for a moment before changing back to green.

Derek was freaking out when Stiles was not where he asked him to stay. He tried to find Stiles' scent as soon as he could, but there were so many people that many scents overlapped in his sense.

"You did? I—I didn't hear you, I'm sorry." Stiles said.

Derek sighs in irritation and pulls Stiles into his arms. Stiles melts instantly into his embrace, tightening his arms around Derek's waist and hiding his face in Derek's neck.

Derek huffs on Stiles' ear. He nudge the earlobe with his lips and kiss Stiles' temple.

"Don't wander around like that again, okay? I don't want to get separated, the place is getting a little packed, I can't find your scent right away."

Stiles just silently nods from his shoulders.

Derek sighs, "You okay?"

The wolf's protective side arises, sensing his mate's distress earlier. He tightens his hold on Stiles, shielding him with his body.

People bump into him, but unlike Stiles' gangly features, Derek's body is stoic and rigid. He's not moved even an inch by every single bump.

Stiles' heartbeat slows down, still following Derek's breathing pattern to settle down his own. Even though there are still many people around them, he doesn't feel trapped anymore. Derek is with him.

If Derek's here, it's safe, His mind told him.

Stiles doesn't know why or how he feels that way, but the primal thought has been there since he acknowledged Derek as an Alpha, since he looked into those blood-red eyes that looked back intensely at him.

He has just never embraced that calling. He was spending stupid months in denial while every fiber in his body wanted to seek protection from Derek everytime danger arised.

Maybe now it's time to just let go and see what this is all about.

Stiles lifts his head to grin at Derek's face, "Yeah, now that I'm with my grumpy wolf, I'm so much better."

Derek rolls his eyes in annoyance but then he leans in to kiss Stiles' forehead. "Still up for the arcade games? I bought the tokens but we can go outside if you want."

Stiles smiles and shakes his head. "No, it's okay, I want to play some games and beat the highscores."

Derek shakes his head in amusement, Stiles is such a game nerd but strangely he finds it adorable.

He releases Stiles from his embrace and reaches out to hold Stiles' hand. He slips his fingers between Stiles' and squeezes.

"Ok, which one you want to play first?" Derek asked, smirking when Stiles just stares down at their joined hands. The human's face is totally red from furious blushing.

Imagine how that flushed skin will look when he's knotted deep and full under the moonlight.

Derek mentally groans.

Control yourself, you stupid wolf! Do you want to freak him out?

His wolf seems to take that remark seriously, Derek finds himself calming down once again.

Meanwhile, Stiles looks down at their joined hands and freaks out. He feels warm all across his face.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. Holding hands with Derek Hale. Okay. Sure. Why not. It's normal, Stiles, couples do that on dates. Keep it cool.

Stiles clears his throat. "Uh. I think, I-uh, I wanna start with the Ghost Squad."

They move from one game to another. Derek only lets go of Stiles' hand when the game starts. After the game's over, he takes Stiles' hand again.

Stiles obviously doesn't complain, he doesn't want to get separated from Derek again in this sea of people, and it's Derek's hand.

Forty-five minutes later, the tokens are all out.

They're leaving the arcade tent, still holding hands, when Derek notices Stiles stealing glimpses on his right more than twice.

Derek follows his gaze and sees a small grey wolf plushie in black synthetic leather jacket, sitting between a small teddy bear and a little unicorn on a shelf. The shelf stands behind a shooting range counter, it means they are all winner gifts.

Derek stops walking. Stiles notices it and turns his head to Derek.

"Huh? What? Why are we stopping?"

Derek jerk his head toward the shooting range, "I want to play that. It's been a while, I wanna know if I still have any aim."

"Oh. Okay, sure." Stiles follows Derek to the counter.

An old man greets them. "Seven bucks for three shots. There's a number in every duck that matches the prizes number on the shelf. You shoot the duck, the prize is yours."

Derek gives the man the money and receives a toy shotgun from the man. Stiles stares longingly at the small wolf plushie. Derek smirks and takes note of the number on the wolf plushie's chest. Number five.

Derek gets ready when he sees the duck with the number. He aims the poor plastic duck and shoots all the bullets to it. Two of them hit the target.

"Der, you're good!" Stiles cheered for him. Derek smirks in satisfaction. He returns the toy shotgun to the old man.

"Congratulation, you're winning prize number five." The old man takes the small wolf plushie from the shelf. Derek smiles when he hears a surprised gasp from Stiles.

Derek turns to leave after he receives the plushie. He looks at it, smiles, and then hands it out to Stiles as they walk. "Take it."

Stiles' expression is priceless. "You—I mean, you—do you not like it or something? Maybe you can talk to the guy and switch—"



"Take it. I won it for you."

They both stop walking. Stiles' eyes beam when he receives the little wolf, mouth gaping in disbelief. He stares between the soft wolf plushie and Derek. The man just stares back at him, waiting for his response.

"Derek, it's—" He couldn't even finish his sentence, he is just so happy yet stunned by Derek's sweet gesture.

He leans forward, wrapping his arms around Derek's neck with the wolf plushie still in his hands, and kisses Derek passionately.

Derek is surprised, not expecting the kiss. But once he's aware of what's happening, he pulls Stiles into his arms and kisses him back.

They don't seem to care that they are sharing obscenely deep kiss in public. They just break apart when both need air.

Stiles gazes at Derek's blissful eyes. "Thank you, Derek," He whispered.

Stiles' lips are so red and swollen, that Derek can't help but kiss Stiles short and hard one more time before pulling away, "anytime."

Stiles holds Django, the name he gave to the little grey wolf plushie, in his right hand and Derek's hand in his left. He's babbling about nothing and everything as they walk between attractions.

"I remember going into the house of mirrors with Scott when we were like, 12 or something. Somewhere inside, we got separated. He thought he saw me and he ran toward me but it was just a reflection of me, I was standing in the opposite direction. He smacked his face on the stupid mirror, I laughed so hard, Scott was furious, but saw the humor in it later. By the way, that house of horror seems awesome—uh, on second thought—no, never mind."

Derek raises his eyebrow. "Why? I don't mind."

Stiles laughs. "Yeah right, and what? Rip out the fake mummy's throat when my heart jumps in surprise?"

Derek shrugs, not denying at all. He just curls his buffy arm around Stiles' shoulder and presses Stiles to his side as they keep walking.

Stiles grins when Derek kisses his cheek and whispers in his ear.

"So, Abominable Snowman, anything you wanna do before we leave?"

Stiles giggles. "I can't believe you still remember that."

Derek's voice is heavy in Stiles' ear. "You were lucky I was paralyzed when you laid on top of me."

Stiles laughs, completely oblivious. "Why? You were going to rip my throat out for violating your personal space?"

Derek winces and shakes his head. The predator in him growls in possessive desire. The things he wants to do to this beautiful young man...

Derek grumbles under his breath, "Stiles, you have no idea."

Stiles remembers the ferris wheel that he saw on the way in. "Oh! Der! We need to go on the ferris wheel!"

Derek rolls his eyes. "That's like, the most boring attraction."

Stiles pulls Derek's arm along with him, "Oh come on, you Grumpy Cat, it's gonna be fun."

Derek scowls, though he's letting Stiles dragging him along. "Who's Grumpy Cat? Why did you call me that?" He asked.

Stiles can't help laughing really hard at that. Derek's scowling makes it even harder to stop.

The line is pretty long, but the ferris wheel is huge. There are about twenty cars attached. Each car can be filled with four persons. So, they don't have to wait for too long until their turn.

When they hop in their car, there is another couple that tries to join them, but Derek glares at them.

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Derek, stop scaring people like that. Hey guys, it's okay if you want to share the car with us."

The couple already shy away. "No, it's okay. We can ride in the next car."

Stiles wants to say something when Derek cuts him. "Yeah you do that," Derek said to the couple.

Stiles slaps Derek's chest with the back of his hand and hisses. "Derek!"

The technician asks them to sit down and he locks the car. Stiles pouts and sits on the bench seat across from Derek and fixes his gaze outside.

Derek frowns in confusion. "Stiles, what are you doing over there? Come here."

Stiles crosses his arms on his chest. "You can't talk to people like that, okay? We have to treat others like—well, humanly. With respect, you know? Don't think that because you're a werewolf, you can act like you're better than all of us. That you get to treat us like shit. I'm a person too, like the two of them. When you treat people like that, then what? You treat me that way next!? Should I be worrying here, Derek?"

Derek gapes in horror. "What..? Stiles, I didn't mean it like that."

When Stiles refuses to look into his eyes, Derek sighs in defeat and moves from where he sits to kneel in front of Stiles. His fingers touch Stiles' chin so Stiles would turn to look at him.

"Hey, look at me. I was just annoyed earlier, I wanted to be alone with you," Derek rests his arms on the seat beside Stiles' thighs, palms on Stiles' hips.

Stiles still pouts. "You can ask nicely though, I'm sure they'd understand."

Derek shrugs weakly, "I couldn't help it, the wolf took over." When Stiles glares dagger at him, Derek rolls his eyes. "Fine, I'll try harder to control my reaction next time."

Stiles just keeps silent and choose to look away to see the scenery outside. Django sits on his lap, Stiles' hands curled around it.

Derek huffs a frustated sigh and moves to sit beside Stiles, wrapping his arm around Stiles' shoulder. "Well at least one lucky plushie here gets to cuddle. Something that I hoped I'd get by having this car only for the two of us, but I guess my gameplan failed me terribly."

Stiles turns his head to Derek, hissing, "This one lucky plushie gets to cuddle because he's maintained his manners, unlike you. And what gameplan? What are you getting at?"

Derek grins in mischief. The strong arm around Stiles' shoulder curls tighter, pulling his prey into his trap. "This."

Derek kisses Stiles' lips.

Stiles hums in surprise and Derek deepens the kiss, tongue asking for entrance. The humans eventually gasps for a breather and Derek, in victory, pushes in right away.

Derek cups his cheek and Stiles grasps the man's leather jacket for support, head floating as they continue to make out.

"Not fair," Stiles whispered with shaky breath when they finally break their kiss. His lips are just an inch away from Derek's, hands still desperately holding on Derek's jacket, "and I'm still mad at you."

Derek chuckles and gives Stiles short but firm kisses while he talks.

"Fine," Derek kisses him, "be mad at me," another kiss, "or whatever."

He pauses to see Stiles' hazy eyes staring back at him, lips so red and wet and kissable.

Derek groans, "It's not entirely my fault though." He leans back in, "you're so fucking beautiful," a sweet peck, "and that goddamn v-neck," comes the growly kiss, "under your silly red hoodie—fuck, you drive me crazy, Stiles," he bites lightly at Stiles' swollen bottom lip, "teasing a werewolf like that, do you want me to eat you?" He kissed deeply, swallowing Stiles' whimper.

When his lips finally move on to kiss Stiles' neck, Stiles obscenely stretches back his head, showing his lean neck to the werewolf.

"Der..." Stiles moaned when Derek kisses along his pulse point like a hungry predator, teeth grazing skin and tongue lapping.

"God, Stiles, when you make voices like that," Derek paused to breathe, "you make me lose my mind."

Stiles loses his mind too when Derek kisses him like this.

Derek gets his cuddle eventually, sitting next to each other, no space between them with Stiles leaning on him.

Stiles rests his head on Derek's shoulder, smiling when Derek buries his lips in his hair. Derek wraps his arm around Stiles' shoulder. Stiles grabs and holds his hand.

They just stay like that, sharing affection with simple gestures. Derek nudges Stiles' cheek with his nose, sometimes kisses his temple.

When their car reaches the top and the night wind gets colder, Stiles turns so his front is pressed on Derek's side then burries his face on Derek's warm neck, wrapping his arms around Derek's waist under the leather jacket. Derek tightening his hold on Stiles when it happens.

The scenery outside is breathtaking. They can see the colors of the town's light and the woods that surround it. The stars are twinkling above them.

They share kisses along the ride, sometimes short and sweet that makes Stiles giggle and Derek smile, sometimes deep and passionate that leaves them breathless.

Stiles never felt so happy before. Derek makes him feel special. He wishes tonight could last forever.

They hold hands walking to the parking lot. Derek opens the passenger door for Stiles and waits until Stiles gets in before closing it.

All the excitement really took its toll on Stiles. He only lasts for ten minutes before falling asleep in the passenger seat.

Stiles is woken up by a touch on his cheek. He opens his eyes to see Derek smile at him, his thumb makes a circle motion on his cheek. "Hey, we're here."

Stiles yawns and rubs his eyes. "Where?"

Derek huffs a laugh. "Your house."

Stiles narrows his eyes outside and notices that they're already in the driveway. "Oh."

Derek walks Stiles to the door. When they reach it, Stiles takes the key out of his pocket and unlocks the door. But he doesn't enter the house right away, instead, he turns around to face Derek. "I had a great time tonight. Thanks for taking me to the fair. And for this." Stiles gestures Django in his hand.

Derek nods, looking at anywhere but Stiles, and uncharacteristically nervous, "Do you want me to pick you up for the pack's lunch tomorrow?"

Ugh. Adorable.

Stiles grins goofily at Derek as he steps closer to stand in front of the man.

"That would be lovely," he leans in and kisses Derek. Derek kisses back instantly, wrapping his arms around Stiles' waist.

Stiles definitely can get used to this.

He decides that making out with Derek Hale is officially his new favorite thing.

Derek leans his forehead on Stiles', his arms still wrapped around Stiles' waist. "I'll text you tomorrow."

Stiles nods.

One last sweet kiss, and Derek reluctantly let Stiles go.

Stiles steps back to the door, smiling at Derek as he twists the doorknoob.

"Good night, my wolf." Stiles whispered, entering the house and closing the door gently.

Derek barely succeeds concealing his smile at the closed door as his response trails off in soft whisper.

"Good night, my mate."

To be continued...

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