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The Boy Is Mine, You Bonkers!

Chapter 2

Stiles Stilinski wakes up on Sunday morning feeling like he's just had one of the most heavenly dreams. A dream about dating, holding hands, and snogging one steaming pile of hotness called Derek Hale. He stretches his body and turns his head to the side, the frowny face of a wolf plushie greets him. Django. 'Ha! I WAS dating, holding hands, and snogging one steaming pile of hotness named Derek Hale last night. Eat that, seventeen years of loneliness!'. Derek had promised to text him as well. Stiles mentally high-fives himself. He grabs his phone from the bedside table, he already has a few texts. Scott's, Isaac's, Lydia's, and oh God, Derek's. Stiles' heart leapt as he skipped the others and opened Derek's.

*Morning, Snowball. *

Stiles giggles under the cocoon of his blanket. 'The best morning greeting ever!'.

*morning grumpy sry i jst woke up ;) x *

Stiles closes his eyes and enjoys the peaceful morning. His phone vibrates.

*Stiles, would you type the words properly? And what is 'x'? Is it a code? *

Stiles laughs, he can visualize the bitchiness in Derek's voice and the annoyed frown.

*no i wudn't and no x isn't a code it means i sen t u a kiss see? xxx*

Stiles replies to the texts from the others while waiting for Derek's reply. Scott asked where he is, Isaac asked if he'll join the pack lunch this afternoon, and Lydia only said that they need to talk. Stiles tells Scott that he's home and sends the reply to Isaac that he will join the lunch when Derek's reply comes in.

*At least use punctuation marks, Stiles. My head starts to get dizzy. Oh. I see. Well, then. xxx *

Stiles presses his face to the pillow to contain his giggles. His heart bursts in happiness. Badass Derek Hale just sent him 'kiss' characters. If other people do it, Stiles wouldn't sweat it. But when Derek Hale does it, he feels special. Because Derek didn't even know what it meant before, and now he does, and he's sending them to Stiles. Stiles is typing his reply when Lydia's number popping on the homescreen. Oh well.


"Stiles, why didn't you reply to my texts?"

Stiles winces, "Uhh I just woke up, Lydia. So, good morning! Haha."

There's silence from the other line, Stiles can picture Lydia narrowing her eyes.

"And where did you go last night? You missed pack night. And somehow, so did Derek. We couldn't find him. His phone was off. Your phone was off. We couldn't contact you. We all went to the cinema."

"I had...things to do."

Silence again, Stiles winces. "Uh huh. And what was that? Scott told us you visited some family. But you know what the funny thing is, since your cellphone was off, I called your house while I was in the ladies room…your father was home.."

Stiles gulps. "Uhh—"

"..and when I asked him where you were, his answer was the most shocking of all. He said you were picked up by the glorious Derek Hale. Can you imagine? On Saturday night. Without telling the others. Oh, and the phones were unreachable. So, is there something you want to tell me, Stiles? Or should I start with the way I see it?"

Bullseye. Stiles laughs nervously. "Well, you see, Lyds. I—uh—we do have a situation here..."

Stiles tells Lydia on the phone about Derek's blocking his way out after pack meetings, Derek's confession (he leaves the kissing part), his own reaction to it, and their amazing first date. Lydia is amazed by the last part.

"That is unbelievable. Adorable, but hard to believe. He won you a plushie? Really? You're talking about our Alpha, right?"

"I know! He surprised me too!"

"So why didn't you just tell us that you went out with him?" Lydia said.

"I didn't know what to tell you, I mean, it was our first date! We still don't know what this is, you know."

"What do you mean? You two are not boyfriends yet? Because he was totally pissed with the Alpha Pack. Now after what you told me, I can relate, he acted like a jealous boyfriend."

"Ye—No! I mean, I don't know, but I want to be. If, you know, he wants it. I care about him, Lydia, and I think maybe he feels the same way. But I don't know for sure, we didn't have that conversation yet."

"Did he kiss you last night?"

"What? Lyds, what kind of question is that? I'm not answering that!"

"He did, huh? C'mon, you can tell me, was it great? Did he use his tongue?"

Stiles rolls his eyes. He feels like one of the girls and this is a girls talk. The three girls in the pack always come to him to talk about their werewolf boyfriends. Stiles starts to think, now that he dates a werewolf, does it officially make him the sassy gay bestfriend? Shit. Stiles refuses to be sassy, ok?

"Uh, he yeah…he did."

There's silence on the phone. Stiles grumbles.

"Ok, fine, it was awesome. But I'm not giving you the details!"

Lydia giggles. "Oh, Stiles, no need to be shy. I can't wait until Allison and Erica hear about it."

"Oh no, you are not telling them. I mean, Derek and I will!" Stiles stumbles in his words, "when we already uh, figure! Yeah, figure. Things. Out. Yeah."

Lydia snorts at his statement. "Whatever. Do as you wish. All I'm saying is, if he slobbered his saliva all over you, the pack werewolves would be able to smell it."

Oh crap. They will have lunch together this afternoon. Mother of crap. He'll soak himself in cologne before he leaves.

After he hangs up the call with Lydia, he rises up from the bed and goes to the bathroom.

His father drinks his coffee sitting on the dinner chair when Stiles greets him on the kitchen.

"Morning, Dad."

"Hey, Son. I already went to bed last night, I didn't hear you coming back. You didn't break the curfew, did you?"

Stiles makes his cereal as he speaks. "No, I was back about ten minutes to twelve. Close, but not over the curfew. Derek always keeps his promises. See? Told you he's a good guy." Stiles grins.

His dad snorts. "Smartass."

Stiles brings his cereal and joins his dad at the dinner table. "But I gotta ask you though, Dad. Are you okay with me and Derek and well, all this?"

The Sheriff shrugs. "Does my opinion have power in your decision making or actions concerning him?"

Stiles eats few spoons of his cereal before he answers. "Honestly? No. But you are my dad, I love you, and he's really important to me. So if you two get along well, I will be very happy. More than you could imagine."

His dad smiles at this. "I love you too, Son. I'm actually not disturbed by the age difference, but I'm just concerned that you're still a minor. Maybe if you came to me when you're 25 and said you date a 31 year-old, I'd just say 'fine, go with it'. But now, you're only 17. You're still a teenager. You can't blame me for feeling insecure about letting you hang out with an older guy, let alone dating him. But well, I understand his reasons though. I already talked to him, oh don't give me that look, Stiles, you know if I didn't hide those plates and coffee pot you wouldn't leave us alone. By the way, is that true that you have some secret admirers?" His dad smiles smugly.

Stiles snorts. "Yeah, well, I'd be flattered if they were not being creepy. They kept popping out of nowhere and bad-touching me. Oh no, no, no, don't worry, Dad. Derek has stopped them, they are already gone now. No more creepy stalkers." Stiles explained when he saw worry line on his dad's face.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Dad, I'm sure."

The Sheriff sighs. "Well, back to topic, I hope you're right that Derek always keeps his promises because he surely made me some promises."

Stiles swallows his cereal. "What did he say?"

"He promised me that he would protect you and he would put your needs and safety before his own. He actually sounded serious too. He told me that you're the one for him. Jeez, Son, did you poison him with love potion or something?"

"Haha, very funny, Dad." Stiles sarcastically jokes at his dad. But secretly, Stiles feels warm in his heart. Derek didn't tell him that when he asked him yesterday, what did he mean that Stiles is the one for him? Stiles' heart paces up as he thinks about it. Because secretly, he likes the thought of Derek being the one for him too. Nobody drives him crazy like he does. Even his pining years over Lydia never felt this...exciting. This endearing. This tempting.

"I threatened to shoot him if he hurts you though..." Sheriff starts.

"You what? Oh c'mon, Dad.." Stiles whines.

"...but he said he would take his own life before he would ever even dream to hurt you."

Ok, Stiles suddenly wants to bury himself in Derek's arms now. The urge to see him bubbles inside Stiles' chest. And his dad is not helping. The sheriff continues, "So, I guess, why not. He didn't sound like he was lying, I would be able to tell if he did. Let's just say, I'll give him a chance, ok? Tell him not to blow it."

Stiles smiles brightly at his dad. "I will. l'm grateful everyday that I'm your son, Dad. You're the coolest." His dad just shrugs. "I know, you tell me everyday. But, Son?"

"Yeah?" Stiles lifts the bowl to drink the milk.

"No sex until you're 18."

Let's just say, choking on your milk is not a glorious way to start the day.

The Sheriff has shift that morning. He left after he finished his breakfast. Stiles told his dad that he'd be going out with his school friends. The Sheriff just reminded him about his curfew, since he has school tomorrow. Stiles cleans up the kitchen and heads upstairs to his room.

Stiles jumps in surprise when he opens the door. "Oh My God! Derek?" Derek is standing in his room, just staring at Stiles. Stiles jumps at him and wraps his arms around his neck, crashing Derek into a hug. Derek automatically catches him, wrapping his arms around Stiles' body. God, Stiles is really happy to see him. He pulls back a little and grins at him. "Hey."

Derek's green eyes just stares longingly into his brown eyes. Stiles feels like he's missing something.

"Der, is there something wrong? Why did you come here?"

"You didn't respond my message. I came to make sure you..." Derek stopped.

To make sure you're okay. Stiles heard what Derek didn't say.

"Oh shit, Derek, I'm so sorry. Lydia called me when I was typing the response and then I went downstairs to have breakfast with dad. I was kinda distracted."

Derek just shrugs and knocks his forehead softly on Stiles'. "It's okay, I was planning to pick you up for the pack's lunch anyway."

Stiles giggles and tightens his hold around Derek's neck. "You were..? That's so nice of you. But you came too early, Grumpy."

Derek smirks. "I have another gameplan."

He nudges his nose along Stiles' cheek, then his jawline, and then along his neck curve.

Stiles giggles and squirms in Derek's arms, "Oh yeah? What is your gameplan this time?"

Derek grins mischievously and then playfully nips Stiles' neck.

"It's simple. Step one, arrive early. Step two, get to cuddle."

Stiles laughs. "Wow, what a shocker. I never thought you are a cuddly type, since you're a total BAMF on the outside."

Derek stops nipping Stiles' neck to look into Stiles eyes, pulling out his devilish snarl.

"Well I didn't hear any complain from you last night, Snowball."

With that, he attacks Stiles lips with his own. Stiles yelps in surprise but then closes his eyes, drowning fast in bliss.

It's not long before Derek dominates the kiss. Hungrily devouring Stiles' mouth, lips brushing, teeth biting, tongue lapping. Stiles' brain collapses completely in lust. He can feel Derek's hands sneak into his shirt. He flattens his palm all over Stiles' back, moving in gentle patterns. Stiles is breathless, his lips starting to get swollen and red.

Suddenly, Derek reaches his legs and lifts him so his legs locked around Derek's waist. Stiles tightens his hold on Derek's neck. Derek carries him to the bed and gently put Stiles down. He traps Stiles under his body and he puts his hands on the pillow to support his weight, Stiles' head between Derek's hands. He then continues to enjoy his journey on Stiles' red swollen lips. Stiles really needs to ask that one question before he really loses his mind. He tries to speak while his mouth is still being Derek's ala carte.

"Derek.." His voice is shaking.

"Hm." Derek is still attacking his lips.

"'s it tru'..?" His words are blurred by Derek's kisses.

"Hm?" Derek bites Stiles' lower lip. 'Goddammit, Derek.' Stiles raises his hand and puts it between their lips. He fixes his gaze on Derek. Derek gets the drunk face again. But he finally looks back at Stiles, both lust and confusion drawn all over his face.


"You told my dad that I'm the only one for you. Derek, what does that mean?"

Derek is silent. Then he looks away from Stiles, but Stiles raises his hand to cup Derek's face, making him look Stiles' way again.

"No, Derek, answer me. What does that mean?"

Derek sighs. "Your father shouldn't have told you that."

Stiles rises one of his eyebrow. "You don't want me to know?"

Derek sighs again. He takes Stiles' hand that cups his face and kisses it. "Don't be ridiculous, Stiles, of course I do. I just—I just thought I should wait until you're 18."

Stiles rolls his eyes. "But I don't wanna wait till I'm 18.." He whines. Derek huffs a laugh.

"I knew you would say that."

Stiles pouts, but he's not a quitter. He buries his hands in Derek's hair and pull him closer. He kisses Derek softly. "Tell me." Stiles whispers. He can hear Derek's catching breathe. Stiles smiles, he knows he will win this argument.

"Not yet, Stiles."

Ah, we got a fighter here.'Stiles rubs Derek's hair lovingly, pulls him closer and kisses him again.

"Derek.." Stiles whispers. "Derek, tell me."

Derek groans, every fiber in Derek's body wants to claim Stiles here and now. He is this close to losing control and Stiles doesn't make it any easier for him.

"Your birthday is just less than two weeks away." Derek growls.

Stiles can see Derek's eyes turning red. Stiles knows he's playing with fire. But he wants this. He wants this man.

Since Stiles let his instinct wild and free last night, he has been filled with these feelings toward Derek. He feels them in every fiber of his body, so strong and suffocating, that Stiles feels like he's going to explode. He knows Derek feels it too. Derek's just being responsible for his sake and decide to wait until he's ready. Well, Stiles is ready more than ever. So fuck it, Stiles will end Derek's misery.

"Hmm. So, what if—you know, in that space of time, there's another wolf that proposes to mate me like the Alpha of Alphas Pack. Should I give him or her a chance, Derek? I mean, you make it very clear that we're not an official thing, right? I'm, as they quote it, unclaimed, right?"

The effect is immediate. Derek loses his control, his instinct is awoken. His body is shaking in anger and he growls furiously. "NO! Nobody touches you but me! Me and only me!"

Derek is wolfing out. His eyes are blood-red, fur growing on his face and hands, claws replacing nails, and fangs replacing teeth. Stiles knows he should be afraid, but the truth is, he's not. Instead, he smiles at Derek. His fingers still buried in Derek's ebony hair, scratching the scalp gently. Brown eyes stare lovingly into blood-red eyes.

"And why is that, Grumpy?"

Derek huffs his breath roughly. He leans into Stiles' neck and licks the pulse point. Stiles closes his eyes and arcs his neck, giving Derek full access. His arms tightens around Derek's shoulders. Derek nips every surface on Stiles' neck. Stiles can feel Derek's breath on his skin. "Mine.. My mate."

With that, he kisses the skin of Stiles' neck harder and harder, leaving red bruises along Stiles' neck. Stiles moans in pleasure. "Der.. Aaagh."

Derek kisses and sucks the pulse point one last time before pulls back slowly from Stiles' neck. Stiles opens his eyes to meet Derek's gaze. Green eyes greet him, no longer bleeding with red. Derek is back to human form and his eyebrows frown, his lips...oh my God, he's pouting. Yup, he's definitely pouting. And it's the most adorable sight Stiles has ever seen. Stiles can't help but laugh and lean forward to kiss his cheek.

"Aaww, what's with the face, Sourwolf?"

Derek is still pouting. "You tricked me."

Stiles laughs and pulls Derek's head down to kiss the pouting face away. "Your gameplan is weak, Grumpy."

It doesn't take long to get Derek cave in and kiss back enthusiastically. One of his hand stays on the pillow to support his weight, while the other is sneaking into Stiles' t-shirt, touching his pale skin everywhere. Stiles breaks their kiss and whispers breathlessly.

"Say it to me, Derek, please. I want—I need to hear it." Derek looks deeply into Stiles, he seems like searching uncertainty in Stiles' voice, but he finds none. He cups Stiles' cheek tenderly and leans forward to press his forehead on Stiles'.

"You're the one, Stiles. You're my mate."

Stiles can hear his low growl as clearly as daylight. "You're mine."

Stiles' heart bursts in happiness, he can't contain this overwhelming emotion in his chest. he feels tears pricking in his eyes as he looks into Derek's green eyes, the window into Derek's soul.

I'm Derek's. I'm his. Only his.

He tightens his hold around Derek's shoulder, smiling brightly with teary eyes and whispering into Derek's lips.

"Yours.. I'm yours and only yours…Claim me, Derek."

Derek growls, losing his battle as he kisses Stiles hard and passionately again. When he breaks their kiss, Stiles stretches back his head, offering Derek his neck. Derek groans and dives in instinctly. Stiles tries to control himself from moaning loudly because Derek is driving him crazy, devouring his neck and collarbone with his hungry mouth, but he couldn't.

"Nngghh.. Derek.. Please—Aaahh.."

Derek stretches the collar of Stiles t-shirt, showing Stiles' right shoulder. Derek is mesmerized by the glowing soft pale skin. "Fuck, you are so beautiful, Stiles." He drops his bruising kisses there.

Stiles pants breathlessly. "I'm yours.. All of me.. Please.. Claim me, Derek."

Stiles' plea shatters all Derek's will power. His wolf in him howl in excitement. Derek bites Stiles' pale shoulder deep and hard, it bleeds.

"Aaarghh!" Stiles screams when he feels his skin breaking, it hurts and arousing him at the same time. "Derek..."

Derek's tongue licks the broken skin, lapping up the blood. The bite won't change Stiles, it just marks him. Other werewolves would know who Stiles belongs to, the wolf in Derek howls in satisfaction. His mate has submitted to his claim. Stiles melts under Derek's body as Derek moves his lips to Stiles' ear and growls with his low tone. "Stiles.. My mate. My everything."

"Oh God.." Stiles' cock is twitching under his pants now. Derek seems to know it too because he groans frustatedly. He kisses Stiles' lips as he moves his hips. 'Oh my God, that's—is that Derek's cock?' Stiles can feel Derek under the garment, he's hard too. 'I make him hard! I make him hard! Oh my God!' Stiles is so on with this business.

Derek breaks the kiss first, "Stiles, regardless to," then Derek kisses him again, "how frustatingly tempting you are," and again, "and how crazy it drives me," he nips at his ear, "we're not having sex."

Stiles pulls away. "Wha—Why!?"

Stiles really wants this, okay? He really, really, really wants his first time with Derek. Besides, he read that a mates bond is only complete after they make love. According to one of his Werewolves 101 books, the claiming bite is like engagement ring, and the making love is the marriage vows.

"I promised your father."

Stiles gapes, "But—"

"We're waiting until you're 18."

"But what if—"

Derek snarls. "I claimed you, unless it's pack, if anyone even dare to look at your way, I'll rip their throats out."

Stiles is flattered by Derek's dedication in protecting him, but he is not okay with this settlement, he nudges his nose into Derek's neck and whines.

"Can we at least jerk off together? Please.. For me?"

Derek groans and sighs frustatedly. Stiles will be the death of him.

This is unacceptable, okay? Stiles has his smoking hot sex-on-a-stick boyfriend…mate in his bedroom, and he can't believe they jerk off separately. Derek has sent him to take a shower and jerk off in the bathroom. Derek and his stupid honorable Alpha attitude and his stupid arrangement with Dad. Stiles mentally grumbles. Stiles rubs his own cock under the shower – thinking of Derek's hands touching all over his body, Derek's bruising kisses on his neck, Derek's hardened cock rocking into him, Derek's whispers of 'mine' – Stiles bets Derek can hear his climax gasps all the way from his bedroom.

Derek parks his car across from the Sizzler, where the pack is going to have lunch. Derek holds Stiles' hand as they cross the street. Stiles is nervous about telling the pack about them. His heartbeat picks up.

"Stiles, calm down."

"Derek, what if they disapprove.."

Derek rolls his eyes. "They won't."

"How do you know?"

Derek stops in front of the restaurant door and turns to face Stiles, "Because, I'm the Alpha." He smirks smugly leaning forward , kissing Stiles' forehead before opening the door, dragging Stiles with him.

They came to Sizzler several times before. The pack has chosen the usual table in the corner of the room, out of hearing range of other customers. Each of them has taken the usual seat as well, leaving the seat on one of the head empty for Derek and the seat next to it for Stiles. Their heads turn when Stiles and Derek arrive, holding hands. Derek looks like Derek, bossy and proud, while Stiles looks like he was caught stealing the pack's candy. He laughs nervously, "Hey guys."

The girls giggle and whispers to each other just to giggle again. Stiles looks at Lydia accusingly. You told them, didn't you? Lydia just winks at him. Peter snorts, still looking at the menu. The boys just shrug and focus back to the menu in front of them. It's only Danny that spares them a surprised, yet amused look. Even then he leans to Jackson and whispers something and Jackson whispers something back to him. And after that, Danny goes 'ah' and settles back. Nothing more.

"What? That's it?!" Stiles gapes.

Derek rolls his eyes. "Yes, Stiles, that's it. Now c'mon." He drags Stiles to their seats.

Stiles babbles as he sits down. "B-but—I don't understand, I expected a surprised reaction, or questions, rants, well, maybe a scream at least. But I got nadda. I mean, is this real or are you guys secretly in shock and trapped in the land of denial?"

Jackson scoffs from where he sits. "We're not oblivious, Stiles. Derek's reaction to the Alpha Pack was a dead give-away to us, we are werewolves."

Scott, who sits beside Stiles, winces and taps Stiles' shoulder. "Yeah dude, we all kinda went through all of that too with our own mates, so.. I guess we just recognized the pattern."

Stiles gapes. "So why didn't you say something?"

Scott shrugs, "We're practically bros, we just don't talk about it. It's weird, you know."

"Oh but we're girls and we're definitely gonna talk about it, Stiles. All of it. Including that red hickeys on your neck." Erica winks and throw her devilish smile at Stiles. Lydia and Allison wave and smile sweetly at Stiles. Stiles lifts his hand to hide his neck. Triple Crap. Stiles is really terrified now. They are stunningly beautiful, deadly mischievous, and always find torturous ways to get what they want. Just like The Bandits. And by the way, Stiles is not their sassy gay best friend! No. Nope. Just no.

Isaac smiles brightly when he comments, as if he has precious missing information. "I can smell Derek every night after pack meetings."

At this, Derek glares at him. "Isaac. Shut up."

Stiles turns his attention to Isaac. "Oh shut it, Derek. Isaac, baby, what did you say again?" Isaac is the baby of this pack, ok? Isaac is Stiles' baby pup. What baby pup's gonna say, he gets to say it.

Isaac looks hesitatedly at Derek but grins widely when he turns at Stiles, "Derek smelled 'ewwy' every after the night he saw you. That's why Peter stopped teasing you."

At this, the other boys go 'eeww' and Peter laughs.

"Ofcourse, I didn't wanna accidentally challenge the Alpha, did I? That wouldn't end well. I have to admit though, Nephew, Stiles really is a good catch."

Derek growls. "Shut up. All of you." Peter just laughs and raise both his hands to offer peace.

Oh. OH. Stiles feels warm creeping through his face. He dares himself to look at Derek's face. Derek scowls but Stiles can see his ears are flushed red.

"Stiles is my mate. An Alpha's mate. It means he's the second highest in our pack's command hierarchy. But it's not the same with second in command Beta. I'm the Alpha, my power in command is higher, but his rank is equal with me. You all come to him when I'm not around, including the second in command Beta." He glances at Scott at the mention, Scott nods in understanding. Derek turns back to the others. "Every each of you will listen to everything he says, unless it undermines my decisions, and you will treat him with respect. I will not accept anything less than that. Is there any question?"

Isaac eagerly raises his hand, Derek nods at him. "Does that make Stiles the Pack Mom?"

Stiles gapes, he's the one who reacts first at that question. "I am not a Pack Mom! Isaac, don't call me that, ok?" Isaac pouts at that.

Danny adds in. "Uh, Stiles, remember when I helped you break into library's restricted area to research about werewolf mates in the that dark-lore book?" Stiles nods hesitatedly at that.

Danny came to Stiles after he found out about werewolves and said that he couldn't look back and act like nothing happened, especially when his best friend was involved, so he started helping Stiles in research and experiment. Only two months ago Derek officially offered for him to join the pack, and Danny never looks back to his normal life ever since. But like Stiles, he chose to stay human. And the others respected his decision.

"Some parts of the book stated that Alpha's mate is a valuable asset in a pack, because an Alpha's mate is not an ordinary mate. An Alpha's mate has instinct to protect the pack members, balance the pack hierarchy, and calm the Alpha. An Alpha will instinctly choose the mate and usually only get attracted by the best mate candidate. Maybe that's why other Alphas tried to steal you from Derek. When they heard about you, they recognized what you are and how important your position is."

Oh wow. Stiles never thought it will be that kind of big deal. "But I'm a human, not a werewolf. Doesn't that change anything?"

Allison has the answer. "It doesn't, the Bestiary mentioned that. First of all, the Alpha and his or her mate are called the Alpha Pair in the wolfpack hierarchy. Like Derek said, he has higher power in command but your ranks are equal. Secondly, if the Alpha's mate is not a werewolf, all those instincts will still grow in him or her. It will grow stronger after the Alpha Pair is bonded, and after that, it will grow stronger in time. You just don't have werewolf's super power, that's all. But it shouldn't be any problem to you, you're a badass already, and besides, you have us to do the dirty work." Allison smiles sweetly at him.

Stiles can't help but smile back as sweetly. He now understands what those unexplainable feelings are. Those are his growing instincts. What a relief.

Danny grins slyly and continues his explanation. "It also said the Alpha's mate is the caretaker of the pack and the pack members will instinctly go to the Alpha's mate when they need attention. Well that part, doesn't that sound like...Pack Mom?"

Stiles scoffs frustatedly at that one, "Really, Dan, really?" Danny just grins and shrugs.

Boyd finally sighs and calmly voices his thought. "Don't sweat it, Mom. You already did all the requirements unconsciously for two years."

The other teenagers nod in agreement. Even Derek smirks at that statement.

Isaac squirms excitedly in his seat. "And you call me 'baby'. It means I'm your pup, in the wolfpack hierarchy, we are your pups. Well except Peter, ignore that 'cos that just sounds wrong from every angle," the others wince at that but Isaac is oblivious, "but me and the others are your pups from now on! Wow I have a Pack Mom.."

Scott joins his excitement, "I know, it's awesome, right? Our pack is awesome!" They grin happily and look stoned in awe that Stiles doesn't have the heart to deny them. He just turns to Derek, asking for another back-up. But Derek just raises one of his eyebrows and quirks his mouth teasingly. "Well, there's your answers, Milady." Stiles groans frustatedly and lowers his head to hide his face in his arms on the table.

Derek smirk in amusement as he looks at Stiles' distressful gesture and looks back at his menu.

"Alright Pups, call the waiter and start our orders, shall we?"

School on Monday is nothing special, just another day of boring textbooks and lacrosse practice. When Stiles comes home, he sees a package sitting on the front door's mat, just the size of a shoe box, neatly wrapped in red wrapper and white ribbon. Stiles lifts it up from the floor and reads the note tagged on the ribbon.

Red. As Luscious As Your Inviting Lips..
White. As Deadly As Your Tempting Skin..
Here I Shred The Blood Of The White Rabbit..
To Satisfy A Boy With The Most Beautiful Sin..

'What. The. Hell. Derek is talking about. Can't he make a gift note a little less creepy?' Stiles rolls his eyes but his lips still twitch a smile because Derek has sent him a random gift. Stiles brings the package inside. He throws his backpack lazily and plops down on the couch. He opens the package but jumps when he checks what's inside it.

"Oh my God!" He throws the package on the floor. Inside it, is a literally dead white rabbit. Every part of its body is still in tact except the slashed throat that looks like done by claws. Some of the blood seeped into the white fur of the rabbit. It's painfully gruesome.

He's just reaching his phone in his pocket to call Derek when it rings first. Derek. He answers the call right away. "Derek, what the hell—"

"Stiles! Where are you!?" Derek cuts him. He sounds tense.

"Huh? Home. I'm home."

"Lock the doors and windows and stay inside!"

"Derek, what's—"

"Just listen to me, Stiles! I'm on my way to your house right now. Stay! Inside!" Stiles can hear Derek's heavy breathing. He's angry.

"I'm staying inside, Derek, calm down—"

"I can't calm down! We have trespassers." Derek growls.



Werewolves. "Wait, plural? More than one?"

Derek growls in anger. "Three! Three males. I smelled them when I got back from the hardware store. They have been wandering in town."

There are three unidentified werewolves in Beacon Hill. Stiles feels something awkward in his chest. He feels irritated. Insecure. He doesn't like their presence. "Derek—Derek, where are our pups? I—we need to meet our pups. Now."

"Isaac is at the house. I called the others to gather up. Jackson is picking up Lydia. Danny is with Erica. Allison is safe, Stiles, her house is full of hunters—"

"No, I don't care. I need to see her myself, Derek. I can't—" Stiles doesn't like this at all. What if those werewolves find one of the pack first. Stiles' need to protect bubbles inside of him. And Derek can feel it. In fact, Stiles' distress calms Derek a bit.

"Hey. It's alright, Stiles, we'll pick her up, ok?"

Stiles take a deep breath. "Ok. Yeah. How about the others?"

"I asked Scott and Boyd to inspect our territory."

"You what?"

"Stiles, listen to me! I asked Peter to go with them. I know you're worried, I get it. But you said it yourself, our pack is stronger now. The Betas have developed amazingly during training. You used to tell me to trust them. And I realize I wasn't the easiest person to be convinced that time, but I've changed. We've changed. I trust my pack. Now do you?"

"Derek.. Derek, I do. I trust us."

Derek sighs. "Good. We don't know what they want yet," Derek growls, "but I'll find them. I'll join the patrol once you're safe with the others. I'm already here."

Stiles hears the Camaro's tires screeching on the asphalt. Stiles runs and opens the front door just to meet Derek's embrace, half wolfed out. His eyes are Alpha red, fangs out.

"Grumpy, calm down, the neighbors could see you."

Derek tightens his hold on Stiles as he growls. "They've been here. I smelled their scents in your driveway. Stiles, I—"

Derek freezes when he sees the package on the floor. He let go of Stiles to go to where the package has roughly thrown. He picks up the package and sniffs it.

"Oh yeah, about that!" Stiles cuts in, "what the hell, Derek! If that supposed to be a prank, it's not funny at all."

"This. Is. Not. From. Me." Derek's breath is hitched.

Stiles is taken back on surprise. "It's not?"

"They sent this to you." Derek's hand grips the box so tightly.

"What for? They're trying to break the ice or something? Because that is not cheering at all." Stiles jokes to loosen the tense air but he stops when he notices Derek is trembling. "Derek?"

"They're courting you."

Stiles raises his eyebrows. "Really? With a dead rabbit?"

Derek doesn't answer him because Derek is already blinded by his anger, he roars. "They invade MY territory! Without MY consent! And court MY mate! HOW DARE THEY!"

Stiles walks to him immediately and takes the box from him. He just throws the box somewhere and turns his attention back to Derek. Stiles puts his hands on Derek's shoulders. "Derek, calm down."

Derek's breath is heavy, his body is shaking in anger as he roars. "I'M GONNA RIP. THEIR. THROATS. OUT!" He's fully wolfed out now. Stiles can just wonder how chaotic this neighborhoods reaction would be if Derek shows up on the street in his Alpha form.

Stiles pulls Derek into his arms and rubs Derek's back with one of his hand, the other slipping into Derek's hair. He's trying to calm Derek down. "Come on, Grumpy, sssshhh.. Calm down. I'm here. I'm with you. Look, I'll throw the gift away, I don't even like it. Eww. Yuck. Bleh. I like your present better. You remember? The one you won for me on our date. I keep Django in my bed. See the pattern here? Their present goes to the recycle bin, your present goes to my bed."

His rambling seems to work its charm. Derek starts to turn back into his human form again, even though his body is still shaking in anger. Stiles kisses his cheek. He doesn't like to see Derek this tense. Stiles is sure the pups are uneasy too. These werewolves have only been here for a day and they already piss Stiles off. Stiles sighs. "Derek, I don't like this. I want these trespassers to leave."

Derek pulls away to look at his mate. His eyes still flaring red. "I'll kill them! Who do they think they are!? THIS is MY territoty! YOU are MY mate!" Derek's voice booms. "Nobody enters this town without my consent! And nobody will have you but me and only me! You're mine.."

Derek kisses Stiles hard and dominating. His hands wrap around Stiles, pulling him into his stoic body. Stiles' hands grips the front of Derek's white henley to support himself. Stiles' knees melt as Derek moves one of his hands to the back of Stiles' neck and tilts Stiles' head so he can push into Stiles' lips harder and harder. Stiles pants breathlessly.

Derek's hand moves from his neck to wrap around his shoulder as Derek leans lower to kiss Stiles slender neck. Stiles tilts his head back right away, submitting to his mate's domination. "Yours.. All of me.." He can hear Derek growls tenderly into his neck.

Derek does this thing with his mouth that drives Stiles crazy. He licks along Stiles pulse point and then nips it, teasing Stiles. "Der.." And then Derek open-mouth kisses him on every surface of his neck that Derek's lips can reach, wet and bruising. "Aahh—" Derek stretches Stiles' shirt and undershirt to show his pale collarbone, then he puts his lovebites there, leaving red hickeys but Stiles won't even complain. Stiles is lost in bliss.

Those werewolves can only dream to steal Stiles' attention, because Stiles has a really high standard now. What can he say, his mate is Derek Hale. And this Derek Hale knows how to make Stiles Stilinski moan the loudest.

They called Allison first to let her know about the situation and that they'd pick her up to meet up with the pack. When they arrive at the Argents', Allison greets them at the door.

"Hey! I'm ready. But, what should I tell my dad?"

Derek and Stiles has decided to inform Chris Argent about their situation. "We want to talk to him."

Allison nods. "Sure, you wanna come in?"

Stiles is sure if she asked Derek that a year ago, he'd say no. But the pack and the Argents are in the same team now, thanks to the mating of the pack's second in command Beta and the Argents' only heiress.

Chris, furious at first, finally caved in after Allison threatened to run away from home and accept the bite to become werewolf if his father didn't bless their mating. Childish, but it worked, because practically they can't be separated anymore. Unlike Derek and Stiles, Scott and Allison were already bonded and have repeated the ceremony many, many times, in several different positions. They just wait until they graduate before they live in together. Stiles is way left behind. Not fair.

"Derek. Stiles." Chris greets them when he enters the living room. "Please, sit down." Derek and Stiles sit down next to each other while Chris and Allison sit across from them.

"What brings you here?"

"Before that, I have an announcement." Derek puts his hand on Stiles' knee. "Stiles is now officially my mate. I guess you already know what Alpha's mate means."

Stiles grins at the mention of his name and his new super-awesome title. "Wassup, Chris? Yeah, I'm a claimed fragile bones and pale skin now. Well not bonded yet, but you know..I've been Derek'ed." Stiles winks. Derek's lips twitch even though his gaze is still sharp, he's obviously amused but tries to keep his cool.

Meanwhile, Chris looks surprised by this information. But then he just nods without adding any comment. One of the things he learns from his daughter's 'drama', is that mating is a sacred issue. Werewolves are very possessive with their mate and once bonded they can only be separated by death. If Stiles is the mate of Beacon Hill's Alpha, Chris chooses not to get involved in any matter.

Derek then clears his throat and starts to use his Alpha tone, serious, with no room for objecting. "Now, my reason coming here is to inform you that there are three unidentified male werewolves coming into Beacon Hill. They didn't ask for my permission and their motive is still unknown. There haven't been any attacks yet, but three of my betas are tracking them down as we speak."

"I understand, my men will activate more aggressive night patrol in town. Should we join the tracking party?" Chris asked.

"No. I appreciate your help in securing the town. But I demand no hunters enter the woods until my pack identifies who or what they are. I will inform you when we gain any information about the uninvited 'guests' and if we need back-up. I expect you to do the same."

Chris nods. "I hope they don't plan to stay. I'd prefer to prevent a blood bath. But it's feasible, if necessary."

At this, Derek snarls. "They courted my mate! If there was a blood bath, it would be theirs and I'd be the one to kill them!"

After few arguments, including women emancipation crap and Allison's eternal bond to a certain werewolf, Chris finally let Allison go with them as long as she promises to be alert all the time and do anything to defend herself if necessary, murder is permitted. Yes, wow. So, BAMF Allison packs her crossbow and guns in a bag and leaves with Stiles and Derek to meet up with the pack.

Everyone except Scott, Boyd, and Peter has gathered in the Hale's living room. They all sit around on the big couches. Derek sits beside his mate, his arm wraps around securely on Stiles' shoulder while Stiles leans on him. Derek starts explaining the situation. "I smelled their scent this evening. Three males. I assume it's one pack because I smelled them at the same time, which means they travel together. They didn't ask for permission to enter our territory and we don't know why they came. Scott, Boyd, and Peter are tracking them down now. They should be back by midnight."

The others look like they're processing this situation. Derek continues, "and one more thing," Derek presses Stiles to his side possessively and takes a deep breath, obviously to keep himself calm, "they sent a hunting catch to Stiles' house today."

The others gasp. Stiles huffs a breath. They are so overly dramatic.

"It's not a big deal, ok? I threw it away. I can't even decide which was more disturbing, the dead rabbit or the creepy note."

"What did the note say?" Erica asked.

Stiles shrugs. "I don't understand a thing out of it. I think they made a poem." The girls closes their mouths as they gasps.

Danny adds in. "Stiles, you do know that when werewolves send you stuff or serenade you, they're practically wooing you, right? We've read about it before."

Oh crap. "We did? I can't recall. I thought courting means impressing the mate candidate."

Jackson rolls his eyes. "That damn butchered rabbit and creepy poem should have impressed you, thick-head."

Stiles mocks the statement. "Ha! I'm not impressed.." He turns to Derek, Derek is looking at him with blank expression. "Derek, what's wrong?" Derek is shaken from his thought. "Nothing." Then he focuses back to the pack.

"I already asked you to make excuses to your parents that you'd stay at friend's house tonight. The truth is, I want everyone to stay at pack house until this matter is cleared. No one goes anywhere alone. The Pack's humans should be accompanied by at least one werewolf. Is there any question?"

Lydia raises her hand. "What if it lasts for a week or more? I can't ask for permission to sleep over for that long, my parents will be suspicious. And I am not jumping from my windows to sneak out and run to the pack house with my expensive shoes." She said while playing with the roll of her long ginger hair.

Stiles stifles a laugh while Derek pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs in frustation. "I'm sure Jackson won't mind to sneak in and pick you up when your parents are already asleep." Derek gestures his hand to Jackson.

Jackson snorts smugly. He turns his head to kiss Lydia's cheek. "Of course I'll pick you up, Babe, then I'll carry you here. I don't want you to mess up your new Dorothy Perkins either."

Lydia turns her head to her mate and beams. "Aaww, Baby, what a gentleman. I try not to mess up your jacket when you carry me."

Jackson smiles and kisses Lydia sweetly. "I always knew you're the perfect girl for me."

Everybody in the rooms stare at them like they grow second head. Stiles tries really hard but he thinks he would never understand Jackson and Lydia's definition of romantic gestures.

After they are done with the pack meeting, they move the coffee table and push the couches to set the living room into one big space of pillows and blankets. The renovated house only consists of two proper bedrooms, that are Derek's and Peter's. If the pups are staying for the night, it means there will be puppy pile in the living room.

When Stiles is in the kitchen to make hot cocoa for them, Derek lurks behind him and slips his arms around Stiles' waist. He nuzzles Stiles' neck. "What are you doing, Stiles?"

Stiles is startled when he feels someone hug him from behind, but then he smiles when he realizes it's Derek. "Gosh, Grumpy, don't lurk like that, handling hot water here. I'm making hot cocoa for the pack. I hope Scott and the others will be back soon. Night air is starting to get cold now that it's fall. They must be freezing out there. I'll make one for them too when they get back."

Derek leans his forehead on Stiles' shoulder. "I should go and join them."

Stiles frowns and nudges Derek's head. "If you go looking for them, at least take Jackson or Isaac with you. I don't want you alone out there."

Derek can feel the uneasiness radiating from his mate. He tightens his hold around the slender waist and kisses the spot behind Stiles' ear. "No, the others should just stay and rest, save their energy just in case. I'll be okay."

Stiles shakes his head. No, not good enough. "How can you be so sure?"

Derek shrugs. "Because I'm the Alpha. And if I meet the trespassers when I'm alone out there, then good, I'll kill them right where they stand. I'd be wounded probably, but at least the pups wouldn't. I'll heal."

Stiles gasps and turns his head to glare at Derek. "Excuse me!? Worried mate here! Your answer is not helping! No, you know what, I know your instinct would lead you exactly to that scenario, so you should probably just stay here."

Derek rolls his eyes. "And what if those trespassers collide with our Betas? What if those werewolves hurt them and I wasn't there to protect them?"

Stiles honestly doesn't like that scenario, but he also doesn't like the one where Derek might meet the unknown pack in the middle of the woods before he found Scott and the others. Even though he knows how strong and fast Derek is, Derek would still get hurt if he fought three werewolves at the same time.

And what if the unknown pack won? Derek could be—no, Stiles, don't even think that way.

He put the tablespoon and turns around to face Derek. They stand so close, personal space be damned. Stiles put his hands on Derek's arms and Derek automatically settles his hands on Stiles' hips. Stiles sighs in defeat. "Just—just don't do anything stupid, ok?"

Derek huffs a laugh. "Funny. That used to be my line."

Stiles hits his arm and scowls. "I'm serious!"

Derek rolls his eyes but leans in to kiss the scowl away from Stiles' forehead. "Fine. I promise I won't look for trouble. Well unless the trouble finds me first—Ok, ok, I won't." Derek said when Stiles glared at him again. "Now you take care of the pups. Make them..this kid's beverage—"

"This is not kid's beverage!" Stiles defended his hot cocoa.

Derek smirks. "Yeah, sure. And then, I want you to sneak into my bed and wait for me there." Derek leans forward and kisses Stiles softly. Stiles whispers be-careful and stay-cautious between kisses before he lets go and Derek turns to leave.

Stiles yells before Derek completely disappeared from the kitchen. "Don't be gone for too long or you'll miss our cuddle time, Mr. Snugglewolf!" Stiles ignores the 'eeww' sound that comes from the living room.

When Stiles is cocooned in Derek's bed that night in his thank-God-they're-not-spiderman boxers and one of Derek's undershirts, he finds himself restless. Scott and Boyd have been back two hours ago, said that Derek has sent them back to rest and he resumed the searching party with Peter. He had made the boys hot cocoa before sent them to sleep.

Derek and Peter should've been back by now.

He keeps tossing and turning under the cover, uneasy because his mate is still out there in the woods at two in the morning, only accompanied by one Beta.

He jumps when the bedroom door cracked open and Derek comes in. He's still whole and perfect, Stiles sighs in relief. "Derek.. I thought you'd be back with Scott and Boyd."

Derek takes off his shoes and strips his clothes as he speaks. "We couldn't find any traces of them inside the woods so I sent the pups back while Peter and I checked along the borderline."

He crosses to the bed and crawls under the covers, in only his boxer-briefs. The view makes Stiles blush. He gulps when Derek slips his arms protectively around him and pulls him to his naked chest.

"So, you found anything?" Stiles asks with hitched voice. His heart plays trombone in his chest.

Oh God, oh God, oh God. Derek's on the bed. Only in his boxer-briefs. To sleep. With me. Ok Stilinski, calm down, be cool. He's your mate now, sleeping with him will be one of the perks. Don't act like virgin even though you are a virgin. Just—put you hands calmly on the...wow very firm..naked chest—No! No, Stiles! Don't just nuzzle your head there! Where's your dignity—Oh wow it's so warm in here..

Derek smirks, he must have heard Stiles' pacing up heartbeat. "There are animal carcasses along the borderline but in random pattern. I'll continue tracking from there tomorrow."

He tightens his embrace when Stiles nuzzles closer into him. Stiles sighs in content, starting to get sleepy now that everybody is together and safe and Derek is with him. Derek leans in to kiss Stiles' forehead, closing his eyes, satisfied to sleep with the warm body of his mate in his arms.

Stiles agreed to stay at the pack house every night but he has to be home after school to cook for his dad, sneaks out after his dad is asleep, and sneaks in back before his dad is awake.

Stiles was also worried about his dad's safety. "What about my dad? They know where I live, Derek!"

Derek tried to soothe him. "Don't worry, Stiles, they won't hurt your dad. They know you'd hate them if they did, which I'm sure is not their goal." Derek lowly growled.

Derek insisted to pick him up and drop him off himself in every occasion and if Derek left to track the trespassers, he would instruct a Beta to check on Stiles whenever Stiles is alone at home. Stiles thought it's unnecessary, but Derek wouldn't take 'no' as an answer. He said it's just temporary and Stiles can go anywhere alone again after the unknown pack is gone. Well, the exact words are: "after I rip every limb out of their sockets!"

So, Stiles agreed to let Derek pick him up every night and drop him off every morning and the Beta's checking on him, but he asked Derek to at least let him drive to school and from school on his own. He's not a freaking child and Derek is not his chaperone. Derek was very bold in rejecting Stiles' demand, but he finally gave in after the silent treatment from Stiles when he drove him home.

Let's just say that Stiles is a very spoiled mate. After all, Stiles is Derek's personal brand of wolf's bane. He has Derek wrapped in his little human fingers. And Derek doesn't seem to mind, especially after another make out session in the car.

Later that day, Stiles smelled something awful when he's home from school. His dad's patrol car was not in the driveway and the note on the fridge said his dad won't be back until 8. Stiles tried to find the source of the awful smell, from inside the fridge to the deepest corner of the basement but he found nothing.

He opens the back door to inspect the backyard and there he finds the culprit, which is a huge dead deer. Stiles gasps. "Oh my God!" A freaking dead deer. On his back door step. He gets closer to it and checks around the carcass. There is a triskelion shaped scar on the back leg. Stiles is reaching for his phone in his pocket to call certain werewolf when a text comes in and it is from the certain werewolf.

*You like what I sent you? I can do better than that stupid pack who sent you the stupid bunny. xxx*

Stiles texts so fast his phone is cracking.


*I don't understand, you don't like it? xxx*

Stiles scoffs in annoyance.


*Are you screaming at me in text? And where are my kisses? You forget to type the kisses. xxx*


Stiles shoves his phone roughly into his hoodie's pocket and whines, "why is this my life?" and gestures his hand at the carcass, still whining loudly, "seriously, first a poor rabbit, now a giant deer, what's next? A mountain lion?"

"You want me to get you a mountain lion?"

"OH MY GOD!" Stiles jumped when Derek suddenly talked right from behind him. "Derek, stop lurking like that! Human's heart is fragile!"

Derek steps closer and looks at Stiles seriously. "Stiles, answer me, do you want a mountain lion?"

"What? No! I want you to get rid of this dead deer before my dad gets home!"

Derek's expression turns from serious to confused. "Is this because I didn't put a poem on it, or a note?"

Stiles is really confused right now. "Derek, what are you talking about? Why did you send me a dead animal like the creepy pack?"

Derek's eyes turn red at the question. "To show everyone else that I can do much better than them. And to show you that I am the best for you." He puffs his chest like a proud Alpha.

Stiles groans and hides his face on his hands for a moment before he gestures the carcass in front of him. "Thank you, Derek. But can you just—just get rid of it before I throw up, ok? I can't stand the smell."

Derek looks shocked but starts moving anyway. Derek pouts as he drags the carcass away, and seeing red eyes on his pouty face is even more adorable than regular pouting Derek. So, Stiles decides to give him a mind blowing snogging session on the couch after as a proper 'thank you'. Derek walks tall and proud when he leaves the Stilinski household with Stiles that night.

The unknown pack didn't show themselves all week, and neither the pack nor the hunters could find them yet. The traces they left were so random and they moved so fast, they were always gone already when the tracking party reached their last settle spots. But somehow, they kept sending gifts to Stiles. There was no assurance yet, but the pack started to think that they came here for Stiles, just like the Alpha Pack. That was not only a creepy scenario, but also annoying as hell because Stiles' werewolf fiancé was really affected by it, and it gave Stiles a mild headache.

On Wednesday, they left a bunch of wild flowers on the hood of Stiles' jeep. Stiles didn't know at first, bringing the flowers to the pack house and asking if anyone of the pack sent them. But when all the werewolves in the house tensed, Stiles knew the flowers were from the stalkers pack. Derek? Oh, he was fine.. He acted really cool about it. Nothing insane, he just turned on the kitchen stove, burning the poor plants, and stomping on the ashes when he dumped them outside.

Oh, and Derek sent him literally a bush of wild roses the next day. Stiles found the huge thorny bush when the school was over, Derek left it inside Stiles' jeep. Werewolves were very romantic.

On Thursday evening, the pack house received a delivery from the town's bakery, of two dozen assorted cupcakes. The delivery guy said a tall man in brown leather jacket ordered it for "Stiles Stilinski and His Pups" but he refused to mention his name. He only left a note:

Cupcakes for my Cupcake.
I can give you and our future pups anything.
Anything you desire...
P.S.: I bet you are more tasty than these cupcakes.

Scott and Isaac tried very hard to hide their disappointment when Derek slammed the boxes into the garbage can.

Derek almost set the kitchen on fire on 6 AM in the next morning when he burned an egg and tried to set it off with the nearest liquid he saw, the cooking wine. Stiles came to the rescue and Derek explained that he just wanted to make breakfast for the pack before they left. He looked like a kicked puppy that Stiles didn't have the heart to be mad at him. Instead, Stiles offered Derek to make breakfast together and he assigned Derek to pour the orange juice in the glasses and wash the strawberries.

When they ate together, the pups said they loved the orange juice and the strawberries were amazing. Derek was quiet but Stiles noticed Derek's ears were flushed red. God, you are so predictable and adorable, Sourwolf. Stiles smirks to himself.

On Friday evening, Stiles did his homework from the computer in his bedroom. He multitasked it with browsing random stuff on the internet. When he logged in his Facebook, there were 23 new private messages. Stiles was almost afraid to open them.

All of them were from werewolves. Twenty-one of them were wooing Stiles. Seventeen of them used inapproriate language. Fifteen of them wanted to cum inside Stiles. The other two wanted Stiles to swallow. Stiles decided not to tell Derek.

"Who are they?"

"OH MY GOD!" Stiles jumped. "Derek! What did I say about lurking!?"

Derek ignored him. Instead, he pulled Stiles from the computer chair and sat on it. Then, he took the mouse and scrolled all the messages. He was quiet along the activity.

This can't be good. Stiles gulped from behind Derek.

Furious, Derek noted where each message had been sent from. He then prohibited Stiles from going there without his protection. Which didn't mean much, as it was another pack's territory. Stiles now considered himself banned from eleven towns across North America, four across South America and fifteen different countries. Countries. Fuck, Stiles always wanted to learn to surf in Australia.

Then, Stiles noticed the cursor went to Account Setting and Derek clicked it. It all happened so fast that Stiles didn't even have time to blink before Derek did what he did.

He deleted Stiles' Facebook account.

He deleted Stiles' Facebook account.

Derek-fucking-Hale deleted Stiles Stilinski's Facebook account.

On Saturday morning, Derek walked Stiles home and they found a box on the window of Stiles' bedroom. Stiles brought it in, Derek followed after. Stiles sat on his bed and opened the box, it was filled with various stones. The stones were bright and colorful. Stiles didn't know each stone's name but he realized the stones must be rare and valuable. "Wow, I gotta admit these are beautiful."

Derek, standing in front of him, tensed after he heard Stiles said that. Stiles sighed, he knew Derek would pull another stupid stunt again the next day.

"Oh don't bother, Derek.."

Derek looked confused. "What?"

Stiles rolled his eyes. "There's no need to send me anything or do anything for me, ok?"

Derek narrowed his eyes. "And what would be the reason?"

Stiles sighed. "It's unnecessary, Derek. All the stuff you did or gave me these few days ended up driving me nuts anyway."

Derek's jaw was clenched, he didn't answer. Ok, maybe Stiles was too harsh to say it like that. Stiles corrected himself. "What I mean is, why bother yourself to match up with the stunts that they did.."

Derek answered with a flat tone. "I told you I want to show you I can do better than them."

Stiles scoffs in disbelief. "By what? Setting a dead deer on my backyard which produced rotten smell worse than the dead rabbit? Or by the wild bush which thorns scratched my jeep seat? Or by a burnt breakfast that almost set the kitchen on fire?"

Derek's gaze turned cold. "Are you implying that they did it all better than me? Did they finally win your heart?" Derek said mockingly.

That ticked Stiles off. "I am not a trophy to win, Derek!" Stiles raises his voice.

Derek rolled his eyes and sighs. "I know you're not, Stiles.."

"Then why were you so worked up to prove yourself to them and pulled all these stupid stunts!? The truth is, instead of impressing me, all you did was annoying me, and I would be more impressed if you just stopped making my life more difficult!"

Derek looks stunned. He froze where he stood. Stiles was taken back by how stabbing the words that came out of his own mouth. He lowers his voice. "Derek.. Derek, I didn't mean what I said.."

Stiles stood up to get closer to Derek but he stepped back to the window. He wouldn't look at Stiles' eyes. "I—I have to go. There's something I need to do." With that, he turned around to leap out of the window.

"No, Derek, wait.." Stiles tried to grab him but he wasn't fast enough, Derek was gone. "Shit.."

An hour later, Erica came in Stiles' window, saying that Derek just texted her to check on him. Stiles tried to call him once but Derek didn't answer, and the second time Stiles tried, it went right to voicemail. And later that night, it was Jackson who came in to pick him up. Jackson said Derek instructed him earlier that evening, apparently the same time Derek instructed Erica, to pick Stiles up later.

At the pack house, nobody in the pack knew where Derek went, they told Stiles that the last time they saw Derek was at breakfast this morning. Even Peter didn't know where Derek went.

Stiles was very anxious in Derek's bed. He'd gotten used to sleeping in Derek's embrace now. He tossed and turned, the bed was cold and awkwardly spacious without the other man. It was past midnight and Derek hasn't come back yet. Stiles tried to call again, finally the call was connected, but Derek didn't answer. Stiles tried again and again, Derek never answered. Stiles felt so desperate and drown in guilt that he decided to text Derek.

*derek where r u? plz come home.. xxx*

Stiles fell asleep waiting for the response that never came.

Now, Sunday morning, Stiles wakes up alone in Derek's bed, feeling cold and empty. Derek was so angry that he didn't come home at all. He turns his head to where Derek should have been, it's still untouched, but there is a small square box on Derek's pillow.

'Huh. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there last night.'

Curious, Stiles takes it and inspects the box.

To Stiles.

It's what's written on the little tag. He opens it, a small note falling out. Inside the box, there's a necklace with small gold triskelion pendant on it. Stiles grabs the note and reads what it says. Unlike the creepy notes those creepy pack wrote him, this note only consists of 2 simple sentences.

I'm sorry.
I love you.

Stiles is speechless for a moment, then it feels like every emotion hit him hard in the stomach. He's so overwhelmed that he starts to cry. It's not because of the beautiful necklace or the straightforward two sentences, but because he knows the man who gave the necklace and who wrote these two sentences to him.

Stiles had hurt his feeling yesterday. But instead of hating Stiles, he's still trying to make Stiles happy. Stiles is so angry with himself for being such a dick to him. And now, said man bursts through the door and looks at Stiles. Stiles can hear his breath hitch, when he sees the tears in Stiles' eyes, stepping hurriedly to him. He hops on the bed and takes Stiles in his arms. With his tensed voice, he says the most stupid things.

"Stiles, why are you crying? Do you hate my gift that much? I'm sorry. Just—Fuck, Stiles, just tell me exactly what you want. Please."

Stiles can't believe how dense this man is. He pulls away and puts his hands on both sides of Derek's head to bring him closer.

"I just want you. You, stupid werewolf. So stop proving yourself to everyone that you deserve me, because you don't need to. I—God, I'm so sorry, Derek."

Stiles' face is wet in tears and snot but Stiles doesn't care how he looks like. He just pulls his stupid werewolf in and kisses him passionately.

After they break the kiss, Stiles looks into Derek's green eyes. They are so human, looking back at Stiles like Stiles is the freaking sun. Stiles never figures out how he could feel so loved by a man who was judged and hunted as a heartless beast. This Derek Hale that Stiles knows, has the most beautiful soul.

"I love you, Derek."

Then Derek smiles. A true smile, so wide that all his teeth show. So genuine that the corners of his eyes wrinkle. And Swear To God, it was the most beautiful thing Stiles has ever seen. Only a few seconds of it has warmed Stiles' heart and brightened Stiles' soul. Other werewolves can brag themselves all they want, but to Stiles, his Derek Hale will always shine like the sun.

To be continued...

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The uninvited 'guests' reveal themselves.
They want something (or someone) and won't take 'no' as an answer.
Meanwhile, Stiles is trying to seduce Derek to get into his pants.
Derek is a noble man. Well, he's trying HARD to be.

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