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The Boy Is Mine, You Bonkers!

Chapter 3

Stiles stares at the concealer tube Lydia shoved into his face just half an hour ago. And then he checks his bare torso out on the bathroom mirror. He doubts that this weird liquid can hide all the red and purple hickeys on his neck and shoulder, even though Lydia said it's the best and expensive brand.

A small gold triskelion pendant settles on his chest. He grasps it and smiles to himself. Derek had put it on him.

Stiles' head is on cloud 9, replaying their morning's activity in his thought. Derek was over the moon with Stiles' declaration and he showed it with his mouth and talented hands.

'That was one kick-in-the-head make out session.. And God, those hands.. Imagine how awesome they would feel on my c—'

"Dude, the pack's leaving soon." Scott appears at the bathroom doorway, smiling when he sees Stiles' face. "And close your mouth, Man, why are you drooling?"

"Huh?" Stiles is shaken back from his dirty thought.

Scott' smiley face then turns into a wince. "Oh my God the smell.. Please don't tell me it's coming from you. How could you even-you're alone in here, Stiles. Derek is downstairs."

Stiles groans. "Scott, I can't help it, ok? I'm a teenager, blame my hormones! I was just making out with my mate an hour ago, after we declared our sun-burning love! But guess what? He turned down my sex seduction! Again. What do you expect? I'm sexually frustated, even thinking about Derek's eyebrows arouses me!"

Scott whines. "Dude, just stop right there. I don't wanna hear 'Derek', 'sex', and 'arouse' in the same sentence ever again."

Stiles ignores him and keeps talking, while applying the concealer messily on his brutalized neck. "I mean, I know he promised my dad, but my birthday is just five days away. Why don't we just have the hot sex, and my dad doesn't need to know, right? Stiles just wants to have a good time. Many, many times. Several times in a row. In several different positions. And Stiles wants it now, this horny young vessel is screaming for sex with Derek Hale. Besides, doesn't he want this piece of fine ass? Because I would definitely let him do anything with it. Literally anything. Fuck, I'm so aroused right now. Hey, did you smell him earlier? Did he smell aroused too?"

Scott groans and turns to leave. Stiles is calling out for him. "Scott! You didn't answer my question! Did he smell aroused too!?"

Derek drops Stiles home as usual. He opens Stiles' bedroom window for Stiles to get in and he follows after. Derek just leans his back on the windowpane, watching Stiles taking off his hoodie and throwing it to the computer chair. Then Stiles moves closer to him and tugs the front of his shirt.

"Hey, it's Sunday, I got nothing to do, why don't you stay?" Stiles sneaks his arms around Derek and nuzzles his face on the curve of Derek's neck.

Derek sighs. He brushes Stiles hair, it's still short but longer than his usual buzz cut. "I want to but I don't think that's a good idea."

Stiles pulls away and whines. "But why..? Our session this morning is not enough for my sexual satisfaction."

Derek laughs, leaning in to kiss Stiles' forehead. "Your dad will wake up and check on you soon."

Stiles grins. "So you agree that our session this morning is not enough for our sexual satisfaction and maybe we should level up like, right now?"

Derek raises his eyebrows, lips twitching. "Not enough session? Yes. Level up? Let's try again in five days, Snowball."

Stiles groans and whines at his mate. "But I have needs! And I thought it's your job as my mate to provide it.." Stiles plays his fingers on Derek's shirt suggestively.

Derek rolls his eyes but in amusement. "Don't pull that card, Stiles, you know I would take care of you, but, you also know why we should wait. I'm a man of my word and I gave your father my word."

Stiles pouts. He actually understands, but it doesn't mean he agrees with it. He starts to propose other options for their mutual 'pleasure'.

"What about jerking off together?"






"Eating our breakfast on each other's naked body?"

"Tempting. But no."

"But my dad doesn't need to know.." Stiles whined.

"I know. No. Besides, it's only five days, Stiles." Derek tried to reason.

Stiles pouts. "Not fair. You're so hot and now you're mine, it's like having your favorite cake in the fridge but you can't eat it! It's torturing! Especially if I have to sleep in your teasing arms every night and be woken up by your filthy mouth every morning! I want to have sex with you this freaking second!" Stiles said frustatedly.

Derek smiles and then leans forward to kiss the pouts away. "Take it easy there, Tiger."

"Oh, shut it. You know what, I will break down your self control. Watch me."

Derek pulls away and smirks mischievously. "Oh really?"

"Yeah. With my irresistable charm and deadly seduction. You think you're the only one who can set a gameplan? You will beg for me when I'm done with you." Stiles challenged.

Derek laughs, then leans into Stiles' ear. "I'm so terrified. Why don't you try your gameplan now?" Derek then nips his ear playfully.

Stiles' heart jumps at the contact but he tries to stifle his moan for the sake of his dignity. But it's getting harder and harder as Derek moves to the side of his neck and does the thing he does with his mouth again.

"Well, I—uh—have to—uh—make some preparation first." Stiles gulps.

Derek has to hold his laugh. "Ah, too bad. I hope the preparation won't take long." He sneaks his warm hands into Stiles' shirt to touch Stiles' cold skin, mouth still devouring Stiles' neck. Stiles bites his own lower lip to stifle his groans but he whimpers instead. He buries one of his hands on Derek's hair, the other curls around Derek's shoulder.

Derek's hungry mouth wipes the concealer, showing some of the red and purple lovebites.
"Oops, I think I ruined your make up, Honey." Derek teased. Stiles groans in defeat and yanks Derek's hair back.

"Oh just shut up and kiss me, you fucking tease."

Derek huffs his laugh and then kisses Stiles on the mouth, his hands travel around Stiles' torso. Stiles is getting excited, tightening his hold on Derek and attacking Derek's lips back enthusiastically. Derek smirks into Stiles' lips, he lifts Stiles, who locks his legs securely around Derek's waist. Derek walks to the bed, sets Stiles down gently, and traps Stiles' body under him. His mouth immediately resumes its work toward Stiles' swollen lips, pushing his tongue into Stiles' willing mouth. Stiles finally loses his battle and moans when he feels Derek's hips rocking into his. "Ahaaah.. Derek.."

"Does it feel good, Stiles?" Derek whispers into his mouth. His hardened cock teasingly rubs Stiles' bulge as Derek rocks his hips merciless, their garments the only barriers. Derek's mouth still hungrily lavishing Stiles' neck.

Stiles shamelessly moans in pleasure, forgeting about his damn dignity. "Yea—aahh—Der.. Don't you dare fucking stop—aaahh!" Stiles can feel his pre-come dampening his pants.

Derek smirks slyly. He rocks his hips hard on Stiles' bulge and bruises Stiles' lips with his own one more time before pulls away abruptly.

"I thought you said you need preparation first, Snowball."

With that, Derek's gone, leaving Stiles breathless in his bliss and blue balls state. Again. Stiles gapes in disbelief. He stares angrily at the opened window.

'OH MY GOD! NO! I'm gonna kill him! My mate is a fucking asshole! No pun intended!'

His cock twitches in misery. Stiles groans, he sneaks his own hand to his pants and rubs himself. And of course that's the moment Sheriff Stilinski chooses to open the door without knocking to wake up his son.

"Whoa, Son!"

"D-Dad!?" Stiles yanks his hand out of his pants and cover himself with the bedcover.

"It's ok, Son, I understand, it's normal."

"No, it's not what—"

"Just—finish what you start and go downstairs, ok?"


"And we'll have breakfast and...talk about it. If you want."

"No! Dad, oh my God—"

"Ok then, I'll leave you to it."

With that, the Sheriff hurriedly and awkwardly leaves the room. Stiles groans frustatedly and smacks his face to the pillow. That's when his phone vibrates.

*Your father is right, Stiles. Why don't you finish what you started? xxx*

Stiles presses the keypad grudgingly.

*u think dis is over? oh u'll go down n u'll go down HARD. xxx*

The response is instant.

*I look forward to it. xxx*

'Challenge accepted.'

Stiles decides that this is the time when he must use all of his resources.

Two hours later, the pack's girls and Danny knock on Stilinski's front door. The Sheriff doesn't seem surprised anymore to have Stiles' friends in their house, letting them in before he himself goes out the door for an office call.

Along the year, the pack members have visited Stiles countless times, except Derek. His dad doesn't know if some of them are werewolves, Stiles just introduced them as schoolmates, which is one hundred percent honest fact.

Since Stiles' dad is out for duty and won't be back until late, they can talk freely in the living room, lounging on the sofas while eating snacks and drinking sodas. It's their default gossiping ritual.

'Oh my God, I AM their sassy gay bestfriend.' Stiles mentally admits.

"So, Stiles, what's up? Or as I quote it from your text, what is the 'Mayday SOS'?" Danny starts.

Stiles takes a deep breath. "This is about me and Derek.."

The girls sit a little bit straighter, excited like they're 8-year-olds who just got barbie dolls under the Christmas tree. Stiles knows they have been waiting their entire teenager's life for this. And Stiles knows he needs them to achieve this goal, so, win-win situation.

Stiles starts. "I want to get in Derek Hale's pants."

They seem adjusting the input for awhile. Lydia is the one who reacts first though, scoffing in disbelief. "The two of you didn't do it yet? I thought with all his 'nobody touches Stiles but me' attitude—"

"Exactly." Stiles gestures his agreement.

"But I don't get it, I smelled his arousal everytime you two touched each other." Erica said.

"Yeah well apparently he also has his Great Wall of China of self control, because he turned me down every time I ask him to poke his glorious pride stick into my sweet innocent untouched love-hole." Stiles explained. Danny laughs and shakes his head at that.

"Do you know his reason?" Allison asked while munching a potato chip.

"He wants to wait until I'm 18! Can you believe him? Who does that!?" Stiles stated frustatedly. The others voice their agreement and nods eagerly. Stiles knew they'd also consider Derek's decision as nonsense. And these are experienced teenagers, so they couldn't possibly give Stiles false judgement. Right? Five days is a long wait anyway.

And Stiles should have known that these people are relationship geniuses, ok? He should come to them more in the future issues.

"You know what drives a dominate Alpha like Derek crazy the most?" Danny asked.

Stiles shakes his head.

"When he wants something that he can't have." Danny answered himself.

The girls nod, commenting 'true'.

"That's why the Alpha Pack sent him feral when they took you with force. That's why he pulled all the stunts to match up with the creepy pack who sent you creepy gifts. Because in that time, he wasn't sure what you wanted, while he wanted you like he never wanted anything else before..."

The girls nod again. Stiles still pays total attention to what Danny says.

"...but now after you finally said you love him and you want him as much as he loves and wants you, he feels satisfied and self-secured."

Stiles stares at Danny blankly. "I don't understand your point."

Lydia rolls her eyes in annoyance. "Danny's point is, if you want all of him, don't give him anything at all."

Stiles is still confused. "I'm sorry, an inexperienced virgin here, can you speak more bluntly?"

"Don't make out with him, don't hug him, don't play with his hair. Hell, don't fucking touch him at all." Erica answered for him.

Stiles raises his eyebrows. "How the hell do I get to have sex with him without doing all that?"

"Scott always likes it best when I play hard to get, he said it teases his wolf's instinct to play chase. And Stiles, I earn very hot sex afterwards every single time." Allison winks suggestively.

Erica and Lydia nod dreamily, so Stiles guesses it works for their mate too.

Stiles claps his hands once. "Ok then, let's do it. How do I play hard to get?"

Danny grins mischievously. "First, you blatantly seduce him one last time tonight, make him think that he has you in his big bad claws and you beg for him. And then tomorrow, you start ignoring him. Oh you'll still text him and let him do what mates do, but you will dodge every intention of physical interaction. You won't start anything. Remember Stiles, not even a kiss."

Stiles nods once. "Ok, got it. That's it?"

Lydia points her finger. "Oh hell no, we need more spices. You, my friend, will tease him with everything you got that arouses him most. You will sleep in your tight boxer briefs, but don't snuggle to him. You will wear clothes that spotlight your body parts that he desires the most everyday. You do things that drives him nuts, but don't ever make any move on him, and if he makes the move first, you reject him. Rub back all over his face that you agree with him about waiting until you're 18."

'Wow, that's evil. Evil and payback is a bitch, Derek!' Stiles smirks devilishly.

"Guys, I should have known you are all demon's spawns and I am so proud to have you as my pups. Ok, let's do this!" Stiles grins and they group high-five.

Erica grins, "prepare yourself, Stilinski. You'll have a pining werewolf in two days."

After they finish their little group meeting, they go together to the departement store in town to purchase everything that Stiles needs for tonight's 'gameplan'. Stiles decided that it's worth the prize to spend some of his monthly allowance on it. He only uses the money for lunch at school anyway.

Derek never lets him spend even one cent when he's with him, insisting he can easily 'provide' his mate and his pack with his money. The fire incident left Derek with quite sum of money from insurance and he inherits his family's wealth, which Stiles is sure is a lot because Hale owns a milk processing industry next town which still runs as long as Beacon Hills and the other towns around it still consume dairy product.

The manufacturing plant is run by Hale's trusted family-friend as the CEO, while Derek supervises the whole thing from afar. He still goes to the plant monthly, to audit the industry directly, he owns the business after all. Derek said he's saved his share of profit wisely for emergency and rainy days in the future, but there is still some that he can allocate to daily expense.

The departement store is quite packed in some sections, but quite empty in the others. Stiles and the others split up in different sections to search for the things that they look for. Stiles is assigned with candles. He honestly doesn't understand what those are for, but Erica said it's important to look for the ones with nice fragrance. Stiles starts to wonder if this is related to the kinky trick he saw on some Japanese cartoon smut.

"Well, well, well, look who's here.. What is a sexy thing like you doing here all alone..?"

Stiles turns his head to where the voice came from. The only person who is with him in candles section is a tall man in brown leather jacket, standing twenty feet away from Stiles. The man has strong jawline, and messy hair. He grins smugly at Stiles.

Stiles raises his eyebrows. Is he just being hit on by a stranger in a public place? That never happened before. "Do I know you?"

His eyes flash red just for a second, grinning devilishly. "How rude, didn't you get my lovely gifts?"

Stiles' expression tenses in revelation. "Ah, it's you. The Alpha of the creepers' pack. Finally you decide to show your ass after sending me all those annoying gifts. Oh and just so you know, they are very far from lovely."

"Is that so?" The werewolf said smugly.

"Cut the crap. Who are you and what do you want? This is the Hale Pack's territory and don't play dumb because I know you know it."

The werewolf shrugs. "The name is Tony, I'm the Alpha from the pack in Los Angeles. And I think you know what I came here for, Stiles." He walks few steps closer.

Stiles reaches for the gun he hides on the back of his pants. Derek gave one to every human in the pack for self defense, specially made by Hale's associate who is a weapon craftsman. A totally badass Desert Eagle, Stiles squeaked like a fanboy when Derek handed it to him at pack training few months ago. There is letter 'H' crafted on the handler, the bullets are filled with wolfsbane and the gun is silencer installed. Even if he shoots, noone will hear the shot. But he honestly doesn't like the idea of leaving dead body in public places.

"No I don't and honestly I don't care. I want you and your pack to leave, your presence is not welcolmed here. The Alpha who owns this territory is my mate and I won't let assholes like your pack taunt him by wandering in it without his consent."

"Oh but I came here to taunt your lovely asshole..literally."

Stiles gapes in disbelief. "Excuse me? My mate will butcher you if he hears you saying that."

Tony ignores the threat. "Why don't you come with me, Stiles? I can make all your dreams come true. I will please you. This puny hole is nothing compared to my territory in Los Angeles."

"No thanks, I'm taken."

Tony scoffs a mocking laugh. "No, you're not."

"I'm sorry, did your werewolf's senses are fucked? Can't you smell that I'm claimed!?" Stiles stretches his T-shirt to show Derek's claiming bite mark on his shoulder.

"But you're not bonded yet."

"Oh don't worry about that, I will soon."

"Not if I bond you first..." Tony snarls devilishly.

Stiles laughs mockingly. "Well you can stop dreaming, Buddy. My mate is a keeper, I'm gonna stick with him. Now leave or I'll fucking shoot you. If we weren't in public place, I'd have already shot you for disrespecting my mate the second you showed your ugly face in front of me."

"Ooh.. A snarky one, aren't you? Your attitude just makes me want you more. That loser doesn't deserve you—"

Stiles takes out his gun and shoot the werewolf on the shoulder. The shot impact makes the werewolf smacked to the floor and he grunts in pain, standing up while holding his bleeding shoulder.

"Argh! I can't believe you really shot me! Are you crazy!? People can see us! And fuck, it's wolfsbane, I should have known." He winces in pain but he starts to laugh, his eyes turning red. "Jeezus, Human.."

Stiles just stares at him coldly. "Alpha Hale deserves me more than any other werewolf ever could. You say one more word about him, the next target I'll shoot is your beating heart. Now you leave this town or I swear I'll kill you if my Alpha doesn't kill you first. No, wait, scratch that, if my bullet doesn't kill you first because in under fifteen minutes the wolfsbane will reach your heart if you don't get it out."

Tony shakes his head in amusement, still wincing in pain. "The rumor is nothing but true after all.. You are really one of a kind, Stiles Stilinski, you'll be a delightful addition to my prosperous pack. We can be unbeatable pair, you and I."

"I will say this one time and one time only. I am not interested in you or any other werewolves in the future, and yes I am sure one hundred percent that the only werewolf who gets to have me is Derek Hale and Derek Hale only. So you can spread the words that Stiles Stilinski is happily mated with the Alpha of Beacon Hills and you can all look for another ass to play chase with." Stiles stated clearly.

Tony just chuckles smugly at that and then he snarls devilishly. "Oh Stiles, you're so irresistable that I want to just snatch you and take you home right now. But no, patience is the key," he steps back further,"but one thing you should know about me, Stiles, is that I always get what I want, no matter how I get it. You will be mine, Stiles.." With that, he disappears into thin air.

Stiles said nothing, he just slips the gun back on the back of his pants. If the creepers' pack really leaves Beacon Hills, his pack's werewolves will know tomorrow. Their scent will fade away from the town.

Now that the werewolf is gone, Stiles takes a deep breath. He was actually freaking out, confronting the enemy alone unexpectedly like this, but he had learned to control his fear in front of enemies. Because he knows nothing good comes out of panic state when dealing with werewolves, they can smell fear. Besides, now he's an Alpha's mate, he has to start to act like one, it's the least expected of him. Stiles won't be a burden to Derek, he will be Derek's anchor.

His pups will look for him soon, Erica will smell the werewolf's scent and they will be asking questions. He decided he needs to inform Derek about the former encounter immediately. He take out his phone to call Derek. It only rings twice before Derek's answering.

"Stiles." Derek sounds cheerful, maybe he's still happy with his teasing this morning.


"Stiles? What's wrong? Are you ok?" His tone is changed, obviously can tell that his mate is uneasy just by how Stiles speaks over the phone.

"Yeah, I'm ok now—"

"What do you mean by 'now'?" Derek cuts him off.

Stiles winces. 'Oh God, Derek will be pissed..'

"I—uh—met the Alpha of the creepers' pack."

"You what!? Where!? What did he do!? Stiles, where are you!?" Yup. Derek is pissed.

"Derek, calm down, I'm fine. He didn't do anything. He's gone now, I met him at the department store."

"I told you not to walk around town by yourself, Stiles! I'm picking you up."

Oh hell no. Stiles is picking out stuff for his major plan to have sex with him.

"No! Derek, really, I'm fine. Honest. I'm not alone, I'm with the girls and Danny, ok?"

"They were with you when the bastard showed up?"

"Uuhh not really.. We split up to see different stuff.. But before you get angry and growl at me, I didn't expect he would confront me in a public place, alright? And I have my gun with me for incident like this." He explained when Derek growled at his answer.

"What did he want?" Derek asked.

Stiles is replaying the occurance earlier in his head, it's actually quite hilarious.

"A piece of this fine ass." Stiles chuckles.

Derek snarls. "Stiles, this is no joke."

"Oh c'mon, it is kinda funny. I asked him to leave the town, and when he got more annoying instead, I shot him." Stiles laughs.

"You shot him?" Now Derek sounds amused.

"Yeah, but I didn't kill him though. Explaining a dead body to security wouldn't be fun. I just hope he takes my advice and leaves town. But I don't know for sure, that's why I'm calling you. Maybe you want to do something about it."

"I do. I will check the parameters again right now. And, Stiles?


"Join the others and stop getting trapped in difficult situation, please."

Stiles gapes. "How rude!"

Derek huffs a laugh. "Are you sure you don't need me to come?"

"Yeah, positive. But I need you though, in my bedroom. Tonight." Stiles teased.

"You do..? May I know what for?" Derek teased back.

"Yes, I believe we have unfinished business between us."

"I hope you know what you're asking for, Stilinski." Derek said teasingly.

Stiles smirks. "Oh I know what I'm asking for, Hale, and you will give it to me."

Later that night, when Derek arrives to pick up Stiles, he smells fire in Stiles' room. The patrol car is not in the driveway, meaning Stiles is alone at home. He rushes to get through the window in fear for his mate's safety, but the view in front of him is both relieving and confusing him at the same time.

There is no big fire in the room, but there are candles lit everywhere, Derek can't even count how many. They are on the floor, on the computer desk, on the drawers, and on the bedside table. And now after he's sure there is no threat of fire going on in his mate's room, the aromatherapy scent starts to infiltrate Derek's sense of smell, making him a little bit dizzy.

He looks down on his feet, he notices he steps on a few rose petals. Derek rises his eyebrows. Apparently, there are rose petals scattered on the floor, creating a track from the window to the bed. And the bed, is not how it used to be. It used to be messy and...absolutely not look like this.

The bed is now neat, completed with warm-look bed cover and fluffy pillows. There are countless red rose petals scattered on top of the covers. And there's an ice bucket on the bedside table. From where Derek stands, he can see the bucket is filled with a bottle of champagne that Derek wants to know how his underage mate got it and two champagne glasses.

And then the door is opened widely, showing Stiles in a silk bathrobe. He leans on the door frame in a suggestive position. One of his hands raises highly above his head, holding the door frame to support his weight. The other hand fingering his own skin under the bathrobe garment. He grins playfully at Derek.

"I thought you would never come, Hot Stuff."

Derek has to hold his laugh, witnessing all his mate has done. He just smiles, gesturing his hands to the room. "The room looks great, Stiles."

Stiles just shrugs. "I prepared it for a special guest."

Derek still smiles in amusement. "Yeah? Who could that be?"

Stiles walks slowly toward him. "Oh he's an asshole, leaving me hanging and...unsatisfied on a few occasions."

"Then why didn't you quit..? Maybe he's just being reasonable." Derek reaches for Stiles when he's just a feet away, pulling him in and putting his hands on Stiles' silk covered waist.

Stiles curls his arms around Derek's neck, pressing his body to his mate. "Well let's just say, the more he ignores me, the closer I get, he's wasting his time, really."

Derek's lips twitch. "Stiles, did you just quote a song to seduce me?"

Stiles grins widely. "Oh look who comes out to civilization! I'm proud.."

When Derek scowls, he laughs and kisses Derek's lips softly. "Happy Valentine's day, Derek."

Derek pulls away a little to look at Stiles with one eyebrow raised. "Today is not Valentine's day."

Stiles smiles. "When I'm with you, everyday is Valentine's day, Grumpy. I don't need special date on the calendar to remind me that I love you." Stiles stares lovingly into Derek's eyes, still smiling tenderly.

Derek stares back deeply into Stiles' eyes. Stiles knows even though that's a seduction line, there is not even a speck of lie or uncertainty in it and Derek seems to know it too, because Derek is kissing him.

Stiles submits instantly under Derek's dominating lips. He steps back to the bed slowly, pulling Derek with him, without breaking the heating kiss. He takes off Derek's leather jacket and throws it on the floor.

When the back of his knees hit the edge of the bed, Stiles flop down on the bed, positioning himself on the pillow and taking Derek with him. Stiles' hands tug Derek's undershirt, demanding it to go. Derek breaks the kiss to take off his shirt and leans back down to resume bruising Stiles' lips.

"We should drink the champagne first." Stiles said.

"No, we shouldn't. And you shouldn't have that in the first place." Derek warned him between kisses.

"Such a party pooper." Stiles teased, making Derek huff a laugh.

Derek traps Stiles under his body, the smaller boy already pants from the lack of breathing room. Derek starts kissing Stiles' lean neck, Stiles arcs his back instinctly, giving Derek access. He stretches the bathrobe collar to expose Stiles' flawless collarbone and nips Stiles there.

"Fuck.. J-just take it off—aahh—take the fucking bathrobe off, Derek.. Nngghh." Stiles said breathlessly.

Derek pulls the bathrobe tie while still lapping the curve of Stiles' neck and stretches the garment apart. Then he pulls back to look at his exposed mate, laying there under him.

The bathrobe is still on, but opened on the front, exposing Stiles pale and lean torso. Derek can see Stiles' moles scattered on his skin, inviting to be kissed. Stiles is panting with his mouth open and his body is shivering from the loss of warm touch. His brown eyes are half open, staring at Derek straight into his soul, waiting and wanting Derek to take all of him. His hands lay beside his head, his cheeks flushed pink, his lips are swollen and red after being brutally attacked, his neck and collarbone are decorated by fading red hickeys, Derek's claiming bite scar is still there on his right shoulder, the gold triskelion pendant shines on his pale chest, his nipples are hard because of the touch of cold air, and the happy trail on his underbelly ends under the strip of his boxer-briefs leaving the rest for Derek's wild imagination.

Derek is mesmerized and stunned by the whole view. He leans in to kiss Stiles' lips tenderly. "My God, Stiles, you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life."

Stiles' cheeks get even more flushed than before from the blatant compliment from Derek. Derek kisses that flushed cheek and whispers softly in Stiles' ear. "My mate.. My everything.. I love you."

Stiles hugs Derek's neck and whispers back. "I love you too. Now will you bond with me already, please..?"

Derek huffs a laugh on his neck curve and kiss it. "Nice try.. So, this is your gameplan? You'd never make it any easier for me, wouldn't you Stiles?"

He pulls away to look at Stiles pouty face. "Oh now look who has the sourface." Derek laughs while leaning in and kissing Stiles' forehead, but when he pulls away again, Stiles is still pouting. "You're evil. I think you'd be the only werewolf who turns down sex with his mate right after you say he's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen and that you love him."

"I promise I'll never turn you down again in five days. I'll even throw myself at you if you want me that bad." Derek said smugly, teasing Stiles even more.

'Oh let's see who'd want me THAT bad in under five days..' Stiles mentally snarls devilishly.

But he just put his fake disappointed face in front of Derek. "Oh.. Ok then.. I guess I don't have any choice. But can we sleep in my room tonight, Derek? I already told Lydia that you and I will have private time here tonight.. Please, Derek? If I can't save my dignity from you for pulling this stupid stunt, at least let me save my dignity from being a joke material."

Derek sighs and kisses Stiles before he talks. "Hey listen to me carefully, Stiles. First of all, there's nothing you do could possibly make me think less of you. Second of all, this thing between you and I, I won't let anyone make a joke out of it. You hear me?"

Stiles nods and whispers 'ok'. Derek kisses him again before continue, "if it'll make you feel any better, sure, we can stay here tonight."

Stiles then grins widely. "Awesome! Thanks, Der." He then kisses Derek on the lips, knowing it'll be the last kiss before he tortures Derek with no physical interaction, he pushes his lips a little harder before pulling back and squirms his way out from under Derek.

Derek just stares at him in confusion. "Stiles, where are you going? I thought we would be sleeping."

Stiles takes off his bathrobe and throws it at the floor before crawling under the cover on his respective side of the bed, not into Derek's arms like he did every night. "We are sleeping. I stay here, you stay there."

Derek stares at him blankly for a while before voicing his disapproval. "Excuse me, but maybe you forget or lose the 'sleeping with werewolf' manual book about how we used to cuddle before we fall asleep in each other's arms?" Derek reaches for him, "come back here!"

Stiles is ready for this. "No, no, no! I need this, Derek. How can I hold myself from sexual urges if your sexual part keeps brushing mine?"

Derek scoffs in disbelief. "This is ridiculous, Stiles!" He takes off his jeans and crawls back into the bed, his hand is reaching to take his mate once again but his mate stops him.

"Derek, please, I'm trying very hard to hold myself from wanting to have sex here. You said it yourself, we have to wait. You can't expect me to do that while you keep teasing me with your overflowing sex appeal, Derek."

"It's just cuddling, Stiles!" Derek said frustatedly.

"Derek, everything about you turns me on." Stiles begged. "Please."

Derek huffs and scowls, obviously doesn't like how the situation turns out. "Fine."

He flops down on the pillows. Stiles can feel the frustation radiating from his mate. He turns his back on his mate, hiding his amused grin. "Good night, Derek. I love you."

Derek doesn't answer. Without even seeing, Stiles knows Derek is showing his famous sourface right now.

'Payback is a bitch, Derek.. Payback is a bitch.' Stiles smiles into the night.

At dawn, Stiles wakes up feeling limbs tangled around him and he's not on his side of the bed anymore. He looks down to see arms locked around his stomach and his legs are trapped by another legs, someone is spooning him.

He turns his head, the culprit is snoring behind him. Stiles groans. He should have known Derek would just snatch him in the middle of the night. Stiles tries to unlock the arms on his stomach but they get tightened instead, pulling Stiles closer into the older man's body.

"Mmm.." The man behind him whined.

Stiles struggles to get out but it's obviously impossible, Derek doesn't let him. "Derek, what are you doing..?"

"Nnn-two mo 'ours.." Derek slurred.

Stiles turns his head just to meet with Derek's stubbly jaw. "I thought we agreed we wouldn't snuggle in bed."

"Nnno I di'n 'gree t' that.." Derek answered sleepily.

'Gosh he looks like a sleepy puppy I feel bad for saying this..' Stiles mentally winces.

Stiles wiggles to turn facing Derek, this time Derek is letting him. "Derek, if you can't stop touching me, maybe it would be better if we don't sleep in the same bed until my birthday."

Derek tenses. He opens his sleepy eyes to pout at Stiles. "Why are you doing this to me..?" He said with his kicked puppy expression. "You mad at me or sum'thing..?"

Stiles mentally groans because Derek is freaking adorable when he wakes up in the morning. He always is, no Alpha trace in him at all. It's a new found fact about Derek that Stiles finds lovable the most. Stiles likes the thought of no one seeing this side of Derek but him. Honestly Stiles just wants to hug and kiss him, but he has to be strong and fight the urge if he wants to get Derek to make love to him.

"I'm not mad, why would I be?" He laughs softly.

"Then cuddle with me, we still have two hours.." Derek whines softly and snuggle Stiles in his arms again.

"Derek, oh my God, stop. You're making me aroused again. Do you want to have sex?"

"No, we can't.." Derek answered sleepily.

"Then don't torture me like this. I can't, ok? Let me go or I swear we'll sleep in different bed temporarily, Derek." Stiles warned him.

Derek sighs frustatedly. He loosens his arms to let Stiles go, but cupping Stiles' cheek to kiss him. Stiles stops him by putting a hand on Derek's mouth. "Oh no, you don't. Sorry Grumpy, temporarily no kiss as well."

Derek shamelessly whines this time. "Stiles, please tell me you're joking or this is just an awful bad dream.."

"No, this is real. I told you, everything about you arouses me, Derek. I refuse to be teased, I can't. If you kiss me, we're having sex." Stiles raises his eyebrows, waiting for Derek to make a decision.

Derek scowls and huffs his breath in annoyance. "Ok. Fine. Fuck it, no kissing, no nothing. It's just for five days anyway."

"Exactly." Stiles is really trying hard not to laugh. The pups are right, judging by his reaction, Derek will be pining by tomorrow.

The creepers' pack seems truly leaving, because Derek said he found the blood of the injured Alpha and Stiles' empty bullet in the woods yesterday but their scent track towards the territory's borderline and out. And there's no new scent found in today when Derek and Peter scanned the Hale territory.

"Our pack mom is badass." Isaac praised Stiles when they gather up at the pack house after school for pack training on Monday. Everybody is breathing in relief once again. Stiles is relieved there's no bloody confrontation needed.

"We should have killed them. I should have killed them. They could have come back some other time." Derek scowls. Stiles rolls his eyes. Typical Derek.

And apparently, Stiles doesn't need to wait until tomorrow for Derek's pining, because Derek already is. Stiles can feel his frustation radiating all day, and it shows too. He's grumpier, if possible, and merciless throughout the packs training. He shamelessly stares at Stiles with his hungry red eyes and couple of times tried to unintentionally touch Stiles but Stiles keeps his distance.

"Dude, I can't believe I'll ever say this in our existence, but please can you have sex with our Alpha?" Scott hissed when they run side by side through the woods.

"I'm trying here, Buddy, hold on a little bit more, ok?" Stiles whispered as he runs.

"I can't stand his crankiness, he's torturing us.. And seriously Dude if only you can smell him everytime he looks at your way.. Why you dressed like that, Man?" Scott whines.

Stiles wears a white tight skinny jeans, which shows the shape of his manly parts and fine ass. And his top is a red wife beater, which shows his neck, shoulder, and practically half of his chest. Danny chose the outfit for him, because Danny knows it all. Ok, maybe this is a gameplan overkills.

"This is the part of the plan, Scott."

"What plan?" Scott asked with his confused face.

"To have the sex, Scott, the sex." Stiles explained. Scott is quite dense sometime.

That night, Derek slips through Stiles' bedroom window when Stiles is reading a comic book on his bed.

"Uh, Derek, the creepers' pack is gone, you don't have to pick me up anymore. The others are staying at their own house too."

Derek starts to take off his clothes while he talks. "Yes, but that doesn't mean I don't get to sleep with you anymore. Even though I can't touch you," he slams his jacket on the floor angrily, "or kiss you," then his pants,"or cuddle with you," and his undershirt, "and you're just right there being as beautiful as you always are. But sure, it's fine. I'm totally fine!" Derek said in a bitchy tone.

He walks to the bed and flops down on it, making Stiles scoot over to give space. Derek lays with his back on Stiles, crossing his arms on his chest and huffing a heavy breath.

'Wow, he's angry.' Stiles peeks to see Derek's face but he can't see a glimpse.

"O—kay.. Good night, Derek."

Derek just sighs in frustation. Stiles smiles in amusement, his mate is just too adorable. The plan works out very well.

But Stiles has to admit, Derek's self control is pretty amazing. He didn't jump at Stiles that night or the next day. Well, he was cranky and bitchy to everyone (Scott refused to be in the same room with Derek), and set his googly eyes on Stiles like a pervert (and according to Scott's whining, incredibly aroused), but he still maintained his self control.

That's why, on Wednesday, or two days before Stiles' birthday, Stiles' Go-Woohoo-With-Derek Team decided that it's time to step up the game. On school lunch, they splitted from the boys (but Danny was with him, ofcourse) to talk about the plan on schoolyard, bringing their lunch with them. They asked Stiles to trespass the school's swimming pool at night to have some 'swimming practice'.

"Are you guys insane? This is Fall, I can freeze to death!"

"That's the point! You go there and just swim, ok? Wear the yellow swimming trunk that I chose for you from the department store. And you leave a note in your room to inform Derek that you're out pulling a silly stunt again to practice swimming in the middle of a very cold night. He'll be pissed when he doesn't find you in your room and come get you." Danny explained the plan.

"Then what?"

"Then you...just be you."

"What do you mean 'just be me'!? That's not helping!"

"Stiles, you already have him on the second he sees you all wet in swimming trunks." Lydia said while nibbling her salad.


So that's how Stiles ends up in a pool now in the middle of the night only in a puny piece of triangle garment, shaking like a leaf, waiting for his grumpy werewolf to show up. What did the others mean he can act like himself though? Does that mean he can touch Derek? Because seriously, Stiles is so cold that being embraced in Derek's warm body doesn't sound so bad at all. Stiles decides to literally swim a little to gather some body heat.


'Ooh, Grumpy comes.' Stiles turns his head to see Derek walking into the gymnasium.

"Derek?" Stiles' voice is trembling from the cold. Derek looks angry. Very angry.

'Oh shit, maybe this isn't a very bright idea..' Stiles gulps. "H-hi! Come to practice swimming too?"

"Stiles, get out of the pool right now! Could you choose more appropriate time to practice swimming!? And maybe wait until Summer!?" Derek asked furiously.

"I—uh—the swimming pool is closed so I decided to sneak in at night." Stiles said through his gritted teeth.

Derek pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance before scolding Stiles. "This is stupid! Look at you! You're freezing, Stiles! Get out of the pool before you get sick! Where are your clothes!?" Derek looks around to find where Stiles put his clothes.

"No! I'm not done practicing my swimming skills yet! What if there's another kanima in town next month or whatever, what if I have to stay floating in water while holding paralyzed werewolf again? We never know, right!? Bad luck doesn't wait until Summer to fall upon us!" Stiles reasoned.

"Stiles!" Derek's eyes are flashing red. He's irritated that his mate won't listen to him.

"No!" Stiles said stubbornly.

"Dammit, Stiles, don't make me come in there and get you myself!" Derek points a finger at his stubborn mate.

Stiles just sticks his tongue out to Derek mockingly.

Derek then starts to strip his clothes off in hurry until only his boxers left.

"Oh, shit.." Stiles turns to swim further away as he hears a splash coming from where Derek was. Stiles swims as fast as he can.

He squeals when he feels a hand catching his leg and pulling him. Then, a strong arm curls around his stomach and turns him to face a wide shoulder and firm chest.

"No! Help!" Stiles laughs while flailing his limbs in the water trying to break free.

"Stiles! Stop!" Derek scowls, his face is frowning because of water lapping on his face, making Stiles laughs even louder. Derek locked his arms around Stiles body to make him stop moving.

"Alright, alright, you got me!" Stiles giggles playfully at Derek's frowny face. He can't help it, he curls his arms around Derek's neck and nuzzle his head into Derek's warm shoulder. He feels Derek's arms tightening, they are so warm around Stiles freezing body. "Gosh, it's cold."

"You're shivering!" Derek stated angrily.

"I know." Stiles said to Derek's shoulder.

"When will you ever stop making me worried, Stiles!?"

Stiles smiles at Derek's protectiveness. "I know, I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking." God, Stiles misses being hold in Derek's arms. He knows he's the one who started this no-touching thing, but he honestly misses Derek as much as Derek misses him. Maybe even more.

Derek sighs into Stiles' neck. He swims slowly to the edge of the pool, pulling Stiles who's still latching on his neck with him.

After a while, Stiles feels his back has touched the tile on the side of the pool, they had reached the edge where their feet can reach the pool base. He pulls back a bit to look at Derek. Derek is looking back at him, there's still a little bit anger in his eyes but there's also desire.

Stiles smiles, one of his hands moves to brush Derek's wet hair. "Derek, I miss you."

Derek sighs, he nuzzles Stiles flushed cheek softly with his nose without saying anything. Maybe he's afraid if he's saying a word in this moment, Stiles won't let Derek touch him again.

But Stiles tightens his hold around Derek shoulder, pressing his body to Derek. His forehead meets Derek's. "Derek.." Stiles whispers.

Derek's breath is shaking. He curls his arms around Stiles' waist. His Great Wall of China of self control has started to crumble.

Stiles grasping Derek's hair and shoulder desperately, "Derek.. Don't you miss my touch..?" Stiles licks his lips wet, "my lips..?" he stretches back his head, "my neck..?"

Derek groans. He's breathing heavily, obviously fighting the urge to give in. Stiles is not even finished yet.

He whispers softly to Derek's mouth. "Derek.. Don't you want me..?" his hot breath lingers on Derek's bottom lip, "don't you need me..?" he brushes his crotch on Derek's bulge, "don't you want to bury yourself..inside me..?"

Derek growls, "fuck!" and he's losing it.

Derek slams his lips on Stiles'. It is hunger, anger, and desperation colliding into one kiss. Tongues battling, teeth clashing, lips bruising, hands grasping skin.

"Stop asking stupid questions." Derek said breathlessly when they break apart.

"Of course I miss you." Derek kisses Stiles' flushed cheek.

"I obviously want you." He bites Stiles' pulse point.

"And I desperately need you." He bites harder on the same spot his claiming bite was, making a new one.

"And Stiles you have no idea how bad I want to make love to you..." Derek speaks while kissing every skin of Stiles that he can reach with his lips. His hands sneak into Stiles' swimming trunk, grabbing Stiles' buttcheeks. Stiles is gasping breathlessly, his breath fogs into the cold air. Derek keeps talking dirty, "... to touch you where no one ever has.. to hear you let out many different sexy voices.. to make you scream my name in pleasure when I knot you.. to fill you with my cum so full that it leaks out of you.. And how I wanna do it again.. and again.. and again.. Stiles, I will fuck you until you pass out in my arms.." Derek said sexily to Stiles' skin.

Stiles moans at the offer. "Do it, Derek.. Break me apart.. Make me forget my own name.."

"Fuck, Stiles—"


"Not here." Derek said.

"Take me with you.." Stiles begged.


"No, Derek—"

"I want to take you somewhere special tomorrow night."

"Just take me tonight.."

"I didn't prepare the place yet."

"I don't care."

"I do. You deserve the best."


"I promise it'll be worth it. Will you wait for me?"

"It's real, right? Promise me you're not teasing me this time. Don't break my heart, Derek."

"I promise. Tomorrow will be our night." Derek kisses Stiles passionately.

"Ok but you're not sleeping in my bed tonight." Stiles said between kisses.

Derek breaks the kiss abruptly. "What!? Why!?"

"Ssshh.. Calm down, I just want you to miss me so much that you dream about fucking me. And tomorrow night, show me how much you miss me."

"Actually that sounds great." Derek admits. He kisses Stiles again.

"Yeah..?" Stiles teased.

"You won't be able to move at all when I'm done with you."

Stiles groans. "Mmm.. Prove it. Tomorrow night?"

"Tomorrow night." Derek seals the deal with a deep kiss, but Stiles breaks the kiss and smirks at Derek's confused face.

"Then stop kissing me and get your naughty hands off my ass, Romeo, the rule is on again. No sex, no touch." Stiles lets go of Derek and wiggle his way out of the pool, leaving Derek gobsmacked.


Stiles winks at his mate who's pouting from the water.

Stiles can barely concentrate on school the next day. He's both excited and nervous about the coming evening. His nerve affects the other pack members.

"Dude, what's up with you? Stop wiggling, you make me nervous." Scott pokes him in the middle of a class.

"Tonight is the night, Scott." Stiles whispers.

"What night? Supernatural night?"

"What? Dude, that was last night. No, tonight is the night." Stiles whispers a little bit louder.

"What night?"

Stiles rolls his eyes. "I'm having sex with my boyfriend!"

Every eyes in the room turn to Stiles, including the sociology teacher.

"Thank you for informing us about your sexual life, Mr. Stilinski. Maybe you can explain how that related to our subject?" The teacher asked. The other classmates snickers and giggles.

"Well.." Stiles clears his throat, "that's a—uh—social interaction between two human beings? Or more, I don't judge if you—I mean—"

"Silence, Mr. Stilinski."

"I'm closing my mouth." Stiles literally puts his hand on his mouth. He looks at Scott pointedly. Scott just gestures 'sorry' with a puppy dog eyes. Stiles rolls his eyes and sighs.

The girls ofcourse were very excited when Stiles told them, squealing like crazy and shaking Stiles' body like a puppet. "OH MY GOD! You have to give us the details afterwards! Promise us! You promise, Stiles!? Please, please, please, pretty please with cherry on top, PLEASE."

Danny was calmer, just saying 'congrats' and giving small advice here and there. "Don't try too hard, Stiles, as long as you're clean and smell nice. And just be yourself, ok? Derek loves you."

He does. Derek loves him. And Stiles loves Derek. Stiles smiles, he is ready.

Stiles told his father that tonight he'd be spending the night at Scott's house to do the excessive amount of lab papers that would possibly take them all night, and straight to school together the next day. Stiles didn't even feel bad for lying, he was blinded by the desire to be with his mate.

Derek is waiting for him on the porch when he parks his jeep on the Hale's front yard. Stiles may or may not run to Derek and just throw himself in Derek's arms.

Derek catches him. "Hey, slow down, what are you rushing for?"

Stiles pecks Derek's lips hard and says, "You, Silly. Now take me away from here."

"Does this mean I'm allowed to touch you again?" Derek asked.

Stiles chuckles. "I just kissed you, didn't I?"

Derek smiles and leans in to kiss his mate tenderly. "Good. I hate that rule."

"I know you do." Stiles smiles back.

"C'mon." He takes Stiles' hand and leads him to enter the woods.

"We're going there on foot?" Stiles asked.

"Yes, the place is in the woods. Watch your step, Stiles."

Stiles happily walks behind Derek, letting his mate lead him without complain. His chatter echoes throughout the woods, talking about everything his eyes catch on their little adventure. Derek just listens mostly in amusement, sometimes sharing his comments. He holds Stiles' hand, guiding his mate to the safe path. Time passes by but they don't seem to notice, carried away by each other's company.

In the middle of their walk, Derek suddenly stops.

"Derek, why are stopping? Are we there yet?"

Derek doesn't answer. Instead, he sniffs around them and his body gets tensed. Stiles doesn't understand what's going on.


Derek pulls Stiles closer to him. "Stiles, I need you to run." He whispers to Stiles.


"Find somewhere to hide and wait for me there. I'll find you. Go." He pushes Stiles to go.

"Derek, wait, what the hell is going on?"

Derek glares at one way and Stiles follows his gaze. There, Stiles finally sees what Derek's senses catched. There are two huge shadows in the dark.

"What the hell is that?" Stiles whispers into the night.

The shadows get closer and closer until Stiles can see what they are. They are werewolves, fully wolfed out. And they are huge, as bulky as the Big Show.

Derek growls, starting to wolf out as well.


Stiles groans. He should have killed that Tony guy. What a cockblocker.

"We come to get him." One of the giant guys snarls.

"HE'S MINE!" Derek roars.

"Then we just have to kill you first." One of the giant guys snarls and they both run toward Derek and Stiles.


"Don't worry, I can beat them, just go!" Derek pushes Stiles to leave and he runs to attack the giant werewolves, turning into his Alpha form right when they collide.

Dammit. Why in time like this, Stiles didn't think to bring his gun. Oh yes, right, because he came here to have sex, not to get into war!

Derek is fighting with two werewolves who are bigger than him.

'Thank God, he has an Alpha's power.' Stiles gulps in worry.

He watches as his mate scratch and bite. Stiles can't leave him, he has to do something. One of the werewolves gets out of the brawling and runs towards Stiles, but Derek tackles him first.

"STILES! GO!" Shit. Ok, maybe his presence disturbs Derek's concentration instead.

Stiles runs to the deep forests to find a spot to hide. He keeps running for a couple of minutes before stopping and leaning behind a tree. He takes a deep breath to calm himself but instead gasps in surprise when somebody drops just right in front of him.

"Hello, Stiles.." Tony grins devilishly.

"You! I tought you had left!" Stiles snarks to the werewolf.

"I had.. But I came back. I can't leave without what I came for, now can I..?" Tony leans in and sniffs at Stiles' neck.

"Mmm.. Your scent is so...intoxicating."

Stiles turn away his head further from the werewolf's face. "Get off me."

Tony just smirks and nips Stiles' ear. "What if I don't want to..?"

"I said get off me, you creep!" Stiles knees him on the crotch. Tony grunts in pain and falls onto the ground. Stiles uses the opportunity to run as fast as he can. But Tony has the Alpha's speed. It just needs few minutes before he tackles Stiles onto the forest floor.

"I told you I always get what I want!" He sits between Stiles' stomach, trapping Stiles on his back on the ground.

"Stop it!" He snarls. But Stiles is a fighter, he keeps punching anything within his hands' reach.

"Get off—Argh!" Tony slaps his cheek so hard that his ears start buzzing. His cheek stings and flushes red instantly from the harsh contact.

"I told you I always get what I want.. You will be my mate, Stiles."

Tony rips Stiles' shirt with his elongated claws, baring Stiles' front. When Tony sees Stiles necklace, he roughly pulls it apart and throws what's left of it afar.

"NO! I'll kill you! That's from my mate!"

Tony slaps Stiles again on the other cheek. This time, it scratched, leaving a scar that bleeds a little. Stiles' head gets dizzy from the impact.

"HE IS NOT YOUR MATE! I AM!" Tony roars angrily.

Stiles refuses to show fear. He turns his head weakly to look at Tony's red eyes.

"Derek would never hurt me like you just did. You would never deserve me like he does."

Tony just laughs creepily. "Oh I will.. after I knot you." He leans down and licks Stiles' pulse point sloppily.

"No! Don't touch me, you furry pervert!" Stiles punches the Alpha wildly again but then Tony catches his wrists and holds them on the ground, while his mouth and tongue devour Stiles' neck hungrily.

"Mmm.. Why should I stop? You taste so delicious, Stiles.." He sucks the spot below Stiles' ear.

Ok, Stiles is really freaking out now.

"NO! STOP! GET OFF ME! DEREK—!" Stiles calls for his mate.

His mate answers his call. Derek shows up and roars furiously. He runs to his mate fully wolfed out and attacks the surprised Alpha. He grabs Tony off of Stiles and throws him to the nearest tree.

"YOU DIRTY BASTARD, I'LL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!" Derek roars. His body is shaking in anger. There is blood stain in his tethered clothes, obviously from his fight with the giant werewolf twins which apparently he won.

"I'M GOING TO OWN HIM!" Tony roars back, starting to shift into his wolf form.

"HE'S MINE. IF YOU WANT HIM, CHALLENGE ME LIKE A TRUE ALPHA, YOU COWARD!" Derek goes feral. Both Alphas run for their fight as they start to shift. When they collide, both are in their Alpha form.

Stiles sits up to see his mate and his attacker scratch, hit, lunge, and bite each other. Derek had spent his energy to battle with two huge werewolves earlier, maybe Stiles can bait Tony's attention to help Derek win. But if this is a challenge fight, Stiles is not sure if he's allowed to interfere.

The two Alphas wrestle dangerously, this is a fight to death. Tony claws Derek's stomach. Derek's claws back on his enemy's face. Then Tony snarls and bites Derek's shoulder. Derek roars in pain, Stiles gasps in fear for his mate. But Derek endures the pain and he grabs Tony's throat. He presses his claws in, making Tony instinctly release himself from Derek to grab Derek's hand that's choking him. Derek then slams his enemy to the ground and he shoves his free claws into the other Alpha's furry chest. Tony roars in pain as Derek grabs his heart with his claws and pulls it out of his chest, silencing the other Alpha forever.

Derek raises his competitor's heart to the night sky and roars gloriously. Stiles knows this, this is an Alpha showing his dominance. That he wins a battle. That he is an Alpha that you'd better not mess with. Derek turns his head to Stiles and stares at him with his blood-red eyes. Then he howls into the night. Something in Stiles pulls him toward Derek. He has witnessed Derek's dominance over the other male.

'Oh my God, Derek is super hot.' Stiles mentally groans. He wants Derek to claim him, to knot him, to mate him inside and out. And he wants it now.

'Seriously, why am I suddenly aroused?'

Derek is still in his Alpha form. He throws away the unbeating lifeless organ and makes his way to Stiles.

"Derek.." Stiles lifts up his hands, calling for his mate to come to him. Derek nuzzles Stiles' neck and purrs softly into Stiles ears. Stiles hugs the big black werewolf and buries his face into his furry neck.

"Yeah I'm okay now.. But that asshole broke my necklace." Stiles said. Derek nudge Stiles' temple and growls lowly.

"But I like that necklace!" Stiles whined. Derek huffs a hot breath and pulls away to lick Stiles' bruised cheeks.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Stiles bats Derek's muzzle but Derek snarls at him and resumes his licking.

"Derek, it stings.." Stiles complained but let his mate lick his cheeks anyway. Derek licks the blood clean and his saliva closes Stiles' scar, but not healing the bruises though. The sight of purple marks on his mate's beautiful face rises up Derek's anger again. He growls to Stiles' bruised skin.

"Hey, it's okay.. It'll heal." Stiles said to calm Derek down. He runs his finger through Derek's fur to check any injury. The scratches on Derek's stomach already healed.

"Derek, are you hurt anywhere? Let me see your shoulder." Derek just shakes his big head and nuzzles Stiles' jaw before standing up and lifting Stiles up to his shoulder that's not bitten.

"Hey—Derek! Nooo, put me down! I can walk!" Stiles complained but Derek keeps walking in his Alpha form with Stiles on his shoulder. After a while, Stiles has given up complaining and just lets Derek carry him like a damsel in distress.

Derek finally stops on the edge of a small lake. There's a hill in one side, covered in bushes and woodbines. Stiles never saw this lake before. He guesses the pack never wanders to this area.

"Wow.. What is this place? It's beautiful.."

Derek moves again, heading towards the hill. Surprisingly, there's a cave underneath it, hidden by the thick woodbines. Derek takes Stiles into the cave, Stiles looks around him but it's too dark in the cave. Derek puts Stiles down to some soft surface. Stiles pats the ground where he sits, it's...fluffy?

Suddenly there's a light. Stiles narrows his eyes to see that the light comes from a candle. And then there's more being lit. Now Stiles can see that Derek is the one who lit the candles. And Derek has changed back into his human form. And he's naked. Naked. Holy—

'Ok, Stiles, calm down. Don't act like a virgin, just—just look anywhere else.'

He looks around the cave. It's about twice the size of his room and the temperature in the cave is warm and comfy. The soft surface where Stiles sits apparently is a pile of bed covers, pillows, and a wide soft blanket on top. There's a big backpack beside the pile. Stiles peeks inside.

'Clothes, mineral water, snacks,...oh my God is that lube bottle?'

Stiles looks around him again, and at the pile where he sits on, and then at Derek who's just finished lighting the last candle.

'This is not a cave.. This is a den!'

Stiles grins in awe, this is more than what he'd have ever expected. He is totally an overly spoiled mate. Derek never does anything halfway for him. Said man kneels in front of Stiles and helps Stiles taking off his tethered shirt.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Derek asked. He softly caresses Stiles' bruised cheek. Stiles shakes his head. "No.."

Derek kisses Stiles' forehead. "You reek of him." Derek growls lowly.

"I know. I hate it." Stiles hugs Derek' shoulder and hides his face in Derek's neck.

"But you'll only reek of me by tomorrow." Derek promised to Stiles.

"Mmm.. That's more like it." Stiles pulls away and smiles to Derek. "How about you? Are you hurt? You're the one who just brawled with three werewolves in the same night."

Derek just shrugs. "I'll heal."

Stiles sighs and brushes Derek's hair lovingly. "At least let me clean you, ok?"

Derek smirks playfully at that. "Actually, I have a gameplan related to that."

Stiles looks at Derek in question. "Gameplan?"

Derek kisses Stiles' jaw softly before saying, "I'm gonna get into the lake to clean myself. If you really want to help, you are welcomed to join me..." Derek whispers suggestively, "...but you have to follow the dresscode."

"What dresscode..?" Stiles whispers back.

"You're not allowed to wear anything." Oh God.

Stiles blushes furiously at the 'invitation'. Derek stands up, to start walking to the lake. "I'll be waiting, Snowball." With that, he's out of the den.

Stiles has stripped his pants and boxers. All he got to do is step out of the den and face Derek, showing his mate all of him.

'Ok, Stiles, this is it. Be a man, get out there, and rock your mate's world.' He takes a deep breath and nervously takes his first step out of the den.

Derek has been waiting in the lake for his mate. The water's level is by his shoulder. His eyes immediately catch Stiles when Stiles is finally coming out of the den he made for him. His mate walks shyly to the edge, covering his chest and crotch with his hands. His face blushes furiously, he won't meet Derek's eyes.

Derek doesn't understand what his mate is ashamed about. In Derek's eyes, Stiles is perfect. Too perfect, standing there with his pale skin shining under the moonlight, his rosy cheeks, his inviting lips, those moles scattered on his skin, Derek's claiming bite on his shoulder. Tonight, Derek will make Stiles realize how special he is, and how Derek treasures him. He moves to the edge and offer his hand to Stiles.

"Come, my beautiful mate.." Derek smiles tenderly.

Stiles walks to the waters edge and takes Derek's hand, then he goes into the lake. Stiles' body is shaken from the sudden encounter with the cold water. Derek seems to know it because he pulls Stiles right into his arms. Stiles is nervous, but he is happy as well with Derek's closeness.

"Hey.." Stiles smiles shyly.

"You okay? Is the water too cold?" Derek asked.

Stiles shakes his head and grins. "No, this is wonderful, Derek."

Derek sighs in relief and they swim further from the edge. Few minutes later, Stiles' body has adapted with the water temperature and he starts enjoying their swim. They splash and chase each other in the water, their laughs and voices echo through the woods around them.

"Catch me if you can!" Stiles teased, splashing water at Derek before swimming away. He laughs, peeking behind him, confused when he doesn't see Derek anywhere.

"Grumpy?" Stiles calls. No answers. "Grumpy, you're not drowning, are you?" He looks around him.

Suddenly Derek emerges to the surface in front of him and catches him in his arms. "Got ya!" He snarls.

Stiles squeals in surprise. "Agh! No! Help! A lake monster got me!"

He laughs and wiggles crazily when Derek tickles him. "Derek, stop! Ok, you win! I surrender!"

Derek laughs freely, and God, Stiles loves how it sounds. Derek stops his tickling and tightens his arms around Stiles' waist. Stiles curls his arms around Derek's neck and kisses his forehead passionately. When he pulls away, soulful green eyes greet him. Stiles smiles lovingly at his mate. The desire tingles in Stiles again. He leans in and whispers to Derek's lips.

"I want you to know that seeing you fight earlier turned me on so bad.." Stiles kisses his mate, "don't you know that you look extremely hot, showing your dominance like that.." He kisses him again. "And to think that I'm gonna give myself to, and let the strongest Alpha break me apart.. God, that's arousing me like crazy.."

Derek purrs softly at his mate. "Stiles.. My mate.. Mine.." He kisses Stiles back.

"Yours.. All of me, Derek.." Stiles whispers.

Derek then deepens his kiss, tightening his hold around Stiles' body possessively. Stiles' brain instantly melts into goo, surrendering himself completely under Derek's dominance. Stiles loves it. He longs for it.

The lake becomes quiet, only the sounds of their clashing lips and Stiles' shameless moans can be heard. "Der—aahh.. Der.. I want you.." He whispered.

"I need you inside me.." Stiles begs breathlessly. Derek purrs at Stiles' plea, he takes both of them to the edge. When they reach the edge of the lake, Derek lifts his mate in his arms and carries him out of the lake bridal style. Stiles just locks his arms around Derek's neck as Derek carries him into their den, moaning in wants and desperate need.

Stiles blinks his eyes open in the morning feeling arms tightly grip around his body. His ass is sore as hell and he can barely move any part of his body. But Stiles is smiling, because finally now he's officially Derek Hale's mate.

And said man is nuzzling his cheek lazily, waking him up. "Stiles.."

"Derek, can you help me turn around? I want to face you but I can't move my body yet and you know that it's your fault, right?" Stiles said sleepily.

He hears Derek huffs a laugh and turns Stiles around in his arms.

"Morning." Derek smugly grins.

Stiles smiles. "Morning. What's with the smug face?"

"You passed out last night." Derek smugly pointed out.

Stiles laughs softly. "Thank you, Mr. Obvious, where do I have to put the gold star sticker?"

Derek chuckles and kisses Stiles softly. "I would love to have another round but you have to go to school."

"Yeah.. School is such a cockblocker." Stiles sighs.

They kiss again, slow and passionately, taking their time on each other.

"Happy birthday, Stiles." Derek whispers.

"Funny. I just woke up and it's already the best birthday ever." Stiles smiles at his mate. "Derek, last night was perfect for me, thank you." He whispers.

Derek smiles back. He absently caresses Stiles' back with his fingers. "It was perfect for me too." He kisses Stiles' forehead. "You're perfect, Stiles."

Stiles nuzzles into Derek's bare chest and whines. "I don't want to leave."

Derek sighs and hugs his mate. "I know. But we can come back anytime."

"Really!? This will be like, our secret lair!?" Stiles asked with a tinge of hope in his voice.

Derek chuckles. "If you say so."

"Awesome!" Stiles grins.

Derek can't help but kiss his adorable mate again. This time hard and mind-blowing.

"I have to see to your Dad." Derek said when he breaks the kiss.

Stiles pulls back to see Derek's face. "My dad? For what?" He said breathlessly.

"To talk, mostly." Derek answered.

Stiles raises his eyebrows. "About..?"

"Everything." Derek said.

"Everything?" Stiles wonders if Derek will share his 'furry' secret.

"Everything." Derek ensured his mate.

Then green eyes looks deeply into bambi brown eyes. "And about how I want and need you everyday for the rest of my life."

Brown eyes widen in anticipation. "Derek..?"

Green eyes lock his gaze, there isn't even a single doubt in them.

"Marry me, Stiles."



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