AN: This is a fan fic I wrote on request. When I was first asked to write it I was a bit worried because the couple that she wanted seemed to both be semes to me, but the more I thought about it the more this story started to come together! I hope you like it and there will be more to come! Warning hardcore Yaoi! Male male relationships!

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The perfect match

Aomine woke from his dream with a start. His beautiful tanned body was covered in sweat as if he'd been playing the basketball game of life. He sat up, putting his face in his hands and slowly running his fingers through his cropped blue hair. He was still breathing heavily from shock of his dream.

Usually Aomine didn't remember much about his dreams, slowly fading upon waking, but today was not one of those days. He remembered this dream in vivid detail.

The sensation of Kagmi's abs and sweaty body on his pressing him into the cool wall. Kagami's skin on his skin sliding against his toned chiseled back, as he pushed inside him so deep Aomine couldn't think straight. Kagami had him pinned up against the wall with one arm up and their fingers were laced together with Kagami holding the back of his hand as he pounded into Daiki, his left hand braced against the wall for support. It was almost useless because of the sheer power of Kagami's thrusts into the bluenette.

Each of Kagami's thrusts were punctuated with a breath that hit the back of Aomine's neck, cooling the sweat and sending chills down his spine. Kagami's fingers gripped his left hip tight pulling him back onto his hot, hard, cock. All Aomine could do was hold onto that wall and let Kagami take him hard.

The the sweet invasion of his virgin hole was mind blowing. Aomine could think of nothing else and nine times out of ten Taiga would hit Daiki's sweet spot which almost made him crumble from the sheer magnitude of the pleasure it gave him. Aomine moaned and panted so loud he was sure everyone could hear them through the thin walls. But he couldn't have cared less. Kagami felt so good inside him, he wanted people to know how good it was.

FUCK! That stupid kid had finally gotten to him! Aomine kicked off his sheets only to find he'd been completely betrayed by his own body. He was so hard his dick bobbed as he made his way to the bathroom to take a shower. How had this happened?! Kagami had been trying to plow his ass for months! But Daiki had never dreamed of him before!

Aomine turned on the cold water full blast and stood shivering under the icy spray. Trying to push the thoughts of Taiga sliding inside him out of his mind, but the more he tried the more he imagined the whole scenario over and over, and the harder he got...

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