A/N: this is the edited version, thank you to Aereal and Leviosa Love for pointing the mistakes out! this story was co written, it is a ONE SHOT but possibly it could be extended. Please review and follow us! This is our first fanfic so please be kind, here it is, Ice Cream in the Rain :-)

Ice-Cream in the Rain

She looked up as the bell above the door ring and a cold breeze whipped across her face. Standing there was a tall man, who she recognised from somewhere. His coat was soaking. She hadn't realised it was raining outside. Inside the famous Leaky Cauldron it was warm and toasty with a fire raging in the grate. Of course, Neville Longbottom, they had been in the same year at Hogwarts but he had never payed much attention to her.

"Hey Hannah, you look busy! How's the business? " he asked

"It's good, I hear you got a job at Hogwarts," she replied.

"Yeah, Herbology teacher, hey you wanna come to Diagon Alley with me, you look like you need a break,"

"Hmmmmm, Grace?! Can you look after the pub while I pop out?" she called to a young woman standing behind her.

"Yeah, sure it will fine." And with that final sentence, Neville held out his arm and they walked round to the back of the pub and walked into Diagon Alley. They looked in shops, admired the broomsticks and laughed in Weasley Wizard Whizzes. Hannah hasn't had so much fun since The Battle. As they passed Gringotts, Hannah suddenly exclaimed

"Oh, I need to get some money, do you mind?"

"No, its fine I have absolutely nothing else to do after this anyway," Hannah groaned as she saw the length of the queue snaking out of the doors and around the corner. Neville simply winked and walked into the vast bank. Almost immediately a goblin came up to him,

"Excuse me sir, there is a line if you want to get money out," he snarled, fed up with telling people this. Neville smiled once again and bought out his DA coin.

"You see this; this coin was given to me by Harry Potter himself. I am an old friend of his and fought alongside him in the Battle of Hogwarts, I believe he has instructed you that anyone with this coin should be served as quickly as possible," the goblin gasped as he saw the coin, at once he clapped his small pale hands and Neville and Hannah were rushed to the front of the queue.

10 minutes later, they were out in fresh air again. Hannah giggled at how they had been treated like royalty inside the bank. She noticed Neville staring at the memorial from the war. She knew that he had been hurt by the deaths.

"Come on, let's get ice cream!" She said, snapping him out of his daze.

"But it's raining," he pretended to whine. She laughed and pulled him inside the shop. Neville ordered the Toffee Whiz-bang for two. He smiled and said "this is on me," They slowly leant in further and further until they were millimetres apart. Neville closed the gap and Hannah found herself responding to the kiss with passion.

"I've really enjoyed today Neville," She whispered.

"Me too," he replied and they walked slowly back to the pub.

"You will come back won't you?" She asked.

"Definitely!" He said and bade good-bye to Hannah Abbot.