I'd always dreamed of being a superhero.

Sure, it's a quite common dream, especially in children, but it's a dream that has stuck with me even into my adulthood. Something about being known by newspapers around the world as the one who saved the day always appealed to me.

I had my own superhero in my life. My adoptive father was the best superhero in the world.

I grew up in a terrible village in eastern Vietnam. My father was serving in Vietnam during the war when he stumbled across my hut. My mother had been shot, my father gone, and I was a little infant screaming my head off. He took me home. He introduced me to his wife and son and we lived our lives in bliss.

That is, until his son lost his job, wife, and house and decided to spend the rest of his days riding a segway. That's when I decided to actually become a superhero. You see, my brother needs a hero and who better to do it that his brother?

I ran downstairs, grabbing a pogo stick I hadn't used in nearly twenty years and began riding. I still haven't found him, but one of these days, I know I will. When I do, I know he'll be grateful. I just know he will.

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