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Hi I'm Daughter Nature. You've probably heard of my mom, Mother Nature. Creative names, right? Any who, I've been around for a pretty long time.

But I guess the real story starts from when I was born:

Long time ago deep into the earths core, Mother Nature worked. Creating the four seasons winter, summer, spring, and fall. She also controlled the weather such as the wind and Storms. She's been doing her job for generations.

As much as she loved her work, Mother Nature grew lonely. Desiring company, she used her great power to create a child from a single flower she grew in the earths core.

A beautiful baby girl was born from the plant. Mother Nature rejoiced and took the child to the surface of the planet to show her to the Man in the moon and Father Time.

They celebrated the child's birth unknowing of the dark force looming over them.

The boogeyman. Don't giggle at his name, this guys is nasty business. Able to manipulate dreams into blood curling nightmares, the boogeyman had his own enjoyment with the child's creation in plans of kidnapping and using the child's power to his own gain.

He launched an attack on the spirits in attempt to steal the child. With the combined forces of Mother Nature, The man in the moon and Father Time, they where able to vanquish the attack and send the boogeyman back into hiding.

Even with the boogeyman hidden away, Mother Nature did not ease. She knew as long as the giver of nightmares was alive, he'd never stop hunting the innocent child.

Instead of hiding her in the earths core, Mother Nature went to a mortal family in the dead of night and pleaded they take on her daughter as they're own.

As generations went past, Mother Nature continued to hide her daughter in families, then taking her back when the time had come for a new hiding place.

That, was a long time ago.

-540 years later-

It was past midnight in the small town of Burgess. Very few people where out due to the ice cold weather and to the late time. But a mysterious woman was alive and moving through the streets.

The few people who where out did not mind the mysterious woman looking force flying through the streets strait for the home of a childless couple.

The husband and wife laid fast asleep on the couch the tv still playing the movie they had attempted to finish. The cold seemed to suddenly spread through out the room.

The man blinked awake and yawned. He stood up and stretched before turning off the tv. They could finish the movie another night.

A deep mist appeared from no where filling the room. This time his wife woke up. "Why is it so cold in here?" She yawned. "I don't know." He answered honestly.

He went to the window and tried redoing the latch so the cold would be shut out. the moment it he unlocked it, the windows burst open and wind blew him backwards on to his backside.

A hooded figure appeared from no where standing in front of the man, a bundled blanket in her hands.

"you have been chosen as the protectors of Daughter Nature." The figure echoed in a loud voice. She placed the bundle in the mans arms then stepped back to the window.

"Please, protect my Maeve. Raise her as your own. Please, do not fail me."

With that, the figure disappeared through the window, shutting it as she went.

The couple remained as they where, frozen in horror. The man finally unfroze himself and looked at the bundle that had been trusted into his arms.

A small baby no older a a few days, a week at the most, was fast asleep. She stirred a little in the mans arms.

The wife had finally unstuck herself from the couch and was kneeling next to her husband. "What-what are we going to do?" She asked. "We can't just throw her onto the street."

"We won't." He said showing her the infant. "We'll take care of her... Whoever... whatever that woman was, she sounded desperate... Like this was life or death."

"Please, protect my Maeve. Raise her as your own. Please, do not fail me." She had begged.

"Maeve." The man whispered. "We have to protect Maeve."

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