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"Oh don't be such a baby, Maeve!" Emily pestered her best friend while she drove the bright blue bug through the thick forest. "It'll be fun!"

The two girls where heading the their high school's Winter party. Maeve however hadn't been interested into going at all. She'd much rather stay home or go hang out with Jack like they had been for the past couple days instead. But, Emily was far to stubborn to let Maeve pass the party.

Unfortunately, Brianna, the head cheerleader whom Maeve hated more than anyone and was hosting the party, lived a good 15-20 minute drive out of town. That was one of the many contributing factors of why Maeve didn't want to go.

The 17 year old sighed and rested her chin on her hand. "Your a Junior! You need to get out and party more!" Emily continued. "I get it, Em." Maeve sighed rolling her eyes.

The 18 year old shrugged and pulled the car into one of the few spaces left open on the end of the large driveway.

It was a huge house surrounded by forest with at least 20 windows in the front, a front door the size of an elephant, and a driveway as long as the school parking lot.

Maeve and Emily slipped through the many closely parked cars as they made their way up the drive way and to the cheer captain's large, fancy home.

"How did I even get invited?" Maeve asked as she opened the large metal back gate allowing them to head into the backyard. "Brianna said we cheerleaders could bring a guest! So of course I invited you!" Emily said brushing her dirty blonde hair over her shoulder.

Maeve sighed as they walked onto the large deck with most of the teenagers from their school where dancing or visiting with one another.

The deck was huge, probably the size of two or three minivans put together. The deck had hundreds of chairs set up, all of which was preoccupied by at least 2 teenagers. The party area looked over a large pond that was completely frozen over.

"Emily!" Brianna squealed from her seat surrounded by other cheerleaders and football players. The bright blonde haired, orange spray tanned cheerleader ushered them over to sit by her. "You go on ahead." Maeve muttered turning away.

"Come on, Maeve!" Emily said grabbing the 17 year old by the arm. "It'll be fun!"

"Hi, Emmy!" Brianna greeted the girls as they walked up. "Hi, Janey!" "Hi!" Emily greeted back cheerfully. "Its Maeve." Maeve muttered in reply slightly annoyed. Brianna and Maeve had known each other since fist grade. You'd think she Would bother to learn Maeve's name by now.

"Come on, sit." She said waving a hand at two open seats. The 17 year old took a deep breath and braced herself for the worst.

XXXXXX lazy time skip, yay!XXXXXXXXXXX

The party seemed to go on forever. Only half an hour went by and Maeve was already dying to go home. Since none of her other friends where invited, all she could do was sit quietly while the groups of teens chatted about random things.

Emily seemed to be enjoying herself, completely oblivious to how miserable Maeve was. The cheerleader tried to get Maeve more into the conversations but it always ended with her answering a few questions then going silent again.

Several guys where being complete idiots and running around on top of the frozen pond. They'd even take turns throwing each other across the surface.

Brianna and her right hand, Cheyenne would sit in their heated seats drinking hot chocolate why they'd choose random people to be tossed across the the frozen pond.

Soon enough, very small hairline cracks stared to form on the frozen surface. That made Maeve more uneasy than anything but nobody else seemed to care.

"Splashy, splashy, Janey!" Cheyenne and Brianna chanted over and over as two guys from the football team ran over to Maeve.

"No! No! Please no!" Maeve begged stepping away. She didn't want to go on the ice. She'd fall in again and Jack wasn't around to save her.

Completely ignoring her pleading, the football players grabbed Maeve by the shoulders a lifted her off the ground.

"No! Please stop!" She begged as they started to run for the pond. Maeve could hear Emily yelling: "Guys! Put her down now! Guys! Brianna do something!"

The jocks where about to toss Maeve when she horrifically screamed "STOP!"

They both looked at the 17 year old startled like they where just now noticing the terror she was expressing.

"Sorry." they muttered while they set Maeve down and she automatically backed away hold her arms, shaking.

The 17 year olds cheeks burned red as the who porch went quiet. She felt everyone's eyes turn onto her.

"What's the matter, Janey? Afraid of ice skating?" Brianna called breaking the silence and laughing from her seat. A few of the cheerleaders and jocks laughed along with her.

Maeve chewed the inside of her lip as tears started build up in her eyes. She turned heel and ran off the deck and out the large black metal gate while Emily called after her.

Forgetting about the fact she was miles out of town, the 17 year old sprinted down the driveway and into the forest across the street.

Maeve easily found her self a good, stable, tree and climbed up the branches. There she huddled up in a ball as tears fell down her cheeks.

How humiliating was that? Screaming in terror like they where throwing her into a pit of knifes. There was no way Brianna was going to let that go. Especially saying she had ran away from the party. And what was the point of hoping she'd forget? Then again it's not like it'd be any different from before...

"Maeve?" A familiar, worried voice asked.

The 17 year old didn't look up. she was far to upset to bother with anyone. Especially saying she was expecting to see Emily, the person who dragged her to this party.

"Maeve, are you alright?" The voice asked again.

Maeve paused her brooding thoughts for a second, then let her theory slip. The voice belonged to a male and he sounded like he was right in front of her. No one could possibly climb the tree with out her knowing.

She looked up from her crossed arms to see Jack Frost squatting on the same branch right in front of her. He looked upset, worried and slightly angry all at once.

"Yeah." She answered in a cracked voice while quickly wiping off her face. "I'm fine."

Jack sighed and gave her a sympathetic expression. Probably meaning he wouldn't make fun of her for crying.

"That was a cruel joke." He said angrily. "If you even could call it that." "Oh," Maeve muttered looking down at her arms while her cheeks turned bright red. "You saw that..."

"Personally, I think anybody would've reacted that way if they where in your position." The Winter spirit said sitting down. "I know I would've."

Maeve still didn't look convinced. She just rested her cheek on her arms and avoided making eye contact with him.

"Come on, I'll take you home." Jack said standing up and extending his hand out to her. Maeve nodded and took his hand.

Jack helped Maeve stand up before she rapped her arms around his neck and he took her by the waist. they both stepped off the branch before taking off into the sky.

Flying home took half as long as driving. Before they knew it, Jack and Maeve had landed in front of the lake where they first met.

Jack couldn't help but notice how shaky Maeve was. Of course she'd be cold from the winter wind and most likely from being around him, but she was shaking even worse when they landed right next to the lake. As if she thought he'd throw her in.

The winter spirit understood completely why Maeve would be afraid of frozen lakes. She had fallen in once and almost twice.

"Come on." He said placing his staff against the tree and jumping onto the ice. "I'm going to help you get over your fear." "W-what?" Maeve stuttered horrifically. "I-I don't-"

"Do you trust me?" He asked holding out his hand to her.

The 17 year old stood and stared at him. "Do you trust me?" He asked again. The winter spirit gave her the same encouraging smile he had given her the second time she had almost fallen in the lake.

Maeve stood where she was trying to make up her mind. She looked so unsure, Jack thought she might even run off and leave him.

Slowly, Maeve reached out and took his hand.

Jack grinned as she stepped out onto the ice. "You better not do pull any tricks." She warned him. "Would I trick you?" Jack asked taking her other hand in his. "I wouldn't doubt it." She responded.

Jack smirked a little. "Not this time." He said like he was reliving a memory. "We're going to have fun instead."

Jack started by skating backwards and trailing Maeve with him. "See?" He said as they spun around. "Perfectly safe."

Maeve gave a tiny smile as Jack spun her on the spot. "Do you dance?" He asked out of the blue as they spun in a circle. "No." Maeve admitted. "Well, now you will." Jack said pulling Maeve close.

"Oh, no I-I don't dance. Really, I don't even know how." She stuttered. "I'll teach you." He said simply. "On top of a frozen lake?" She demanded. "What a better time to practice?" He joked as he started the first few steps.

Dancing on a frozen lake was like dancing on banana peels. Maeve felt so clumsy it was embarrassing. But Jack didn't seem to care. He'd just laugh and spin her around or catch her and continue the dance like it was part of a routine.

The winter spirit slid by the tree and picked up his staff before rapping his arm around Maeve's waist again. The two teens spun in several circles before they shot up into the air several feet above the ice.

"Woah!" Maeve yelped pulling herself closer to the winter spirit. Jack laughed at her reaction. "Trust me." He said grinning. "I won't let anything happen to you."

They flew around in the air, doing flips and spins or landing back onto the ice and skidding around the surface for a few seconds before jumping back into the sky.

Maeve laughed as they jumped up high in the air and did a quick 360. They landed on the ice and Jack spun Maeve in a big circle with an extended arm before slowly rewinding her back.

Laughing, the two teens clung to each other for balance as they spun on the spot.

Maeve laughed as she gripped Jack's hoodie for balance as they slowly stopped. She looked up at Jack, just now realizing just how close they had gotten during they're dance.

He was holding her up by the waist while she held onto his shoulders. He was looking down at her with the same red-faced shock that she had.

"I...uh..." She mumbled stupidly.

They both jumped at the sudden ringing coming from Maeve's pocket. They awkwardly stepped away from each other before the 17 year old pulled out her cell phone to see it was her dad calling.

"Hey, dad." Maeve answered pushing her hair behind her ear. "Hey, kido. Emily called and said you ran off from the party. Are you alright?" Jamie replied sounding worried.

"Yeah, dad I'm fine, really. I got a friend to bring me home." Maeve said stuffing her free hand in her pocket. She hadn't noticed how numb they had become since she and Jack started dancing.

"Alright." Jamie said sounding more relaxed. "What time do you think you'll be home?" Maeve looked at Jack.

The winter spirit, who had heard the conversation, shrugged. "Better now than later." He whispered. "A few minutes." Maeve replied into the cell phone. "Alright, I'll see you soon. Love you." Jamie said. "Bye, dad. Love you too." At that, Maeve hung up and put her phone away.

"Guess I should take you home now." Jack said holding out his hand again.

Seconds later, Maeve and Jack where air born again, heading strait for the Bennett home.

The 17 year old looked back at the lake, still feeling the fun she had dancing with Jack Frost on the iced over lake.

Part of her wished she was still there.

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