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The newly found Daughter of nature slumped into her bedroom, her brain wailing from the aching amount of news she had learned today.

Not only had she learned she was the long-lost daughter of Mother Nature, but she had also learned that she had different forms, and probably personalities, from who she was right now. And to top it all off, she learned her most valued childhood memories came from her teeth.

Maeve had stored the teeth she took from her hidden chamber at Tooth palace inside her night stands drawer. She agreed with Tooth, she had learned enough today. Now all she wanted was to get some rest.

Exhausted, Maeve collapsed onto her bed and hid her face into her pillow.

Growing up, she had spent every birthday and every holiday, like any other book lover, hoping to learn she was some magical creature that had amazing abilities she could use to help people. It just so happened to be christmas break and she just so happened to learn she was a spirit of nature.

Oh, the irony.

Maeve groaned and shifted her face onto its cheek. She sighed as her eyes slowly shut. A good nights sleep was all she needed. Then she could figure the rest out in the morning.

XXXX enter Maeve's dreams XXXX

A simple little log cabin matching the many others in the small village in a beautiful forest light up by the orange, pink, red and yellow sunset.

A tall, buff man with bright curly blonde hair pulled back into a small pony tail trudged through the village wearing a white shirt hidden under a long jacket and wore large black boots and brown pants. As he walked, he greeted anyone he saw like an old best friend.

In his arms he was carrying a small wolf cub with gray and white fur that made it's bright blue eyes pop.

He walked inside a cabin where a teenage girl with long curly blonde hair was washing dishes in a bucket. She squealed with delight when she saw the pup.

"Nous rendons-nous à lui garder papa? -do we get to keep him, dad?-" she asked taking the pup into her hands and holding him up to eye level.

The man smiled and ruffled her hair. "Oui, il est tout à toi, ma chérie. -yes, he is all yours, sweetheart.-"

The dream suddenly started to fade in dark gray and was replaced by the same house, but the atmosphere was much more depressed.

The same man sat on a stool, his curly blonde hair mangled and greasy hanging over his face which was hidden in his hand. The pup from before was now a grown dog. Resting his head on the mans knee while his master ran his fingers through its dark gray hair.

But where was the girl?

"Gone." A voice answered her. "Dead. She was murdered by a group of men who tried to jump her. The poor man tortured himself everyday after her death. Blaming himself for not being there"

That's not fair... He couldn't have done anything to help her.

"Life's not fair, Maeve. even you know that." The voice sniggered. "I would know, as well. I went through the same painful loss."

The view of the house burst into smoke and swirled into a different view. A tall man in a commanders uniform with jet black hair streaked back and a thin face. In his arms was a little girl with ink black hair and eyes like her father wearing a white dress with a lime green bow around the waist. They both looked awfully familiar.

The father and daughter where enjoying themselves while he walked them down a long path through a palace. Yet again, a large cloud of darkness burst from no where and spread blackening Maeve's vision replacing it with the same man sitting alone in the palace. In his hands he was holding a small gold locket with a picture of his daughter inside it while the sound of her voice echoed through the palace.

"You see?" The voice said darkly. "Even I've lost my own daughter to the planet."

The planet? What do you mean?

"You wouldn't remember would you, Daughter Nature?" The voice said. "Your mother saw to it that you wouldn't, didn't she?"

How do you-?!

"I know more about you than you think."

Maeve didn't know where this voice had came from. All she knew was that it sounded familiar and dark. And sounded like it was constantly mocking her.

The scene went black again. When she could finally see, she was back in modern Burgess inside the local parks forest.

Everything was dark and she could probably see only a few feet ahead of her. What caught Maeve's eye was the body laying not even 2 feet away from where she was standing.

Unknowingly, Daughter Nature walked towards the body, trying to identify just who exactly it was. The figure was laying on her stomach, gender was the only thing Maeve could tell. Curiously, she kicked the body over with her foot.

The scream Maeve let out was so high pitched she didn't understand how it was her voice.

It was her.

The second Maeve was laying on the ground staring out into no where. Dirt smeared on her pale face and shirt as large green vines grew out of her limbs, slowly curling they're way down into the ground dragging her limbs underneath the earths surface with them.

"This is what awaits you in the near future, Maeve." The voice said quietly like it was whispering into her ear. "Your own Mother is arranging your death at any moment. You only have till your 18. Then the earth will take you away from your mortal family and decompose you into a new body. Starting the whole process over again."

Who are you?

"You know who I am, Maeve." The voice sniggered. "And you know who you are."

XXXX exit Maeve's dreams XXXX

Maeve shot up strait causing her to roll off her bed with a yelp. Panting, she looked around her room wide-eyed. No one was there except for herself. No men with their long lost daughters or a dead body.

She scrambled up from the floor and pulled her hair back into a pony tail to keep it from sticking to sweaty her face.

She had fallen asleep wearing the clothes she went to the pole in. Now they clung to her skin uncomfortably. Maeve changed into a tank top and shorts as well as turn on her bed room fan to cool off before plopping back on top her bed. She hid her face in her hands.

That nightmare... That was just horrible... And the voice...

"Even I've lost my own daughter to the planet."

"I know more about you than you think."

She shuddered, remembering the speaker. How could she forget? The same owner had spoken to her earlier today and stared right through her with his bright gold eyes. Besides that point, the man who was a commander looked exactly like him. What scared her the worst was the his daughter.

Maeve scrambled off of her bed and picked up a sketch book she found on the floor. Picking up a random pencil, she quickly sketched out a head shot of the black haired girl from her dream. Then drew a comparison piece of a woman she had seen earlier that day.

Maeve stared at the paper unbelievingly. That man's daughter... His daughter is her mother. Mother Nature is her mother.

And Pitch Black is her grandfather.

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